Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter Six – verses 6- 12

Seraphim – a species of venomous serpents; “winged-serpents”; poisonous serpents, derived fromthe Hebrew saraph-saw-rawf- meaning: burning or poisoning.

6. Then, one of the Seraphim  (poisonous serpents) with six (perpetual; life-long; permanent) cover (means of altering their appearance and concealing their identity) accosted me   (inveigled me; invited me; approached me; tempted me)  using a “live-coal”  (“clinker”; dying-ember) that he held in his  hand  (power) He seized (got-control-of) the “clinker” (dying-ember ) by using tongs ( devices; tricks with a particular aim) that he acquired from the  altar  (moment he sacrificed his “entire-life” to the Mormon church and its Melchizedek Priesthood Organization).




7. He touched (influenced; affected); my mouth (conversation; communion) with God by using this “clinker” (dying-ember) and said,”Behold (something unexpected, but could have been predicted).  

A “Clinker” is stony residue of a burned out piece of coal; a dying-ember.

This “clinker” (dying-ember;smoldering piece of coal that burns brightly as its fire fades-out) has touched (handled;  manipulated; altered; affected; trifled with) your lips (clarifications; elucidations; illuminations)  concerning Jehovah.   In consequence of this action…… all of your  guilt (culpability; liability; accountability) before God has been done-away-with (irrelevant; no-longer-of-any-consequence)  then  you and your transgressions (trespasses; violations) of God’s laws are entirely covered-up (hidden-behind-a-smokescreen) against exposure (“the-light-of-day”; disclosure; detection; discovery) .



Send me, Sir
“Here I am , send me!”(I’m prepared to do the job!”)

8. Then I heard the voice of the Lord , God of Israel (Jehovah) saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go down there ( to earth) on behalf of (to help) Israel’s People (rank and file Mormon People)?. So I replied, “Here I am, send me!” (I’m prepared to do the job.”)



9. Jehovah replied, “Go (get-going; be on your way; get on the stick; do it) and say to this (latter-day) people of Israel (rank and file Mormons) “All of you are listening  (hearkening; obedient) to  Salt Lake’s  doctrines (instructions) but you are unable to discern (perceive; detect; recognize; uncover; expose) their aim (objective; intention; plan; end) or expected-outcome . You are giving (offering) tribute (statements intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration) to Salt Lake’s prophets, seers and revelators , but you are not equipped to discern (uncover; expose) what motivates (powers; propels; pushes; drives) them.



10. Behold (something surprising, but could have been predicted) the callousness (indifference; inertia; apathy; disdain; insensitivity) of this latter-day-saint people and behold (observe; look-at) the dullness (lack of interest) in their ears (sharpness; penetrating-intellect; perception). Behold (something surprising , but could have been predicted),  the closed-eyes (blindness; lack of perception, awareness, or judgment; ignorance) of this generation of rank and file Mormon people. Heaven-forbid,  (I wish this had not happened) otherwise (if this were not the situation) Israel’s People (rank and file Mormon People)  might see with their eyes (perception, awareness, or judgment) and they might hear with their ears (sharpness; penetrating-intellect);  they might understand with their hearts (sensitivities and regard) and repent of their transgressions and be healed.


For how long?
How long do I have to stay there?

11. Then, I asked, “Until when My Lord?” (“How long must I stay there, My Lord?”). And He replied, “Until such time as Salt Lake’s community (group of Priesthood authorities communicating or interacting with each other) are ruined because Salt Lake’s men no longer reign like kings over Israel’s houses (families; lineages; dynasties)  and the legal-grounds (lawful basis; rationale) for their prophets is scorned and abandoned”.


12. Salt Lake’s “Prophets of Men” have rejected Jehovah’s promise of divine presence and protection,  but they speak proudly (with deep pleasure and satisfaction about themselves), while they magnify (extol; glorify) prophets who have changed-sides (defected; switched-their-allegiance;  turned-traitor; deserted) during the adversary’s spiritual-war against Israel’s people.


a tithe
Ten percent means: One out of ten things. Because ten-percent (a tithe) is offered to God, it is considered a “Holy-Part” or “Holiness unto the Lord”.

13. But nevertheless, among them,  still remains a tenth (one out of ten; a tithe; holiness unto the Lord; a holy part) and they will bring  Israel’s people back  to God,  because the House (family tree; lineage; dynasty) of Israel has become like  a felled Terebinth- Tree, (place of union with God) or an Oak-Tree (strong and enduring pedigree) that has been cut down to its very stump -but,  lo and behold (a new scene; a new turn of events), from that stump emerges the seed of holiness (saints) . 







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