Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter Twenty-three – verses 10 – 18

10. They are betraying (deceiving; defrauding; double-crossing) the people of your (Jehovah’s)land (kingdom;

The name Lucifer means one who appears as a bearer of  light

church), by pretending to be “Light-Bearers”  (luminaries;  apostles sent by Jehovah ), while they devote (dedicate; consecrate; commit; pledge) their lives to  subjugating (enslaving; enthralling; holding in bondage; shackling) Israel’s people (Mormon people)  . And, there is no girdle  (sash; self-restraint; self-control; self-restriction) associated with Salt Lake’s priesthood leaders.



jealous eyes 3
Covetous eyes of Mormon leadership are lusting-after the birthright of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons).

11. Moved by anger, Jehovah has stretched forth his hand (force and power) upon  Satan’s Kingdom (Mormonism’s world-wide Church) and His mind is made-up (settled; conclusive; reconciled; fixed; resolved; decided; steadfast) about the Canaanites (enslavers; slave-masters) ruling in Salt Lake City, who are pretending to be watchmen  (custodians) of Israel’s people, Israel’s property and Israel’s inheritance. They are   “green-eyed  (covetous; ravenous; voracious) with envy in their effort to embezzle the birthright of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons). 



12. Now, the Lord is saying to Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons)  “Do not lend (offer; give; volunteer; sacrifice) yourselves  (your lives and resources ) to achieve (reach; attain; realize; find) what Salt Lake Headquarters calls “Happiness” (playing the Adversary’s Game ) while at the same time, you are beholding (witnessing; observing; viewing)  the oppression  (binding; obliging; forcing; yoking; bundling) of Israel’s people by Salt Lake Priesthood Leaders, who separate (withdraw; disassociate; disconnect; divorce) 

Mormon Leaders set themselves apart from Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) 

themselves  from Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons). These men are wholly dedicated  (consecrated; committed) to “The-Adversary- Show” (spectacle; extravaganza; pageant; parade) starring (featuring) this generation of Salt Lake’s General Authorities who reign (sit-on Israel’s throne; wear-Israel’s-crown) in comfort and security in Salt Lake City.  They have caused a world-wide rebellion (revolution; revolt; uprising; mutiny) among Israel’s people by alienating (estranging; disaffecting; turning) them from Jehovah. And since that time , Israel’s people havebeen unable to rest  (relax; possess-their promised-land; be-free-of-drudgery; feel-“at-home”) in the Mormon church.




desert creatures
Salt Lake’s desert creatures are suited to the badlands

13. Therein (amidst this sordid state of affairs ) lurks (stalks; melts into the shadows; creeps around; lies in wait; prowls) the “Works of Darkness” (enchantments and spells) of Mormon Magicians (LDS master-sorcerers; “workers of darkness (sorcery) in high places”) – a sinister race of prophets establishing Latter-day Babylon (confusion and misrepresentation) – These are prophets who do not “Follow In God’s Footsteps”  (respect the ways of God). They appoint reprobates like themselves as Israel’s prophets, seers and revelators -They are desert creatures (better-suited for the badlands);  They are prophets  who

waste Israel’s valuable time ( lives), confusing Israel’s people about who their enemies (adversaries; foes) really are.   Thoughtful observers who watch (try; investigate; examine) this generation of Salt Lake’s prophets seers and revelators, hope for the day of  Mormonism’s inevitable  overthrow and the fall of Salt Lake’s  desolated stronghold  (headquarters ;  sanctuary) for Mormonism’s worthless and irrelevant (inconsequential) prophets, from its foundations (basis; underpinnings; organization).



latter day prophets 14. Mormon General Authorities are Lucifer’s vessels  (skin-bags; ministers; delivery-boys) of subjection   (enslavement) , indeed, they are plunderers and destroyers of anyone who desires to defend (resist an attack on; champion; safeguard; preserve) Israel’s birth-right.



15. In these last days, Tyre  (Salt Lake’s presiding priesthood authorities) will be oblivious  (heedless; blind; paying-no-attention; unaware) because they have successfully been able to combine their resources to duplicate  (pass-themselves-off-as ; counterfeit; fake; simulate; imitate) Israel’s Ancient-Monarchy (the Kingship of  David – Old Testament), thus precipitating  (hastening; causing; triggering; bringing on; leading to) the “End  (the calamitous times immediately preceding the return of the Messiah).   In the last days, Salt Lake’s General

swearing a diabolical
Mormon General Authorities have sworn a diabolical (Satanic) oath to misrepresent what they are REALLY doing !

Authorities have sevened  (pledged; sworn ) themselves with as part of a  Satanic oath, to misrepresent (lie about; falsify; minimize; ) what they are doing, on behalf of (in-support-of) the adversary (the enemy; Satan; Lucifer) by pretending  (professing; making Israel’s people believe) they are  “God’s Servants” – But, behold (witness, for yourselves; take a look at ) the Harlots  (whores; panderers; prostitutes) of MormonismRev. 17:5)



16. Mormon Prostitutes (leaders who offer that which is sacred and Holy, as merchandise) . They cunningly  (guilefully; cleverly) exploit (take advantage of ) the science (body of knowledge; field)  of harmonics (the harp; the voice producing hypnotic sounds; a sing-song way of delivering words ; use of

lulling Israel's people into a trance
Mormon prophets lulling Israel’s people (Mormon people) into a hypnotic-trance.

the “voice” to produce alluring and hypnotic sounds in a soft, relaxing and melodious way ) to lure  (entice; tempt; hypnotize; spellbind; put under a spell) Israel’s people. These leaders  walk the streets  (they are the “street-walkers”) of Mormonism – They are a league  (guild; clique) of religious-prostitutes (panderers; whores; fallen angels ; traitors) who perform their “services” in the “darkness” (partial or total absence of light), but their works are now brought into-the-light (into high-definition; out-in-the open). Mormon Prophets make sweet lulling sounds. As prophets seers and revelators, they are a protected (inaccessible impenetrable) class of men. They croon  (serenade) their sing-song  (harmonic; hypnotic) refrains, so that you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) )  will keep (preserve; maintain) their “empty” (meaningless; hollow; vain) words and “made-up” anecdotal stories ” in remembrance  (memory; reminiscence).



17. But, because they have solemnly sworn (pledged ;  cursed)  their lives and honor because of a diabolical oath, they pervert  (misinterpret; misuse; exploit; squander) ) the teachings of God.  Jehovah promises to avenge  (inflict a penalty or sanction on (someone) as retribution for an offense, especially a transgression of a legal or moral code) Tyre  (Salt Lake’s system of organized oppression) and lead her prophets away as

chump change
The worth of Mormonism’s Top- Leaders amounts to “Chump-Change”(the cost of a prostitute; small-change; not much; a handful of quarters ). 

POW’s, as though their collective worth as men is  “chump-change”  (the cost of using a prostitute; small-change; not much; a handful of quarters ) and  pimps  (panderers; flesh-peddlers; whoremasters; slave-traders) who have been promised by Lucifer  (The adversary ; Satan) to have exclusive reign over all the Kingdoms of this world throughout the entire earth.



18. Regardless of this, the riches (treasures) and gifts  (benefits) of the Earth are set-apart (consecrated; dedicated) unto the Lord, God of Israel, They are not to be hoarded (amassed) by Salt Lake’s  church leader’s as personal-fortunes. Indeed, for those who live upright before the Lord, the

good people
To Mormonism’s  business-leaders (Corporate CEO’s) , the goods and property (birthright) of  Israel’s people (Mormon people )  are nothing but commodities (merchandize) to be schrewdly bought and sold on the open-market.

commodities (Israelite people; rank and file Mormons) of the Earth, which have been taken as POW’s (manumitted or handed over to Mormon slavery) are liberated (set-free) to feast (enjoy; partake; join in) , and to achieve fulfillment (self-realization ; contentment; success; fulfillment of personal potential).

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