Reading Isaiah’s Mind – Chapter eight – verses 1- 23

Assyria  – The Lord’s Instrument

In this particular instance, an “instrument” (tool),   device or implement, especially one held by the “hand of God”, is used to carry-out a very particular (specific) function.

Keli – is the Hebrew word for “instrument”.  Besides denoting a household object or household effects in general, keli can be used in the sense of a specialized “instrument”, “tool” or “implement”. The meaning is clear in (2 Samuel 24: 22 and 1 Kings 19:21)  wherein keli  refers to a “wooden-yoke”.  Sometimes it refers to the “staff” of a shepherd.  Keli is used by certain kinds of workers, e.g.  stone-carvers and wood cutters. Sometimes,  it refers to an instrument of the Lord. This can be an object, a person or even a group of people, who do (perform; execute)  a very specific work (function; task).

book of Isaiah
The Book of Isaiah,  otherwise known as the “Great- Tablet” or the “Book of Christ”,  brings clarity (sharpness; definition) to all of latter-day (contemporary; present-day) religious confusion (mix-up; misconception).

1. Jehovah spoke to me and said, “Open (unlock; unfold; unwrap; throw-light-upon; unveil)  the meaning of the “Great-Tablet”  (Book of Isaiah ) on your own (without any-human assistance)  then write about it using the style (dialect; parlance; lingo; jargon; slang; speak-ese) of the common-man (man-on-the-street; ordinary-folks ). 



“It hit me like bolt of lightning!” is an idiom (a group of words or expression established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words (e.g., “It’s raining cats and dogs”. or “I see the light”.)

2. I (Jehovah)  have summoned my own witness! – a reliable (good; trustworthy; dependable)  “eye-witness”,   who will be accompanied by  Uriah, (full-power of the office of a High-Priest(ess).  She will cause (inspire; generate)  “God’s-bolts of lightning” (divine-enlightenment)  and  Zechariah  (a mindfulness; an awareness; a recognition; a consciousness) of God and His unsurpassed power and she will bring-forth  (generate; foster; produce)  apprentices (recipients; beneficiaries; heirs and heiresses) of Jehovah’s most-extraordinary blessings.



happy mickey
“Mormonism isn’t my idea…it wasn’t even conjured-up to benefit the bank accounts and vanity of Salt Lake’s covetous prophets and King-pins, but golly..gee, I’m giddy with excitement to be a part of this Mormon-thing!”

3. So, I (my-spirit) drew close , to this  prophetess (inspired-woman), in order to imbue (permeate; saturate; pervade; bathe; suffuse) her with my spirit (essence; mind) , and she conceived (comprehended; grasped) it because of the spirit (essence; energy) that  I (Jehovah) breathed into her. Then, she  made-public (disclosed; unmasked; brought-to-light; divulged; revealed) the fact (reality) that Salt Lake’s presiding priesthood leaders  are solely (only; entirely) interested in establishing their own name (authority; dominion). Then the Lord said to me . “Proclaim to everyone that the real objective (goal; intention; aim; ambition) of Salt Lake’s General Priesthood Authorities is:  “Maher Shalal Hash Baz” (“defraud  Israel’s people of their birthright, as quickly as possible, while at the same time,  charm them into feeling giddy-with-excitement about their “Second-class status as Mormons”)



4. For….you see, before these molly-coddled (pampered; over-indulged; spoiled) Mormon General-Authorities (prophets and apostles) at church headquarters in Salt Lake City” – – (men who are accustomed to being waited on hand and foot), can ever hope to gain enough wisdom and common sense to cry-out “My Eternal Father…my eternal Mother”,  they are completely carried-away (swept off their feet; overcome; taken-captive) by the prospect (hope; expectation; anticipation; probability; promise) 

carried away
Most Mormon General Authorities (Mormon Idols) are carried away by acquiring the most wealth, power and authority.

of becoming the  idols (heroes; idols; celebrities; royalty) to the entire membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day -Saints.  As Mormon idols (superstars; icons; celebrities) they quickly become motivated (impelled; driven) by  “Damascus” (thirst for Israel’s blood and birthright) and a desire to plunder the wealth of Israel’s people,  in keeping with the objectives and driving-force of Assyria (“Social and financial success guaranteed thru advancement in Mormonism’s governing  “Melchizedek” priesthood organization).



5. And, many times Jehovah spoke unto me,  telling me to bear witness (testify) of this….even to proclaim. that ……




greedy covetousness
Greed (avarice),  and covetousness,   (a lust to possess the “goods and property” rightfully belonging to others) are the motivating forces driving Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood Authorities.

6. Covetousness (lust to possess what rightfully belongs to another; contempt for the 10th Commandment) is the cause (rationale; reason) for Jehovah’s  disavowal (repudiation; denial; renunciation; disclaimer) of Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership  along with its waters (philosophy; system; culture)  of slavery (bondage; servitude) that is well-suited  for the development of  deceitful Presiding-High-priests sent out from Salt Lake City to  indoctrinate (discipline; proselytize; brainwash; propagandize) Israel’s people in the “Ways-of-Wickedness”,  all for the financial and bureaucratic benefit of a spiritually-empty bunch of lifeless ventriloquist-dummies (men who speak in such a way as to make their voices sound as if they are originating from somewhere else…namely heaven!). These men are governing from Church headquarters in Salt Lake City along with others who’ve found favor in the eyes and men who’ve been crowned (installed; enthroned)  as Israel’s kings by one of Salt Lake’s General Authorities (heroes; icons; celebrities). 




7.Therefore, behold (look for yourselves; witness for yourselves) , the constitution (make-up; anatomy)

Mormonism is a “Cookie-Cutter”  Religion that produces,  in an assembly line fashion, a society of conforming (compliant; obedient) clones (identical-copies) of what Salt Lake imagines as “Priests unto the Most -High”. They are, in fact, Salt Lake’s distorted  notion of of how a good man is suppose to look  and behave.

of Mormon members and their prophets,  lifting-themselves-up (exalting themselves) and their “Culture-of-Conformity” ( “Culture of Compliance”; “Culture of Servitude”; “Culture of Obedience”)  and directing everyone’s attention (pointing) to their own “Power-and-Authority” while directing (leading) Israel’s people  to worship their Master (Ba’al; lordship;  ownership;  Mastery) over Israel’s people,  along with other men crowned as  Mormonism’s kings (royalty; bigwigs; crowned-heads; moguls; tycoons;  corporate-executives) of Assyria (happiness and success guaranteed by advancement in the Melchizedek Priesthood Organization”). They are thrilled by pomp (grandeur;  vainglory) and their own exaltation (glorification; deification) over every  Mormon  channel (transmitter; conduit) of  Salt Lake’s priesthood authority, which  reigns (dominates; rules) unchallengedover Mormonism’s entire conglomeration (assortment; aggregation; accumulation; gathering amassing) of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons).



8. Through stealth (slyness), Salt Lake’s men have  slipped (insinuated; maneuvered) themselves into Judah’s position  (place; office) and  they have swept Israel’s people away in a flood of Salt-Lake propaganda (spin; disinformation) thus,  over-taking (ambushing; capturing)  Israel’s people by surprise.   They have coe very close to strangling (suffocating; throttling; chiking; stiffling) Israel’s Neck (“Communication-with-God”;  “Communion-with-God”) 

tangled web
Salt Lake’s alluring network of high-priests is commonly known as  “the Melchizedek Priesthood Organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, …..It’s all hog-wash! (non-sense!)

They vociferate (shout; bellow) their small-minded opinions about God, in televised conferences and publish them in all their educational materials , and then call (declare; proclaim)  their small-minded (narrow-minded; petty) opinions to be  “Revelations from God” – –Phooey! (an expression of disdain and disbelief; non-sense!).   Thus, they  ensure (guarantee) that the network (labyrinth; tangled-web) of Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood authority (dominion; supremacyjurisdiction) will dominate (control;monopolize) every forum (assembly; council; meeting ; discussion) throughout the Mormon Church.  O Immanuel! (Oh… God be with thy people, Israel)



9. The Chief officers of the Mormon Church are currently gathering allies (collaborators; accomplices) to themselves in an effort to break (shatter ;fragment; splinter) Israel’s people into pieces, so “Prick-up-your-ears” (listen carefully to the sound of the Master’s voice) all of you

his master's voice
A true Israelite will listen attentively to his Master’s (Jehovah’s)  voice.

(Israel’ people; rank and file Mormons) who are disaffected (beyond-the-reach) of the Melchizedek priesthood of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and warn people everywhere about Salt Lake’s  bogus  (fake; spurious; false; fraudulent) claim to “sealing-power.” (to bind Israel’s people together forever as appy Mormon families ) while Salt Lake’s priesthood authorities intimidate (tyrannize; cow; coerce; arm-twist; dispirit) every one of them.



Mormons are tightly bound together by church obligations and priesthood duties, just like “bales of hay” ready to be merchandized.  It is difficult for any individual to break free.

10. Salt Lake’s wooden (stodgy; lifeless; empty) idols (celebrities; superstars; icons) of Mormon authority have managed to shut-the-eyes (blind; darken the understanding; cloud-over the reason; dim the perception) of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) while tightly binding them together in bundles (groups; congregations; social-classes), just like” bales of hay”. They have laid this Melchizedek Priesthood snare (trap) to capture and destroy Israel’s people, but their schemes will not succeed because God is with (escorting; protecting; accompanying) this latter-day generation of Israel’s people.




Mormon undergarments
The “binding-power” of Mormon under- garments rest in their wearer’s unconfirmed (unsupported) belief  (reliance; confidence) that the garments will some how protect them. Members are afraid to NOT wear them.

11. Indeed, thus saith the Lord unto me, as He grasped me by his hand (power)  and loosened (annulled; revoked; nullified) the binding-power (holding-power; obligatory-influence) of the Mormon-undergarments (temple-garments) worn by members like I once was.

Mormon under-garments  are tokens (reminders; symbols; emblems; representations) of Mormonism’s Melchizedek Priesthood.   They are worn by all Mormons (worthy men and women) who are willing to go-along-with (trust-in; live-by; conform-to; keep-in-step-with) Salt Lake’s idolatrous ways (traditions; habits; customs),  even to declare to their critics……, ”



12. “WE…… Mormonism’s faithful members,  do not support (uphold; reinforce; endorse; sustain; approve) any conspiracy (collusion; affiliation; alliance) constituted of men who are called (commissioned; installed; named) as  “Prophets, Seers and Revelators” ,  in order to thoroughly bind (fasten; tie-up; attach) Mormon people (Israel’s people) to each other and  to the Mormon Church.”  But, ifd trutrh be told topMormon Priesthood Athorities have in mind Israel’s total prostration (submission subservience) before them.  DO NOT (Thou shalt not) reverence these men and DO NOT (thou shalt not)  be intimidated (cowed; overawed) by them, either.  The Lord of Hosts is fully aware of just-how foul (vile; bad;  hateful; loathsome) Salt Lake’s top-priesthood leaders really are.  You (Israel’s people), rather than Salt Lake’s men,  are Jehovah’s Holy-Ones (saints; angels) and He (Jehovah), not Salt Lake’s  “so-called” (alleged; ostensible) prophets and apostles,  should be revered (glorified; honored) by all people and He, (Jehovah), not Salt Lake’s “so-called” (irrelavent; unimportant) prophets and apostles, should be the object (focus; recipient) of Israel’s reverence (honor; admiration; acclaim).



13. The Lord of Hosts , himself , knows (is acquainted with; is aware of ) the corruption (double-dealing; fraud) associated with Salt Lake’s Priesthood leadership. You, (Israel’s people) are His Holy-Ones (saints; angels), so Salt  Lake’s priesthood leaders,  not surprisingly, are terrified of you (Israel’s people; rank nd file Mormons) and,  if truth be told,  they tremble-in-fear (cringe) at the thought of you !


14. So,  He (Jehovah) will be as a sanctuary (haven; refuge)  for Israel’s people and as a stone upon which to stumble and fall for those who are

Salt Lake’s Priesthood Authorities are “asleep-at-the-wheel” (neglecting  their duty) to steer Israel’s people toward Jehovah.  

inattentive  (caught off-guard; asleep at the wheel) in Mormon houses (families; lineages; dynasties) and as a trap and a snare (noose; gin) for those governing under the guiding laws (regulations; decrees; directives; proclamations) coming down the chain of command from Church headquarters in Salt Lake City.



15. Salt Lake’s Mighty-Ones (Mormon priesthood authorities; prophets; Elders; apostles;  general authorities) are attempting to seduce Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) so that they chose “of their own free-will” to fall from God’s grace (fail; disqualify themselves; sin against God; fall from a position of God’s favor)  then Salt Lake’s people can supplant (replace; supersede)  Israel’s people as Jehovah’s first-born heirs.

break to pieces
The Birthright – Salt Lake’s scattering and dividing of Israel’s people into rivaling social-classes is part of a calculated “coup-d-etat” (overthrow) to supplant Israel’s people as Jehovah’s “first-born” heirs. The status of “first-born” carries with it the birthright of succession to the tribal throne and the right to be spiritual-guides (prophets)  to the entire tribe.  


By this method, the current generation of Melchizedek priesthood leaders are striving to  break (shatter; tear)  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) to pieces, however, they, themselves,   will be the ones caught in their own trap and taken-captive (captivated enthralled; hypnotized)……because of their own stupidity (lack of intelligence) .






16. Salt Lake’s intent is to besiege (inundate; overwhelm; overrule; crowd out) the Isaiah scroll Law of God (ways and customs of Israel’s worship of Jehovah), then set-a-seal” (shut-up; lock-up; keep-under-lock-and-key; banish) instruction” (“The-Torah”; law of God as revealed to Moses) from Jehovah’s disciples (followers; believers; adherents).  



17.  While proclaiming their commitment (allegiance; fidelity; faithfulness; loyalty) to Jehovah,  they are pointing (directing-everyone’s-attention) to men who are covering (veiling; hiding) the true purposes and intentions of Salt Lake’s top-priesthood leadership from the house of Israel,  and  negating  (invalidating; neutralizing; cancelling’ revoking; abrogating) the purpose (objective) of Israel’s Old Testament worship customs.




18.  Behold, I (Jehovah) am here, but look at what Salt Lake has begotten (produced; generated; bred; spawned) and

ideal man
Beware…..This is the “best” that Mormonism has to offer!

attributed (accredited; ascribed)  to the power of God (Jehovah).  Are Salt Lake’s “Clones-of Mediocrity” are to be received as Jehovah’s signs  (tokens;evidence) and portents (harbingers; prophets)  to Israel’s people.  Are we to believe their claims (assertions; declarations; testimonies)  of a close-association (intimacy; communion) with the “Lord of Hosts” – They are , in fact, no more than clones (copies; reproductions) of each other,  living in  the “La-La-Land” (fantasy; bubble ) of Mormonism,  anticipating their exaltation (deification; adulation; idolization) in the coming Zion.  Phooey! It will never happen!




19. Indeed,  Salt Lake’s presiding priesthood authorities think of themselves as “exemplars” (paragons; epitomes; the embodiment) of Christ-like (righteous) character that church headquarters in Salt Lake City has produced (generated; begotten engineered) for Israel’s people (Mormon people ) to imitate (emulate; model-themselves-after).  

holy man
Hey Folks…..would I lie to you ???

They are nothing but hardened (wqillful; hardhearted; stubborn; pigheaded; inflexible) men.  They are presumed (reckoned; regarded; believed) by all Mormon believers to be “Mormon Royalty”.  Their notion (concept)  of exaltation to Godhood is a complete fabrication (invention; concoction; falsehood; myth; made-up-story) created by covetous men,  committed (dedicated; devoted) to prodding (driving; moving; spurring) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormon members) like  beasts of burden”  (draft-animals; donkeys; mules) using  the  rod-of-iron (ox-goad; endless-nagging; relentless-carping; systematic-whipping-up; perpetual-hounding). 




20. They never think (imagine; suppose) that Salt Lake’s instruction (doctrine and proclamations) are nothing like (are no match for; have nothing in common with; can’t compete with) the Torah (instruction) of God,  because men’s knowledge is not God’s knowledge. It is impossible (out of the question; achievable; unobtainable) for these men to generate (produce; inspire; cause) visions and dreams (divine-revelations; heavenly revelations) in the minds of  Israel’s people to show them things “not-already-known”.




Pig-headed means stubborn ; obstinate and unwilling to budge or yield in one’s opinion. Pigheadedness results in an inability to learn anything new. 

21. Thus, a  hardened (desensitized; habituated; deadened; inured) and obstinate (pig-headed; stiff-necked; unmanageable)  generation of Mormon High-Priests who are  indoctrinated  (brain-washed) by Salt Lake,  continues to serve Mormon church headquarters by denying  (preventing; banning; repudiating; contravening) Israelite prophesy and as much as possible, cause a spiritual-famine (shortage of spiritual food; shortage of truth) to overwhelm the membership of the Mormon Church. If that were not enough, Mormon prophets provoke Israel’s  people to anger (irritation; aggravation; annoyance; ire) and cursing  (swearing; blaspheming) because of Salt Lake’s tyranny and because of Salt Lake’s idols (celebrities;  superstars; icons) and their custom of resorting (turning) to acts-of-fraud (embezzlement; deception; double-dealing; duplicity; chicanery).



Mormonism’s presiding Priesthood authorities are the very same spirits who were cast-out of heaven by Jehovah’s angels.

22.  All good Mormon’s look to (depend on; place their faith in) the  “Church” organization , but behold… Salt Lake’s religious icons (idols;  celebrities) are  false (specious; misleading deceptive; illegitimate) prophets who are without-light (receive no light; give no light; filled with darkness). They are “Prophets-of-Gloom and Oppression”. These men are the very same spirits who were cast-out (expelled; booted-out; ejected; banned; ousted) from heaven by Jehovah’s angels for their insubordination (delinquency; mutiny) 



23.  And, there is nowhere-to-hide (no shield; no protection by haven)  for pig-headed religious leaders who waste (devote; dedicate) their lives pointing (directing)  everyone’s attention to lying-prophets, who are hiding all kinds of nasty secrets, and to corrupt priests who are focused solely on

snake charmers
Mormonism’s chief officers (presiding priesthood authorities) have in mind to “Charm-the-Masses” with their latter-day “Cock and Bull Story”

the customs (ways; habits; traditions; worship-customs; rituals; ceremonies) of the West (Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City). They willingly (enthusiastically; eagerly)  follow a band of fallen (spiritually bankrupt; immoral) prophets  who are trying desperately to capture (seize; grasp; get) the attention of Gentiles (nations; non-Mormons; the human race). 



End of Chapter Eight



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