“Reading Isaiah’s Mind” – a latter-day translation of the Book of Isaiah from ancient Hebrew into plain English Chapter One – verses 1-19


Isaiah’s indictment of The Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints and its entire Melchizedek Priesthood Organization for committing fraud and embezzlement against Israel’s People. 


Those unfamiliar with the Book of Isaiah, need an explanation about what the volume was and is intended to accomplish. The entirety (all 66 chapters) of Isaiah’s remarkable volume constitutes an indictment (formal list of criminal charges) brought against Mormonism (The Corporation of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), its Melchizedek Priesthood Organization (prophets; apostles; presidents; counselors; Bishops; High priests and all other men ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood), which priesthood fraudulently claims Jehovah’s authorization to lead  (guide; shepherd)  Israel’s people in the latter-days. The indictment is NOT time-sensitive (relevant or applicable, only) to the era in which Isaiah lived. If the reader can imagine every soul who would ever live and be blessed to have Israel’s ancestral-blood running in his veins, collectively stood before God (regardless of what era in which  they were destined live) and was commanded to hear Isaiah’s message. Thus, the Book of Isaiah is just as applicable (relevant) for Israel’s People today as it was in the year that Uzziah, king of Judah, died (742 BC).

Sixty-six chapters make for a long book, but God promises you that if you read its contents, with an open and feeling heart, you will be blessed in ways you had never thought possible.

Isaiah was commissioned to record (set-down in writing for later reference, especially officially) a “prophetic-vision” (oracle), that he received from God. However, he was also commanded to record the vision in an enigmatic (mysterious) language of a patrician’s lofty-literary style. He did so, and as a result, Isaiah’s Book has been perplexing to religious scholars and lay persons, alike, since it was written in 742 BC.

The reason why the book’s enigmatic style was required is simple to understand. Over the millennia, since its writing, the book fell into many hands, including those of  scribes, priests, and others who would take it upon themselves (without God’s preparation and authorization) to interpret (deduce; infer; construe) and otherwise change (modify; alter; reconstruct; rewrite; revise; adapt) Isaiah’s words, in an attempt to make his message less puzzling to men. If that was the strategy God had in mind, their efforts would have been sufficient.  There would be no necessity (call; demand) for what you are about to read.

The efforts of scribes, priests merely succeeded in keeping everyone, including highly educated Isaiah-scholars, “going-in-circles” (talking about the same things over and over without achieving clarity).

Isaiah’s message was recorded in an  enigmatic-style in order that it would remain intact (unaltered; unchanged; untouched) throughout many centuries,  until now, when someone authorized (having official permission and approval), predisposed (willing; inclined) and prepared (made ready for use) by Jehovah, himself,  would be commissioned by Him, to “Interpret Isaiah’s words for yourself. (without assistance from clergy) then,  write about your interpretation of Isaiah’s “prophetic-vision” (oracle)  in the style (vernacular; parlance) of the common-man”.

Jehovah was simply protecting Isaiah’s “prophetic-vision” from tampering (doctoring; altering; interference) or misinterpretation (confusion; disorientation; misapprehension; mistakes) by those who were not authorized, predisposed, and prepared to do the job the way Jehovah wants it done.    Because Isaiah is compared to Shakespeare (greatest writer in the English language)  he is preeminent among all biblical writers.  He was accustomed to the use of governing “bifid” structures, parallelism, rhetorical connections,  to say nothing of (not to mention) the “Spirit-of-Prophecy”. His use of exquisite (magificent; well-crafted; elegant) literary devices (implements; tools) were unknown to the common-men of his era and many subsequent generation’s to follow.  His writing style was, to begin with (to start with; from the onset)  so beautifully puzzling and perplexing that many attempts to clarify his writings were abandoned soon after they began.

A literary “type” means: “The thing that has been, is that which shall be; that which has been done is that which shall be done: there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9) In other words,  what has occurred once, setting a precedence, will occur again. History repeats itself. It works in cycles. Isaiah’s writing illustrates this typology.

There is terminology (words; terms; vocabulary; appellations; expressions; jargon) frequently used in Isaiah’s indictmen . Some are defined below:


In alphabetical order:

Assyria – Simply put, the Assyrian state was forged in the crucible of war, invasion, and conquest. The upper, land-holding classes consisted almost entirely of military commanders who grew wealthy from the spoils taken in war. The army was the largest standing army ever seen in the Middle East or Mediterranean. The exigencies of war excited technological innovation which made the Assyrians almost unbeatable: iron swords, lances, metal armor, and battering rams made them a fearsome foe in battle. The name Assyria is an appellation (title by which people are characterized).  Today Assyria means a tyrannical army of invaders who plunder the spoils (goods; property) of Israel’s people to enrich themselves and expand their own power. This description applies to the Melchizedek Priesthood Leadership (the governing body of the Mormon Church; the “driving-force” (engine; authority; machine) running the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints)  . In the modern (contemporary; latter-day) role of Assyria, the leadership of the Mormon Church seeks to devour (assimilate; convert; incorporate; swallow-up) Israel’s people and usurp (steal; assume; lay claim to ; commandeer; seize) Israel’s “birthright” to authority (dominion; jurisdiction) over the “Family-of-Adam”. The philosophy guiding all Melchizedek priesthood authorities is “guaranteed social and financial success comes through rapid advancement in the Mormon-Melchizedek priesthood organization”.

Babylon – or Babel – mid-14c., from Greek version of Akkadian Bab-ilani “the gate of the gods,” from bab “gate” + ilani, plural of ilu “god” . The Old Persian form, Babiru-, shows characteristic transformation of -l- to -r- in words assimilated from Semitic. The Hebrew term Babylon is derived from babel and  means confusion (disorientation; mix-up; misunderstanding; mis-perception) When Israel’s people were exiled to Babylon,  (disorientation; confusion; misunderstanding), they were exiled to experience “complete-confusion” and religious-disorientation. Babylon symbolizes a rich and magnificent lifestyle of excessive luxury and wickedness. Confusion implies an inability to distinguish between what is good and what is evil; right and wrong, things of God and things of men and devils, thus captivity in Babylon means a “punishment” (sentence) during which Israel’s people could no longer determine what is good from what is evil, because they are subjugated to ruling powers that blend (mingle; intermix) right and wrong , good and evil so completely and for so long that it becomes no longer possible for Israel’s People to make a distinction between them.


Blood – “dam” – pronounced-dawm- meaning: “life-force; vital-energy; “life”. According to Jewish thinking, blood is the conveyor (means of transmission) of man’s “life-force”, thus, a man’s “life-is-in-his-blood”. In this context, “life” includes a person’s legal-rights (birthright; lawful privileges; inclinations toward good or evil; curses as a result of “blood-guilt”).   


Blood-guilt– means: deadly-liability (deadly-accountability; deadly-responsibility) before God,  for the crime of “shedding-blood”. The biblical concept of blood-guilt is derived from the belief that deeds generate consequences and that sin, in particular, is a danger to the sinner, as well. The most vivid examples of this belief appear in connection with homicide, where innocent-blood (dam naki (naqi); (Jonah 1:14) cries out for vengeance (Gen. 4:10), is rejected by the earth (Isa. 26:21; Ezek. 24:7), and pollutes it (Num. 35:33–34). Blood-guilt not only attaches itself to the slayer, but also to his  family (II Sam. 3:28ff.) for generations (II Kings 9:26), and even to his city (Jer. 26:5), nation (Deut. 21:8), and land (Deut. 24:4). The technical term for bearing blood-guilt damo bo, or damo bero’sho, meant originally “his blood [remains] in him/in his head” (Josh. 2:19; Ezek. 33:5), and the legal formula “mot yumat damav bo” (Lev. 20:9–16) means that in the case of lawful execution, the blood of the guilty victim remains on his own person and does not attach itself to his executioners.


Gomorrah – a place in Palestine. The name is derived from the root verb (g)amar (with a hard sounding “G”) – pronounced-gamar- meaning;  to chastise;  to heap (as if piling-on blows); to bind in sheaves; to tie up in bundles and make merchandise of.


Israel –Yisrael – The phrase “Israel’s People” refers to the descendants of the man, Israel, throughout the entire world, regardless of where they are currently dwelling. In the context of Isaiah’s volume we are NOT talking about the “State of Israel”, located in Palestine , which is the territory governed by Judah’s people (one of the twelve tribes of Israel).  Israel is an “honorary title” reserved for Jehovah’s “firstborn-heirs”.   Yisrael is a compound word, combining two distinct concepts.  (1) The first part –  Yisra – pronounced- Yis-raw is a root verb meaning: to be straight; to be right; to be upright, especially in someone’s eyes;  (2) The final part – “el” , derived from “Al”pronounced- ale- meaning: “Almighty-God”; deity.   When combined,  the two parts tell us that the name “Israel” characterizes “a person or persons who are upright in the eyes of Almighty God”.   This is important because men can be upright in the eyes of men and not techically qualify as “Israel”. The distinction rests in the question: “in whose eyes is a man upright?”.  If a man’s character is upright in the eyes of God he is considered to be one of Israel’s people, regardless of his location or era in which he lives.  Like physical characteristics (blue-eyes; obesity; height; intelligence; a talent for singing), the characteristic (property; quality) of  “uprightness” tends to be inherited in families, through their genetic-code (found in the blood or bloodline).



Jerusalem Yerushalaim – The name Jerusalem is also two-words combined into one. The first part –  Jeru is derived from the verb root,  Yera- pronouncedyaw-raw- meaning; to flow; shoot; to direct; to teach; to inform;  to show. The last part –  salem  originates from the Hebrew word shalom– pronounced- shaw-lome – meaning: peace; happiness; welfare; prosperity; wholeness; friend; favor; safety; rest. The name “Jerusalem” tells us exactly what its divine purpose is. To show (teach) peace and happiness.


Sodom – As a verb-pronounced-sod-ome – meaning:  to burn; to scorch; to consume by fire. As a noun –  a burning conflagration; liable to frequent fires; a volcanic and  degenerate-condition, especially,  of moral corruption. Sodom symbolizes a degenerate (debased; degraded) condition. Hence, the “Vines-of-Sodom” produce degenerate fruit and the “judges-of-Sodom” are unjust and morally corrupt.




Zion –  the name Zion means “dry-place”. The unused and assumed root ציה (syh) occurs in Arabic and Aramaic in the sense of “to-be-parched”. In the Bible only two derivatives of the Hebrew root survive: The feminine noun ציה (siya), meaning dryness or drought (Hosea 2:5, Psalm 105:41, Job 24:19).The masculine noun ציון (sayon), meaning dryness;  parched land (or people) (Isaiah 25:5 and 32:2 only). The concept of dryness is explained by the fact that Zion’s people have individually (one by one; personally) wandered in a wilderness of darkness and spiritual impoverishment, for much of their lives. They know, first-hand, what “thirst” really means because they have been denied “living-water” for so very long. Zion is another name for Jerusalem. When Zion comes, it will be a new and glorified Jerusalem populated by a devoted citizenry who have been parched and waiting a very long time for that day.  The glorified (honored) capital of the Jehovah cult and religion will have finally arrived. They will never thirst again.


The word for “oracle” in Hebrew is chazah, a root verb pronounced khaw-zaw, meaning: to gaze; to perceive; to contemplate; to have a vision.  The noun, Chazon, means: vision, dream, revelation or oracle. Chazah is a technical term for the process of receiving a divine revelation. It is not merely a visual image, but rather, a “Word” (complete and self-contained all-inclusive message) from God. Frequently visions are experienced as extraordinarily-vivid dreams. A vision is distinguished (different) from an ordinary dream, and the content of a dream-oracle is “other-worldly” in nature” and understood to the recipient to be  “The Word of God”. Often, a Chazon is a nocturnal experience occurring during “deep-sleep” (tardamah).  We are dealing with both hearing and seeing an “other-worldly communication” thru an instantaneous transmission of what the “almighty” wants the recipient to perceive. The eyes are somehow involved, whether open or shut is debated. In any case, something is unveiled (revealed; shown;  transmitted) to both the eyes and ears. In terms of divine discernment, (which is also revelation), God sees through the outward appearances men, knowing what is motivating them within , thus the process of wise selection must involve the power to discern (look-upon; know; inspect) – the human heart. The prophets of Israel adopted the receiving of revelation during “deep sleep” (tardamah) and refer to it as a kind of “miraculous illumination of God and his works”. Only rarely is “seeing” in the ordinary sense with the eyes, involved. Usually, it refers to a mental/spiritual transmission of certain highly complex information in an instantaneous  (split-second) manner. The occurrence is akin to experiencing something “Live”, though the recipient is sleeping and not conscious of his physical surroundings. A very clear, calm spoken voice is often perceived as addressing the recipient. The message and the sound of the voice, is permanently etched in the recipient’s mind. Every  word and sensation pertaining to the vision or spoken word is of paramount significance, for each word symbolizes an fundamental idea  –  a vital component of the over-all message conveyed through the vision. God’s,  it turn out, is very economical with words , i.e. wasting none of them. Usually a prophet can recall verbatim every part of the vision with precise and exquisite detail, because the message is impressed so deeply upon his psyche. A divine oracle does not diminish in brilliance or clarity over time.

Chapter One 

1. A vision (oracle; revelation) concerning Judah (the lineage and bloodline of Israel’s Kings) and Jerusalem (cult-headquarters for the religion of Jehovah) that Isaiah saw  (witnessed; received) spanning the consecutive reigns of Uzziah , Jotham , Ahaz and Hezekiah , all of whom were Kings of Judah.

NOTE: The meaning of the names of Judah’s kings is important because a name reveals the character of the man and (a) what dominates his the thinking (b) what drives his regime, and consequently,  (c) what determines (dictates) the thinking of the people he rules.
a. Uzziah -men’s strength comes from Israel’s God ( Jehovah).
b. Jotham -men without God are defenseless, bereaved and fatherless.
c. Ahaz –men must seize upon people along with their property  and keep them as their own possessions.
d. Hezekiah – men are strengthened, prevail, are helped,  are cured, are given good courage, are made mighty by Israel’s God (Jehovah).

Notice the sequence of names (natures; motivating-force; characteristics) had by Judah’s Kings. The reader can recognize the “way of thinking” and nature of each king,  thus the priorities and values that ultimately governed Judah’s people. The time period from the beginning of Uzziah’s reign until the end of Hezekiah’s reign saw a remarkable “Fall from Grace” , i.e. a descent from a condition of God’s favor to a troubling and increasingly dysfunctional order manifested by  the governance of Kings,  Jotham and Ahaz, but God’s favor was won back  because of men’s faith, to enjoy a healthy sense of dignity and spiritual triumph manifested by the governance of King Hezekiah. Truly, the moral character of a monarch is reflected in the lives of the people he rules.

A Rebellious Kingdom of Covenant-People

1. A vision (oracle; divine revelation) concerning Judah (Israel’s most praiseworthy and prosperous tribe) and  Jerusalem  (command-center for the Jehovah cult and religion), which Isaiah, heir to Amos (good-courage) saw (received)   spanning (encompassing) the consecutive reigns (rules; commands) of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz,and finally Hezekiah , all of whom served as Judah’s kings.

2. Hear (listen-up), O Heavens (home of deified Mormon leaders) ! Prick up your ears (listen very carefully) to the voice of Jehovah , our supreme lord and your master), O earth (domain of mortal-men; domain of common, ordinary men and women) because I , Jehovah, have begotten  (generated ; created)  Sons of God (“Priests unto the Most High” ),  then I have made them great (prominent; important; celebrated; renowned), but then,  they rebelled (revolted; mutinied) against me .

3. Even the Oxen knows (is intimately acquaintance with) its master’s voice (instruction; command) and the stubborn donkey (mule) recognizes its owner’s crib (stall; corn-crib; feeding-box ), but Israel’s people are clueless (oblivious; dense ). Israel’s people (my people) just don’t get it. (don’t understand ).


4. Woe (Alas) , The current Mormon (non-Israelite) priesthood leadership governing so many of Israel’s people has totally missed the mark! (shot themselves in the foot; blundered; gotten-it-all-wrong). Moreover,  Mormonism’s exalted priesthood leaders are loaded-down with blood-guilt (liability for committing murder).


burdened with guilt
Israel’s priesthood leaders are loaded-down (burdened) with guilt (culpability,  in the sight of God) , for the capital crimes (misconduct;  felonies; misdeeds; criminality; law-breaking; atrocities) punishable by a death penalty)  they have committed. They are a brood (family ) of evil-doers building a snare (a trap) for Israel’s people. This generation, of LDS General Authorities, has forsaken (abandoned) its covenant with Jehovah. They blaspheme (have contempt for) the holiness (moral virtue) of Israel’s people, so behind the scenes (behind Israel’s back) they are crowning (installing) themselves as Israel’s Kings. (Israel’s royalty).


5. Why must Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership constantly beat upon (smite; hurt)  Israel’s people ? For what purpose, do they keep withdrawing from the Holy Spirit of Jehovah? Every member of the head (the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) is demonstrating to Israel’s people precisely how to profane (desecrate; violate; dishonor; degrade; debase; defile) their God (Jehovah) . The motivation in their hearts (modes of thinking and acting; wills and purposes) “turns my stomach” (sickens Me; disgusts Me).


Missionary 2
” May we share “what we have” with  you?”

6. Because…You see………… from the “Sole-Of-The-Foot” (foot-soldiers; lowliest missionaries who carry out Salt lakes commands) to the Head (First Presidency  and Quorum of Twelve Apostles) who generate  commands, there is not one bit of integrity (morality; righteousness; ethic and morals; trustworthiness) among them. There are only wounds (hurts; disability; crippling; incapacity),  injuries (impairments; afflictions; pain), welts (swelling ; arrogance; pride; puffiness) and open-sores (obvious heart-ache; detectable rawness; palpable irritation ), all of which, are uncleansed (unpurged; unresolved ) un-bandaged (exposed; uncovered; wide-open) and unsoothed (un-relieved; un-comforted) by oil. (the Holy Spirit of God ).


7. Your (Israel’s; Mormonism’s ) menfolk (husbands, fathers and sons) have been transformed into deceivers deceivers (imposters; dissemblers; hypocrites; frauds; traitors).  Salt Lake’s top-leaders are using Israel’s (Mormonism’s) men to betray Falling asleep in church the rest of Israel’s people. They are desolating (abandoning; forsaking)  their congregations  (stakes; wards)  of Mormon believers (Israel’s believers). Nowadays, Mormon people are driven (controlled; moved) by religious obsession (fixation; compulsion; preoccupation; infatuation; addiction; craze),  but are not consciously aware of it. Salt Lake’s General Authorities reign absolutely (with no qualification, restriction, or limitation), as Mormon Royalty (people of royal blood or status)  but, if truth be told, Salt Lake’s General Authorities are, illegitimate (unsanctioned; unauthorized; fraudulent) heirs of Israel’s throne. They are supplanting (deposing; dethroning) Israel’s very own people and they are “Covenant-Breakers” who are plundering Israel’s kingdom (royal realm) right under the noses of Israel’s people (in front of them; openly ).  These presiding strangers (foreigners; non-Israelites) from Salt Lake City are deposing (supplanting; unseating) Israel’s people (tribe; flock; kinfolk; nation) in a hostile but very-well-organized coup d’état (overthrow; takeover).


abandoned hut 8. The “ Daughters of Zion, ” (those who are anticipating Zion;  devotees of Zion; true-believers-in-Zion) , are left (deserted; forsaken) like a dilapidated“Care-taker’s hut(rickety-outbuilding; i.e. a broken-down and condemned old shack ) in the middle of (in the midst of) an overgrown cucumber field (tangle of vines producing prickly, bad-tempered offspring) – the epitome (perfect example) of God’s people (house dynasty; lineage) under-siege (surrounded by enemies; overwhelmed by weeds).


bundled up and ready to market
In Mormonism, people are merely commodities tied up in tightly packaged bundles (stakes;  wards), ready to be merchandised and publicized (made widely known) by Mormon church leaders.

9. Were it not for “The Lord of Host” bequeathing (leaving) us a few survivors, in a short time, all of us (the Lord’s people; Israel’s people) would have become just like Sodom (merchandise ; commodities ) and this generation of Israel’s people would be processed (converted ; changed; transformed) into Gomorrah ( bundles  tightly-bound by  servitude ) ready to be merchandised  (sold; peddled; hyped; promoted ) by Salt Lake’s Leaders.


10. Listen (pay attention to) to the Word of the Lord (revelation of God ) Ye corporate CEO’s (chief executive officers;  General Authorities) of Sodom (Salt Lake’s Israelite-commodities; Mormon-merchandise ), Pay attention to the Law (Torah; instruction) of God, with regard to this generation of Gomorrah (Israelite people duty-bound by servitude and prepared for merchandising).

11. I ask you , For what reason (for what purpose) are so many

sacrifice upon the altar
The lives of Israel’s poor little lambs (innocent followers and disciples) are sacrificed to Mormonism to keep the Church running and all the tithes and offerings continually  flowing to Salt Lake’s insatiable coffers, only to be distributed among Salt Lake’s greedy (gluttonous; insatiable) Presiding  Priesthood Authorities.

sacrifices (offering of possessions) expected (demanded; asked) of Mormon  people (Israel’s people)?  I can’t stand (I am sick of ; I’ve had enough ) exaltation, exclusively  reserved (pre-arranged) for LDS General Authorities (prophets and apostles; chief officers) and assurances (guarantees) concerning the “Calling and Election” of the Crème-de-la-Crème (aristocracy; blue-bloods; high-society; elite; gentry) of the Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership and I’m fed up with the bloodlines (lineages; genealogies ) of Salt Lake’s Bullocks , (enfeebled priesthood leaders; menwho no longer  have balls) and of their sheep (gullible followers ) Bottom line!  I am insulted (affronted; aggrieved; outraged) by Salt Lake’s illegitimate (fraudulent; phony) priests and their dominance (preeminence; supremacy; control) over Israel’s people. (Israel’s people; My people ).

house (Sanctuary; Temple) to behold (contemplate; study; regard) my face (purposes and intentions), who, in the world,  authorizes (gives official permission to; allows; mandates; endorses ) them, thereby, to trample (step heavily and noisily thru; foul; contaminate) my Holy Precincts (courts)?


13. Stop (quit) paying-tribute to (accepting; acknowledging; validating; endorsing) the “Colossal Lie” (“Mormon myth”; Mormonism’s bizarre cock-and-bull story; Mormon-delusion).  Mormon ordinances such as “Baptism for the Dead”

Oy vey (1)
Jews throughout the world are justifiably outraged by Salt Lake’s proxy baptism’s for their deceased Jewish ancestors! Like…..who gave-permission-to (authorized; sanctioned)  them to do these baptisms?

are an abomination (offense; outrage; illegal-act) to God. Stop declaring “Restoration” and “Celebration”, as a pretext (excuse; ostensible reason)  to accost (buttonhole; invite; summon) every person you meet to attend your meetings.   I will no longer tolerate Mormon idolatry (idol-worship ; hero-worship) and Mormon gatherings to pay-tribute (celebrate; extol; honor; bow-down) to Salt Lake’s pioneer ancestors.


14. I  hate (abhor; detest)  Mormonism’s  “so-called” latter-day Priesthood “RESTORATION” (“return of something to a former or lost power”) and all Millstone around my neckyour appointments (callings; installations; commissions). This generation of Latter-Day-Saint priesthood leadership has become a burden (millstone) around my neck .  I will not bear it any longer.


15. When  your priests spread their palms (lay their hands; extend their hands) over persons needing a blessing), I will turn my eyes away from them, even if they offer a myriad  (great-number; multitude) of prayers, I will not respond (answer; reply) because their hands (works-of-their-hands; all things they produce)  are stained with blood!


16. Wash! your hands. Make them clean! Remove your evil deeds from my presence! (sight; view ) Stop doing wrong!

bloody hands
Wash your hands!

17. Discipline (train) yourselves to “Do What Is Right”. Seek for justice (impartiality; fairness).  Prosper (promote; bring-happiness-to) the oppressed (those subject to harsh or authoritarian treatment).  Champion the orphan (voiceless; defenseless). Plead the case of the widow (forsaken).

18. Come now! (Come on! ) Let’s talk (Let’s reason together) saith the Lord, though your sins  (moral-failures; iniquities; offenses; transgressions) may be as red as crimson,  they can become white (colorless) as snow.

19. If you are willing to thoughtfully (prayerfully; attentively;  carefully; graciously; sensitively; circumspectly) consider this vision (this word of God) you will come to recognize (identify; see; discern) all the “good-things” (commodities; goods; Israelite people) that Salt Lake’s Priesthood leadership is willing and eager to sacrifice (kill; slay),  so they (Salt Lake’s Priesthood leaders)  can get what they so desperately covet (have their hearts set on) .


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