RIM Chapter 50 – verses 1-6

The Sin of Jacob and the Obedience of Israel (the Servant) It’s about time to identify Jacob and clearly describe what Jacob’s moral and ethical character really is.  According to popular etymology, The name Jacob (ya’ qob), meaning “defrauder” is derived from the Hebrew  ‘aqab – pronounced – aw-kab – meaning: to seize by the heel as […]

The Sin of Jacob and the Obedience of Israel (the Servant)

Esau said, “He is,  indeed,  rightly named Jacob (defrauder) ,  because he has victimized me two-times”, (1) cheating me of my birthright (2) and now, swindling me out-of my Patriarchal Blessing”.

It’s about time to identify Jacob and clearly describe what Jacob’s moral and ethical character really is.  According to popular etymology, The name Jacob (ya’ qob), meaning “defrauder” is derived from the Hebrew  ‘aqab – pronounced – aw-kab – meaning: to seize by the heel as if  to deliberately “trip-up” someone’s progress; to supplant by cheating) .  The infant, Jacob was said to have grabbed his brother Esau by the heel during the twin-brother’s delivery and emerged thru the birth canal first, in an attempt to supplant Esau’s “Right of the Firstborn”  ***.  The Old Testament story later recounts the bestowal of a Patriarchal Blessing upon each of the twin-sons, Esau and Jacob,  by their aging and nearly-blind father, Isaac, and tells how Esau was cheated,  by Jacob, yet again, but this regarding the “Blessing of the Firstborn” to which, Esau, at conception was lawfully entitled. The account further states that the infuriated Esau said, “He is, indeed,  rightly named Jacob, for he has defrauded me two-times; (1) cheating me out-of my birthright and behold, (2) now swindling me out-of my Patriarchal Blessing.”  Jacob reappears in (Hosea 12:4) in a clearly negative context, because,  among other things “Jacob defrauded his brother in the womb.” This is grounds for the Old Testament prophet to threaten judgment.  Jacob’s perverse past-performance is the backdrop for today’s indictment . Though Jacob and Israel are historically the very same individual, they undoubtedly exemplify entirely different moral/ethical characteristics (attributes; traits; essential qualities).  Having characterized Jacob,  let’s have a closer-look at the honorific-title “Israel”.  The name is created by combining two Hebrew words.  (1) verb – yesher – pronounced – yaw- shar – meaning “to be upright” (especially in the eyes of someone) or as an adjective “upright” (honest; principled; virtuous; impartial )   and (2) the divine name  “El” pronounced –  ale  – meaning: “the-Almighty”, “god” or “deity”.  The honorific-title “Israel” therefore means: “to be upright in the eyes of Almighty-God” or as a name: – “Someone who is upright in the eyes of Almighty-God”. Now, the reader is prepared to understand the important distinction between – Jacob and Israel,  for themselves. The expression Israel’s People or  (“rank and file Mormons”) thus indicates, on the one hand , common (ordinary;  “rank and file; average)  followers of  Mormonism.  On the other hand, the people of Jacob (Jacob’s character) tend to aspire to “Mormon-Leadership”, (i.e. they are ambitious, wanting to be called and distinguished as “Bishops”, “Stake Presidents” and “General Priesthood Authorities”)  who are set-apart (successful, authoritative, and commanding greater respect than rank and file members).  But, Jacob’s people have a natural (inherent; innate)  predisposition (predilection; preference or special-liking)  for  substituting (exchanging; trading; swapping) their  discipleship with Christ for Salt Lake’s “Systematic-Leadership-Training” to become  “henchmen” (trusted followers or supporters who perform immoral or illegal tasks to prevent Israel’s people from realizing their destiny), acting on behalf of presiding General Authorities at LDS  Church headquarters in Salt Lake City.

birth order
Traditionally the Firstborn heir was entitled to the Right of Succession on the throne and to assume the father’s role as spiritual-mediator (God’s spokesperson; God’s mouthpiece; prophet) to  the tribe (people).

***  “Right of the Firstborn”, i.e. “Primogeniture”

In the Old Testament, the firstborn was the one who normally received a double inheritance, and was the one who would inherit his father’s role as head of the family. Jehovah sometimes reversed this order, as he did with Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:21-26)  and as Jacob later did with Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48:13-22). Reuben was the firstborn of Jacob, but his rights as the firstborn were taken away because of his sin (Genesis 35:22 ; 49:3-4).

The term “Firstborn” therefore has two main meanings. (1) The first is literal, referring to the fact that this child is the first heir to be born of his father. (2) The second meaning refers to the “rights and authority” of a person, because he/she is the “Firstborn”. In this context, Israel is the “firstborn” of Jehovah (Exodus 4:22). Israel, possessing the Royal Birthright,  is the One and only people (family; tribe; lineage; dynasty) which has been appointed by God to be in authority over all-things.   – 2016 Bible.org


“Get” is the Aramaic name for “Bill of Divorce”

1. Thus saith the Lord, “Show me all the “Certificates (bills) of Divorce” ** issued to your mothers, by which I sent them away along with you  or for  “indebtedness”, the result of which ,  I cut-you off (disinherited you; disowned you; disavowed you)?”  Listen up (pay attention). This generation Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership has sold Israel’s People (rank and file Mormons) like merchandise, into slavery because of Israel’s own perversity (contrariness; waywardness; wrong-headedness; disobedience) and because of Israel’s complicity (collusion; partnership; entanglement) in religious-revolt (religious-rebellion; organized apostasy from Jehovah; covenantal-disloyalty).  Their own mothers (originators; ancestors; forefathers, progenitors) actually divorced “themselves” from Me (Jehovah) .

** “Bill or Certificate of Divorce” – According to biblical law, a married couple is released from the bonds of matrimony only through the transmission of a “bill of divorce” from the husband to the wife. This document, commonly known by its Aramaic name, “get,” serves not only as a proof of the dissolution of the marriage in the event that one or both wish to remarry, it actually effectuates (fulfills; secures; executes) the divorce.



How can I (why should I return without an army to herald (testify of; bear witness of) me?
How can I (why should I)  return without an army (host; my troops) to herald (testify of; bear witness of) me?

2. How can I (why should I) return (come-back) if there is no one (servant; mortal) to proclaim (announce; herald; testify of; bear-witness of) me and there is no one to corroborate (substantiate; confirm) their testimony (witness) of me?  Behold (look at; notice; observe)  Salt Lake’s lack of spirituality (“short-fuse”; anxiety; restlessness; impatience; nervousness; jitteriness; disquiet). Perhaps my hand (Holy-Spirit) is “too-weak” (no longer strong enough) these days because of divisions (class-distinctions; lack of unity; lack of oneness; social-stratification between the leaders and the rank and file)  of  my people  and finally…  “Lo” (Surprise…surprise!)…there is no force (army; host) accompanying me,  to testify (bear-witness) of the record (Book of Isaiah) , which has been shadowed (hidden and obscured), until now.  Behold (look; You see…) Thru (as a result of; by means of)  Isaiah’s  “indictment” (list of formal charges and accusations against Jacob for serious-crimes), I (Jehovah) will ruin (devastate; overthrow; desolate; lay-waste) the West (LDS Church headquarters in Salt Lake City). I (Jehovah) will turn Salt Lake’s the rivers (priesthood channels of  “twinkling” (sparkling) “light” (images of good fortune) into “Bone-dry” (God-forsaken) gullies (empty-ravines).  Salt Lake’s fish (trophies; prizes; renowned-priesthood leaders) who propel themselves ahead by stirring”  (moving; setting in motion) the waters” (Powers of Darkness; Powers of Sorcery) with their tales (lies; prevarications; falsities; “cock and bull stories”),  will end-up dying (expiring; ceasing to exist; coming to an end)  and rotting (disintegrating; decomposing; falling-apart; decaying) on dry-gound because of their unquenched  thirst (craving; lust) for  “Water” (Powers of Chaos; Powers of Darkness; Powers of Sorcery) that will,  by that time,  will have completely evaporated and vanished.


3.  Salt Lake’s priesthood leaders are wrapping (cloaking; hiding) their damnable (satanic; demonic) “characters” (“selves”; traits; complexions; natures; idiosyncrasies) in obscurity (vagueness; incomprehensibleness; ambiguity; impenetrableness) and “Sackcloth” (chiefly worn as a token of grief and mourning by Israelites; an outward-show of Israelite grief and mourning; a pretense of Israelite grief and mourning). They are using the goodness (uprightness; virtue) of Israel’s People (rank and file Mormons) to cover (excuse; absolve; pardon; exonerate) themselves.



spell4. The  Lord, God (Jehovah) has given to me the tongue (used of words) of an expert (one who is eloquent) with them, to know how to succor (hasten; speak in season to) Israel’s People (rank and file Mormons), having the weary (world-weary; worn-out ; tuckered-out) in mind, in order to weaken (impair; undermine) the plagues (spells; curses; charms) that Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priests are wont (one’s customary behavior ) to  invoke upon Israel’s people.  Salt Lake’s “Brethren” constitute an “enemy encampment” of watchers (men who are watchful for mischief and “trouble-making”) against my people. They generate rumors (claims, stories or reports circulated of uncertain or doubtful truth; speculation; hearsay) just like the Priesthood authorities who’ve instructed them.



5. The Lord, God (Jehovah) has opened-up (revealed; unfolded) to me  the capacity to “perceive-something-important ”  and laid-it-up (ponder it;  weigh it; consider it) in my mind”. Therefore, I am NOT speaking for (in behalf of; representing; in the interests of; for the benefit of) the  latter-day (current)  “First Presidency”  at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City,  who’ve entirely turned away from Jehovah.



spit in the face
Spitting on someone  (especially the face) is a universal expression of extreme anger, hatred and contempt.

6. My back is turned toward those who would beat (abuse; censure; punish) me and my cheek (audacity; gall; boldness) is turned toward those who would intimidate (bully) me. My intentions and purposes do not include hiding (concealing; disguising;  covering-up; whitewashing) “great-insight” (revelation)  in order to avoid personal disgrace (shame) or being “spit-on” (Spitting upon another person, especially at the face, is a universal sign of anger, hatred, disrespect or contempt. It can represent a “symbolic-regurgitation” or an act of intentional defilement or contamination) .

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