RIM Chapter 66 verses 1-5

1. Thus saith the Lord, Jehovah. The Heavens (people with whom the my Holy Spirit dwells) are my throne and the Earth ( the threshing-floor that I have created) is my footstool (the resting place of my “Feet”, which are the lowest, most defiled and soiled members of my body, namely,  “high-priests who lie”; “high-priests who defame my […]
bad feet
“Feet”the lowest, most defiled and soiled members of Christ’s body, namely,  high-priests who lie; high priests who defame God’s character; high-priests who speak evil and high priests who mislead my people.

1. Thus saith the Lord, Jehovah. The Heavens (people with whom the my Holy Spirit dwells) are my throne and the Earth ( the threshing-floor that I have created) is my footstool (the resting place of my “Feet”, which are the lowest, most defiled and soiled members of my body, namely,  “high-priests who lie”; “high-priests who defame my character”; “high-priests who speak-evil” and “high-priests who deceive and hoodwink“). Where is (what ever happened to) the Magnificent Israelite house (temple; family; dynasty; lineage; bloodline; palace) that Salt Lake’s priesthood  authority (jurisdiction; dominion; administration) was  supposed (alleged; believed; reputed; assumed) to have build-up unto me (Jehovah) What ever happened to personal accomplishment (fulfillment; realization;  success) for Israel’s People, that Salt Lake’s ambassadors promised,  would be produced (caused engendered; begotten) as a result of my (Jehovah’s)  “rest” (preservation;protection; care).



man fearful
Every one of Salt Lake’s religious leaders is laid bare….humiliated and ashamed because of the “Word of God”.

2. Having in mind (taking into consideration; because of ) these and many other things,  which my hand (power; influence)  hath made (prepared; appointed; effected; kindled; ignited;  proposed), this generation (seed) of Israel’s people will become  “beacons” (lighthouses; signs; guideposts; watch-towers). The Lord, God will declare (proclaim; announce; reveal; bring to light; shine a spotlight on) Israel’s People,  but, the  “Cabal” (a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, state, or other community, often by intrigue, usually unknown to persons outside their group) of “Babblers”  (gas-bags; loudmouths; bags-of-wind; orators), who constitute the supreme leadership (First Presidency and Twelve Apostles) of Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization, a.k.a. prophet, seers and revelators of my “Will and Testament”, will be laid-bare (revealed; exposed; uncovered) as the frauds who they are and fakes who are hardly (barely; scarcely) in agreement at all, with Me (Jehovah) They look as if  they are panting ( breathing-heavily; breathless) because of my Holy Spirit, but, in fact, every last one of them  quakes in his boots (shakes like a leaf) at (in response to) my (Jehovah’s) “Word”.  


3. Israel’s Victims are slain (killed or murdered in a violent way) by Salt Lake’s Oxen (General Authorities; Taurus’s; “Bulls”)  – They are all High-priests who:

 (1) negate (invalidate; nullify; neutralize; cancel; revoke; countermand)the significance (importance; consequence; gravity; magnitude of “all-humanity” (the human race; mankind) and especially Israel’s people.

(2) slaughter (sacrifice)  the “Lambs of God” to their God (greater- Mormon power and authority; ownership of people; Lordship over people; Mastery over people)

(3) silence (decapitate; cutting-the-heads-off of; breaking the necks of; slit the throats of) any  “Dogs- Who-Bark” (servants who sound a warning),  so Salt Lake’s priesthood Authorities may take (carry-off; purloin; get their hands on) Israel’s birthright to govern (lead; manage; rule) the human race and distribute that birthright among the blood (lineages; gene-pool; bloodlines; dynasties;  offspring; children; proteges) of swine (men who are regard by Israel’s God as contemptible and disgusting). Mormonism’s top-religious leaders are worthless illusions (“tricks-of-light”; figments of men’s imaginations; men who  are wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses) 

“Whiteness” is defined as the erroneous-appearance (phony-look; pretentious “air”; calculated pretense; misleading-semblance ) of moral purity……thus the Mormon Church portrays its Mormon prophets as “Holy Men” dressed in white” as  pictured above!

of “Whiteness”  (pretended-purity; “an outward-appearance of holiness”) who kneel (submit-themselves; prostrate-themselves) before “Nothing” (something that does not exist). Further (moreover; additionally), these wicked men  chose (select; pick) the Mormon Church’s top-leaders (General Authorities; prophets, seers and revelators)  exclusively from their own families (lineages; kindred; bloodlines by birth or marriage) and each leader whom they select introduces (launches; initiates; inaugurates; establishes) his own “style” (approach; pattern; variety; brand) of spiritual/moral  corruption (contamination; degeneration; impurity; filth; contagion) as part of a well-organized “coup-d-etat” to lull (pacify; subdue; tranquilize; mollify; conciliate) Israelite men and women into following (accompanying; going-along-with; paying-attention-to) Salt Lake’s phony (bogus; false; fake; fraudulent; spurious) “prophets seers and revelators”.



beacons of light
Israel’s people are destined to be “Beacons-of-Light”  – very-strong sources of light and intelligence that can be seen from far away, used to help  and guide others.   A people  (tribe or  nation) that guides or gives hope to others.

4. Moreover (as a further matter; besides) I (Jehovah) am the Supreme-Being (God; Father) who will prove (demonstrate the existence and legitimacy of) Israel’s “birthright” to govern humanity and as “Beacons of Light” to the Human race. Israel’s People are the founders (inaugurators; originators; pioneers) of divine  (godly;  saintly; angelic) leadership , over mankind.  I (Jehovah) made many attempts to call (summon; invite) Salt Lake’s men, but no-one (not a single one; nobody) among them would cohabit (have-intercourse; respond in a spousal-way; be-conjugal) with me. Therefore, none of them heard (perceived; discerned; apprehended) what I had to say, so they began to produce (generate; effect; bring-forth; occasion; induce; breed; beget) what is  “Evil” in my sight and they generated that “EVIL” by means of  Dark-Arts (Black Magic; Sorcery), which is a practice that angers (infuriates; incenses; enrages) me.  Needless to say….I am displeased (infuriated; provoked; angered; enraged) by the Prophets, seers and revelators,  who they (rank and file Mormon’s ) are  sustaining (encouraging; supporting; succoring)  as shepherds of Israel’s people.


brethren 3
They say (proclaim; declare) , “We are your friends….we are your brethren. Look at us.. Would we lie to you (our servants; minions; flunkies; lackey’s)?”

5. Listen (pay attention) to this “Word-of-the-Lord” which is condemning (censuring; blaming; denouncing; ) Salt Lake’s presiding officers, while they tremble (quake-in-their-boots; shake-like-leaves)  because of (in regard to; concerning; in response to) this indictment ( (accusation of a serious crime) while they “look you straight in the eye” and say to you,  “We are your friends…we are your allies….we are your brethren…..Would we lie to you?”.  They think to themselves, “Let (allow; permit) us accustom (habituate; accustom) all of you to  idolize (worship; revere; deify; lionize) “us” as your priesthood-leaders (priesthood Authorities). We will mislead (deceive; delude; hoodwink; lie to; fool; pull the wool over the eyes of)  all of you,  and teach all of you to  associate (recognize; pinpoint; distinguish) us” with God’s name (authority; jurisdiction; dominion). Watch us,  as we glorify (ennoble; exalt; elevate) ourselves,  so we may  may be like (imitate; mimic) our secret (private; undisclosed) God, ( Ba’al; a noun, meaning: ownership of the people; lordship over the people; mastery over the people) .  Nevertheless, in-spite of Mormonism’s conspicuous show (exhibition; spectacle) of “Religious-Glee” and the “good-fortune” (favorable circumstances; “Good-Life”) that Mormon General Authorities parade (flaunt),  for the whole world to envy and imitate,  LDS General Authorities will,  soon be “put to shame”  (experience painful feelings of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of their own wrong and foolish behavior). 

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