Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter Thirteen – verses 1-11

                                                                    A Prophecy against Babylon

The tower of Babel actually means the “Stronghold (bastion; citadel)  of confusion” (mix-up ; disorientation; misrepresentation).

The name “Babylon” is is derived from babelpronounced-baw-bel-meaning: confusion.   The fundamental concept of babel is: Babylon or to be unable to distinguish between two differing, even opposing things. The word balel is associated with the famous “Confusion Of Tongues” narrative found in (Genesis 11:1-9) The Tower of Babel is described as a massive (towering) structure or organization (organized body of people with a particular purpose) “with its head (leadership; administration) “in-the-heavens”.   All this is metaphoric language for a towering (preeminent; supreme) organization of men whose head (exclusive-group-of-chief-executive-officers; leadership ) is deified (treated as if they are gods) . The “Tower-of-Babel” is assembled of man-made (made by human beings, as opposed to being made naturally; i.e.  artificial) bricks (small rectangular building-blocks) made of mud (slimy-sticky mixture of earth and water) that have been sundried.  Babylon’s tower was not made of natural-stones like Jerusalem’s Temple. Instead, the components are man-made mud-bricks prepared in an assembly line fashion.

“Discernment” (the ability to judge between differing, even opposing things) is the capacity (ability; power) to judge things. It was once an inherent charateristic of Israel’s people (like curly hair).   Their sojourn in  Babylon (confusion), has come at a high-cost.   Currently,  they are without  “discernment” (ability to judge and differentiate between differing, even opposing things), so they are easily led all over the place in confusion (turmoil; mix-up; misunderstanding; mystification; misinterpretation). This does not to imply that they walk around in a daze as one might conclude, but rather, because they can no longer discern (differentiate; make a distinction between contrasting or opposing things; discriminate between things) very well, they are prone (vulnerable; liable)  to  mixing-things-up.  Thus, in the latter-days, Israel’s people are easily beguiled (hoodwinked; gulled) by unscrupulous men who lie in wait to defraud them. Israel’s people are at a disadvantage because they can no longer tell the difference between the men who tell the truth and men who lie.



pay attention
Amotz means: paying attention; watchfulness; attentiveness and  vigilance.

1. An Oracle (a vision;  a revelation) concerning Babylon,  that Isaiah, who was blessed with Amotz (alertness; attentiveness; sharpness; vigilance) saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.





2. Because Mormon General Authorities are exalting themselves as Israel’s kings , this generation of Israel’s people is complicit (involved; mixed-up; embroiled; absorbed) in their own transgression due to intoxication   (drunkenness; mind-poisoning). Mormon Leadership’s self-exaltation (self-deification)  is proof-of (evidence of)  Salt Lake’s implementation of its unparalleled (consummate) mass-seductionseduction of Israel’s people. Salt Lake’s prophets call-to (lure; summon; seduce;  beckon) Israel’s people  to enter-the-gates  (join the ranks) of the “nobles”  (those who volunteer to offer-up their own lives and the lives of their families) in obedience to Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership.



3. I am commanded  to teach (instruct; school; educate) Israelites who are consecrated (anointed; ordained) to do a very important work.  In like manner, to confront ( stand opposed to; contradict) Salt Lake’s tyranny that is  provoking God’s anger toward priesthood leaders who are  exulting (celebrating; jumping-for-joy; rejoicing) over their  stolen power and authority.



Salt Lake is attempting to mobilize its army of apostates before Jehovah can muster his Host.

4. The sound of babel (confusion; disorientation; mix-up; misrepresentation) in the Rocky Mountains sounds a lot like a race (tribe; family) of people speaking proudly,  proclaiming (calling for ; crying out; proclaiming) the destruction (devastation) of Gentiles (nations; non-Mormons) kingdoms.  This generation of Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership  is attempting to mobilize them  before  The Lord of Host (Jehovah) can muster  (summon; assemble) His Israelite-army ( host; phalanx) for war.   



5. Plucked-out-of-obscurity (suddenly made famous), Israel’s people  cut-off (interrupt; bring-to-an-end; renounce; intercept; disconnect) the power and authority of Salt Lake’s prophet’s.  They are accompanied by Jehovah and the weapons of His wrath.  They are emerging “out-of-obscurity” to utterly-defeat (wipe-out; swhqatter; overturn; lay-waste; eradicate) Salt Lake’s false-prophets, seers and revelators.



The “Day-of-the-Lord” spells destruction (devastation; doom) for Jehovah’s enemies.

6. Salt Lake’s leaders had better  Wail (lament; bewail; mourn)……because the “Day-of-the-Lord” is at-hand (forthcoming; approaching; impending; looming).  The “Day-of-the-Lord” is characterized by devastation (desolation;  destruction) to Jehovah’s enemies. Jehovah is coming back!



7. As a result,  Salt Lake’s hand (power; influence) will go-limp  (become-weak; become-impotant; be-enfeebled) and every heart (mode of thinking and acting; motive; will and purpose)  among Salt Lake’s men will be spotted  (detected; recognized; identified). 




Israel’s people are gripped (hypnotized; mezmerized; captivated) by Salt Lake’s prophets, seers and revelators  (magicians; sorcerers).

8. The idols ( heroes; icons) and the corruption (depravity; wickedness; dishonesty) of Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership is a source of intimidation for  Israel’s people. This generation of Israel’s people (Mormon people) is virtually gripped (captivated;controlled; dominated) by Church headquarters in Salt Lake, not unlike a woman who is gripped by the throws of labor. The husbands of this generation of Israel’s people (Mormon people) are being systematically defiled (profaned; perverted; ruined)  by their own Priesthood leadership.  They will look aghast when they realize the purposes of their leadership training (instruction; schooling; orientation) by Salt Lake was designed to fire (excite; arouse; galvanize; electrify)  Israel’s people to serve Salt Lake’s purposes.


9. Behold, the fierceness (ferocity; violence; savagery) of Jehovah’s return (approach) and the outpouring of anger associated with His wrath on account of the foulness of the prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, who are orchestrating  (administering; calling the plays of) desolation,  and Mormon prophets who are causing Israel’s people to sin (totally missing the mark) because of bribery (kickbacks; hush-money; inducements).



Mormon stars (celebrities; luminaries; leading-men) who are pointing (directing everyone’s attention) to Salt Lake’s authority, are fooling themselves as well as everyone else.  

10. Indeed, (actually), the Mormon stars (luminaries; celebrities; Mormon-General-Authorities), who are calling pointing (directing everyone’s attention) to Salt Lake’s authority are fooling themselves, as well as everyone else.  They don’t  (do not; will not) reveal  (make-known; disclose; divulge)  the source (fountainhead; author; origin) of their light (“image of good fortune and prosperity”).  They are prophets, seers and revelators  enveloped in darkness, who are pointing to the coming “sunrise” (Millenial Day),  while  unloading ( (discharging; dumping)  their foul excrement ( filth; waste matter) and of course, the Moon (“lesser light that rules the night”) is always present in their Holy Convocations (conferences; meetings; assemblages).



fallen Babylonian kingdom11. However, Jehovah’s punishment is upon their profanation (blasphemous-behavior) and upon the perverse (degenerate; deviant; corrupt; self-willed)  dominion of Salt Lake’s wicked high-priests and prophets who celebrate the “Power and Authority of Arrogance”,  but I (Jehovah) will humble those who are intimidating Israel’s people.

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