Reading Isaiah’s Mind Chapter ten – verses 1- 15

God’s Judgment on Assyria

Isaiah uses the term “Assyria” as an appellation (title; label) for the well-organized-theatrical performance (stagecraft; play-acting; pretence) a.k.a. “The-Mormon-Way-of-Life”  starring (featuring; making much of; giving the stage to; highlighting) Mormon  priesthood leadership. They enjoy unparalleled social-popularity and financial success through advancement within Mormonism’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization. Mormon financial success is due, in large part, to the multiplicity of profitable-business-opportunities available to them through marriage connections and associations with other corporate-minded Mormon-men who’ve cultivated their own network of business-partners.  “Doing-Business” has become a Melchizedek priority,  as Mormon men climb-up (move-up. mount; ascend)  the Mormon corporate ladder (pecking-order; hierarchy) within Mormonism’s thinly-veiled (evident, but not openly expressed)  “Good ‘Ole Boy’s Club” a.k.a. the Melchizedek Priesthood Organization.  Top-church leaders, quickly become multi-millionaires thru marriage connections and the labyrinth of church/ business networks (system of connections; organizations) and investments. They frequently occupy multiple, lavishly-paid seats (positions)  on the board-of-directors, of Salt-Lake-church-owned companies. All this is supplemented  by revenues generated from  10% tithing from every adult Mormon member, and profit-making book sales to a totally-captive reading -audience of  approximately 14 million Mormons, world-wide.            



cock and bull stories
Mormon Prophets,seers and revelators can not offer their own “eye-witness” Testimony of Israel’s God. What they offer, instead, are religious fairy tales and fables (Cock and Bull stories, uplifting-anacdotes, totally-fictional-accounts and “hearsay”). 

1. Woe to those who point (direct-attention) to “Cock-and-Bull-stories (hoaxes of men; “fables of frauds”) – as well as the tricksters (cunning-craftmen) who fabricate (formulate; produce) them.


2. Woe to “Spin-Doctors” (agents or underlings of a presiding General Authority, who impart a heart-felt and committed reiteration of a story first told by someone above him in authority; brain-washers; persuaders; spin-meisters; mouth-pieces) who turn (twist; sway) the attention of Israel’s people away from the “rights-of-the poor” (birthright-of-the-powerless; entitlements-of-the-needy)  while systematically claiming for Salt Lake and themselves the leadership (control; supemacy; presidency) over Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons), while they “sweet-talk” (charm; smooth-talk; cajole; play-up-to; spread it on; suck-up; butter-up) those of  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons)   who are widowed (utterly-abandoned; deserted; forlorn; forsaken) or captured by Salt Lake as if they are “prey”(quarry). Salt Lake has-in-mind (is-organizing; is-planning) to cast-a-spell-upon (spell-bind; bewitch; benumb) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons)  to leave them orphans (mute; tongue-tied; speechless; voiceless; unable to speak) as a result of Salt Lake’s sorceries (wizardry; devilry; witchcraft; evil-power)



drunken men
Typical Mormon men  intoxicated by their priesthood power and authority.

3. So, what will YOU (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) do in the day of reckoning (judgment; appraisal; settlement of accounts) when disaster reaches you from “a-far-away-place ?” (Salt-Lake-City). Unto whom will YOU run for help?  Will you betray the honor (integrity) of Israel’s people?  Nothing-will-remain  (there’ll be nothing you can do)  but  cringe (recoil from danger; cower; eat-dirt) among the captives (Salt Lake’s slaves; Salt-Lake’s-prisoners) or fall (descend; drop) among Mormonism’s priesthood leaders who are terribly drunken (intoxicated; wasted; enibriated) on their own power and authority.



It will be a very long time before these men change the way they          think!

4. They’ve ruined themselves, because of their drunkenness (intoxication). They won’t repent (turn around; change the way they think), but instead, they’ll continue to spin (misrepresent; falsify) the power and authority of Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership over Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) .


The Trouble with Assyria




rod of punishment
Mormonism’s Melchizedek Priesthood is the Lord’s rod (hickory-stick; staff;   instument)  of Punishment and the Melchizedek priesthood leaders, themselves,  threaten Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) by holding (waving) it. 

5. Woe to Assyria (the Mormon-Melchizedek-priesthood concept of enjoying unparalleled social and financial success thru advancement in the Melchizedek Priesthood Organization). It functions as my rod (staff; instrument) of anger (punishment) along with Mormon High-Priests, themselves, through whose cruel hand (hickory-stick ; staff-of-authority) my anger is expressed.







6. I have sent  (led; assigned; directed) this generation of Salt Lake priesthood leadership directly to a particularly blinded (spiritually-desensitized; spiritually-deadened) generation of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormon people), who have been transgressing against me, ignorantly.  I (Jehovah) set-up (established) Assyria (Mormonism’s Melchizedek priesthood trap) so as to capture Israel’s people  (rank and file Mormons) like prey (quarry),  to loot (plunder; pillage) them and to snatch-them-away (captivate-them; carry them away; hypnotize-them; charm-them) and turn the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  (the Mormon Church ) into a “trampling-place” (threshing-floor) , upon which to separate the wheat (real-disiples) from the tares (phonies) .




What does Salt Lake’s  leadership REALLY have in mind…?.

7. But this isn’t what Salt Lake’s leadership  has-in-mind (is planning for; is organizing for) nor is it what they  are calculating (banking on; counting-on), instead, they “have-in-mind” to accustom (adapt; habituate; season) the minds and hearts of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) to the notion (idea; perception) that Old-Testament prophecy is null and void (ineffectual; of-no-legal-force) and teach them that God’s latter-day prophecy has completely cut-off  (cut-out-of-the-will; disowned; renounced; forsaken) Gentiles, (non-Mormons), because they are not polished, smooth and sharp enough.




8. After all, the men of Assyria (Melchizedek Priesthood enjoyment of unparalleled social and financial success thru rapid-advancement in its hierarchal organization) think to themselves, “Are not all of Salt Lake’s prophets, seers and revelators also kings?”



firing squad
Can’t LDS Church headquarters in Salt Lake be compared to “Arpad” (the-firing-squad; the-executioners)? 

9. Isn’t Mormonism’s  preparation (adaptation; conversion; transformation) of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) the moral equivalent of (comparable-to; a-substitute-for ) their  “execution” (“rubbing-them-out”; killing-them; capital-punishment; the-death-penalty) doubtless , can’t Church headquarters in Salt Lake City be compared to Arpad” (the firing-squad; the executioner)…unquestionably, don’t Salt Lake’s “custodians” (watchmen; sentinels) of the vineyard remind you of “bloodthirsty-men?” 



10. Just as (during-the-time; at-the-same-time) My (Jehovah’s) power, was beginning to come-forth (appear; emerge), precepts (rules of behavior; principles; canons; doctrines; injunctions) from Salt Lake’s presiding authorities in its Melchizedek Priesthood Organization began to point (direct-attention)  toward Salt Lake’s “Idols of Power and Authority”(icons; superstars; celebrities of power and Authority) and graven-images (deeply-ingrained-images; deeply-awe-inspiring-representations) of their Power and Authority, instead of (contrary-to; rather-than) a conception (concieving; understanding) of  Jerusalem (“Jehovah’s teachings of peace and Salvation”)  and contrary to (rather than) a conception (comprehension’ explanation;  understanding) about what genuine  “Guardianship of Israel’s People” (the “vineyard”) looks like.


11. Shouldn’t I deal with this generation of Salt Lake idol-worshipers in the same way I dealt with Ancient Jerusalem and her idol worship?



haughty king
 Hey..It’s good to be king!!

12. DESTRUCTION!… when the Lord finishes  all his work concerning  the self-exaltation of Salt Lake’s men to the throne of Israel as her kings in opposition to Jerusalem (Jehovah’s apprenticeship in Peace and Salvation). I (Jehovah) am bringing punishment upon the fruit (outcome; consequence; result) of “pride-in-the-hearts” of Assyria’s kings (royalty; aristocracy; ruling-class) by glorifying (exalting)  themselves as royalty (crowned-heads) , in the eyes (opinion; estimation) of an entire generation of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons).




13. Because every one of them thinks to himself, “I work  by the strength of my personal Melchizedek priesthood influence and by my own wisdom.”  In fact, Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership has made for themselves a stable-abode (ruling-dynasty), while they’ve  removed (taken-away)  the boundaries (protections; defenses; security) of  Israel’s people  (clans)  as well as any opportunities for them to show (demonstrate; expound; exhibit) the ways of God to their own people, with their outstretched (sweeping; boundless) hand (power; influence) . Salt Lake’s    “whiteness” (appearance of moral purity; self-righteousness)  and its leader’s image (model; appearance) as “doorkeepers of good fortune” is just like the image of The Adversary, (“mankind’s-common-enemy”).



eggs = whiteness and purity14. Salt Lake’s priesthood Authorities say-to-themselves (think; suppose), “Our hand (power; influence) reaches into the nest (the home)  in-every-way (indisciminately; everywhere; in all manner) for the purpose of appropriating  the wealth (youth) of the Gentiles (nations; non-Mormons) and,  as much as possible,  avail-ourselves of (take-possession-of) their abandoned eggs (whiteness; purity). We’re “in-every-nook-and-cranny” (everywhere-possible; everywhere you can imagine) in the Mormon church,  gathering (accumulating; amassing) as much as we can get our hands on and there is not a single wing (appendage; arm) flailing  nor is there anyone opening-his-mouth-and-chirping (voicing-a-complaint).




angry axe 2
Does the axe wielded by a man tell him how to cut?

15.  Does the “Axe”  raise itself (rebel) above the man cutting with it?  Certainly, Sale Lake’s presiding priesthood leaders mark (earmark;  pre-determine) those who hold dominion over Israelites  (rank and file Mormons) and threaten (intimidate) them, like self-righteous prophets waving their power and authority all around. They’re glorified (revered; honored)  by this generation, and they’re honored as if they are the kindly “uncles” of  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) rather than  “wooden-sticks” (kindling; firewood; tinder)  that will burn up like any other fuel in Jehovah’s burn-pile.








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