Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter Seventeen – verses 1- 7

An Oracle against Damascus

The name “Damascus” is an appellation (identifying word or words by which something is classified or distinguished from others, e.g. George Herman Ruth’s parents may have known him as George, but the rest of the world knew this famous slugger by his appellation, “Babe”.) An appellation frequently identifies a group of people who share a common mindset (established-set-of-attitudes). “Damascus” is actually a combination of two words, Dam and Saq. We will examine each segment separately.

droplet of blood
According to Hebrew thought: One’s life (personal power) is in one’s blood. This power is passed down from generation to generation in one’s genetic code. 

Dam -pronounced- dawm is a noun meaning “blood”. Blood plays a prominent role in beliefs, myths, and magical cultic acts. Along with semen, mother’s-milk, spittle; urine and tears, blood is a fluid that originates within the human body. It is identified with a unique degree of “vitality”.   It is understood as the essence of the personal powers that are at work within a person or a creature and is considered the true “life-substance”, thus blood has power. Blood carries the inheritace of eternal-blessings and of eternal-curses. The blood of an innocent man can atone for the crime of a guilty man. From this concept came Jesus Christ’s sacrifice of His own life for the sins of his people. The word “blood” also refers to murder or slaughter.
Saq-pronounced-sak is also a noun. It means: a-mesh;  a-network; something-interwoven. In a literal sense, it refers to the loosely woven cloth used to hold items for bagging and to make  Sackcloth (garments worn by mourners and slaves) .  In a Figurative sense, saq means a group or system of interconnected people; a network; an complex-organization; labyrinth;  a system; mutual connection between people with a common bloodline, common- goals or common-objectives. Geographically, “Damascus” is the capital city of Syria.   Syria, in Hebrew,  is Aram-pronounced-

The Pharaoh himself was Egypt’s supreme court; any case might under certain circumstances be brought to him, if the plaintiff was careless of expense.  Ancient carvings show us the “Great-House” ( Great-dynasty; Great-lineage; Great-family; Great-bloodline ) from which he ruled, and in which the offices of the government were fixed (concentrated; established; rooted); from this “Great-House”, which the Egyptians called Pero,   and which the Jews translated as “Pharaoh”, the title of “Emperor”(king; monarch) came into being.

Arawm and it means: “high-ground” or  “Citadel” (fortress, typically on high-ground, protecting or dominating a city). In a latter-day sense, the name Aram (Syria) is symbolic language for the Mormon church’s headquarters and its presumptuous claims of the “Moral-High-Ground” in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Saq,  defined above, refers to the system-of-interconnected-people  (network of priests; matrix of priests; complex of priests; organization of priests ; labyrinth of priests; nexus of priests)  who constitute Mormonism’s world-wide

all dressed in white
They dress in white as part of their fraud The color white is the presence of all the light in the visible spectrum. When it enters our eyes, it stimulates all of the cone cells that God made light-sensitive. typically, white is associayed with light (natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible), thus enlightenment; illumination; brilliance and luminosity.) White is also associated with moral-purity, things that are good, innocence, honesty, and cleanliness.  Again…they dress in white as part of their on-going fraud. They bring no light because they are filled with darkness.

Melchizedek priesthood Organization. This organization is the chief-earthly-rival (competitor) for Jehovah’s authority (jurisdiction; command; control; sovereignty; supremacy).   It governs all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.   Salt Lake’s chief-priests (presiding General Authorities) share a common goal (objective) . It is to become inter-connected like ancient Egypt’s Great-House” (“Pharoah”; residence of kings and their administrations; Great bloodline; Great-Family; Great-dynasty), symbolizing , the more or less “Personified-Power-of-Oppression”. They achieve this goal thru (1) marrying Israel’s women, then (2) sealing (fastening; securing) those nuptials for eternity in Mormon-Temples (eternal-marriage) forming an indestructible-multi-generational network of male blood-related non-Israelites with the common-objective of usurping Israel’s birthright to govern the human race.  This Melchizedek family-network (crime-family) places extraordinary emphasis on its members marrying partners qualified to wed-for eternity in Mormon temples, thus, the Melchizedek network (organization; matrix; labyrinth) grows and grows. It’s Salt Lake’s  “bloody-network” (murderous web; blood-thirsty-priesthood organization).





heap of ruins
“Damascus” (Salt Lake’s “bloody-network”; murderous web; blood-thirsty-organization) of priests has become a heap of ruins.

1. An oracle (vision) against DAMASCUS (Salt Lake’s-organized-crime-family)  . Behold (something unexpected, but could have been predicted),  the chastisement (reproof; warning; correction; rebuke) of the men (priests; high-priests) of “Damascus” because their Great-House  (Great-lineage; Great-dynasty; Great-lineage; Great-family) has become a “heap-of-ruins”.





Salt Lake’s priesthood authorities are “Lying-In-Wait” to ambush (surprise attack; trap) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) 

2. The poor (Israel’s unfortunate;disenfranchized; destitute people ) are forsaken as part of Salt Lake’s scheme (plan;plot; arrangement; program) to empower (entitle; authorize) the seed (offspring; adherents; devotees) of its own crime family – and to lie-in-wait-for”  (ambush) Israel’s people because “there-is-none-to-molest-or-make-afraid” (no one with the power to interfere or intimidate them).



elitist3. The church’s leadership separates-itself (sets-itself-apart ) from Ephraim because of their royal empowerment (license; “thumbs-up”; seal of approval),  as if they are Israel’s glorious kings, from “Damascus” (Salt Lake’s-Melchizedek-priesthood-Organization; Salt Lake’s organized crime-family).



come hither4. In that day, the glory ( acclaim; prestige; dignity) of Jacob  (defrauders; deceivers) will dwindle and  disappear (vanish into thin air; disappear) and the perfume (allure; attraction; lure; seduction) of their “Good-News” (Gospel message)  will evaporate (fade; dissolve; vanish).



standing grain
“Standing-wheat” symbolizes conspicuously mature (seasoned; experienced)  Mormon leadership

5. And it will be like reapers cutting-down standing-grain (conspicuous fully-matured; seasoned experienced-priesthood-leaders) and the seed (children; devotees; followers) trailing after them. They’ll all be cut-down (dispatched; slain)  while culling (gleaning; picking; chosing) in  “Dead-man’s Valley” (Salt Lake’s Valley of spiritually-lifeless-men).



olive tree6. And it will be like a holocaust (slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire) among those who remain (insist-on; continue) walking with Salt Lake’s men,  just like a violent beating of an olive tree having only two or three berries (olives) at the very-top, who are chief commanders over four or five branches of Salt Lake’s family-tree (pedigree; family organization) that bears (spawn; generates; brees; produces) all of  Salt Lake’s illegitimate prsophets, declares Jehovah, the God of Israel.


Adam (mankind; humanity; the family of man) will be non-plussed (surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react) to their “Maker” vs. the opinions of this generation of Salt Lake’s leaders concerning The Holy-One’s (saints; sanctuaries; angels) of this generation of Israel’s people.

7. In that day, Adam (mankind; humanity; the-family-of-man) will be non-plussed (surprised and confused so much that they are unsure how to react) concerning their “Maker” (God) vs.  the opinions (points-of-view; ways-of-thinking; beliefs; teachings; doctrines) of this generation of Salt Lake’s priesthood authorities  concerning the Holy-Ones (saints; sanctuaries; angels) of this generation of Israel who you are now considering (contemplating; gazing at; scrutinizing; studying; thinking about; looking at thoughtfully).

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