Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter Fourteen – verses 1-16


The Hebrew root-verb racham-pronounced-raw-kham means: to have compassion; to have pity; to be devoted; to be attached; to be loyal ; to love.   As a noun, racham means “womb”.   Sometimes, it can mean a female-slave;  a

Then you will hear their prayer…”Forgive your people and grant them compassion…so that their captors may have mercy upon them”.

female-servant. It can mean:  to be tender-hearted. It frequently refers to someone who is “bound-by-affection”. The subject of racham is frequently Jehovah . Lack of compassion reaches its extreme when an enemy shows no mercy,  even to orphans and widows. Because compassion is inherent to Jehovah’s nature, its disappearance is conceivable only if the order of human nature and the universe is overthrown. Only interruption of the natural sequence of day and night could explain how Jehovah could reject his covenant with His people and withdraw His compassion. (Jeremiah 33:26)




This generation of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) has turned from Jehovah and sworn itself, with an oath of loyalty, to Salt Lake’s priesthood authorities.

1. Jehovah does have compassion for the people of Jacob  (fraud; deceit), but he will tries (tests ;evaluates; puts-to-the-test; examines; proves) and ultimately chooses Israel’s people.  Salt Lake prophets are  compassionate to Israel’s people (Mormon people) “ONLY” (solely;  exclusively)  to satisfy (fulfill; acheive;  gratify) their fundamentally cursed  (damned; doomed; il-fated) motives (rationale; purposes). This entire generation of Mormon priesthood holders is rigidly committed to gaining an advantage, self-preservation and the promotion of the aliens (foreigners; strangers; non-Israelites) who are ruling over them.  As a result, this current generation  of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) has committed (pledged; promised; mortgaged) itself and its children to the house of Jacob (trickery; fraud) by swearing an oath of loyalty, in temples throughout the world,  unto Salt Lake’s priesthood authorities.






2. So,  this is how Gentiles (non-Israelites) have acquired (gotten-hold-of; won-over; gained-power-over; procured) Israel’s-people (rank and file Mormons) and subsequently (afterward; henceforth) encouraging them to aspire  (seek-ambitiously) to the status (stature; standing; rank) of Salt Lake’s priesthood authorities, anabling them to point (direct-everyone’s-attention ) to Salt Lake’s latter-day “birthright” as leaders over the House of Israel. Their pretext (guise; ploy; justification; ostensible-reason) for this is the Mormon concept of “foreordination”. Foreordination is an important doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It teaches that  during the pre-mortal existence, God chose (“foreordained”) particular people to fulfill certain missions (“callings”) during their mortal lives.  Salt Lake’s “so-called” (self-styled; self-appointed) prophets, seers and revelators, cunningly

servants of servants
Mormons are servants (stewards; slaves) to the priesthood leaders who have authority over them. Likewise, those priesthood authorities are servants (slaves)  to priesthood authorities further above them in the Melchizedek-priesthood pecking-order.

claim that God chose them as His servants (stewards)  so, whether they know it or not, this generation of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) has consented (agreed; made-a-deal; covenented; subscribed; acquiesced; given-their-nod) to become “servants of servants” and Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) are now ruled (controlled; presided-over; led) by Salt Lake’s General Authorities by the employment (by means; as a consequence; through-the-medium; by the use;  as a result) of  subtle (difficult-to-perceive) coercion and intimidation.



It is Jehovah who relieves the anxiety of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) .

3. During is  time , it is Jehovah who relieves (alleviates; assuages; consoles; eases; mitigates; softens; soothes) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) from their pain  (suffering ; discomfort) and from their turmoil (disquiet; unrest; confusion)and from their anxiety (apprehension; uneasiness; tension) and forgives their part (supporting-role)  in thepromotion (encouragment; advancment) of the bondage (enslavement; servility; subjugation; sunjection; servitude)  that Salt Lake’s Priesthood Leadership is imposing (foisting; forcing; inflicting; urging) upon Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) .



“The-taunt”: How-in-the-world,  has the golden (favorable; prosperous; excellent; exceptional; valuable; advantageous; fine) image of the Mormon church and its Priesthood leadership been spoiled (wrecked; torpedoed; destroyed; ruined)?

4. Then you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) will take-up (engage-in; join-in; agree-to; accept; adopt; accede-to) this “taunt” (“put-down”; mockery; lampoon) against the King (supreme-rule) of Babylon (confusion ;mix-up; mystification; misrepresentation) and you will wonder to yourselves “By whose authority,  has this oppressor (tyrant; despot; slave-driver; task-master) been brought to an end?”   With whose help has the golden (favorable; prosperous; excellent; exceptionally-valuable; advantageous; fine) image of Mormonism’s  General Authorities been spoiled (wrecked; ruined; destroyed; dashed; sabotaged; torpedoed) ?



broken scepter
A broken scepter = a (Defeated; despairing; beaten) dominion.

5. The answer is: Jehovah, because He has broken the rod (staff; authority) of Salt Lake’s  Presiding High-priests. A “rod” is the scepter and it represents  “AUTHORITY,” which is the symbol-of-dominion; symbol-of-control; symbol-of-ascendancy) to men who rule-over the members of the Mormon Church,  as their kings, from Salt Lake City. 



6. Top- Mormon leaders are all members of one single (solitary) people (society; tribe; lineage) that seeks to strike-down (formally-put-an-end-to; abrogate; invalidate; negate) Israel’s people  by means of endless (interminable; perpetual; ceaseles; continual) “blows-of-anger” (aggressions; violations; onslaughts; offensives; encroachments).  They are men who are furiously engaged in subduing (subjugating; enslaving; making-chattel-of)  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons), along with the Gentiles. Their aggression (hostility; violence) is relentless.




Mormon leaders enjoying their Sabbath
Mormon Leaders in Salt Lake believe they deserve a Sabbath rest!

7. The leaders of Salt Lake are peacefully enjoying their “Day-of-Rest” (Sabbath  – In their minds they have completed their work and can now rest, looking back with a mistaken sense of satisfaction that the work they have accomplished is “Good”). They are only fooling themselves!





Tom Perry and family
The “Cedars-of-Lebanon” (the most celebrated and lofty Mormon families and lineages), who formerly reduced you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) to extreme weakness, will never lift-up (honor; dignify;  exalt) anyone who they have strived to expatriate (exile from their native-land),   over (above; higher-than) their own seed.

8. Even the Cypress-trees (big; important; significant;  towering; collosal) family-trees  (recorded ancestry, especially upper-class ancestry and illustrious-pedigrees) are made blithe and gleesome (joyous) on account of your weakness.  But, the Cedars-of-Lebanon (the most prominent families in the Mormon church leadership) who formerly ravished-you (reduced you to extreme weakness) will never lift-up (glorify; bless; honor; dignify; distinguish) anyone whom they have expatriated (exiled from their native-country) over and above (more-than; higher-than)  their own seed.







9. The realms of Sheol (hell; the underworld), below,  are astir  (distressed; unnerved; perturbed) on account of you (this new generation of Israel’s people) , even to extent of confronting  (disputing; objecting-to; impeaching;  denouncing) your coming (arrival). Spirits of departed-leaders of the Mormon church are roused (galvanized; shocked and excited to take-action) against you. All you “he-goats” (leaders-of-the-people) of the world, who are “itching” (aching; strongly-desiring; hankering; longing; lusting; yearning) for a fight,   “Hey… behold,  (something unexpected, but could have been predicted), all ye kings of Mormonism’s Gentile Priesthood leadership, your Opponent (enemy) is nearby (not-far-away; near-at-hand)   yet is separated (cut-off; blocked; barred)  from their very own royal-throne”.




corporate heroes10. All of Salt Lake’s prophets seers and revelators react quickly and postively to the spirits of departed-leaders of the Mormon church,  but they think to themselves, “You and your heroes (idols; mighty men; icons), have become as weak and hapless (cursed; doomed) as the mighty-men (General Prieswthood Authorities) of our latter-day generation  – All of us are the spawn (a swarming brood; seed) of dissemblers (serpents; hypocrites; frauds).






11.  Pride has brought all of Salt Lake’s leaders down to Sheol (hell; the maggotsunderworld). The harping  (soothing; pacifying; placating; calming-down) of Israelite people (rank and file Mormons),  who’ve been fooled (deceived; tricked; mislead; gulled; defrauded) by Salt Lake are all spread-out beneath-you like a bed of maggots (fly-larvae) and worms (morally-weak and despicable high-priests)  function as a blanket (cover) to conceal-you  (hide-you; prevent you from being noticed).        



`cast out of heaven 12 .  How (how-much; look-how-far)  you have fallen  – O Morning star – Son-of-Morning (Lucifer; Satan; mankind’s-common-enemy?) You were cast down to earth to bring-down (injure; capture; hurt; overthrow; throw-down) the nations (non-Israelites; Gentiles). 





13.   Then you went and determined in your heart, “I will ascend into the-heavens (dwelling-place of God) above (at-a-higher-level-than) the stars (luminaries; first-born heirs ) of Jehovah. I will establish (set-up) my own throne (seat of power) there, and reign among  an exalted ( glorified)  assembly (inner-circle; chosen-few; secret-society) in the utmost (most extreme; supreme) heights (high-places; elevations) of  “Zaphon” (meaning “North”.

In Canaanite-mythology the “North” was considered to be the place for the meeting of the “Assembly-of-the-Gods”; Church headquarters in Salt Lake City; where Mormon gods (idols-of-the-people) conduct their  “look-out” (visual search and examination) over Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons).  




Satan's pride14. Further, he said, “I will ascend (climb; mount; scale; rise-thru) the tangled family-network of priesthood leadership and I will make myself comparable (as-good-as; equal-to; in-a class-with; equilalent; tantamount) to the Most High (Jehovah, the God of Israel).”





15. But The Mormon church’s prophets, seers and revelators  (idols; icons) of Sheol (the Melchizedek priesthood Organization; The Pithell) are actually leading Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) downward to the “depths-of-the-‘Pit” (deepest-involvement-in-sorcery).



pathetic example of manhood
Mormonism’s sorry-example of ideal manhood

16. People will behold Mormonism’s mighty priesthood leaders (church-heroes; icons of Mormon power and authority) and wonder (ponder) ” Is “this” the example of Mormon manhood shaking (disturbing; disquieting)  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints,  because the men who reign as kings over Israel’s people are shaken (shocked; astonished; dislodged; dislocated; ousted; unseated) as a kingdom.

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