Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter four verses 1-6

The Branch of the Lord 

The Hebrew term Tzamah means: branch; offspring, scion, twig or sprout.  In a concrete sense, it refers to plant-life that germinates and grows.

Isaiah uses Tzamah as a metaphor, referring to people (of a particular variety),  who

Olive branch
A Branch of Bay Leaves

spring-forth, mature and proliferate.  As one person dies, another is born upon the earth (Job 8:19). This metaphor asserts that the generations of men can be compared to leaves sprouting forth on trees: “one dies and another sprouts”. The substance of Tzamah refers to things that sprout and grow, i.e.  “new-growth”. According to Jeremiah and Zechariah, Tzemah is a “messianic-title.” According to (Jeremiah 23:5),  Jehovah will raise-up a Tzemah-saddiq (righteous branch)on behalf of the House of David, i.e. a Tzemah-saddiq  (“righteous-branch”) who will reign as Israel’s royalty and execute justice and righteousness. With regard to the expression Tzemah-saddiq, in a 3rd century Phoenician inscription, it denotes a “mature-sprout” or “legitimate heir” . The reference is to a legitimate ruler belonging to the Dynasty (family; lineage bloodline) of King David. In (Zechariah 3:8) Yzemah is a technical term . In it, Jehovah promises to bring forth his servant – “The branch.” (new generation of a royal- lineage; new generation of a royal-bloodline; new generation of a royal-family).


1. In that day, Salt Lake’s morally bankrupt General Authorities will swear (aver; pledge; vow) a diabolical (demonic; ungodly; satanic; unholy) “Oath-of-Allegiance” (promise of absolute loyalty) to Satan. They say to themselves, “This generation of Israel’s  people swallows

Swallowing Salt Lake’s “Cock and Bull Story, “ story hook, line and sinker

(believes;  accepts without question; falls for) any bread (“Cock and Bull Story”) that we feed them”  and “They also offer (afford; supply; provide; furnish)  the “Mantle” (“cover”; shelter; protection; refuge; sanctuary; haven; hiding-place) that we want. Because of our “Mockery” (travesty; charade; farce; parody), Israel’s power and authority can be usurped by us,  so the  disgrace (dishonor; discredit; infamy) associated with of our dreadful (abominable; shameful; villainous; reprobate) people (race; relatives; people collected together) will be removed  (eliminated;  taken-away) from us.




Ark of the Covenant chest
The “Ark” is defined as a “chest”. It represents the human-chest, in which the Word of God is treasured and preserved.

2. In that , day the branch (offspring; scion; progeny;  posterity)  of Jehovah will be propelled into prominence  as the fruit (product; stuff; substance) of Jehovah’s religion, i.e. the “Ark Of His Covenant,” even the Remnant of Israel’s people. 





3. In that day,  Jehovah’s branch  (scion; progeny; children; descendants ; heirs)  will sprout  (become apparent; come into view; emerge) as the  real ( legitimate)  fruit   (substance; product; fruition) of Jehovah’s Religion,  even  His “holiness” (essence of divine character), as survivors (remnants) of Israel’s people.



4. And they  will be the  “Remnant-Generation”  in Zion , the ones who have shaken-off  ( untied; undone;  unfastened;  loosened;  breaking the Yoke and the chainsunraveled;  disentangled;  untangled) Salt Lake’s yoke (oppression; chains; bondage) of Jerusalem’s saints and it will be said of them, “These (people) are  recorded among the “Living” (those who have eternal life)  in  Jerusalem  (the headquarters  for Jehovah’s cult and religion) 


5. Doubtless  (without question) the Lord has promised to wash away (cleanse) the filth  (corruption; debauchery; sin ; offensiveness)  of

blood stains
bloodshed = loss of human-life

Zion’s cowardly  men and He promises to cleanse  (wash away;  rinse out;  remove)  the blood  (blood shed ; drops of blood; cause of death; guilt) of Jerusalem  (LDS Church headquarters) by   thrusting out   (casting out; overthrowing; thrusting-down) Mormon prophets , seers and revelators from the midst of Jerusalem (headquarters of Jehovah’s cult and religion ) by the spirit (breath;  revival; anticipation  )  of judgment (discernment) and by a horrendous whirlwind  (tempest; expression of violent anger).

Then,  Jehovah (the Lord) will create  over every place in Mount Zion and over those assembled there , a cloud of shade from the sun by day or a canopy of smoke from God’s anger and a fiery glow caused by burning flames at night. Which ever circumstance people find themselves in , a canopy of one kind or another will cover all Mormon (Israelite) people .

angry storm
Eventually they will be sucked into the angry storm of controversy!

6. The canopy of clouds  will become  a shelter and a refuge for Israel’s people from the angry-contest (competition) going on around them,  as well as a protection from being drawn  into (swept into ;sucked-into)  the storm  ( the chaotic forces) of  controversy   (disagreement; war-of-words; feud; infighting)  raging within the Mormon church and a refuge from the maniacal (deranged; unbalanced; injudicious)  reign of Mormon General Authorities who illegitimately occupy Israel’s throne  (rule the roost;

“rule-with-an-iron-fist”;  govern; dominate all Mormons) from   Church headquarters in Salt Lake City.

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