RIM Chapter 64 verses 7-11

molding clay
Clay means: the raw material with which God works  (shapes and molds) to create a true saint (Holy one;  angel). Clay, as raw material,  is plastic (malleable, pliable, bendable, and soft), but becomes hard, brittle and non-plastic upon drying or firing. (i.e.affliction, trial and suffering).


7. Now (at last; finally ), Jehovah, is the “potter” (sculptor; maker; producer) of our generation of Israel’s People and He is determined (intent; committed) to call into service  (recruit; muster; draw-upon; press into service) this generation of  clay (the raw material with which God works) to create His Holy-Ones (angels; saints).  By nature, clay is “plastic”,   (malleable, pliable, bendable and  soft,  due to its water content) but clay becomes hard (unyielding; firm) during its drying or firing process,  so all of you (Israel’s people) must begin to think critically (demandingly; analytically; diagnostically; exactingly)  because you are “Under Fire” and logically (by-reason; intelligently; intellectually; sagaciously; wisely) about the “Potter” (creator; father) of our generation of Israel’s people, as well as the drudgery (daily-grind; grunt-work; toil; menial-labor; donkey-work)  imposed upon every rank and file Mormon  (“lump of clay”) by Mormon church leaders.



8. I beseech you,  don’t break-forth (erupt; retaliate)  in anger upon this generation of naive (gullible) Israelite  people,  beyond what is just, appropriate  and deserved and please  dismiss () their guilt  (penalties; retribution; punishment) for their sins.    Lo and behold (a turn of events, that is surprising, but could have been predicted) – idle-talk” and “babblings” are spreading everywhere throughout the entire Mormon Church.  I beseech you to point (point the finger at; blow the whistle on) Mormon priesthood leader’s incessant (uninterrupted; non-stop; interminable) “idle-talk” (foolish irrelevant talk; non-sense) termed as “God’s-instruction” by Sunday-School-Teachers,  as well as the  “Doctrinal-nonsense (noise; chirping; empty-talk; jibber-jabber) peddled as “Revealed-Truth” (revelation) by this latter-day  generation of presiding Melchizedek priesthood authorities, in Salt Lake City.



dead inside
Jerusalem (the worldwide headquarters for the Jehovah Cult and religion) a title which is now claimed by Salt Lake City, Utah, is a bleakly depressing place governed by men who are spiritually dead and uninspired by The God of Israel.

9. TheIsraelite communities (church-goers; flocks; members) among Latter-day saint  have become a deserted (forsaken; abandoned; desolated) generation. Zion has been turned into a wilderness (no-man’s-land) and Jerusalem (the worldwide headquarters for the Jehovah cult and religion) has degenerated into a desolated (depressingly empty) place. If that weren’t enough, the “Crowning-Glory” of Jerusalem  – The Holy Temple – where our forefathers worshiped (offered sacrifices; devoted themselves) to Jehovah has been turned-over (offered- up; given over; voluntarily given -up; relinquished; )  to the “fire” (spirit; lusts; uncontrollable emotions; passions) of  spiritually dead (lifeless; lost; fallen) men and everything that has ever been “precious” to Israel’s people,  is now laid-to-waste (messed-up; screwed-up; ruined).



11. Real (genuine; legitimate) prophets of Jehovah would to protect (maintain; safeguard; preserve)  Jehovah’s “covenant”(agreement; treaty;  contract) with His people , but the only things that Salt lake’s General Authorities (“so-called” prophets seers and revelators) are interested in protecting (defending; fortifying; shielding; taking care of) are their own reputations (names; positions; authority; status; standing) in the eyes of Israel’s people in Mormonism’s worldwide church.  Jehovah….please do not turn-yourself-away (be still; refuse-aid),  so that Salt Lake’s General Authorities  can continue their affliction (causing pain; torment; trouble; distress) of our generation of Israel’s People (rank and file Mormons) any further (even-more; more-forcibly; forever).  

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