Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter eleven -9-15

class system among Mormons9. Washed-up (decaying, declining, dying, failing, waning; debilitated, enervated, enfeebled, frail, broken-down) Mormon-leaders  can’t “move-the-goods” (sell-the-goods; retail-the-goods; promote-the-goods ; publicize-the goods ; market-the-goods; merchandize-the-goods) of Mormonism’s Egyptian-like  caste-system (hierarchal-system; system of persons ranked one above another) populated by  (composed of; constituted by) Israel’s people (rank and file

Mormonism is a latter-day  Priesthood Pyramid Organization with Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) permanently placed at the bottom.

Mormons) , nor  are they particularly effective at  persuading Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) to pay-tribute (adore; idolize; make-much-of) the priesthood leaders at Church headquarters, upon His Holy Mountain. The Lord promises  to fill the land   (Israel’s people)  with knowledge  (awareness; consciousness;  sagacity),  so they can protect themselves against the “powers of darkness”  (practices of sorcery) directed at them,  by “The-West” (Mormon-Church-Headquarters in Salt Lake City).



rallying point
The Gentiles as well as Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) will rally to Jesse’s people (Jesse’s standard) 

10. So, in that day (era; generation) ,  Jesse’s bloodline will be recognized as a banner  (standard; rule for the measure of value and quality) for this generation of Israel’s people, to rally to ( gather to).  Gentiles  (non-Mormons) will rally (gather;muster) to that venerable (time-honored; esteemed;respected)  bloodline (lineage; dynasty; ancestry)  and this will be the people  upon whom  Jehovah will places his glory (honor).




11. In that day, the lord, God of Israel  will exercise (use; employ) his hand  (power ; authority; influence )  in support of a radical-change  (transformation) to rescue  those of Israel’s remnant who are already (before-now; by-now) turning-away (alienated;  disaffected; estranged; separated) from  Assyria  (Mormonism’s world-wide Corporate Empire; unparalleled social and financial success guaranteed thru advancement in the Melchizedek Priesthood Organization) and from Egypt  (Mormonism’s culture of servitude)  and from Mormonism’s foolish-imaginations (pipe-dreams ;  “castles-in-the-sky”)  and from the lineage (family; bloodline) of Ham (men who direct their  hopes, aspirations and ambitions toward achieving) Israel’s dishonor (disgrace; shame) and from Mormonism’s “pretense” (a false-show; falsehood; affected-show; appearances; a facade; a cover)  and from shackled man Shin’ar  (self-delusion – the region surrounding misrepresentation, i.e. the Bedroom Communities  of Confusion, i.e. people who pomote confusion all  day,  but go home in the evening to  orderly homes.) and from the skin-bags (spiritually-empty and vacuus church-leaders) of Salt lake City and from gullible (childish; wide-eyed; easily-deceived; foolish) Mormons who still look to Salt Lake for spiritual guidance.




raising a standard
Jehovah will raise His own standard (required level of quality; benchmark; guideline; criterion; example). 

12. Then, Jehovah will raise His own ensign (standard; flag; banner; symbol; guideline) around which the Gentiles (nations; non-Mormons) and the exiles (outcasts) of Israel’s people will gather,  along with those among Judah’s house (family clan; lineage; bloodline) who have been scattered (dispersed). They will all assemble (convene; congregate in one place for a common purpose) from the four (lowly; humble; common; unassuming)  quarters (stations; social-ranks or positions) of “the-world” (life on earth; human-society; humanity;  mankind) .




end of fighting13. The secret (unseen; unknown) envy (“I want what you have” mentality) that drives Ephraim (ones who assume Israel’s “mantle-of-responsibility”) regarding Judah (ones who reign as Israel’s-kings) will vanish,  and the galling (sense of being affronted; sense of being offended; sense of being insulted) that drives (urges; moves)  Judah  (ones who reign as Israel’s-kings) regarding Ephraim (ones who assume Israel’s “mantle-of-responsibility”) will stop.   Ephraim will no longer have  “envy” (an “I-want-what-you-have” mentality) about Judah and Judah will no-longer desire to “slap-the-face”) of Ephraim .




14.  Once Judah and Ephraim become-united (act-as-a-team; reconcile as brothers) , they will perch (rest; alight) themselves (their-short-comings; failures; faults) upon the shoulders (capacity-for-bearing-responsibility-and-blame) of  Salt Lake’s strangers (foreign-priesthood authorities; alien-priesthood-authorities; non-Israelite-priesthood-authorities) who’ve  dispossessed  (usurped-the-rights-of; robbed; deprived; disinherited; divested; plundered) Israel’s people.   Judah and Ephraim will remain unified (consolidated; undivided) in their contempt for Assyria (Mormonism’s guarantee of social and financial success thru advancement in its Melchizedek Priesthood Organization) ,  because Assyria’s prophets  promise all their fawning (slavish; obsequious; parasitic; spineless; sniveling) henchmen   (accomplices; apprentices; collaborators; friends; stooges) positions of leadership in Edom (Idumea; the world).   They guarantee their minions  (underlings; henchmen) that they’ll be “set-for-life” (rolling-in-dough; well-to-do; well-provided-for; worth-a-million; in-the-money; made-filthy-rich) thru the medium of an ordinance (ritual; ceremony) called  “laying-on-of-hands” then, they vouchsafe (award; bestow-upon; grant) each of them,  “a-throne” (sovereignty; dominion) as “Assyrian-Kings”,  thru (through the medium of; by virtue of) their mother’s  (maternal) Israelite lineage (bloodline; family; ancestry).




smoke and mirrors
Mormon “smoke and mirrors”

15. But Jehovah promises to destroy the  all the smoke and mirrors (artful-deception; crap; flim-flam; trickery; double-dealing) in Mormonism’s culture of bondage  and servitude  and shake-his-fist-at (terrorize; menace; threaten) the phony-alliance (non-existant-relationship based on an affinity in nature) of Mormon high-priests with Jehovah’s terrifying spirit (essense; substance), then point (direct-the-attention-of)  Israel’s people to fact that Salt Lake’s leaders have “sworn-an-oath” (pledged-themselves; given-their-word; covenanted; vowed)  to take possession of Israel’s peopl, e so they may become Israel’s king-pins (General Authorities; power-elites; top-brass; CEO’s; judges) while they fasten (bind-up; bundle; tie) Israel’s people into tight-bundles thru the medium of a bolt (fastening-ploy; fastening-tactic; fastening-scheme; fastening-trick).



highway 2
The “highway”  (Mormon-ways of vigorous-friendshipping; acts of extraordinary kindness; demonstrations-of-warm-and-friendliness ; amazing good-naturedness; expressway; fast-track) is solely utilized to speed (rush with a sense of urgency; expedite; hasten; accelerate; move) Israel’s people, on the way to the Fuller’s-Field (sphere of trampler’s activity, i.e. scouring; whitening and hooking-together (binding individuals together into teams of Israelite people), which is one of the “Primary-Objectives” of Mormonism and a certain destination for all Israelites who desire to become Mormons. 

16. Then,  Jehovah will repurpose (reuse for a new purpose) the “highway”(enthusiastic-ways of-friendshipping; eager-acts-of-extraordinary-kindness; ardent-demonstrations-of-warmth-and-friendliness; passionate-goodnaturedness; expressway; fast-track)  which once sped (hastened; rushed with a sense of urgency) Israel’s people on their way to the Fullers-Field (“sphere-of-the-trampling”, i.e. the scouring; whitening and bundling-together the remnant of Israel’s people) will be turned into an “Exodus” (way-out; means-of-mass-departure; way-of-escape; means-of-escape; an-Exodus) from  Assyria (Mormonism’s guarantee of social and financial success thru advancement in its Melchizedek Priesthood Organization) in the same way as it was for Israel during the time of their Old Testament Exodus from Egypt.





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