Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter Thirteen – verses 12 – 22

Prophecy Against Babylon

enter the gatews of the nobles
Mormon piesthood leaders who are waving their hand (power and authority) around, inviting Israel’s people to enter the gates of the nobles.

12. I will make enosh (common-ordinary men, in the flower of their age) , more uncommon than hens teeth but Adam (hypocrites; fallen pretenders; dissemblers; deceivers; sanctimonious high-priests) more valuable than the finest gold of Ophiyr (Ophir – gold region in the East) .

Raise a banner (flag; ensign; standard) upon the same Mountain that this generation of Mormon leadership is wearing-down (abrading; eroding; corroding; eating-away; gnawing-away; destroying) .  Raise a shout to those of them who are waving-their hand (inviting; enticing; tempting; coaxing) Israel’s people to enter the gates of (become fellow-citizens with) the “nobles” (those who offer themselves freely; those who volunteer themselves enthusiastically). 



13. For this reason (because of this),  I (Jehovah) will cause the heavens (Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City) to quiver with violent-emotion (to be troubled; to be angry; to tremble with fear; to be wroth) and the Mormon-World to shake (wobble; quake; jerk)  from it place because of the wrath of the Lord of Hosts and because of the day (time; period; era) of His burning anger.



BEAUTIFUL GAZELLE14. Each one of Salt Lake’s leaders will be hunted like Gazelles (conspicuous-prey). They will be looked-upon (regarded)  as pariahs; (outcasts; lepers) and as sheep without shepherds and men who are incapable of turning (changing; converting; re-directing) anyone to their direction,  so each one will run (flee; “make-a-quick-exit”; “take-the-money-and-run”)  unto the security of his own corrupt society (circle; comrades; troops; affiliation; brotherhood).



mighty pen
Every prophet seer and revelator will be felled (cut-down; chopped-down; hacked-down) with words written with a mighty pen.

15. Every prophet, seer and revelator,  of this Salt Lake generation,  will be is found  (captured) . Every one of them will be pierced (penetrated; moved; slain) in his heart and every Mormon General Priesthood Authority of this generation will become  crestfallen (down-cast; disconsolate; down-in-the-dumps).   Each one will be felled (cut-down;  brought-down) by the sword (the mighty-sharp-instrument; words written by a mighty “pen”).





16. Salt Lake priesthood leader’s hopes (aspirations; expectations; ambitions; plans) for their dependents (apprentices; charges; retainers; proteges) will be dashed-to-pieces.(broken-to-bits; destroyed; shattered) before their very eyes and their houses (families; lineages; dynasties) will be looted (plundered)  and their women (cowardly-men; weak-minded-men) will be ravished (carried-off; seized; snatched).



shine like gold
Medes have no particular interest in an image that “Glitters-Like-Gold” as do Salt Lake’s General Priesthood Authorities.

17. Behold (something surprising, but could have been predicted)Medes (plenty; a great many; masses; lots; legions), will be stirred-up against them and Medes  will not (cannot) not be gotten-hold-of (acquired; bought; obtained; procured) with silver (money; riches) nor are they interested in gold (shining-like gold;  sparkling-like gold; being-polished-like gold; twinkling-like gold) as are Salt Lake’s General Authorities.



opinions of men
Israel’s people have no regard for the opinions of salt Lake’s prophet-“heroes”

18. And the seed (current-generation; descendants) of Israel’s people will strike-down (deal-a-blow-to) the advantage (favored position and circumstances) of the na’ar (sons-of-Salt Lake’s Mormon-aristocracy). The fruit  (children) of Israel’s womb will show-no-mercy (have-no-pity; have-no-compassion) toward Salt Lake’s children (students; followers; devotees; dependants) because they have no regard for the opinions of Salt Lake’s prophet-“heroes”.




people as merchandise
Mormon Priesthood leadership in Salt Lake City, sees Israel’s people as nothing more than merchandise to be peddled for the highest price in the marketplace.

19. Babylon (confusion; misrepresentation; mix-up) is the jewel (precious-gem; precious-stone on-the-crown) of all the world’s wicked kingdoms. It is also the “pride-and-joy” of Chaldeans (magicians; sorcerers). It exists solely to cause the overthrow of the  government of God.  The Chaldeans (Mormonism’s magicians and sorcerers)  have in mind Sodom (to scorch;  to-belittle; to-write-off; to-discredit; to-slander) Israel’s people , then  Gomorrah (make-mechandise-of) them,  as well.





Salt Lake’s false prophets seers and revelators will no longer pitch their tents (set-up-shop) among Israel’s people.

20. But, Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership  will very soon not inhabit (infest; occupy; beset; defile; overspread; plague; pollute; ravage; overrun)  Salt Lake’s church headquarters as Mormonism’s  superintendents (administrators;managers; directors; chiefs; governors; overseers) from generation to generation and Mormonism’s false-prophets, seers and revelators will no-longer pitch-their-tents (set-up-shop) among Israel’s people.



wild goats
Mormonism’s horny (sexually-aroused) wild-goats (unrestrained- lechous old-men) increase by leaps and bounds, while they frolick in Salt Lake City.  

21. But desert-creatures (God-forsaken men) at present “lie-in-wait” in Salt Lake City  and jackals ( slaves; flunkies; toadies; yes men) dwelling among their seed already (as-of-now; even-now) fill (occupy the whole of) their houses (lineages families) and devote themselves to screech-owls (priesthood leaders who call-out repetitiously, all the time) while  wild-goats  (horny, unrestrained-lecherous men) increase (advance to high-positions ) by “leaps and bounds”, while they frolick with Israelite women in the Salt Lake Valley.





Hyenas 2
Hyenas are submissive men who do the “dirty-work” for priesthood leaders who are higher-up in the food chain than themselves.

22. Hyenas (creatures who do the “dirty-work” for priesthood leaders who are higher-up in the food-chain) will howl in luxurious temples , but the time has arrived that  Salt Lake’s days are no-longer prolonged (days are numbered). 

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