Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter – Fourteen – verses 17 – 32

prophets open their mouth17. The plague (calamity; scourge; evil; cancer; curse) generated by the Mormonism’s  Melchizedek priesthood turns (transforms) moist and habitable places of Mormonism’s Kingdom on Earth , into deserts (spiritually dead and God-forsaken communities)  and it destroys generations of Israel’s helpless (dependent; weak) people, who are taken-captive (enslaved or dominated: held-prisoner; kept-in-restraint), while never permitting Israel’s prophets  to  “open-their-mouths” (speak-a-word-to-warn-the-people).


18. All Gentile kings will ultimately  “Rest-In-Peace” (buried with their ancestors)  with honor , each one reunited with his own kindred dead.


19. But, not you!  (Mormonism’s  Prophets, seers and revelators ) You will be cast out  of your family’s sepulchers, having earned the humiliating title:

sword of truth
The sword (words) of “truth” can pierce the human heart

“Loathsome And Detestable Branch Of Our family”  –  You (Salt Lake General Authorities) are men,  about whom any family would be ashamed (sorry; shamefaced; remorseful; apologetic; regretful) even to the extent of being lapidated (stoned-to-death) or pileried (attacked and ridiculed publically).  Consequently, Mormon prophets, seers and revelators, will be pierced-by-the-sword (condemned by words of truth) and thrown into a stony-pit, like trodden corpses.




Salt Lake’s men are totally disqualified to lead anyone. 

20. None of them  (Mormonism’s presiding priesthood authorities) will ever be honored as will be kings of the Gentiles in their  burial (death) because they’ve destroyed the very people  (Israelites), who they were appointed (designated; chosen) to lead (guide; protect.)  They’ve slaughtered their own people! And, the seed (children offspring; descendants) of corrupt Mormon High-Priests will never be called (selected; chosen) to occupy any office (position of authority, trust, or service) throughout all of eternity.


21. Mormon Prophets have fabricated (dreamed- up; devised; concocted) an altar (their- Melchizedek priesthood organization) to slaughter (sacrifice; murder ) the children  (disciples; followers; believers ) of Israel in order to expiate (atone; compensate) for the moral turpitude (depravity ) of Salt Lake’s very own pioneer ancestors (forefathers) . They (Mormon church leaders) will not inherit (come-into; become-heirs-to; receive) any thrones among Israel’s-people (rank and file Mormons); nor will they continue to have power and authority disorientedover this totally mixed-up and disoriented (distracted; unstable; bewildereed; “out-of-touch”confused)  Mormon population,  in and around the Salt Lake Valley. It is no longer the “land-of-the-sunrise”  (a kingdom of people who feel the increasing warmth and light of the Son-of-God).


22. The Lord of Hosts declares, “I will rise up against them and I will cut-off  (disinherit; disown; dispossess; repudiate; wash my hands of)  Salt Lake’s prophets of Babylon

G.B. Hinckley
      It all comes down to this!

(mix-up; confusion;  mis-representation; falsification) along with their name (authority;power; control; jurisdiction; dominion), their progeny (offspring; children; families; descendants) and their  descendants.”  (successors ; heirs; inheritors).





stagnant waterhole
Salt Lake City with its Mormon headquarters is a nasty (loathsome) and            stagnant (having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence) waterhole!

23. “I will turn (transform) Salt Lake City into a foul-smelling swamp  (quagmire) and a stagnant (filthy; foul ) water-hole (gathering-place) then, I will sweep it away with the “Broom-Of-Destruction,”  saith the Lord of Hosts.



A prophecy Against Assyria

24. The Lord God, Almighty has sworn  (pledged) , “Surely, just as I have spoken  (commanded),  so shall it be.   Just as I have promised (sworn; pledged; afforded grouns for expectation), so shall it be carried-out(consummated; actualized; realized; done).




A “yoke” is a harness (collar; coupling) worn by cattle to bind them together as a “work-team”. This is what Salt Lake’s Melchizedek priesthood authorities do to Israel’s-people (rank and file Mormons) 

25. To crush the Assyrians  (men who seek for unparalleled wealth and social popularity thru advancement in the Melchizedek priesthood Organization). They are pretending (making as if; professing-that) they have my priesthood in my Rocky Mountains . I will break-up (disintegrate; shatter; splinter; bust-up) and remove the  yokes (collars; couplings) of confusion (mystification; bewilderment) from Israel’s-people (rank and file Mormons) and take-away (supercede; do away with; nullify) the phony priesthood they bear  upon their shoulders .




26. Through this phony-priesthood, Salt lake’s prophets, seers and revelators are carrying-out (executing)  a coup d’etat  (coup; take-over; revolution) by false priests claiming that they  represent Me (Jehovah), to Israel’s people  all over the Gentile world.





Isaiah writing
Isaiah’s hand (direction) reaches out and what person can countermand it?

27. But, the Lord of Hosts has  proposed (decided; decreed; taken-a-stand) and who (what-person) can thwart (circumvent; frustrate; prevent; oppose) Jehovah’s plans for them?  The hand (direction) of His prophet (Isaiah) reaches out and who   (what-person) can (is able to)  turn-back (reverse; countermand; rescind; revoke; override) it ?



A prophecy Against The Philistines

sleep of death
Salt Lake’s (Mormonism’s) “Sleep (Dream; spell)-of-Death”

28. This utterance (burden; oracle) has  come-to-pass (occurred; happened) during the induction into royalty (reign; ascending the throne) of your possessor’s (Priesthood leadership’s; occupier’s; shepherd’s) “Sleep(Dream; spell)-of-Death”.





hickory stick29. Don’t celebrate (rejoice; paint the town red; kick up your heels) yet, all you Philistines  (wallowers; revelers; merry-makers; carousers; celebrants), because you mistakenly think (imagine; believe; suppose; presume; fancy) that  Jehovah’s Hickory-stick (“authority”; rod-of-discipline) is broken.

On the contrary, because (seeing that)  Jehovah foresaw the root (foundation; genesis; establishment) of Sorcery (black-magic) among  Salt Lake’s Melchizedek priesthood leadership, this excoriating (incriminating) Indictment  (formal-list of criminal-charges) which was proposed (recommended; submitted; set-forth)  long-ago (740-686 BCE) by the Old-Testament prophet, Isaiah,” now bursts-forth (surfaces; comes-upon-the-scene; appears-suddenly)  because as a result of LDS scorcerers

the whisperings of magic-spells,  vipers-who-hiss (Serpent-pied-pipers,  who whistle their hypnotic tune)  and the incubation (maintenance of controlled environmental conditions for the purpose of growth and developement) of a whole generation of poisonous-serpents (death-dealing-sorcerers, who exploit their position of trust in order to betray), totally covered  (concealed; enveloped; sheathed; veiled) by the wings of obscurity (darkness; dimness; indistinctness).





After the poorest of the poor find a place to be nourished, Israel’s people will once again feel “At-Home.” This the birthright of a generation letting-down a bucket to draw water from the well of ever-lasting Salvation. 

30. Only then, will the poorest of the poor find pasture ( a place to be nourished). Then and only then  will the needy (impoverished; under-privileged; disadvantaged; poverty-stricken) of this generation of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) , find “a-home”  (“rest” ; peace and satisfaction),  that is the birthright of a generation letting-down  a bucket to draw water from the well of ever-lasting Salvation. and a generation of them in-want (devoid; depleted; destitute; emptied; out-of; vacant, especially-of-feeling)  to trust (be-sure;  be-confident) being their place of repose. 


31. “Prophets-of-the-Night”  (“prophets-of-darkness”; “prophets-of-no-light”), are Mormonism’s gatekeepers. They are crying-out (calling-out; running-off-at-the-mouth) ,  unrestrained gatekeepers(unchecked; without anyone to stop them).   They are nothing but a generation of pretenders.  All of you (Salt Lake prophets) are philistines  (revelers; enjoying yourselves and merely making a whole-lot-of-noise).  Indeed (if truth be told)  smoke (mists-of-darkness; Black-magical-spells and enchantments) are coming from the north (hidden and obscure recesses)  of Salt Lake’s priesthood hierarchy. and  there is no disagreement among the ranks of these horrible men.

FYI – The gates of an oriental city and of the temple courts so closely resembled the door of a house that the same Hebrew word was used for “doorkeeper” and “gatekeeper”. It is often translated by the less definite word “porter” (guard, i.e. “one who opens and closes the gate or door from entry “)  . In the preexilic-writings (2 Samuel 18:26; 2 Kings 7:10,11)  reference is made to porters at the gates of the cities Mahanaim and Samaria. In these early writings there is also mention of a small number of “keepers of the threshold” of the temple, whose duties included the gathering money from the people for temple purposes, and the care of the sacred vessels (2 Kings 12:9; 22:4; 23;4). They held an honorable position (2 Kings 25:18) and occupied chambers in the temple (Jeremiah 35:4).


arm wrestling
Just as Jehovah has spoken, so shall it come to pass. Just as Jehovah has promised, so shall it  be fulfilled.

32. So then, what is the response from Salt Lake’s  envoys (propets and apostles;  especial-witnesses) to all the Gentiles  (outsiders; non-Mormons) ? The Lord has already established Zion from before the foundation of the earth!  In other words, Zion has been reality since before the latter-day notion of “Mormonism” was ever conjured-up.  In Jehovah’s Zion (genuine humility achieved thru spiritual triumph over gravely adverse circumstances), Jehovah’s afflicted  people have always found refuge.


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