Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter Nine – verses 1-10

A Child Is Born to us 

In Hebrew, the verb “to be born ” (to be delivered in chldbirth; to be brought into the world) is “yalad”.  As a matter of fact, the word child in this 9th  chapter of Isaiah is expressed by the noun –yeled– from of the same root verb.  But, yalad holds a surprising and little known “shade-of-meaning” that illuminates one of the narratives contained in the 9th chapter of Isaiah. Besides the meaning to bring-forth (bear; give birth to) a child, “yalad” also means: to be a mid-wife (to assist in delivering or bringing-forth a child) . This is an important nuance. WQe are going to switch subjects for a moment, but we will come back to the midwife.

Mid wife 2The English word “church” is derived from “kyriak” and is typically  defined: (a house; a body or an assembly of believers). The popular word “Church” doesn’t specify “in-what” or “in-whom” the assembly believes.  This is the definition of “church” offered to us in virtually every contemporary translation of the  Old Testament, specifically the  9th chapter of  Isaiah.  Actually, the more precise Greek noun   “Ekklesia”, (igglesia)  meaning:  (a congregation of individuals who have been individually summoned (called; bid; invited) by the Father of the bridegroom,  to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb),  is better suited to express the distinguishing character of this unique assembly of people, not to mention the object of their worship and devotion. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, not surprisingly, prefers this Greek noun,  “Ekklhsia” to  identify itself. The boldness of their claim is easy to perceive in Spanish – La Iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los Santos de los Últimos DíasAccording to (Deuteronomy 5:13)  and ( Deuteronomy 6:10-15),

bride of the lamb
“Ekklhsia” represents the Bride (female-partner) of the lamb

ekklhsia (congregation of individuals who have been individually summoned by the Father of the bridegroom,  to the Marriage Supper) collectively, represents Lamb’s bride (female-partner).  Representing the Lamb’s young bride,  this extraordinary assembly of people is altogether lovely, gracious  and holy. But the bride (assembly)  doesn’t stay that way. The people (as a whole) are “led-astray” and they allow  themselves to become  defiled and disgraced, but eventually Jehovah welcomes his bride back after she has suffered degrading  humiliation and loss of all her “loveliness”, “gracefulness” and “holiness”, but after she’s been sufficiently humbled and moved to “beg-for-Jehovah’s-forgiveness”, He welcomes her back, with open arms.  After this joyful reconciliation with Jehovah,  the bride conceives (grasps-the-idea; realizes; perceives; comprehends) and brings-forth (bears) Jehovah’s heir (rightful successor to the throne of David).  The heir to David’s throne will come through the bloodline (house; family; lineage  ) of Judah (Israel’s king-producing clan)  but more particularly,  through the bloodline of one exceptional family (household) within  the ekklhsia (chosen assembly summoned to the wedding supper). This remarkable household  will experience the writhing of painful labor  and the delivery of David’s heir (lawful-successor) but………. only with assistance of ……

lineage = bloodline
A family-tree is a pedigree, lineage and a bloodline

…….a “yalad” (mid-wife). She is necessary during contemporary Israel’s  delivery process for the same reason that mid-wives were needed in ancient Israel. Midwives were important members of ancient Israelite households.  Long practice made them skilled practitioners of their profession. They were expected to (1)  declare-the lineage of the child (2) provide comfort, pain-relief and encouragement to the mother (assembly-of-believers) that has given birth (3) perform rituals and offer prayers that protect the mother (assembly-of-believers)  and their newborn infant, and keep harmful forces away (4)  manifest (display; show) the afterbirth (discarded organ which provided the child’s nourishment and oxygen supply while in-utero” (in-the-womb)  (5)  deal with problems or complications (perplexities; difficulties) while bringing-forth (delivering) the child (6) supervise attention given to the mother and infant heir, after he is brought-forth.  By reading and comprehending the “accurate” message of The Book of Isaiah, (The great Book; The Book of “God’s Salvation from Oppression” ), “as-Jehovah-himself-called-it”, Israel’s-people (rank and file Mormons) are liberated (delivered) from oppression (persecution; mistreatment; abuse) and confusion (Babylon; disorientation; misrepresentation; misunderstanding; mix-up) and they are free to worship Jehovah, their Lord and master,  according to the Law of God. The child (successor; promised heir),  will then “turn the canons (tenets; precepts) of Salt Lake’s corrupt-Priesthood-leadership, upside-down”.


1.  Salt Lake’s people (non-Israelite Pharaonic tribe; extended family of  Presiding Melchizedek priesthood Leaders) are leading (causing; inducing; persuading; prompting)  Israel’s people to walk (live; stumble) in Darkness (wickedness; ignorance). 

shadow of death
Powers-of-Darkness and “Shadow-of-Death” both mean“Works-of Sorcery”.

Look at them!  –  Salt lake’s presiding priesthood leaders  suppose (imagine; think)  themselves to be great Luminaries (inspirations;  stars; very important people; role-models) reigning like kings (monarchs; potentates; Lords) over Israel’s people (rank and file Mormon people)  and circumscribing (restricting;enclosing; confining; curbing)  the power” of Israel’s people by the “Shadow-of-Death” (“Powers-of-Sorcery”; “very-thick-darkness!”), mentioned by David in the 23rdchapter of  Psalms,  while Salt Lake’s General Authorities prosper  (enrich ) themselves and their confederates  (partners in crime; co-conspirators; accomplices; collaborators) who are in league with them and dispossess (strip; rob; divest) Judah’s clan of its  birthright to rule (govern; control; dominate), in a carefully orchestrated “coup-d-etat” (overthrow; palace revolution; “putsch”; take-over; power-play) led by Salt Lake’s Top- Priesthood Authorities.



2. You ( Mormon General Authorities) are NOT  “Elders (chief-priests) of Israel”  preserving spiritual -joy (peace, happiness and fulfillment).   Salt Lake’s top-priesthood leaders  may look cheerful, but their  exuberance is for their own “gravy-train”  (licence to print money; cash-cow; motherlode; bonanza; advantage) for successfully “turning-their-backs onIsrael’s people (rank and file Mormons) for positions in Mormon church-leadership, i.e. they’ve stopped involving (gotten rid of; elliminated; disposed of deep-sixed;) you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) for all top-leadership-positions as (prophets; seers; revelators).

They aren’t cheerful on account of you. They’re exuberant because they’ve successfully stolen your birthright!

   They rejoice thinking about their cut (share; “take”; split) in the plunder (stolen-goods; birthright; spoils) , of Israel’s people , (rank and file Mormons) in the same way that farm-hands rejoice in the harvest.




3. They’ve placed their yoke (harness; collar) around your neck and their “rod-of-correction” (discipline;  instruction) on your  shoulders.  They’re beating ( striking; chastening; punishing) you,  while promoting Salt Lake’s “Prophets Of Oppression”  and causing terror (dread; alarm) among Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) by towering-over (eclipsing; dominating; transcending; surmounting) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons),  just like it was in “by-gone” (olden; ancient) days of Midian (contention and strife).



4.  For all the boots (strategic-steps) of Salt lake’s  “troopers” (soldiers; stalwart priesthood leaders) are all caked-with-“mud” (filth; sewage; manuer; muck) and the mantle (cloak of authority)

cover of piety
Mormonisms phony appearance of holiness and goodness

that Salt Lake’s prophets, seers and revelators wrap themselves in,  is rolled (implicated; involved; saturated; mixed-up with; incriminated-in) the blood (blood-shed; murder; slaughter) of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) ,  but their Mantle (cloak) of authority (dominion; power; command; dominance; supremacy) will wind-up (come-to-an-end; be-finished;terminate) in  a conflagration (blaze; inferno) of fire.



5. Because a  woman (female-servant) is serving as a midwife (an assistant in childbirth) to help bring-forth (deliver) the “boy-child” (legitimate-heir and successor) to David’s throne – one who is born-to (delivered-to; a-gift-to) this generation of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons),

A Midwife will assists in the delivery (birth; coming forth) of David’s lawful successor (son; heir).

The “Mantle-of-God’s-Authority”will be placed upon HIS shoulders and his name (title; authority) will be proclaimed throughout the world (publically)  and he will be identified as Prime- minister (chief-priest)  of  the God’s Glory; Superintendent (manager; director; administrator; overseer; controller) of eternity and the  Prince (champion; defender; guardian) of “Peace” (welfare; wholeness; soundness; safety; health).  




6. In consequence of  “unrighteous-dominion” (religious-tyranny; corrupt-religious-rule) exercised by Salt lake’s  Melchizedek priesthood officers and because they have no regard for the“Peace of Mind” (tranquility; confidence; serenity) of Israel’s people concerning the  throne (sovereignty; rule dominion) of  David (meaning: “love” and “friendship”) and regarding David’s kingdom and dominion.  David’s  throne (rule; sovereignty; dominion) will be re-established (revived; renewed; restored; resumed; put-in-place-again) and upheld (sustained) , now and forever, through (because-of; by-way-of; as-a-result-of; by-virtue-of; thru-the-medium-of) justice (fairness; even-handedness; uprightness; fair dealing) in accordance with God’s righteousness.This (these things; matter) will be accomplished (done) .




7. The Lord is sending this “indictment” (formal list of criminal charges; oracle of condemnation ) against Jacob (defrauders; swindlers; deceivers), but the revelation (“Word-of-God”)  will alight (rest; settle) upon  Israel’s people. (rank and file Mormons).




8. Any discerning (insightful; perceptive; discriminating)  person can tell the difference between

glorified janitors
As far as Jehovah is concerned, Mormon General Priesthood Authorities are just glorified “janitors” (persons hired to clean; remove garbage, and do minor repairs).

Ephraim’s people (Israelites; rank and file Mormons, who are being  exploited by Salt Lake, to furnish them with a Mantle (cover of Authority (“Cloak-of-Authority”) for priesthood of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and its glorified janitors (caretakers; custodians;  Melchizedek-Priesthood-Authorities ),  who reign over the entire Mormon membership like kings ,  in Salt Lake City. These frauds are motivated (aroused; driven; inspired; energized; propelled; moved) by covetousness (inordinate or wrongly desires for) Israel’s  birthright (blood; privilege ; primogeniture, i.e.”firstborn status”)  but they  “lie-through-their-teeth” (say things that they know are completely false; say things that are not true in a way that seems sincere; lie with a broad and toothy smile) when they proclaim to Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) ….



Salt Lake’s Priesthood Authorities declare to Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) . “Because we are so pious and charming, we have the inherent privilege of looping- off, as superfluous,  entire segments of Israel’s Family tree (pedigree)

9. , “The leadership (control; management) of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormon people) has fallen-to-us (is ordained to us ; been bestowed upon us).    Because we are  “white ” (spotless; virtuous and innocent)  and “delightsome” (charming; fascinating; attractive; charming; engaging) men,  we are entitled (inherently deserving of the privilege) to prune (lop off; diminish; truncate; sever) segments of  Israel’s family-tree.  We routinely select ( pick out; single out;  set-apart) Sycamore trees ( sickly Israelite family-trees; inferior  Israelite family-lineages;  unhealthy Israelite family-trees) just so we can tear-them-up (disfigure-them; defile-them; disgrace-them;  ruin-them;  break-them-down),  then  replace them with  slips (plant cuttings; stems or branches) from of our own tenaciously-rooted  family-trees (pedigrees; bloodlines; lineages) .”




keeping one's mouth shut
Salt Lake knows how to silence weak men from squealing. It’s called “bribery”!

10.  “Then, our (salt Lake’s) generation of ancestry (family-trees; (pedigrees;ancestral lines; lineage) will become  lofty (towering; celebrated; illustrious) together with our confederates (partners in crime; co-conspirators; allies; accomplices) who

we  buy-off (pay-bribes-to ; corrupt; suborn; induce;  tempt; influence; bribe to conceal what is happening ;  financially compensate,  to keep theirs mouths shut) as part of our “Mormon priesthood-protection-racket” flourishing among this  generation of Salt Lake’s leadership,  spurred-on ( encouraged ; motivated; induced ) by “covetousness” among the presiding priesthood leaders. They are looking for any excuse (justification;subterfuge; ostensible reason; loophole;   pretext) to persecute (hound; oppress; maltreat; tyrannize) this generation of  Israel’s people.”