Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter seven – verses 1- 13

“The sign of Emmanuel”

The Hebrew word for sign is “oth” (pronounced owth). By definition, a sign points to something. There is a long-standing military association with the term sign suggested by the use of oth for signs (flags; banners; ensigns) of Ancient Israelite families. Consequently, in (Numbers 2:2), signs (emblems; banners)  were the means by which the Israelite camp was

Gallagher Crest
Above is the sign (crest) for Ireland’s Gallagher clan.

arranged. The sign  (banner; crest) of a family is an identifying mark. By definition, a sign is an “objec”t, an “occurrence”  or “even”t through which  persons are to recognize, learn, remember or perceive the “credibility” of something. What is crucial is not the sign itself, or even, its execution, but rather, its  “meaning” (interpretaion) . The meaning of a sign is as variable as the world in which it occurs. Sometimes  a sign is referred to as a   “token,”  or  a “proof ” or a  “reason”.  Signs, by themselves, cannot motivate people to believe in God.  Crucial instead is the “Word-of-God” that accompanies the sign . The accompanying “Word”  declares “in what” or “in whom” the sign is intended to motivate the people to believe. An explanatory word of revelation is presupposed in the signs mentioned in (Dt. 26:8) in connection with Israel’s Exodus from Egypt.  The Old Testament speaks of signs associated with other critical events, including: the order-of-creation (sun, moon and planets and stars); the flood-narrative

The rainbow as a sign from God

(rainbow); the Passover (lamb’s-blood-on-the-doorposts);    The-covenant (male-circumcision); Exodus (unleavened bread)  ;  The-Creation-Story (Sabbath-Day)  and the atoning sacrifice (the covering) of the altar. All these are “signs” and each one of of them has a significance beyond its outward form and appearance. A clear understanding of the meaning of a sign requires accurate interpretation.  The sign, with its outward form or substance and sometimes miraculous or striking nature,  is not what really matters, for the purpose of the sign is not to “terrify-the-onlooker“, but rather, signs are provided to mediate (intervene between two parties) to effect an awareness or understanding concerning someone or something or motivate a particular kind of behavior. Foremost among these  objectives is an awareness, (knowledge; acquaintance; familiarity) concerning Jehovah.  The name “Emmanuel” is one of Isaiah’s compound-words (two words combined into one). The name was attributed to one of his three sons and its meaning applied to his biological son, quite well.  All three of Isaiah’s sons had names which served a “types” (examples; symbols) of events and people that would play important roles in the drama being played-out on earth during the final days.  The names of Isaiah’s three sons, “Shear-jashub” (“A remnant will return”)   symbolizing people who,  although they will not return to the God of Israel, a Remnant (residue; remainder) of them, in the form of descendants will ultimately (in due time) return  and the maledictory portent of Isaiah’s other son, “Maher-shalal-hash-baz” (“As soon as possible you draw-away Israel’s people by applying continuous force, and in no time at all their spoils will be yours.” The dreadful name characterizes a people whose sole motivation is the mis-appropriation (embezzlement) of Israel’s property and assets. In this latter-day context, “Emmanuel” is the name of Isaiah’s latter-day; current; contemporary) devotees (students; believers; pupils; sons). Meaning of the name is as follows:  (1) The beginning of the  name Emmanu (Immanu) is derived from the Hebrew “Im” pronounced eem– meaning: to acompany. “Immanu” pronounced- eemmah-noo- adds the letter “n” signifying seed (children; offspring; people; children) and the final “u” indicating possession , i.e. “His-seed”. When put together the word expressed the thought: to accompany His seed; to be conjoined with His seed; to be equal with His seed; to be beside His seed; to escort His seed; to chaperone His seed; to conduct His seed; to be partnered with His seed) (2) the final portion of “Emmanuel” is  “El”- pronounced – “ale” derived from “Al” is the name for deity. In this context ,”el” is the name of Israel’s God, Jehovah. Putting the parts together expresses the thought,  “El is partnering-with (conducting; chaperoning; escorting; accompanying; conjoined with) His seed” (offspring descendants; children)….a remarkable name for Jehovah’s heirs (“firstborn-successors”) , i.e. Israel’s scattered (thought-to be-lost; dispersed; exiled) Israelite people,  who are finally being called-forth (beckoned; invited; bidden) from the “four-corners” (secular change of focus or direction) of the Earth (people living on the earth) ,  to “come-home” to Zion.

Fraud – wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Embezzlement theft/larceny of Israel’s assets (birthright; resources and property) by persons in positions of trust and  religious responsibility.


The criminal charges that Isaiah is bringing (making) against  Mormonism’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization, which is the governing body of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, include Criminal-Fraud  (wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain) and Embezzlement (theft/larceny of Israel’s assets, i.e. “birthright,money and property by persons in positions of trust and religious-responsibility)  coupled with an embarrassing (humiliating; shameful)  charge directed  squarely at Israel’s own people, stating that they have  “no mind to understand… eyes to see…. and no ears to hear”,  in spite of the miraculous “Signs and Wonders” that  have characterized Israel’s  history. – The Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament Vol. 31 pp 167-188.



1. During this latter-day (current; contemporary; present-day) ) era of “Ahaz” (religious-seizure; religious-capture; religious-bondage; religious-servitude)   an all-new generation of Israelite  has “arrived-on-the-scene”. This new-generation of Israelites are disciples (believers; followers; devotees) 

following and example
Jehovah, himself, is the only acceptable example to follow

of Jotham  (Jehovah, as the only-acceptable-example to follow”) and they partake of Uzziah  (“God’s-Might”) , which, at one time, was the only  Power and Authority”, that governed Israel’s people.   Very soon, “God’s-Might” will bring this current generation of corrupt Melchizedek priesthood Authorities to accountability (justice; responsibility)  

wake up call
Isaiah’s words are a wake up call

and  open-the-eyes-of (alert; wake-up; tell)   Israel’s People (rank and file Mormons) that they need to pay attention to something “very-bad” (awful; dreadful; hurtful; terrible) that is happening to them.  Salt Lake’s Presiding Melchizedek priesthood authorities  are bejeweling (crowning; enthroning; installing ) themselves as Israel’s kings.   They are also extending (offering) a false (deceptive; illusory) hand of friendship (camaraderie; friendliness; fellowship) to Israel’s people, in a calculated (deliberate; intentional; premeditated) scheme to vanquish (enslave; subjugate; conquer) them, but Aram (Salt Lake’s “Citadel”; Melchizedek-priesthood-headquarters in Salt Lake City)  cannot prevail (win; triumph; be victorious) over the House of Israel.


The name Aram(adj.) is mentioned here in Chapter Seven, for the first time. In a historical  sense, Aram refers to the nation or people of Syria, whose ambitions (aspirations; intentions) are fixated on “height” or “high-places”.   To be  precise, Aram refers to a contemporary class (group; breed) of people who are in a quest to occupy powerful and prestigious positions of leadership  (“getting others to do something they want done while making the people believe that they want to comply.”) 



identity theft
Salt Lake’s Top-Presiding Priesthood Authorities are pretending to represent the House of David.  BADLY!

2. Anticipating considerable resistance,  Mormonism’s Top-Melchizedek Priesthood Authorities initiated  a premptive (diversionary)  offensivecampaign; assault; drive; push)  employing coercion (persuading Israel’s people, i.e rank and file Mormons to do something Salt Lake wants by using force or threats to pressure (strong-arm; compel; press) them into compliance.  They start to “mock”; (imitate; impersonate; simulate; pretend to be) the “House of David ” (the royal lineage of Israel’s kings) and elevate (exalt) their Melchizedek priesthood  “on-high”  in an effort to eclipse (obscure) the “light” (illumination by a substance that has not been heated; luminescence) of Israel’s people and their lawful (legal; lawful) “birthright” to govern and preside.

Because of this offensive action, the allegiance (constancy; subservience) of Israel’s people to God (Jehovah) is undermined (subverted; undercut; sabotaged; compromised). So, their  “Loyalty” (reverence; adoration; awe; deference; veneration) 

wind blown trees
The allegiance (constancy; subserience) of Israel’s people sways , back and forth like a  forest of trees, between the “Word of God” and the “religious precepts of powerful religious leaders” at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City.

currently vacillates (equivocates; alternates back and forth)   between the Laws of God and the authoritative precepts (tenets; canons; injunctions) of powerful Melchizedek Priesthood Authorities in Salt Lake City,  just like a forest of trees sways back and forth in the wind.


 3. So, Jehovah said unto Isaiah, “Go forth … right now! (proceed at once; take-action, immediately! ) ….  Confront Israel’s captors (incarceraters; subjugaters; overlords) .…..then,  when you’ve accomplished that, a remnant of Israel’s people  can return (come-home; come-back) to Jehovah ” and fulfill (keep; accomplish) the Most the customary way... the Mormon fast-rackHigh’s promise (pledge)  to Israel’s people,  concerning “The Highway” (fast track;  expressway; the customary way;  well-traveled road )  conveying ( consigning; taking)  Israel’s people (unsuspecting rank and file Mormons) to The Fuller’s field.


(FYI: “Fulling”, isn also also known as “tucking” or “walking.”  It is a process (procedure; operation; series-of-steps) employed to achieve a “specific” end (result). Fulling is the first-step in cloth-making (especially-wool) to cleanse the fibers (fleeces) of oils, such as lanolin (wool fat,i.e.adeps-lanae; waterproofing-agent) and other natural (characteristic; inborn; innate; inherent) properties considered undesireable. 

fulling wool
Trampling wool in vats of human urine makes it thicker.

“Fulling” (“tucking”; “walking”) makes the wool-fibers (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) “thicker” (closely packed; congested; bundled-up-together; knoted-up; tangled-together; packed-like-sardines). Anciently, fulling was accomplished by trampling the wool-fibers in vats of human-urine. Thus, the “Fullers-Field” is a place or situation where the Fulling process takes place, removing Israel’s (rank and file Mormon’s) natural qualities (characteristrics; properties; qualities)  and replaces them with characteristics that fit the pattern designed by Salt Lake’s “unholy-cloth-makers”.


4. So, you, (Isaiah ) must say (declare) unto this new generation of Israel’s people , “Beware (watch-out; keep your eyes open), but you must not panic. Don’t be intimidated and don’t change your mind about the fact that Jehovah is God and that Salt Lake’ Melchizedek Priesthood Authorities are not!

Pretntious Fire-brands are persons with a penchant for militant (combative; and aggressive) methods of spreading their mockery (copy; mimicry)  of Jehovah’s religion in their attempt to copy (fake; counterfeit) it.

Don’t be intimidated by those two (affect; ostentatious; pretentious) firebrands  (die-hards; zealots) at Mormonism’s Headquarters in Salt Lake City.   They are  trained (schooled; coached; inculcated) in theater (show;  pretence;  performing; stagecraft) and  voice (the art of vocal seduction)   and  wheedling (conning; sweet-talking; smooth-talking by the human-voice) in order to lie (bear-false-witness; dissemble; deceive; prevaricate) to  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons), convincingly. Beware of their sanctimonious (amiable; friendly; churchy) 

smoke screen
Beware of Salt Lake’s “Smoke Screen” of friendly, amiable piety. It’s hiding something not so friendly, not so amiable and not so pius.

“Smoke-screen” (cover-up) that diverts the attention of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons)  from a free-flow (unobstructed availablity) of  information (explanation; clarification) concerning the “curse”(damnation; doom; malediction) associated with breaking  a covenant with Jehovah. For nearly two-centuries Mormonism’s Melchizedek Priesthood religious  Authorities have used obfuscation (making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible) about covenantal curses and penalties  as a result of breaking a covenant (treaty; pact; agreement) with God.  Breaching a divine covenant automatically (spontaneously) sets into motion  (triggers; activates; initiates; sets off) the execution; fulfillment; realization) of the penalties and conditional-curses associated with the covenant (committment; contract; treaty) . In this context, because of “covetousness” (violating the 10th Commandment; lusting for another’s property) on the part of Mormonism’s Melchizedek priesthood authorities,  with the objective of appropriating (seizing; commandeering; hijacking) Israel’s birthright (inheritance), Salt Lake’s Priesthhod authorities have  imprecated (cursed; condemned;  damned) themselves.

Mormonism’s presiding Melchizedek Priesthood Authorities have an intense yearning to possess something rightfully belonging to Israel’s people.

Covetousness  (greed; craving; selfishness to possess the rightful property of others ) is endemic (regularly found among Salt Lake’s Presiding Priesthood Authorities to the extent that these powerful and prestigious General Authorities are  bejeweling  (crowning; enthroning; installing)  themselves as Israel’s kings. They are “acting” (performing a theatrical role)  as if (in a way that suggests that) they are “Elders-of-Israel” (The heads-of-Israel’s-tribe; Israel’s-tribal-chiefs).



5. Because, if truth be told, today’s (latter-day) Melchizedek priesthood leaders are

plotting evil
…..and they are plotting evil against Israel’s people !

conspiring (plotting evil; scheming) together against Israel’s people .   Powerful General Authorities)  at their exclusive (special; restricted; private) international headquarters, govern (reign-over; prevail-over) Ephraim’s people. For many years the  presiding officers over these powerful religious authorities have been crowning (enthroning; installing) themselves and their non-Israelite confederates (colleagues; accomplices) as Israel’s kings.  They secretly say among themselves.….…

exalting one's self6. “Let’s lift ourselves up ( exalt ourselvesas if (in a way that suggests to (Israel’s mind) that we are the “Lion’s of Judah”  (royalty of Israel’s people), then  we’ll cut-off (pluck-off; appropriate) Judah’s fruit   (birthright –  entitlement to lead and function as prophets of God)  and  we’ll take possession of Israel’s birthright and distribute it   among ourselves (our lineages; our bloodlines) .  Then,  we (our lineages;  our bloodlines; our families) will live like Israelite-royalty, reigning in the midst  (under the noses ) of Israel’s people,   attended by (sustained ; upheld; attended) by  our “good for nothingdisciples (followers; adherents; devotees).

secret society
secret conspiracy; secret society

7. Thus saith the Lord, God of Israel, “I will not tolerate this, so you can bet your bottom dollar that their sleazy conspiracy (collusion; secret society) will “come-to-nothing.” (fail) 

8. Because, the head (controlling power; driving-force) of Aram  (the highest and most  prestigious positions of religious leadership; the General Authorities of Mormonism) is Damascus (“blood-thirst”) and the driving-force  (motivation; obsession) behind today’s (modern;  contemporary) religious leader’s “blood-thirst is covetousness (breaking the strong desire to possess something that lawfully belongs to somebody else) for Israel’s birthright  (contained in Israel’s royal blood; bloodline) and an obsession to devour (swallow-up; subjugate) this generation of Israel’s royal seed (offspring; descendants; poterity)  So,  by posturing

posturing one's self
“affecting a pretense” means: being  a poser (fake; show-off; impostor; masquerader; deceiver; fraud; con-artist) 

themselves as men of   virtuous character  (righteous disposition) and appearing to be a Captains of a host (an army)  arrayed for battle.  They have already rendered (made) a lot of Ephraim’s people spiritually submissive  and helpless.


FYI – Down through the centuries, men have sought to identify and then to acquire what is precious. Many are those who have been mistaken in what they have valued most highly. When an error is made here, the tragedy is great. Some have valued things (objects) too highly. Some have treasured things, only to have them stolen, or to see them slowly deteriorate through natural processes. Some have erred in attributing value to what others value, only to discover that values change. Money has always been valued, but look at what Confederate Money is worth today!

Today, gold and silver are considered one of the precious commodities that can be accumulated and that will assure one of having something of worth in the future. Think of what would happen to the value of gold if a process was discovered which would enable men to make gold as reasonably and in as great a quantity as nylon or plastic. Let’s face it, there are not very many things which we can call precious, with any certainty that their value will endure.

The things which we can be assured are precious are those things which God has declared to be so. What He values as precious we should value as well. Leviticus chapter 17 clearly identifies one of the few precious commodities of this world—blood. While blood has been implied to be of great value previously in history, here it is directly stated. The value of blood results in several exacting requirements. These requirements are set out for the Israelites in Leviticus chapter 17.

9.BUT… the head (driving force; controlling inspiration; motivation) of Ephraim’s people is to be  “Watchmen on the Tower” (“watchmen on the tower”is

Ephraimites are watchmen on the tower
Ephraim’s people are Jehovah’s “Watchmen on the Tower”. They are highly sensitive and on the look-out for powerful Men of Blood” ( (blood-thirsty men)  in high and prestigious religious positions who seek the blood (life substance; vitality; birthright) of Israel’s people.

referenced in D&C 101:46)  and  the primary focus of Ephraim’s scrutiny (examination; inspection; probe; inquiry; exploration) are  Top leaders of major world-wide religions who are currently crowning (installing; enthroning) themselves as Israel’s Kings by using their own fake (counterfeit; imitation ) priesthood authority.  If you (Israel’s people) don’t pay close attention to (hearken to)  and trust (believe) Ephraim’s “Watchmen on the Tower”  you will not enduresurvive; continue to exist).

being seized and imprisoned
AHAZ means to capture and take into one’s possession

10. Actually , Jehovah has admonished (warned; cautioned) Israel’s people  over and over about Ahaz (men who seize; men who take others into their possession )  as an appeal (plea; request; entreaty).


11. “So,  ask me for a clear (straight-forward; simple; coherent)  “sign” (token; proof; evidence; ) of God’s troops  (military force; army ; soldiery) and people who are companions (attendants; handmaidens)  of the Lord,  your God. Ask me, with a sincere heart (desire) to perceive (discern; recognize; identify; realize) the “conceit

man on a pedestal 2
blood-thirsty men with prestigious religious power and authority.

haughtiness” of today’s

top religious leaders commanding a world-wide following stemming from the  superiority of their station (supreme status) over Israel’s people (God’s people). 

12. But Israel’s captors (abductors; hijackers) are thinking to themselves while they counsel   Israel’s people (Mormon people) , “We should never ask God for signs. We shouldn’t try  (prove; tempt) the Lord.”  They seem to have forgotten Malachi 3:10 “…prove me herewith…”, saith the Lord of Hosts…”).

 13. So,  Jehovah said, “Now, You listen to me!” (Hey... Listen-up!) The House of David has been diminished (marginalized; discredited;

marginalizing the old testament prophets
Marginalizing (trivializing; ignoring; side-lining; alienating; cutting-off)  Old Testament prophesies

disparaged) as a result of powerful and prestigious religious leader’s counterfeit (pretended; make-believe) priesthood authority.  Beware of their loathsome (hateful; repulsive; disgusting; sickening) thirst for Israel’s blood (Gung-ho eagerness to suck the life-blood out of Israel’s people; elliminate Israel’s people)  . As a matter of fact, you (ordinary people of Israel ; the rank and file believers)

If truth be told, Israel’s people (God’s people) actually disgust (repulse; sicken;  nauseate) the world’s powerful and prestigious religious leaders

disgust (sicken; nauseate) them.  If truth be told,  even the very thought (idea; contemplation; notion) of Jehovah,  repulses them (turns them off), as well.

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