Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter Ten -verses 16 – 34

“Lightning Bolts” (Flashes of inspiration; insight) will provide Israel with light (intruction; clarity; explanation). 

16. Therefore, the Lord, God of Hosts is sending to Mormon “anointed-ones” (prophets and apostles) of this generation,  spiritual-leanness  (wretchedness; misery; impoverishement; blindness, and shame) for beneath all their pomp (spectacle; pageantry; ceremony; solemnity; grandiosity), Jehovah has kindled (ignited; set-fire-to ) them, just like fuel and is bringing-to-pass light (enlightenment; clarity; explanation; clear-understanding; instruction) to Israel in the form of “lightning-bolts” (flashes-of-insight).  Suddenly, Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) will be freed from the grip of Mormonism’s  defilement (corruption; contamination; degradation; debasement). “Tongues-of-Fire” (expressions of God’s spirit; utterances of God’s spirit) will overwhelm (conquer; vanquish; overthrow)  the nonsense (craziness; rediculousness; mumbo-jumbo) of Salt Lake’s  prophets and it will consume Salt Lake’s briers (labyrinth-of-interconnected lineages)  and thorns (appointees of Church- headquarters) within one single (extraordinary; exceptional; unrivaled; incomparable; unparalleled) day (generation) .



 And “Bolts of lightning” (flashes-of-insight; flashes-of-inspiration) will become Israel’s source of light  (understanding ; brilliance;  revelation),  in regard to religious worship and devotion.  As a result of these “lighning-bolts” Jehovah’s Saints (holy-ones; angels; devoted-disciples)  will sparks 2generate sparks  (traces-of-intense-feeling) of their own that will ignite  (trigger; provoke) outbursts (out-breaks) of violent-emotion (anger) and those outbursts  (sudden and violent release of anger) will consume (occupy the complete attention of; obsess; torment)  Salt Lake’s briers (tangled labyrinth-of-interconnected aristocratic-lineages) and  thorns (appointees of Mormon Church headquarters) within one single (extraordinary; incomparable;  unparalleled) day (era; period of time; age; generation).


preaching the word
Their trite (platitudinal; stale; tired; hack; boring; uninspired; warmed-over)  gospe-message will become absolutely irrelavent.

18. Then,  the majesty of Salt Lake’s thicket (labyrinth; maze; network; complex) of family-trees (pedigrees; ancestral bloodlines) and their  vineyard of organized (standardized; systematized) Mormon “robots” (automatons; puppets; clones)  and their mundane (platitudinous; stale; trite) gospel (good-news; glad-tidings) will become spent (completely used-up; finished; exhausted) and faint (barely-perceived by the senses), as if their message is sick (unhealthy; rotten; “not-so-hot”; defective; diseased) 



19. While, the remnant (remaining-few) in Salt Lake’s thicket (labyrinth) of  aristocratic (high-born; blue-blooded; upper-class) family-trees  (pedigrees; lineages; ancestries; families) continue to look-to (hang-on-every-word-of; rely-on; bank-on; depend-on) “imitators” (men who copy, imitate, mimic and follow-the-lead) of higher-ranking  priesthood authorities coming from this generation,  while Salt Lake’s “Spoiled-Little-Boys” (pampered; overindulged chief-priesthood-Authorities) arrange (order; synchronize; coordinate) the appearance (facade; illusion; image; guise) of agreement (consensus; endorsement; harmony) between all of them.



escaping slaughter
Israel’s “little-lambs” will escape slaughter at the hands of Jacob’s House (dynasty of frauds and deceivers).

20. So, as-of-now (already; even-now), although (despite the fact that) the “Remnan-of-Israel” has become inconsequential (not-worth-mentioning; insignificant; irrelavent; unimportant; meaningless) to the Mormon Church leadership, yet Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons)  will escape (side-step; circumvent) slaughter at the hands of Jacob’s-House (Dynasty of defrauders) as Salt Lake urges (tries-earnestly and persistently to persuade) Israel’s-people (rank and file Mormons) to lean-upon  (depend-upon; trust)  the very same Mormon priesthood leadership that is completely debilitating  (disabling;impoverishing; exhausting) them. 



21. The remnant (last-fragment)  of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) will convert (re-educate; re-train)  the remnant (the-last-fragment; all that remains) of Jacob.



22. For though Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) are as numerous as the sands of the sea, only a remnant of them will return ( come back; be converted). The vessels (merchants; business moguls; corporate CEO’s) of this generation of Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership have ordained (officially-determined officially-decreed; officially-ordered) the overthrow (down-fall; defeat; collapse;demise; abolition; destruction) of righteousness (justice; goodness; uprightness in the eyes of God). 



           Yours truly…….

23. Because of the destruction (ruination) that Salt Lake has ordained and the cursed “Cain-like” motives (objectives; purposes; rationales; foundations ) of every Mormon-General- Authority who issues a decree (mandate; proclamation; directive; edict; commandment), the Lord of Hosts has begun to carry-out his “redemption” (imancipation; salvation; liberation) of His vineyard.




Mormom rites and ceremonies are patterned after age-old Egyptian culture.

24. Therefore, thus saith the Lord of Hosts, Don’t you be afraid of the leadership (administration) of  Assyria  (social and financial success guaranteed thru advancement in its Melchizedek Priesthood Organization).  Mormonism’s Mechizedek Priesthood Authority reigns-supreme (dominates; tyrannizes; runs-the-show ) in Zion, right-now (these-days),  and it’s  lifted-up (waved-around) as Salt Lake’s  rod (club; cudgel, baton, truncheon, cosh, nightstick, or bludgeon; hickory-stick; instrument of punishment) against you as a consequence of Mormon customs (Mormon-ways; Mormon-ceremonies; Mormon-rituals) performed anciently,  in Egypt (a culture-of-slavery ; a culture of servitude as a way of life or lifestyle).




25. For,  in a very short time, My (Jehovah’s) anger will be actualized (dispatched; realized; put into effect; executed; actualized) and my wrath will  complete the destruction of Salt Lake’s “international”  (universal; world-wide)  whordom (idolatry).




Hebrew slaves
The “Mormon-Way Of Life” is patterned after the ancient-Culture of Egyptian Slavery. In Salt Lake,  “Doing-Business” (corporate profit-making) pre-empts  caring for the vineyard (Israel’s people.)

26. The Lord of Hosts will whip (horse-whip; beat with a whip,  especially as a punishment) this generation of Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership with the same ferocity that He struck-down (abated; abrogated; annulled; dissolved; invalidated; negated;  nullified; quashed, repealed; abolished) Midian (those who govern; goverment)  at (because-of; in-response-to; in-reaction-to) a “rock” (“siege”; encirclement; encompassing-about on everyside, in every direction) of  (pertaining to; connected with)  Oreb (“business-dealings”; commerce; merchantry; corporate-profit-making; buying and selling) and its staff (symbol of authority; symbol of dominance; symbol of power; symbol of  supremacy; symbol of sovereignty;  symbol of dominion) over the West (Salt Lake City), as well as the current Salt-Lake-generation lifting-up (waving- around) that staff (symbol of Power and Authority) to impliment and enforce the ways (customs) of Egypt.



Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) are so tired of bearing the burden (self-reproach; self-condemnation; shame) suitable for Salt Lake’s Priesthood Authorities

27. And in that day, the “burden” (self-reproach; self-condemnation; shame; guilty-conscience) which Salt Lake has been placed upon your (Israel’s) shoulders will be lifted and the  yoke (harness; collar) that Salt Lake’s priesthood authorities have placed upon your ( Israel’s) neck will be broken by Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) because of Israel’s “anointing”  (blessing; consecration; santification).




searching28. Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) will fall-upon (storm; assail; assault; attack) the houses (lineages; families; bloodlines) of Salt Lake’s General Authorities.   They absolutely reject (dismiss) the ruminations (opinions; thoughts; suppositions) offered by Salt Lake’s General Authorities, who are cooperatively attempting to arm (mobilize; activate; equip with weapons) devotees (enthusiasts; lovers; adherents) of Chemosh (subjugators; conquerors; tamers). Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) will decide (judge; form an opinion about) the destiny of each and every Salt Lake  Priesthood Authority.



29. Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) prefer to by-pass  (forgo; abstain; renounce; do without)  the Faustian-bargain (agreement in which a person abandons his spiritual-values and moral-principles in order to obtain wealth and power) entered into  by this generation of Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership.  The bargain (deal; arrangements includes  an swift and elevated by -pass(glorified)  pass  (advancement; promotion) in Salt Lake’s Rocky Mountain leadership hierarchy.  In Salt Lake, trembling Mormon Prophets,  Seers and Revelators remind each other of their protective alliance.   It’s an ancient (age-old) sort of exaltation (deification; adulation, worship, hero worship, idolatry, idolization) dreamed-up (conceived; contrived; arranged) in Hell (Sheol; Hades; the Melchizedek Priesthood Organization). 



30. Raise  your voices! , O daughters  (devotees; fans; listen up!afficianados)  of Israel (“uprightness-in-the-eyes-of-Israel’s-God”) Listen-up!…Prick up your ears!…Be sharp!…. so YOU may be upright in the eyes of Israel’s God! Testify of Him! Open your mouth!  Bear-witness in behalf of (to-benefit; to-help) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons).



Mormonism’s “dunghill” which is   passing itself off as a “Christ-like”  latter-day religion.

31. Get as far away as you can from the ambassadors  (messengers; representatives) of Mormonism’s “dunghill” passing itself off as a church and religion,  as it reigns from Salt Lake City, thru its hellish (infernal) Melchizedek Priesthood Organization.



32. Testify today  (now ; right now; immediately) concerning the corrupt priesthood leadership in Salt Lake’s highest-places urging Israel’s rebellion against Jehovah.  The prominent community of Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership “shakes-its-fists” at exaltation (glorification ; crowning)  of Zion’s (Jerusalem’s) Daughters (devotees; disciples; faithful-believers). 




Jehovah is getting rid of Salt Lake lineages that emerge from their subterranean holes like serpents from their hiding places.

33. Behold, the garments of Salt Lake’s prophets are stained with blood. The Lord of Hosts is lopping-off ( cutting off; severing; getting rid of) Salt Lake’s branches (clans) that terrify ( intimidate; bully; oppress; harass) and branches (clans) that tower (lord; hold-sway; look-down) over everyone else.    He’s cutting-them-down  (felling them; uprooting them) along with the worst lineages (bloodlines; dynasties) that emerge from their subterranean holes like a serpents from their hiding place.





Chief priests
Mormon General Authorities, like their Old Testament Pharisee counterparts, are experts at hypocracy and “white-wash”.

34. Then He will cut-down Salt Lake’s thicket (tangled network) of pedigrees ( bloodlines; lineages)with an axe (very sharp, hand-held cutting instrument) then Salt Lake’s experts at “whitewash” (cover-up; sugar-coating; rationalization) will prostrate themselves before Israel’s princes (royalty; tribal-leaders).  





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