Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter 11 – verses 9-15

class system among Mormons9. No matter how hard they try, Washed-up (enfeebled, frail, broken-down) Mormon-leaders  will no longer be able to  “move-the-goods” (peddle-Israel’s-birthright; traffic-in-Israel’s-birthright; hawk-Israel’s birthright) as they once did, to maintain (sustain; perpetuate)  their Egyptian-style caste-system (church; class-system of persons ranked one above another) based-on (built-upon; founded-on; dependent-upon; supported by) the labor and tithes of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons),

Mormonism is a latter-day  Corporate Pyramid Organization with Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) permanently located at the bottom. They constitute the base upon which Salt lake’s Culture of Servitude can be built.

……..nor will they any longer be effective at persuading Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) to pay tribute (praise; pay homage to; idolize) Melchizedek priesthood leaders at Church headquarters, who are laundering their ill-gotten Corporate proceeds thru Jehovah’s Holy Mountain (administration; government). The Lord, God promises to fill the land (people of Mormonism’s-kingdom)  with knowledge  (awareness; consciousness; sagacity),  so they can protect themselves against the “powers of darkness”  (practices of sorcery) directed toward them,  by “The-West” (Mormon-Church-Headquarters in Salt Lake City).

* Launder – laundering is the generic term used to describe the process by which criminals disguise the original ownership and control of the proceeds (revenue; lucre; objectives) of criminal conduct by making such proceeds appear to have derived from a legitimate source. Policy laundering is claiming a different underlying objective for a policy that is actually the case. The usual reason for church authorities following this approach is that the real objective would be unpopular with Mormon members. The usual process is to conflate (combine into one; mix) the issue being addressed with an unrelated matter of great public concern. The intervention pursued is presented as addressing an issue of great public concern rather than the underlying objective.



rallying point
The Gentiles as well as Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) will rally to Jesse’s people (Jesse’s standard) 

10. So, in our day (era; generation), Jesse’s bloodline will be recognized as “the” banner  (standard; the measure of quality) for this generation of Israel’s people, around which to rally (come together again after a dispersion; regroup; reassemble; reunite) Gentiles (non-Mormons) will gather (come) to Jesse’s distinguished (renowned; “august”; respected and impressive.)  bloodline (dynasty; line of hereditary rulers)  and these will be the people  upon whom  Jehovah will place his glory (honor).




11. In our day (generation; era), the lord, God of Israel  will exercise (use; employ) his hand  (power; authority; influence )  in support of a radical-change  (transformation) to rescue  those of Israel’s remnant who have already (before-now; by-now) turned-away (alienated-themselves;  disaffected-themselves; estranged-themselves; separated-themselves) from  Assyria  (“Guaranteed social-popularity and financial security thru unwavering allegiance to Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization”)  and from Egypt  (Mormonism’s culture of servitude)  and from foolish-imaginations (pipe-dreams ;Gullible cartoons, Gullible cartoon, funny, Gullible picture, Gullible pictures, Gullible image, Gullible images, Gullible illustration, Gullible illustrations

 “castles-in-the-sky”)  and from Ham’s Salt Lake lineage (family; desendants).  Ham’s Salt Lake lineage is a family (bloodline; lineage) of Mormon priesthood authorities who place their  hopes, aspirations, and ambitions upon Israel’s disgrace (discredit) and promote  “pretense” (a false-show; falsehood; affected-show; appearances; a facade; a cover)  and encourage Shin’ar  (self-delusion) and inflate (puff-up; pump-up; boost; jack-up)  skin-bags (spiritually-empty and vacuous General priesthood authorities) of Salt Lake City who foster (cultivate) gullibility (a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated) among  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) so they will depend on Salt Lake for spiritual guidance.

* Ham (Noah’s 2nd son) Commentators suggested that Ham was guilty of more than what the Bible says. The Targum Ongelos (the official Babylonian Aramaic translation of the Torah)  has Ham gossiping about his father’s drunken disgrace “in the street”, i.e. “in view of other people; in public; when others are present.” (a reading which has a basis in the original Hebrew) so that “being held up to public mockery” by his own son,  was what angered Noah. “Ham laughed at his father’s shame and did not cover it, but laughed about it and mocked Noah”




raising a standard
Jehovah will raise His own standard (required level of quality; benchmark; guideline; criterion; example). 

12.  Jehovah is raising His own ensign (standard; flag; banner; symbol; guideline) around which the Gentiles (nations; non-Israelites) and  exiles (outcasts) among Israel’s people will gather,  along with those of Judah’s house (family clan; lineage; bloodline) who’ve been scattered (dispersed). They will all assemble (convene; congregate in one place for a common purpose) from the four (lowly; humble; common; unassuming)  quarters (accommodations; houses; shelters)  of “this world” (life on earth; human-society; humanity;  mankind).




13. The secret (hidden; unseen; unknown) envy (feeling of resentful longing aroused by someoneImage result for mitre of a priest else’s possessions) that drives (powers; moves; pushes; motivates) the people of Ephraim (Israelite tribe that wears the turban or head-dress of a high priest) against (to oppose)  Judah (praise and giving thanks; expressing gratitude) will vanish,  and the galling (annoyance irritation; insult) that drives (urges; motivates; moves)  Judah  (praise and giving thanks) in opposition to the people of Ephraim (Israelite tribe that wears the turban or head-dress of a high priest) will stop.   Ephraim will no longer have  “envy” (feel resentment) toward Judah and Judah will no-longer desire to “slap-the-face-of” (snub; rebuke; criticize; rebuff) Ephraim.




14.  Once Judah and Ephraim become-united (act-as-a-team; reconcile as brothers), they will perch (rest; alight) themselves (their souls)  upon (beginning with; subsequent to) the shoulders (willingness to accept responsibility) of strangers (foreigners; aliens; non-Israelite-priesthood-authorities) who are running Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City, and  dispossessing  (usurping-the-rights-of; robbing; disinheriting; plundering) Israel’s people.   Judah and Ephraim will remain unified (consolidated; undivided) in their utter contempt for Assyria (“Guaranteed social popularity and financial security thru Mormonism’s  Melchizedek Priesthood Organization), because Assyria’s prophets false-promise every one of  their fawning (slavish; obsequious; parasitic; spineless; sniveling) henchmen   (accomplices; apprentices; collaborators; friends; stooges) top-positions of leadership in Edom (Idumea; “this-world”).   They guarantee them that they’ll be “Set-For-Life” (“rolling-in-dough”; “striking it rich”; worth-a-million; made-filthy-rich) by receiving (undergoing; submitting to) a highly- secret ordinance (ritual; ceremony) called  the “Second Anointing” * Subsequent to this secret ordinance a Melchizedek High-priest is  vouchsafed (awarded; bestowed-upon; granted)  “a-throne” (sovereignty; dominion) as a “King”.


* “The Second Anointing” – Many LDS Church members are unaware that a secret LDS temple ordinance called the “Second Anointing” is regularly being administered by LDS Church apostles to elite friends, family, and leaders (mostly stake presidents, temple presidents, mission presidents, and LDS general authorities, along with their wives).  In this ordinance (according to reports) an apostle washes the feet of the couple in the temple, anoints them on the head with oil such that their “calling and election is made sure” (guaranteeing them a place in the Celestial Kingdom), and then invites the couple to retreat to a room in the temple, wherein the wife washes her husband’s feet, and then lays her hands on his head to give him a special priesthood blessing.







smoke and mirrors
Mormon “smoke and mirrors”

15. But Jehovah promises to destroy all such smoke and mirrors (artful-deception; crap; flim-flam; trickery; double-dealing) that is making-possible (facilitating; enabling; empowering; underpinning; allowing) the West’s (Salt Lake’s) culture of bondage and servitude (slavery) to continue. Jehovah is shaking-his-fist-at (threatening ) the “phony-alliance with Him” (non-existant-relationship with Jehovah based on an affinity in nature) that Mormon Priesthood authorities claim to enjoy.  He (Jehovah) is pointing (direct-the-attention-of)  Israel’s people to fact that Salt Lake’s leaders have “sworn-an-oath” (pledged; given-their-word; covenanted; vowed) to each other  and to “the-Adversary” (Satan; the Devil)  to take possession of (ambush; commandeer; hijack; kidnap; take as prisoners)  Israel’s people so Salt Lake’s high-priests may become Israel’s “king-pins” (General Authorities; power-elites; top-brass; CEO’s; judges) while they fasten (bind-up; bundle; tie) Israel’s people into tight-bundles with a bolt (fastening-ploy; locking-tactic; hooking-scheme; latching-trick; “temple-sealing-ordinance”).



highway 2
The “highway”  (rapid-progress; urgency; earnest-persistence; insistence; fast-track)is designed to speed (rush;  expedite; hasten; accelerate; move) Israel’s people, on their way to the Fuller’s-Field (“trampling-phase”, scouring-phase; bleaching-phase;  bundling-together-stage) as part of their Mormon conversion. It is  Salt lake’s “Primary-Objective” with regard to  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) and sadly,  for Israelites (rank and file Mormons), it is their inevitable (unavoidable; inescapable; inexorable) destination.   

16.  Jehovah will repurpose (reuse for a new purpose) the “highway”(acceleration; urgency; imperativeness; exigency; earnest-persistence; insistence; fast-track)  abandoned by  Assyria, which once sped (hastened; rushed) Israel’s people  to the Fullers-Field (“trampling-phase”; scouring-phase; bleaching-phase; bundling-together-stage) of Israel’s conversion-process on their way to becoming “True-Blue” (extremely loyal or orthodox) Mormons. The “highway”(acceleration; urgency; imperativeness; exigency; earnest-persistence; insistence; fast-track) will now facilitate (be a catalyst for) a second, but this time, worldwide “Exodus” (way-out; means-of-mass-departure; way-of-escape; means-of-escape; an-Exodus) from Salt Lake’s administration of  “Assyria” (“Guaranteed Social popularity and financial security thru unwavering allegiance to Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization”) in much the same way it was for Israel during the time of their Old Testament Exodus from Egypt.