Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 1 – verses 1-31

“Reading Isaiah’s Mind”

“Reading Isaiah’s Mind” power book GIF by Blues Traveleris the “book-title” of a latter-day (contemporary) translation (transmission) of an Oracle (vision) from Yhwh received by the Old Testament Prophet, Isaiah, during the 8th Century B.C.

The Oracle (vision) was intended, from the start, to address (prepare) not only Isaiah’s contemporaries but also to reach a future (latter-day) generation with a  blessing of enlightenment (insight; understanding; awareness).

ItThe Walking Dead Easy Peasy GIF should be read in full (in its entirety) because it constitutes an “easy-to- read” (impossible to misunderstand) translation (transmission; explanation) of Isaiah’s Old Testament Book. It’s the same text in the Bible you have at home or one you might purchase in a bookstore today.

But this text has been translated directly from ancient Hebrew into colloquial (conversation; common) English so that Isaiah’s message is unaltered by Greek or Latin translators. The book contains Isaiah’s hand written account of a divine vision he received in 742 B.C.E. (2,761 years ago). Isaiah was convinced that “only” an unshakable trust in Yahweh (the God of Israel), rather than political or military alliances, could protect Judah and Jerusalem from attacks by enemies, particularly “Assyrians” (more about these guys a little later).

Isaiah was commanded to record (document; preserve) his Oracle (vision) as his testimony  (statement provided for a future lawsuit), but he was admonished to record (document) the vision in a way that would deter (impede; restrain; disincentivize) any unauthorized-modifications during the lengthy time-period spanning the 2,761 years between Isaiah’s era and ours.

The season 3 success GIF by Ash vs Evil Deaddeterrent “worked” because the contemporary Old Testament translation in your bible reveals just enough information to suggest (imply; hint) the prosecutorial nature of the Oracle (vision) while effectively obscuring Isaiah’s most incriminating (damning) accusations.

Isaiah was so skillful that clergy and laity alike failed to crack (solve; figure-out; decipher) Isaiah’s code (secret language system).


Bible-Scholars who’ve tried to crack his code have ended-up with just another version of  “beating around the bush” *.

* “beating around the bush”-The figurative meaning of the odd phrase,  or as it is usually expressed in the UK, “beat about the bush,” evolved from the earlier literal meaning. In bird hunts, some of the participants roused the birds by beating the bushes and enabling others to “cut to the chase” and catch the quarry in nets. So “‘beating about the bush” was the preamble to the main event, which was capturing the birds. Grouse hunting and other forms of hunt still use beaters today.




After years of preparation Isaiah’s vision is translated (transmitted; converted) from ancient Hebrew into contemporary (colloquial conversational; common) English.

Old Testament students are no longer left to guess (conjecture; speculate; hypothesize) about the type, volume, and magnitude of crimes committed “In The Name of God”  by the Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) “Men of the Cloth” around the world.

Isaiah’s Image result for cardinals at vatican City gifvision turned out to be a criminal-indictment setting-forth (stating, describing) the grounds (basis; premise)  for Yhwh’s lawsuit against Worldwide (global) Cults (Mormonism; Roman-Catholocism; Islamism; Protestantism; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity and Scientology).

In particular, Isaiah spells-out (clarifies; describes; puts into plain English) the criminal-activities of  Assyria* (a Global network of despots promoting “male-egotism,” “Materialism,” Cult-celebrity,  and Idolatry). Success for global-Cult ** (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Muslim; Protestant; so-called Born-Again Christian and Scientology’s) leaders (managers; administrators) depends upon their ability to systematically embezzle (misappropriate; steal; plunder) the birthright (privilege to govern) to which Israel’s people are entitled.

* Assyria-is an appellation (title describing the collective character of an entire people). The title represents an authoritarian system of Cult thinking and behaving that guarantees (pledges; promises) to its most faithful adherents (1) social-popularity, (2) financial-prosperity, and (3) sanctioned Hero-worship (Idolatry) in exchange for absolutely-unwavering-allegiance to Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; protestant; Muslim; Scientology’s) dogma (precepts; gospel; doctrines; creeds; canons). 


** Global Cults- Religious organizations having or seeking a Global membership (Mormonism; Roman-Catholocism; Islam; Protestantism and all other “-isms”; Scientology) are religious movements held together by a zealous commitment to a charismatic-ideology. Cults always claim a unique lure (sort of bait) that is peculiar (“Special”; distinctive) of their belief system that claims to have the answers to all of life’s questions and offers a “special” solution to be gained only thru total-commitment to Cult ideology and doctrine.


Isaiah’s indictment (formal list of criminal charges) sheds-light-on (illuminates; defines; explains) a very real “existential-threat” (life-threatening-peril; deadly-menace; lethal-danger) that Global Cults pose to not just the House Of Israel, but to Jerusalem (“The Schoolmaster of Peace and Salvation”) as well.

Not only are Global-Cultsthe path were not a cult GIF by HULU like Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; Islamism; all other “isms”; including so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity and Scientology bound (sworn by an oath) and determined (compelled; obsessed; driven) to eliminate (“get rid of”; “bump-off”; put an end to) Judah (“Praise and thanksgiving unto Yhwh”), which is Israel’s essential (leading; absolutely-necessary; vital; indispensable) trait (component). Cult authorities intend to substitute (swap; switch; substitute) Judah (“Praise and giving thanks unto Yhwh”)  with  Praise and giving thanks unto their own Cult-authorities.”

Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Muslim; Protestant; and Scientology) authorities are deified for proclaiming (circulating; propagating; disseminating) Cult-deviancy throughout the world.person standing beside trees photo – Free Grey Image on Unsplash The Human Race now faces the predicament of being unable to distinguish the difference between light (truth)  and darkness (falsity).

 Truth is lookin’ kinda “GRAY” (cloudy; hazy) these days!

Isaiah’s vision foreshadows (warns of; predicts) a major (crucial) controversy (debate; dispute) that MUST be settled (resolved), once and for all,  during our generation and by our generation.

Isaiah was a gifted scholar during his era. His literary skills were so extraordinary that he was nicknamed “The Prince Of Prophets” and “The Shakespeare of the Old Testament Prophets.” His literary-genius enabled him to employ (utilize) wordplay *(puns; double-entendres; idioms; slang; malapropisms; onomatopoeia) as a means to simultaneously reveal (disclose) and seal (lock-up; hide) information.


 As aImage result for sealed book result, the most “damning” evidence against Global Cults such as Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity, Islamism, and Scientology was hidden right before the reader’ eyes, (1) on the very pages……

(2) among the very words…….

(3) amidst the very Hebrew letters (symbols) with which Isaiah was so expertly trained to play (engage; manipulate; apply; manage).


For all intents and purposes, Isaiah’s original Hebrew testimony has remained sealed (locked; untouched; unchanged), precisely as Isaiah penned it 2,761 years (138 generations) ago.

During today’s unprecedented (unparalleled) reign of “Babylon” (confusion; bewilderment; turbulence; disorientation*), an authorized (inspired; lawful; sanctioned) translation (interpretation; explanation)  is now available that “unseals” (unlocks; brings to light)  Isaiah’s incriminating testimony against Global Cults (Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; Islamism; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity and Scientology). 

* Disorientation – Ad orientem is a Latin phrase used in several contexts of Christian worship and Christian prayer comprising the preposition ad (toward) and oriens (rising, sunrise, east), participle of orior (to rise). We turn our eyes and our hearts ad orientem, to Christ… Whether celebrated with priest and people facing each other or with priest and people together facing the same direction, every Eucharist is Christ coming to meet us. Disorientation is facing toward  or praying to the West (worship-centers or localities to the West of Jerusalem, which include Rome, Italy and Salt Lake City, Utah, both of which are religious headquarters to their own global Cult)


From its inception, Isaiah’s testimony was intended to alert (warn) not only the Jews of Isaiah’s era, but the Oracle (vision)  was ultimately intended to forewarn (tip-off) a latter-day-Israelite readership of millions throughout the modern world.

 * Wordplay – Why Oral Tradition Was Reliable In The Writing Of The Gospels | Reasons for JesusWordplay  (also: “play-on-words”) is a literary technique and a form of wit in which words used to become part of the main subject of the work, primarily to obfuscate (hiding) or amusing, or both. Examples of wordplay include; phonetic mix-ups such as spoonerisms,  obscure words and meanings, clever rhetorical-excursions, oddly formed sentences, double entendres.
Wordplay is common in “Oral-Cultures”(Oral traditions, or oral lore). It is a form of human communication wherein knowledge, art, ideas, and cultural material is received, preserved, and transmitted orally from one generation to another. The transmission is through speech or song and may include folktales, ballads, chants, prose, or verses.


“Do Names Really Matter?”

Indeed, Moving Part 4: UNPACK IT! – Ellie Kaythere’s a lot to “unpack” (open-up; discover) in a name.

Except for the pleasing (or whimsical) sound of a “given name,” contemporary Western culture hasn’t emphasized the meaning of a name, the way that Eastern (Middle-eastern) cultures have.

 “Apple”Relative Values: Moon Unit and Diva Zappa | Valet of the UltraVixensdaughter of Gwyneth Paltrow;  “Audio” -son of Shannyn Sossamon -or “Moon-Unit” – daughter of Frank Zappa.
“Moon-Unit” neglected to pass on the tradition when she named her own child Mathilda Plum.
Anciently,  the “Giving Of A Name” was an occasion for celebration in much the same way that we recognize birthdays and wedding anniversaries. The “Giving Of A Name” was celebrated with a ceremony recognizing the child as a new community member. Often, a name was selected in consideration of the circumstances into which the child was born. The name Ben-oni (“Son of My Sorrow”) was the original name chosen by Old Testament Rachel (the Love of Jacob’s life”) for her twelfth and the last child.
Rachel gave birth while on her death bed.  Jacob’s heart was broken, but he refused to name the last of his twelve sons, “Ben-Oni” (“Partner in my Sorrow”) even though it described,  quite well, the immediate circumstances into which the child was born. Jacob overruled Rachel’s dying wish and named the new-born infant Ben Yamin (“Benjamin”; “Son Of My Right Hand”; “Partner in my legitimate-ministry”).


The name “Isaiah” means:  “Salvation thru the power of “Yah”). “Yah” is a “Term of Endearment” (a phrase used to describe love or affection) for “Yhwh” (“The Self-Existen-One”). The nickname is reserved (specially-used) to describe an extraordinary-close (intimate; warm)  friendship (companionship) with Yhwh (“The Self-Existent One”),  such that Isaiah enjoyed throughout his adult life.

 Isaiahpulsating star wars GIF (“the-Old Testament prophet”) was an heir to Amotz (“moral-strength and Courage”). He led (lived; exemplified) a straight (virtuous; uncorrupted; moral) life,  so he was divinely endowed (blessed; gifted) with eyes (vision; perception) to see (discern; recognize; comprehend) the  Light” (“truth”) that was suddenly piercing the spiritual “Darkness” (ignorance and superstition) of Isaiah’s turbulent era (generation). 

 The revelation “sheds-light-on” (exposes; reveals information about)  “BABYLON” (widespread-confusion; global-lack of understanding; world-wide-uncertainty.) that dominates our latter-day  (final; concluding; decisive; crucial; closing) era (generation).

The major controversy (dispute; debate; argument contention) that Isaiah saw (envisioned) poses (presents) a very-real existential-threat to  “Judah (“Praise” & Thanksgiving unto Yhwh”) and to Jerusalem (“The Schoolmaster of-Peace-and-Salvation”).

It’s important toHigh Def GIF - GIF - Imgur keep in mind (understand; remember) that “proper” (given)  names (titles; designation; appellations; nicknames) and their meanings (significations; definitions) are “key” (essential; indispensable) to gaining a crystal-clear (high-definition) understanding (sense; perception; comprehension) of the message that Isaiah has transmitted to our generation.




Fasten your seatbelts. Make sure your seat back trays are locked in an upright position……………

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“Reading Isaiah’s Mind”

Chapter One -“A Rebellious Nation”

1. Isaiah’s entire Book is an Oracle (vision; indictment; formal list of criminal-charges)   that exposes an existential threat to Judah (“Praise and thanksgiving unto Yhwh”)  and Jerusalem (The Schooling of Peace and Salvation”).

Isaiah was a son (inheritor; recipient; lawful-heir) of “Amotz” (moral strength and courage).

His vision revealed (divulged; exposed; disclosed) a disturbing cycle (season; repeating-pattern) of (1) faithfulness (devotion) , (2) confusion (disorientation) , (3) apathy (indifference), then finally (4) antipathy (aversion) toward Yhwh’s Light (truth). This cycle (repeating-pattern)  is typified (epitomized; exemplified; represented) by the sequential (consecutive) reigns of 8th century B.C. Judahite Kings. *

(1) UzziahHere We Go Again GIF by memecandy (“You bet…Yah” is our strength”)  -reigned 783 – 742 BC

(2) Jotham (“Crap… now we’re orphans”… we’ve got nothing!”) reigned – 740/39 to 735 BC 

(3) Ahaz (Okay…Let’s seize what we can thru force”) reigned 732 –  715 BC

(4) Hezekiah (Here we go again…Let’s embrace”Yah,” …maybe he’ll get us out of this mess!”) reigned – 715–687 BC.

* Kings (absolute-rulers; sovereigns) of Judah’s people – The name of each Judahite King also represents an established attitude (fundamental way of thinking;  prevailing mindset) that reigned supreme among Judah’s people.
(1) Uzziah -“Oh YEAH… Yhwh’s fatherly strength protects us.”
(2) Jotham- “Crap… we’re orphans.”  
(3) Ahaz- “Okay…Let’s seize what we can by force.”
(4) Hezekiah“This sucks!… Let’s embrace “Yah” again. Maybe he’ll get us out of this mess!”
One can see how Judah’s monarchy’s priority determined the attitude that prevailed among Judah’s people. It gradually changed (morphed; transformed) in/thru a cyclical (recurring; repeating) pattern over time.





2. Pay special attention to this oracle (criminal-indictment), ye heavens (individuals with whom Yhwh and His “Holy-Spirit” feel perfectly comfortable and “At-home”) and ye prisoners (hostages; captives; detainees) of this Earth (“probationary sphere of existence allowing time and opportunity to transform natural-inclinations into fixed habits”). “Prick-Up Your Ears” (pay close attention) so you may understand Me (Yhwh).

 Yhwh (Israel’s God)Throwing The Book At Him | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim GIF | Gfycat  is clearly-stating His determination to “throw the book at” (charge and punish as severely as possible) global-cults (Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity; Islamism; and Scientology) in retribution for crimes they’ve committed against Israel’s people and their failure to make Yhwh’s word (business; matter; affairs) their #1 priority.

Yhwh says…….

“I have fathered children and raised them, but they’ve all rebelled against me!”  – (Deuteronomy 23:12-14)



3.  An Ox knows (recognizes; is familiar with) his master (owner) and even donkeys (asses)  recognize the manger (trough for horses or cattle to eat from) provided by their master.    

Image result for feeding jackasses gifBut, Israel’s people are clueless (oblivious; mystified; bewildered) to a knowledge-of (acquaintance with; familiarity with) their Lord and Master, Yhwh.

     “My Israelite people no longer have divine-insight that they can “pass-along” (bequeath; transmit) to the next                                   generation.”


They are blind (oblivious) to the  “Mockery” (absurd misrepresentation; imitation) of Yhwh that is being carried-on (conducted; made) by Global-Cults and their priest-crafts. 

* “Priest-crafts” –  “Priestcrafts are the intrigues (chicaneries; conspiracies; schemes; plots) of men who love to preach (deliver sermons and religious-talks to an assembled group of people, typically in church) and set themselves up as sources of light (truth) unto the world. They want to get gain (advantage; income; profit) and usurp (take-over; commandeer) “Praise and giving-thanks” away from Judah; without once seeking the welfare of Zion (God’s Everlasting Kingdom).





4.  Oy Oy Vey GIFs | Tenor(Alas!; calamity; Uh-oh; Woe!) unto these “goy” (non-Israelite;  heathen; unbelieving) “Men Of The Cloth” who represent Global Religious Cults, ( i.e., Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; all other “isms”; “So-called BORN AGAIN Christianity”; and Scientology).

* Oy – It’s the world’s most useful syllable. For chanting Chasidim, it’s a sort of substitute for the secular la-la-la-la — in songs where nobody’s bothered to write enough words. Or else it’s a way to help them get into the religious-ecstatic mood: a thousand Chasidic “Oys” equal one extended Buddhist “Om-m-m-m….” It’s also a surrogate for the f-Bomb — an exclamation for moments of extreme surprise, shock, clumsiness, disappointment, or pain, and indeed for moments of triumph. A single “oy” does justice to almost any crisis and every ecstasy. There’s no such thing as the double oy. But of course, there is the triple oy — “oy-oy-oy” — reserved for when things go horribly wrong. Nobody ever used the triple oy to express joy – “we’ve won the pools – oy oy oy!” Even joyful intonation doesn’t turn three “Oys” into three cheers. A truly tragic long-drawn-out “o… o… o… y… y… y” can have the same force as any number of repetitions, but there is something about tripling words that are undeniably impressive. I avoided the 1970 film Tora! Tora! Tora! (actually about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour) because I feared it might be a harrowing account of endless Hebrew classes, followed by a sequel Talmud! Talmud! Talmud! And here’s another thing about “oy.” Perhaps it’s indelicate to say it. It’s a Yiddish expression that’s goy-proof (or g-oy-proof if you prefer). Take, by contrast, what’s happened to the word chutzpah (shameless audacity; impudence). It’s been annexed by all, and it’s been reduced to hutzpah by people who couldn’t pronounce the letter Chet (like coughing up a fur-ball) even if it hit them in the face, and employed to mean all sorts of things that it really doesn’t. True, there is the non-Jewish yell that’s just an “Oi” as in “Oi you, put thathistory of the world moses GIF down or I’ll give you a clip round the ear.” And here’s the crucial difference: “oi” is a yell directed at others, “oy” is an archetypal Jewish expression of misery directed towards nobody except the Almighty or almighty stores. We may pride ourselves on our love of words and long-winded analysis on our penchant for philosophizing and psychologizing and complexities of the Jewish and, indeed, the human experience. But do we need all those millions of words? Couldn’t Freud just as well be spelled Froyd? These two letters are all we need. “Oy,” says it all, though some do gild the lily with “oy vey.” You may well know the joke about the Jew who got membership in a country club that didn’t accept Jews. His first visit was on a warm summer’s day. He went down to the outdoor pool, which was surrounded by members sunbathing. He plunged straight in and was shocked by how cold the water was. When he surfaced, he couldn’t stop himself letting out an impassioned “Oy vey!” Then, immediately realizing his mistake, he hopelessly added,                                                 “… whatever that means.”



Image result for Missed-the-Boat gifThey’ve all “Missed-the-Boat”  (failed; made a “YUGE” mistake) because their entire priesthood organizations, from top to bottom, are controlled and maintained by a syndicate (gang; bunch; ring) of law-breakers and miscreants.

Each of them is handicapped (burdened; loaded-down) with guilt (a bad conscience) because he knows that his church (cult) disregards ( ignores; couldn’t care less about) truth while at the same time abusing Israel’s people.

Generation after generation of misguided (ignorant; misinformed; illegitimate) “Men Of The Cloth” has been treated (coddled; indulged) as royalty (men of royal blood and status) by naive (gullible; ignorant; unsuspecting) congregants.

Indeed Facilities Maintenance / Work Order Information(if truth be told), Yhwh (Israel’s God) sees Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) “Men Of The Cloth”  as nothing more than “janitors” (caretakers; maintenance-men) who are called (appointed)  to look-after (take care of; maintain) Israel’s Royal House (family; lineage; bloodline; dynasty; a succession of hereditary-rulers). 

But, to the contrary, contemporary Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; Scientology’s) leaders have turned themselves into “spitting-images” (dead-ringers; carbon-copies) of their Old Testament forefathers, the  “Nephilim” * (fallen ones).

* Nephilim(“Fallen ones”) jim carrey GIFare the hybrid race of beings produced thru illicit sexual-intercourse between “Watchers” (Fallen Angelic-beings)  and Mortal-females. (See Genesis Chapter Six) By nature,  they are covetous, so they can never be satisfied. By instinct, they exceed the boundaries set for them by God and men.  They are obsessed with “Charisma” (charm that inspires devotion by others). Their covetousness (avarice; rapacity; cupidity) drives them to steal (embezzle; appropriate) Israel’s name (dominion; jurisdiction, reputation, and authority). Their covetous nature is inherited from their forefathers (the “Nephilim”),  but it is disastrous for the unsuspecting souls who follow them.


In Hebrew, “Ha-bene-elo-heem” has long been mistranslated as “Sons of God.”  It is widely misinterpreted (misread; misunderstood) by contemporary theologians of the Old Testament.  Its true meaning is hidden right before the reader’s eyes thru Isaiah’s (1) selection of words (2) combination of letters. The precise translation of  “Ha-bene-Elo-heem” is as follows:

(1)Ha ( “the” )

(2) “bene” (partners-in; subjects-of; sons-of) 

(3) “alo (a curse; an imprecation; a satanic oath & covenant)

(4) heem  (“of-men”; conjured-up by wicked-men). 

   In the same way that political intrigues (conspiracies; plots; schemes) play-out (unfold) in our latter-day era,  “Ha bene Elo-heem” (“The partners in a satanic oath and covenant conjured-up by wicked men”) cunningly amassed extraordinary (remarkable; exceptional)  power and renown throughout the world preceding (preliminary to;  leading up to) Noah’s era.

“Ha bene Elo-heem” were known (reputed; renowned; distinguished; thought-of) as “Super-Human”,  even “gigas”; “gigans”(“extraordinarily-powerful & important; god-like-figures; legends;  Latin;  praegrandis- “very-great”, “insurmountable”). They were not physical-giants, but rather, they were social/political Titans (Goliaths).

By deliberately engagingCoronavirus: Sex during lockdown in England is now illegal in divinely- prohibited sexual-intercourse with mortal-women, “Ha bene Elo-heem” set-about (began) to father (sire; create; beget) a rival (competing; opposing; adversarial) race of hybrid (mongrel; composite; bastard; half-breed) race of “Beings” known as Nephilim (“Fallen-Ones”).

The goal of Nephilim was then and continues to be the usurpation (assault -upon; misappropriation-of)  Israel’s God-given (inherited; birthright) authority (dominion; jurisdiction). 

 But that’s not the whole story.

Old TestamentEyes Looking Sticker by Emoji for iOS & Android | GIPHY “Ha-bene-Elo-heem” (“global partners bound by a diabolical oath and covenant conjured-up by wicked-men”) possessed a working (practical) knowledge of Sorcery (Black-Magic; how to cast-evil-spells; Enchantments). Works of Darkness guarantee them the thrill of reaching (achieving)  their sinister (evil; perverse) objectives. In defiance of restrictions (limits; boundaries) placed upon them by Yhwh,  to merely “WATCH” (observe; “Keep-An-Eye-On”) the Human Race…….

 “Watchers” and their hybrid (mongrel; mutt)  offspring (“The Nephilim”; “Fallen-Ones”)  began to:

    (a) teach (instruct; school) mankind about “occult-practices” (sorcery; casting-spells; Black Magic; incantations).

       (b) train (coach; show) males how to weaponize  (repurpose as a “Billy-Club”) their illegitimate (stolen; embezzled) Israelite Authority (jurisdiction).

      (c) show (demonstrate-to)  women how to create a false-image (pretense; outward-appearance; facade) of beauty (allure; good-looks; physical-attractiveness).

And don’t forget…..“Watchers” (“ha bene Elo-heem”) and their hybrid-offspring (“The-Nephilim”; “Fallen-Ones”) have no consciences (sensibilities of human morality), whatsoever,  so they feel no remorse (contrition; guilt; regret; shame) about committing capital (major; capital)  “crimes” (felonies; abominations; atrocities) to accomplish their mission.*

* Mission- Imaceleb GIF by I'm A Celebrity Hindsight makes it clear that the supreme mission of the “Watchers” was to dethrone (topple;  supplant) Jehovah’s administration (government). Originally, they sought permission from Jehovah,  supposedly to  “watch”(observe) the human race.
As angelic-beings, they thought human-beings were completely incompetent,  so they petitioned Yhwh based on the pretext (subterfuge; pretense) of showing humans how to succeed (achieve their objectives; prosper) while becoming celebrities (men of renown) among their peers.


But Jehovah warned them,  “You would do well to have compassion upon the Human Race,  for if you were in their shoes, it’s likely that you would make similar mistakes.” Genesis Chapter Six (6) addresses the matter of Watchers and their offspring (the Nephilim) who attempt to supplant Yhwh and populate the earth with their own monstrous “breed” (spawn; species) of “Beings” (beasts;  swine; brutes). 
This disgraceful (deplorable; shameful) objective was fully (in all respects; completely)  achieved during Noah’s generation……so, pay close attention because it’s happening all over again  (the cycle is repeating).   



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  All of today’s top (senior; presiding) Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) officials are “paisans” (“homies”) with each other because of common descent (line of ancestry) from the afore-mentioned two-hundred (200) “Watchers” *high five horse GIF(power-hungry angelic-beings)  who descended  (fell; disgraced-themselves; surrendered their angelic character ) to Mount (organize; stage) Hermon (Hebrew –“Chermown” (“a total-ban upon”; the-total-extermination-of; a curse upon) Israel’s seed, who’ve been born thru the royal-bloodline of Abraham.

*“Watchers” (Aramaic עִיר ʿiyr, plural עִירִין ʿiyrin,  Theodotian ir; from the root of Hebrew ʿer, “awake, watchful.” Greek ἐγρήγοροι, “Watchers,” (“covetous-angels”; “evil-angels”) is a term used in connection with Biblical Angels (not all of them are “good”). “Watcher” occurs in both plural and singular forms in the Book of Daniel (4th–2nd century BC), where reference is made to their angelic (super-human)-nature. The apocryphal Book of Enoch (2nd–1st centuries BC) refers to both “good” and “bad” Watchers, with a primary focus on the rebellious ones.


The latter-day (contemporary) descendants (offspring; seed; posterity)  of those Two-hundred (200) “rebellious-angels” (“Watchers”) referred to in Genesis Chapter Six, have, just like their “Watcher” forbearers,  seized top-positions of power worldwide, to spearhead (lead; head) an “11th-hour” (latter-day) global overthrow (removal from power; failure; downfall) of Yhwh and destruction of his Israelite people.

 Like theirlauren bacall vintage GIF by Warner Archive ancient  (Pre-diluvian & Post-diluvian) ancestors (predecessors; forefathers; antecedents),  Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Muslim; Scientology’s) officials  (presiding-authorities) instinctively exceed (violate; overstep) the boundaries (limits; confines; restrictions; conditions) set for them by Yhwh (Israel’s God; The Self-Existent-One”), whether “in-person” (directly) or thru Yhwh’s written (Old Testament) instruction (Torah; Law). 

 Like their ancient   (Old Testament;  Pre-diluvian & Post-diluvian) ancestors, top-Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Muslim; Scientology’s) official’s are intent on counterfeiting (pretending; copying; imitating; impersonating) Israel’s  “charisma” (compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others).

They want4 EASY Ways to Be More Charismatic and Charming a “Stranglehold” (monopoly)  on “Charisma” (“Charm”; compelling attractiveness), in particular,  to fulfill (bring to completion; accomplish) their “Mission (commission; assignment) to destroy Israel’s seed (posterity; offspring).

From the very beginning, the objective of Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; Scientology) leadership (officialdom) has been to “Embezzle” (plunder; usurp; falsely-claim) Israel’s birthright (“Authority”; jurisdiction; dominion).

With Israel’s birthright in their hands (ministries), they can guarantee (make certain) to their posterity (descendants; offspring) from one generation to the next,   unobstructed “freedom” (license; inalienable-right; entitlement) to engage-in (habitually and regularly carry out or perform) whatever “dirty-deeds” (capital-crimes; atrocities; abominations) that they want, with impunity (freedom from punishment; indemnity; immunity) by doing the following:

(a) Employing the “Powers-of-Sorcery (Black-Magic; enchantments; the casting of evil-spells) to achieve their goals.

(b) Creating an image (public-perception; persona; facade) of righteousness (virtue)  as a means to side-step (avoid; circumvent) detection (accusation; identification; recognition). 

(c) TeachingSeth Meyers Lol GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers humanity to weaponize (adapt for use as a weapon) the birthright of “Authority” that they’ve stolen (appropriated; seized-control-of; commandeered; hijacked; taken; swiped) from Israel’s people, which includes:

 “Lawful-Succession” (rightful-transmission of the throne, the dignity, and the estate of Yhwh”) and…….

 Prophetic Office (appointment; installation)  as Yhwh’s (God’s) Seers (soothsayers; visionaries; revelators). 

They wrongly suppose (think; imagine) that no one will dare to “finger” (identify) them as criminals.

Fraud Hoax GIFThey are not expecting this “Indictment.”

Like their ancient (Pre-diluvian & Post-diluvian) ancestors,  Top-Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Muslim; Scientology’s) officials are pretending to be Ambassadors of Yhwh  (Messengers of Yhwh). But they are driven-by (motivated-by; bound and determined-to; obsessed with; fueled-by; committed-to; bound by a Satanic-oath)  to:

(1) neglect (disregard; ignore; pass-over; scorn) Israel’s people

(2) blasphemy (insult) Yhwh

(3) inaugurate (introduce; enthrone; launch)  themselves as the  “Kings” (royalty; crowned heads) to reign over Israel’s people.”  Then, as if adding insult to injury……..

(4)  deify (glorify; immortalize) themselves as Israel’s“idols” (icons; Heroes”)

Cult Crown GIFs | Tenordeification (idolization; hero-worship; breathless adoration) of ambitious men is initiated (begun) with a “Secret-Ceremony conducted behind-closed-doors (behind the scenes; without public-knowledge). 

Thereby,  The Apples of the Eyes” (The Chosen-Ones) of Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; Scientology) heads (leaders) are crowned (installed; enthroned) as royalty (the ruling class; the Elite; Cult-Aristocracy).  

* Secret Ceremony – Mormonism’s “Second Anointing” For much of LDS Church history, the “Second-Anointing” was the crowning ordinance of Salt Lake’s “so-called” (self-styled) Restoration. The first anointing is the endowment ceremony that continues today, and it concerns blessings in the afterlife, like becoming kings and queens, priests and priestesses. The second anointing actually bestows those blessings during mortality and is supposed to secure one‘sImage result for The-Second-Anointing exaltation in heaven. By 1949, nearly 33,000 of these anointings had been performed”. – by Devery Anderson. Although many members have rumored that the second anointing ordinances are still practicing, it has been mostly speculation and second-hand accounts. But now, a former Stake President (An Mormon General Authority) has come forward with his story and provides a first-hand account of his second anointing.
In 2012, former stake president Thomas Phillips went public and was a guest on the Mormon Stories Podcasts by John Dehlin. He gave an account of the second anointing. Performed by the highest leaders of the church for both Thomas and his wife. He also said that afterward, he was asked to recommend other couples for the ordinance and keep it quiet and not to discuss that he and his wife had received their second anointing.
Apparently, the practice is more widespread than most members know. The ordinance is limited to General Authorities as Brother Phillips was a stake president when he received his second anointing. The Mormon Stories Podcast featuring Thomas Phillips is fascinating and one of the best. It is over 4 hours long but filled with fascinating information and is not “anti-Mormon” at all,  but reveals the struggle that a faithful, high-ranking church leader has had and continues to have after learning about many problematic issues of church history and doctrinal beliefs.





5.  Why (for-whose-benefit) do you (Israel’s people) allow yourselves to be subjugated  (dominated; controlled)? How can You (Israel’s people) be so gullible (easily persuaded; easily fooled) as to gleefully “swear-a-binding-oath” (seven-yourselves) Twitterpated GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYto cult-like Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; “so-called Born-again Christianity; Islamism or Scientology and be so carried-away (“twitterpated”: infatuated; obsessed; beguiled; charmed; seduced; spell-bound; intoxicated; enraptured) by Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) “flim-flam” (deception; swindle; confidence-game) that you (Israel’s people) casually disregard (forget; don’t give a damn about) what your “head” (Yhwh; “Jesus-Christ”) is trying to tell you. 


You’re the lord of the rings GIFfalling-for (taken-in-by; captivated-by; smitten-by; hoodwinked-by) deceitful (two-faced; dishonest; unprincipled; duplicitous) flattery” (“puffery”; sweet-talk; false-praise), that gushes from the mouths (prophets; spokesmen; representatives) of Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” born-again Christianity’s or Scientology’s) officialdom (men in positions of authority) until your the hearts (affections; wills and purposes; thoughts and actions) have become perverse.                        




6. From the sole (lowly-rank; humble-position) of the foot (footsoldier; “errand-boy”; “gofer”) all the way up to the head (top-leader; Prophet; Presiding authority; pontiff), there’s not a “bit” (particle; modicum; ounce) of integrity (truth; veracity; honesty)  among the “bunch-of-’em.”

Cults (Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; “so-called” born-again Christianity and Scientology) Image result for bruises gifcan only offer you (Israel’s people) bruises (injuries below the surface;  impairments deep-within your souls), stripes  (welt-marks) and a worthless Cult (Mormon; Roman Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” Born-Again Christian; Scientology) “brand” (identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, trademark)  used to distinguish your (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” Born-Again Christian or Scientology) Cult (Church) from all the others.

“A BRAND is not what “you,” say it is……. it’s what “others,” say it is.”

Newco Shift | Can Trump Manage America's Brand?

With few exceptions Israel’s people have degenerated into fawning (servile; obsequious)     “Slaves” (captives; serfs; drudges; chattel; victims) of their Cult  (Mormon; Roman-Catholicism; Protestant; “so-called” Born-Again-Christian; Scientologist) leaders.

Their wounded (lacerated; injured)  souls have never been anointed (blessed; softened; moderated; tempered;  calmed; mollified; tranquilized; soothed) by oil (“the Spirit of God”) nor have they been bandaged (dressed; covered) to prevent (avert; stave-off) the spread of infection (contamination; contagion).




7.  Their once great “Kingdoms of Self-Glorification” has become a  “Train-Wrecks” (“hellish scenes of “confusion and trouble”).trainwreck GIF  

Here’s the thing……. 

Every Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called “BORN AGAIN”; Scientology’s) male (husband, father, son, brother uncle, grandfather) has become consumed (preoccupied; obsessed) with:


(1) Every Animated Gif of Prince You'll Ever Need | KQEDgetting (obtaining; having) as much authority (dominion; jurisdiction) as he possibly can, as quickly as he can get his hands on it.


(2)  “showing-it-off” (flaunting it; swaggering-it; parading-it-around;  making-a-spectacle of it), as if he were some kind of “Prince.”




 IsThis Bible Cartoon features the Genesis 3 story of the Snake (Satan) tempting Eve to eat of the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.Picturerael’s people are naive (simple in nature; guileless; unsophisticated), so they don’t see (understand; recognize) that they’re being exploited (abused; used unfairly and selfishly) by Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called “BORN AGAIN” Christian; Muslim; and Scientology’s) leadership.

 Israelites willingly (enthusiastically) donate their money (tithes and offerings)  and happily dedicate (devote; commit; pledge) their time (lives) to “Aid and Abet” (approve and support; endorse) Cult (Mormonism’s; Roman-Catholicism’s; Protestantism’s; “so-called” Born-Again-Christianity’s; Scientology’s) authorities in the commission of capital-crimes (gross-criminal acts; felonies; serious-transgressions) against God and their own Israelite people.

Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” BORN AGAIN-Christian; Scientology’s) officers are desperately engaged in spreading (proliferating) Sorcery (Black-Magic; “Works-of-Darkness”) thru their illegitimate (criminal) ministry. 


So, if youAnguish overdone. in 2020 | Face expressions, Anguish, Emotional photography (Israel’s people) continue to sustain (encourage) and financially-support (pay-tithes and offerings to ) Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” Born-Again-Christian; Scientology’s) leadership as you have hitherto (so far) done…..before you know it,  every Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) male that you know will be hopelessly (irredeemably) caught-up (absorbed; engrossed; rapt; engaged) in Cult Magic in association with the Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” Born-Again-Christian; Scientology’s) network (web) of lay-magicians (conjurers; illusionists; tricksters). They are accustomed to getting what they want thru the use (practice; implementation) of Sorcery (Black Magic; “Works-of-Darkness”) while they careen (fall-uncontrollably) to their “Eternal-Destination” (“Hell”; “Outer-Darkness”).

Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) zealots (diehards; fanatics) are routinely tricked (duped; hoodwinked; bamboozled) into believing that Heaven (“the dwelling place of God”) is populated (occupied; inhabited; settled; colonized) by Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” Born-Again-Christian; Scientology’s) men and women,  just like themselves, who’ve spent their entire lives and much of their resources to promote the culture (development; Way Of Life; lifestyle) of “Assyria” (“Male-Egotism; misogyny; worldwide-Celebrity;  Financial-Riches;  and idol-worship,” i.e., “Mockery of Yhwh”), which is at its heart.

The culture (development; Way Of Life; lifestyle) of Assyria (“Male-Egotism; misogyny; Worldwide-Celebrity;  Financial-Riches and Idol-Worship”; “Mockery-of-Yhwh”)  demands (depends-on; requires) total (strict) allegiance to Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-call” BORN_AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) clergy (priesthood; “Men of the Cloth”;  “Corporate-Pecking-Order”) from top to bottom. 

Meanwhile,subjugated meaning - Google Search | Uncommon words, Words, Words quotes Israel’s people are subjugated (defeated; vanquished; conquered) by 
“Cult” (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; “so-called” BORN AGAIN-Christian; Scientology’s) “Men-of-the-Cloth” who casually usurp (assume; seize; appropriate) every-aspect” of Israel’s authority (dominion; jurisdiction).





Global Cults (Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; “so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity; Islamism; The Church Of Scientology) have begun to accelerate their proselytizing efforts to full-throttle (maximum-speed). 

Cult leaders wantnew england patriots hurry GIF by NFL to speed up and broaden (widen) the circulation (expansion; promotion; proliferation; escalation) of Sorcery (“dark-works”; black magic; casting magic-spells; incantation) as quickly as possible among their most servile (obsequious; zealous; obedient; ambitious) “Men Of The Cloth.” They are the most influential leaders (teachers ) among their congregations of loyal Mormons; Roman-Catholics; Protestants; “so-called BORN AGAIN Christians;  Muslims and Scientologists. They know that their Coup-d’-etat must be “pulled-off” (carried-out; accomplished) successfully before Yhwh (Israel’s God) steps in and “shuts them down” (puts them “out of business”; locks them up) 

The Fact is that advancement within the Cult leadership hinges on (is contingent upon; depends on) the success of corrupt (deceitful underhanded) policies (programs) that serve (function) to weaken, confuse, and ultimately disband (cause to break up and stop functioning; dissolve; separate; disperse; break-up) Israel’s people.  Cult leaders are cheerfully recognized, acknowledged, and promoted “in secret” not because of their public (theatrical; stage) performances of  “Charm” and “Saccharine-Sweetness” resulting from a man’s unique “acting-chops” (acting-technique). They are acting (performing their stagecraft; playing a role; putting on a theatrical performance) to captivate your (Israel’s people’s) attention because “A-CONVINCING” (persuasive; “Academy Award-Winning”) MOCKERY (absurd misrepresentation and imitation of)  you (Israel’s people) “IS” (constitutes)  their “COVER” (pretext; excuse; role;  justification; character; camouflage).

There are Clapping Applause GIFtwo audiences for them. The public-audience is you (Israel’s people), and the collective media (mass communication…broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet).

But most important to them is the “private audience” (command performance) they must execute for senior cult officials lurking behind the scenes (backstage; out of the spotlight;  out of public-view; out of sight).

The most important performances (criminal-acts) are reserved (exclusively, intended) to impress Cult (Mormon, Roman-Catholic,  and Protestant, “so-called BORNFunny Super Hero GIFs | Tenor AGAIN Christian,  Muslim, and Scientology’s) heads (leaders; presiding authorities) who are idolized (put on pedestals; venerated; lionized; worshipped) as Heroes.








8.   Today Cult Strangling other stock vector. Illustration of business - 37494403(Mormon; Roman-Catholic; protestant; so-called “BORN AGAIN”Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) clergy (“Men-of-the-Cloth”; men of the pastorate; priesthood-organizations; ministries) have a virtual “Lock” (strangle-hold; monopoly) on “Israel’s-Goods” (inheritances; birthright), so they have every   resource (deep-pocket) from which to draw,  except one.

They can’t look to Yhwh (“The-Self-Existent-One”) as a resource because Cults (Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; so-called “BORN AGAIN” Christianity; and Scientology) have,  long since, forsaken (mutinied-against; deserted; abandoned; rejected) Yhwh (“The Self-Existent One”).



Cult leaders need tired good night GIFIsrael’s people to be (act as; function as) their “COVER” (pretext; excuse; justification; alibi; human-shields).

 Thanks to the COVER (pretext; excuse; justification; alibi) that You (Israel’s people) supply, Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s)  leaders can follow thru and successfully execute their plot (conspiracy; scheme; plan) against Yhwh and His Israelite people,  without once being suspected of such blatant (flagrant) treachery (perfidy; disloyalty; betrayal of trust).

Collectively, these men head (direct; control; oversee; supervise; preside-over) the emergence of a “Counterfeit” (imitation; phony; bogus) Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) authority (jurisdiction; dominion), with which to surround Israel’s people. Cults like (Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; Islamism; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity; The Church of Scientology) exploit  (make full use of and derive benefit from) Israel’s illegitimate authority (jurisdiction; dominion).  

Israel’s wizard of oz GIFbirthright (authority)  is the “GREEN-CURTAIN” (smoke-screen) behind which Cults like (Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism;  “so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity; Islamism; and The Church of Scientology) can secretly (safely) work to oppose (obstruct; thwart; fight) Jehovah and His vineyard (Israelite people).


Image result for Roach motel cartoon 70Meanwhile, some Israelites have become Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) “Kapos” (captives who are given special”privileges in return for supervising Israelite work gangs). 

They’ve become the most hardened (unfeeling; cold-hearted; callous; disdainful) of all Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) “thought-police”.

They know exactly how to turn financial “Opportunities-in-Zion” into financial -opportunities for their personal-bank accounts in partnership with other like-minded “cockroaches” (detestable-things; creeping-things;  low-life reprobates; abominations).

They may Scolding Do It GIF by MOODMANpretend to be Zion’s guardian-angels (watchmen; sentinels), but, if truth be told,  they are nothing more than “power-hungry” (unprincipled; ambitious; despotic; tyrannical) “Descendants of Watchers”(“Nephilim”). They’ve become high-profile Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) “Big-Shots” (Tycoons) whose only purpose in life is to preserve (maintain; “hold-on-to”; keep possession of) the “ill-gotten-gains” (plunder; spoils),  which they and their pioneering ancestors have stolen (embezzled) from Israel’s people thru cunning and craftiness.


* WATCHERS – The sin (moral-failure; mistake; transgression) of “WATCHERS” (fallen angels) was “to revolt against God” by crossing (going-beyond;  exceeding) the limitations (circumscriptions; boundaries; restrictions) given to them by Jehovah.   This ambitious (power-hungry; aggressive) angels descended upon Mount Hermon during the era (generation; time-period) of the “Tower of Babel” (Babel means “confusion”; Genesis Chapter 11). Nineteen of them were considered leaders,  mentioned in 1 Enoch, referred to as  “The-Chiefs-Of-Ten.” Once they reached the earth, they found women who were renowned (celebrated) because they surrounded every house (dynasty; a line of hereditary rulers) to which they belonged,  with grace, beauty, love, health, and prosperity. The “Watchers found these women to be especially attractive. for their purposes. The ‘Watchers”  proceeded to unlawfully instruct humans about SORCERY (charms, enchantments), severing Israelite genealogical roots (foundations) and “creating “irresistible-public-images.”


“Out”…..damned spot!    Out, I say! …”– “Macbeth” (act-five: scene-one) 
(1)  Essential to angelic-existence (life)  is the divine-prohibition against marriage or/and sexual activity with mortal-women.


(2) the illicit (unholy) sexual-unions with mortal women produced Nephilim (wicked-hybrid-offspring) who lack human-consciences (moral sensibilities), and who ultimately necessitated (made necessary) the Great-Flood during Noah’s time.



(3) These “Watchers” seized an unauthorized mantle (role; duty)  as instructors and governors of humanity as well as revealers of secrets (privileged-information) about our natural (physical; time-space) universe……….secrets which God did not intend for humankind to know unless they were spiritually (morally) mature enough to receive them.  The angels were permitted to merely  “Watch” (observe; surveil; keep an eye on) the Hunan Race and report what they saw, but as they became acclimated to “mortality” and their “super-human” penises, the priorities (prime concerns; primary-issues) for these  “Watcher’s”   quickly became, just like that of every mortal (unregenerate) male:
(1)  copulate-with mortal women as often as possible
(2)  instruct (teach; accustom) mortals about things they aren’t morally-mature enough to handle
(3)  control (command; manipulate)  mortals………in the same order presented here.







9. Were-it-not-for”About An Idiom, Bend Over Backwards - En #240228 - PNG Images - PNGio (had it not been for; without) this indictment (formal list of criminal charges) issued by Jehovah thru Isaiah,  Israel’s people (along with their birthright) would have forever been the “spoils (booty; plunder; treasures; prizes) of Cult authorities who’ve captured them as part of a “stealthy” (“conspiratorial”) “takeover” (coup-d’etat).  Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology)  Scions  (descendants of notable families) benefit most from Cult crimes.

Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) Authorities are bending-over-backward (making every possible effort) to cover-up (hide; white-wash; conceal; mask; camouflage) their culture of “Sodom” (moral-degeneracy and corruption)!

 Had Bingo Hall Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStockIsaiah’s words had not been correctly translated (interpreted), you (today’s Israelite people),  like so many of your  Israelite ancestors,  would have been transformed (converted) into   Gomorrah (“bundles of assets; building-bricks) to be bought and sold like  “Merchandise” (commodities) then exploited-as (turned into) consumers of everything produced by the cults (from “T-Shirts to Wednesday-Nite Bingo Games) for the sake of profiting (enriching; filling the pockets of) Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) CEO’s (Chief-Executive-Officers).



We max sees movies: #8: Schindler's List(Israel’s people) would forever be…

(1) “worth-shit” to Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) leadership.

(2) thrown into a pit, along with straw (available-people of little value),

(3) blended (turned) into a mish-mash (confusion of people; a Babylonian-people),

(4) poured Close Up Of Industrial Bricklayer Installing Bricks On Construction Site Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStockinto “tried and true” (prescribed) molds (roles; stage-characters) and dried (desolated by the sun’s furnace) to produce hardened (unfeeling; steeled; benumbed; callous)  “bricks” (archetypes;  paragons; examples) of the ideal Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) member.


Having accomplishedIt's A Fair Cop You Dirty Rat!!” 2004 – A Guy Called Bloke this, the only thing that Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) officialdom needs are “Rat-Bastard” (thoroughly despicable) offspring (followers; disciples; children) to keep every Israelite involved in Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) activities (programs; rituals) promoted by a Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) network  (labyrinth; organization; fraternity) of religious-frauds (faithless-phonies; spiritual-swindlers). 






10. Listen-up, ……ye  (you) leaders of Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) cultures (societies; communities; congregations) of Sodom (moral-degeneracy and corruption)!

Lo and BeholdDo's and Don'ts in a coding interview | by Rashmikiran Pandit | Sep, 2020 | Medium (a new turn of events that could have been predicted!).…..

The ears (capacities to ponder and think-deeply)  of this (our-current) generation are being  “pricked-up” (alerted; pointed) to the Torah (“Instruction”) of Israel’s God (Yhwh; “The Self-Existent-One”).

This (our) generation is collectively cursing (invoking a curse against; damning; “puting the evil-eye-on”) all Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) Authorities, because…

Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) authorities behave like a bunch of Sodomite (morally-corrupt)  Peddlers (retailers; agents; vendors purveyors) who traffic (buy & sell; bootleg) in Gomorrah (“bundles of Israelite-merchandise”; congregations of Israel’s people with birthrights).






11. “In the end”ronald mcdonald clown GIF (in the final analysis) …….Israelite sacrifices (gestures; tributes; offerings; surrenderings of Israel’s time, life and money) to Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; and  The Church Of Scientology’s) idols (heroes; celebrities) are worth shit (nothing)  and they leave a “shitty” taste in your mouth.


They jesus deal with it GIFain’t worth a rat’s ass to me !” 

…..saith Yhwh.

“I’ve had enough (“a-belly-full”; “all I can stand”) of their Bullshit Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) “Duty” (responsibility). 



They are dutiful “only” (solely) to secure Celebrate 30 Rock GIF by University of Alaska Fairbanks - Find & Share on GIPHY(retain; get its hands on; acquire) as much authority (power and control) as they can so that everyone will see (view; regard) them as Rams (“leaders of the flock”;  Authorities; officialdom).

They consider themselves to be among the creme-de-la-creme (“Best of the best”; elites; choicest; favorites; points of pride and joy) of Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) society.

TheseAnimated gifs - BOVINES self-styled elitists (aristocrats) account for most of the “Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) Bulls” (congregational-leaders”; Authorities) trying to make their mark in the world by “snorting around” at Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) Headquarters.


 They “Strut-their stuff” vince mcmahon GIFbecause they think (imagine; suppose) themselves to be “experts” (“Keepers”; “masters”; “specialists”; “hot-shots”) of Sorcery (Black-Magic).

They look forward to the day when their own sycophants (fawning-subordinates)  will become experts (“masters”; “specialists”; “hot-shots”) at Sorcery (Black-Magic) under their tutelage.  


…..while Old-goats” Old Goat by Fox Photos(Elders; “old-men”) reminisce about the “Good-Ol’-Days”   when THEY were “the” experts (“keepers”; masters; specialists; hot-shots”) of Sorcery (Black Magic; “Works-of Darkness”).”

“I’ve seen as much “COCKY-MANHOOD” from them as I can stand!”

 saith “The Lord” (Yhwh). 




12. Who would have (could have) suspected (doubted; anticipated) such a thing……….coming frompierced the hand (priesthood; ministry) of you (“Cult-Chosen-Ones”)?

Who could (would) have guessed (estimated; supposed; sensed; imagined) that you (Mormons; Roman-Catholics; Protestants; Muslims; so-called BORN AGAIN Christians; Scientologists) would seek to destroy (kill; slaughter; desecrate; pierce) Jehovah’s administration-of-justice?   







13. You GIF animals clapping raccoon - animated GIF on GIFER - by Bladeconjuror(Israel’s people) musn’t let (allow; permit) Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) religious practices to continue going nowhere like this.

 Revelation (intelligence; revealed knowledge) has arrived (“filled-the-void”) thru  “someone” who knows how to “corner” (trap; trick; “get-on-the-ropes”; fool) wicked men”  (Cult-Authorities) who worship the authority (control; supremacy; dominion) of “MEN” , instead of Me (Yhwh).


What Were Gonna Make AFortune With This Place GIF - WereGonnaMake AFortuneWithThisPlace MoneyBags - Discover & Share GIFsCult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) leaders really want is a “Restoration” (re-establishment; return) of “Golden” (Once in a lifetime)-“Opportunities” (chances; possiblities) for  Wicked-Men (villains) to “Make A Fortune”, (“Strike it Rich”; “Hit the Jackpot) so their Cult will become the International ” Mecca” (place of pilgrimage) for the world’s most egregious promoters of Religious Bullshit (nonsense).


  For… see……Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) “Men Of The Cloth” have neither the moral-conviction (sense of right and wrong). 

They’re  “BALLS” must have fallen off,  ’cause they don’t dare to interfere with (disrupt; stop; slow; oppose) the practice of Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) idolatry (idol-worship; Hero-worship).

WAIT…I Found ’em

Gift for Women Testicles - Men Balls - N- Buy Online in Oman at Desertcart




14.  jim carrey GIFEverything about Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) society that you (Israel’s people) are now familiar with and all the solemnities (meetings; conferences; assemblies; firesides) that you are observing (present-at; taking part in) are subtly imbued (inspired; suffused; permeated) with  Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) hatred (loathing; detestation; intense dislike or ill-will) for Me (Yhwh) and my Israelite people.


Cult Jimmy, Sixth-generation Pain in the Ass - JACK ZIEGLER - New Yorker Cartoonist(Mormonism’s; Roman-Catholicism’s; Protestantism’s; Islamism’sMuslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) version (brand of) Sainthood (“Angelic-character; Holiness”) feels bizarre (foreign; alien)  to Israel’s people. Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) leaders posture (show-off; position)  themselves as royalty (kings; princes; captains).   But, as far as  Yhwh is concerned, they are all ……


Thanks tobitch slap GIF them, this (our) generation of Israel’s people is virtually exhausted (spent; used-up; empty; depleted; played-out; “burned-out”) because they are continuously prodded; (goaded pushed; coerced; required)  to comply with Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) priorities.




15. So, when Cult Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) minions pretend to be Holy-Men (Israelite-High-Priests)  and “Spread their Palms” * to bless their people….  I

Image result for ancient Israelitepriests blessing upon the people gifI will hide (close; turn; shut) my eyes to you, even if you make (offer) many prayers, I will not listen (pay attention) …..because your hands (ministries; “works”; programs; policies;  ordinances)  are stained (contaminated) with Israelite blood (bloodshed; slaughter).



.*“Spread Their Palms” – Image result for sign of the Hebrew letter shin (ש) with their fingers while bestowing the blessing.Before Yeshua (Jesus) ascended to heaven, “he lifted his hands and blessed” his disciples. “While he was blessing them, He departed from them and was carried up into heaven” (Luke 24:50-51). In Judaism, to say, “He lifted His hands and blessed them” means pronouncing the priestly blessing. A Jewish reading of the story implies that the Master pronounced the priestly blessing over His disciples. The Master lifted His scarred hands above His head with His open palms toward the disciples. His fingers connected to make the sign of the priesthood. He spread the thumb and index finger of each hand to touch the opposite hand’s thumb and index finger. He spread the third and fourth fingers of his hands to make the holy sign of the priesthood, the shape of the ancient letter “shin” and symbol for God’s Name (Shaddai”). (In ancient Hebrew, before the introduction of Aramaic characters, the letter ש looked like a ‘W.’) As Yeshua lifted his hands over them and blessed them.


May the LORD bless you, and keep you;
May the LORD make His face shine on you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift His countenance (look; expression) upon you And give you peace.
(Numbers 6:24-26) The Talmud refers to the blessing as “the lifting of the hands (nasa kappayim, נשא כפים)” because, in Temple times, the priests lifted their hands and made the sign of the Hebrew letter shin (ש) with their fingers while bestowing the blessing. Jewish symbolism regards the letter “shin” as an abbreviation for one of the names of God “Shaddai”  (“almighty”).






16. Wash (clean; decontaminate) your hands (ministries)Point (direct everyone’s attention; focus everyone’s efforts) on cleansing (purifying) his own hands

not happening no way GIF (ministry) and focus everyone’s attention on turning-aside-from (departing-from; forsaking) the “Evil-Works” (Sorcery, casting of Satanic-spells; enchantments; Black-Magic) in which Cult leadership (officialdom) routinely participates. Wash your hands of (Reject; just say “No” to) Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) apostate “Ways (habits; customs; practices; traditions).




17.                   “Never-forget”!…… 

Onthe mask time GIF the surface (outwardly; superficially; “to-the-casual-observer”), the show of Cult (Mormon; Roman Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian;  Muslim; Scientology) “Goodness” is nothing but “Show-Business (entertainment; theatre; amusement; a performance) to them.


If truth be toldImage result for wasting time gif…….. Cult (Mormonism’s; Roman-Catholicism’s; Protestantism’s; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Islamism’s; Scientology’s) Leaders joyfully condemn Israel’s people by conditioning them to commit (spend; waste) their lives (time) and their resources (money; tithes) on a “never-ending” series of “time-wasting” (vain; trivial; petty; frivolous) rituals and pomposity.

You (Israel’s people) must initiate (begin; start) straight-talk  (honest and direct talk) concerning Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s)  “Babylonian “ (confusing; bewildering; perplexing) requirements (commitments; Image result for mind crippling clipart   ordinances) which really serve (work; function) to “stunt” (stop; impede; retard) the spiritual growth of  “Israel’s people, by  “trapping”   (capturing seizing) their “minds” (perceptions; thoughts; judgments), so they cannot (will not) escape their subjugation (enslavement) to Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) enslavement.


Les Misérables 'Cosette' by Émile Bayard | Les miserables, Poster prints, Victor hugoYou (Israel’s people) must be the ones (heroes) to stand-up (speak-up; testify) in defense (protection; justification) of the “fatherless” (“those who have no say in the cult-community). You (Israel’s people) must plead (defend) the cause (“basis for legal action”) of widows (‘the-forsaken”).


It wasn't me!" Emoticon.






18. “Come-now!” (“Don’t worry; don’t be nervous or upset!”). “Let’s be clear (straight-forward) with each other”……”  saith the Lord.

Yourgross jeff goldblum GIF (Israel’s) sins (mistakes; transgressions; moral-failures) may have muddied (soiled; stained) your (Israel’s) reputation (commonly held opinion of your character) a bit, and your (Israel’s) mistakes   (transgressions; moral-failures) may be routinely described (chronicled; reported; recounted)  by Cult (Mormon;  Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) officials, as “scarlet” (heinous; hideous; contemptible)……..

But….. “only” Out Of Shape Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStockthrough comparison to people who are obviously “out of shape” and totally unfit,  do Cult (Mormon;  Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) leaders come out looking half-way decent. 


Thumbs Down GIF Emoji | Symbols & Emoticons.





19. But…..ifNick Jonas Dancing GIF by UglyDolls - Find & Share on GIPHY you (Israel’s people) are really interested (“open-to-new ideas”; “Ready-to-Learn”),  you will know what it feels like to bask (be; wind-up) in the spotlight of Yhwh’s favor. 






20.  But if you Image result for unhappy Ronald Mcdonald gifdeny  (negate; repudiate) these things or you are defiant (insubordinate; rebellious) concerning them,   desolation    (ruination; “bleakness”) will devour (consume; overcome) you.  Indeed,  the Lord has spoken these words.




21. Ready. Wooling. Able. Cult (Mormon;  Roman-Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) Headquarters that,  at-one-time (formerly) proclaimed that its congregations (membership-rolls)  of people constitute (are)  the bride (covenantal-partner) of Jehovah.

 But Now, they behave like “hookers”(prostitutes; whores).



Once File:Italian infantry entrenched near Tripoli.jpg - Wikimedia Commons(in the beginning), these places were the home of justice. “Righteousness” (uprightness; “devotion to a sinless life”) was securely lodged ( embedded) in these religious capitals, but now (today; currently), “covetous men  (greedy men intent of Israel’s property) are firmly entrenched (“dug-in”; firmly established) there.




22. Cult armed machine gun GIF(Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) leaders have spent (squandered; blown; wasted) all (every bit) of your (Israel’s) “Bride-Price” * (personal-gifts, endowments, talents; dowery) on equipping themselves with arms (weaponry) and they’ve polluted (contaminated; poisoned ) your (Israel’s) sweet  wine (spirit)  with their Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) Sorcery (Black Magic; evil-spells; Works of Darkness) 

      * Bride-Price– also known as “Bride-Wealth,” is an amount of money, property,, or other forms of wealth “paid” to a woman’s family for the right to marry their daughter. In anthropological literature, bride price has often been explained in market terms, as payment made in “exchange” for the bride’s family’s loss of labor and fertility within her kinship group. It may also be understood as a gift from the groom to his new bride’s family. In this sense, it is a substantial gesture of goodwill in forging a new unity-of-lineages. Unfortunately, the voluntary nature of gift-giving in the case of bride price has often been lost as the practice became a requirement for marriage, which has often proved burdensome.





23. Cult state champs GIF by Pure Noise Records(Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) leaders have violated    (abandoned) Jehovah’s Law   (“Torah”), and they routinely practice (employ; carry- out; perform)  “Works of Darkness” (Sorcery; Black-Magic) while walking “in partnership” with a Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity’s; Scientology’s) syndicate of “thieves (“Robbers”; criminals; “mobsters” *.

Every Cult movie the godfather francis ford coppola james caan gangster movie GIF (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s)  Presiding Authority is accustomed (trained; habituated; conditioned-to) to “Bribery” (graft) in exchange for “special” (favored) treatment and they all demand (seek; expect) a-reward (“distinction”; “tribute”) for what                                                                                                 little protective care they actually give.


get out GIFYou ‘ll never see (witness; observe) any of them defend Orphans” (those without a voice in Cult-leadership),  and….. it-should-come-as-no-surprise that the “Case” (complaint; grievances; troubles) of “widows” (“the abandoned”), never warrant a “hearing” (judicial-session) “before-their-bench” (“in-their-court”) in spite of the fact that every Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) leader is in a hurry to claim that he’s “hand-picked”  (“singled out) by God (Yhwh), to function (act) as a “Judge.”


* Criminal-History of the Mafia - Interviews, Mob Hits, Videos & QuizzesSyndicate a.k.a. Cosa Nostra meaning  “THIS THING OF OURS” or “OUR-THING” A Crime Syndicate” is a category of transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals who intend to engage in illegal activity, most commonly for money and profit. Some criminal organizations, such as terrorist groups, are politically motivated. Sometimes criminal organizations force people to do business with them, e.g., when a gang extorts money from shopkeepers for so-called “protection.” Street-Gangs may become disciplined enough to be considered organized.
Today, a criminal organization can also be referred to as  “The-mob” or “The-Crime-Syndicate.” All of these entities share a network (system of interconnected members; web; complex; nexus). Such a subculture or community of criminals may be referred to as the “Underworld.”




24. Therefore (consequently; hence), “Thus saith the Lord” of Hosts (“Heaven’s Army)…in other words ..“The Mighty One” ( The strong-One; “The-Supernatural One; Prince-of-Israel”).


(a) Yhwh’sSuccess Kid's Mom Won't Stand for Steve King's 'Meme' Ad | WIRED “supernatural Might (“Holy-Spirit”) will provide comfort and relief from the “grief” (deep sorrow) inflicted (thrust; imposed; forced; foisted) upon Israel’s people by Yhwh’s Enemies (“Cults and their Organizations).

(b) Yhwh’s “Might” will avenge (inflict-punishment) on Israel’s behalf.…..

(c) then Yhwh’s “Might” will be revealed as Yhwh’s hand (ministry) falls (is given) to you (Israel’s people). 




25. Oh, And…. “by the way”….., solution

I (Yhwh) intend to purge (purify; free; cleanse; sanctify) you (Israel’s people) of problems  (worthless-stuff; rubbish)  as well…..

“With A Caustic Solution!” 


  “My “MIGHT” (“Holy-Spirit”) will cause (move; lead; inspire) you (Israel’s people) to become refractory (obstinate; rebellious; contrary) about  your the office rage GIFmembership (participation) in a pretentious (faithless; deceitful) Religious (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) Cult until the day that you are ready, willing, and able to separate (divorce; estrange; disconnect; disassociate; sever; unyoke; detach; disengage; disentangle) yourselves from it, i.e., resign (renounce; abandon; forsake)  your membership (enrollment; participation) in general, and,  in particular, to wash your hands of Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) practices (uses) of magic. 



26.  Then, My (Yhwh’s)  “Holy Spirit” will return (bring-back; restore) “The-Kingdom-of-God” (“Jehovah’s-Kingdom”) to the same splendor (magnificent splendor) as it enjoyed during its “Golden-Age” (idyllic time of Peace and happiness) under the Monarchy of King David.

The Kingdom of God will be Related imagecompleted (perfected)  because of the good character (integrity; nature; quality) of its ministers (priests and Levites) who follow  (act by; pattern themselves after) Me (Jehovah),  just like their ancestors (Israelite-priests and Levites) once did.

Therefore, (accordingly; rightly-so), Israel’s people will be called (hailed; acclaimed)  as “Seers” (Oracles; visionaries) of righteousness. What was once known as “The Great City (Salt Lake City; Vatican City; The Great City Of Mecca; The Great Clearwater (Scientology) City  will then be celebrated as “The City of the Faithful”.…..even……“Zion.”




27. Because of Israel’s in-born (inherent) sense of justice (fair-mindedness),  Zion’s people will beImage result for lockstep gif redeemed.

Because of Israel’s intrinsic (deeply-rooted) righteousness (goodness; revulsion toward idolatry), Israelite POW’s  (Prisoners-of-War) who’ve been taken-in (hoodwinked; bamboozled)  by Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s)  worthless“Tidings”  (gospel-message”) will be released (freed; liberated) from the “lockstep”  (monotony; tedious repetition) of Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) conformity  (compliance) to Cult standards, rules, and regulations.





28. And fall leads GIFCult (Mormon; Roman Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) Authorities (“Nephilim, hiding-in-plain-sight”) who’ve totally failed (“flunked”) even by their own ridiculous standards “HUMAN-RACE 101”… did their ancient ancestors (“the Nephilim”) who preceded them.

               SOME GUYS ARE BORN TO SUCCEED, while others…..not so much”                 

“Members of Cult Donald Duck Money GIF(Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) officialdom (establishment) have sold (surrendered; traded) themselves (“their souls”) to the devil as a means to guarantee them the highest positions within the Cult (Mormon; Roman Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) Hierarchy (pecking order). 

So…..each of them has “struck-a-deal”  (“struck a Faustian-Bargain) * with the “Devil”…..

while Israel’s life and legacy are held in a “Death-Grip” (extremely tight grip in a panic) by Cult (Mormon; Roman Catholic; Protestant; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Muslim; Scientology’s) “Master Mahans” (Keepers and Masters of the “Great-Secret” **of Cain; killers for personal gain) 

  ** Faustian Bargain-Image result for deal with the devil cartoonsa pact whereby a person trades something of supreme moral or spiritual importance, such as personal values or his very soul, for some worldly or material benefit, such as knowledge, power, or riches. The term refers to the legend of Faust (or Faustus, or Doctor Faustus), a character in German folklore and literature, who agrees to surrender his soul to an evil spirit (Satan’s representative; “Mephistopheles”) after a certain period of time in exchange for otherwise unattainable knowledge and magical powers that give him access to all the world’s pleasures. A Faustian bargain is made with a power that the bargainer recognizes as evil or amoral. Faustian bargains are by their nature,  tragic or self-defeating for the person who makes them because what is surrendered is ultimately far more valuable than what is obtained, whether or not the bargainer appreciates that fact. If truth be told, Cult “Faustian Bargain” with the Devil” turns out to be a paltry (petty; worthless) “Consolation-Prize” (“Booby-Prize”) because “in-The-End”(“when all is said and done”) Cults, themselves, will be broken (destroyed; undone).


** The Great Secret”  goes all the way back to the Book of Genesis and the brothers Cain and Able. The Great Secret is a personal (private; secret) agreement (covenant; agreement; contract; deal; bargain) with the Devil allowing Cain to rule over Satan for this life, not the other way around. And sure enough,  “And Satan swore unto Cain that he would do according to Cains commands….” So Satan swears to obey Cain here, to do anything Cain wants.
 That’s the famous pact with the devil. You can have it all, and Satan will see that you get it. And he’ll tell you how to get it right now, he says. “And all these kinds of things were done in secret.” Well, you can be sure of that. “And Cain said: Truly I am Mahan, (the master of this great secret,…”)
This Written by Wolves – Secrets Lyrics | Genius Lyricsis a very interesting etymology here. The word secret is sirra in Arabic; the eighth form of the verb, mustirra, means “to hold a secret, to keep a secret.” It’s the same as the Greek word sathra for secret. The Egyptian word is seshet; meseshet is “to hold a secret.” Sether is the Hebrew word for keeping a secret (the master of the secret). So this word master may not be our word master at all, but master means “keeper of the secret,” and Mahan means “great.” In any language, maha means “great.” In Arabic, English, Greek, Sanscrit, or anything maha means “great.” Words like magnus, mighty, might, many, maharaja; anything that’s big is ma. So this could mean Master Mahan, the “great secret keeper.” (It could be; this is just a suggestion here.) So, he got the master’s degree, the master of this great secret. This was the secret: converting life into property. You can do it. All great acquisitions of property and gain are based on the taking of life, (human and otherwise). You can’t escape it. “Wherefore Cain was called Master Mahan, and he gloried in his wickedness”  As I say, all great enterprises are going to                                                               put life at risk and take it.


 ** Faustian Bargain-Image result for deal with the devil cartoonsa pact whereby a person trades something of supreme moral or spiritual importance, such as personal values or his very soul, for some worldly or material benefit, such as knowledge, power, or riches. The term refers to the legend of Faust (or Faustus, or Doctor Faustus), a character in German folklore and literature, who agrees to surrender his soul to an evil spirit (Satan’s representative; “Mephistopheles”) after a certain period of time in exchange for otherwise unattainable knowledge and magical powers that give him access to all the world’s pleasures. A Faustian bargain is made with a power that the bargainer recognizes as evil or amoral. Faustian bargains are by their nature,  tragic or self-defeating for the person who makes them because what is surrendered is ultimately far more valuable than what is obtained, whether or not the bargainer appreciates that fact. If truth be told, Cult “Faustian Bargain” with the Devil” turns out to be a paltry (petty; worthless) “Consolation-Prize” (“Booby-Prize”) because “in-The-End”(“when all is said and done”) Cults, themselves, will be broken (destroyed; undone).





29. IndeedWorried Or Ashamed Man Covering His Face With Hand Isolated On.. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 34662103. (if truth be told), every Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) son (subject; disciple; follower) will be-disgraced (fall from God’s favor; lose his position of honor, before God) because of those FallenOnes (Nephilim) who are ruling over Cults like (Mormonism; Roman-Catholicism; Protestantism; Islamism; so-called BORN AGAIN Christianity and Scientology) in our Era (now!).

Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian;  and Scientology’s) officialdoms (establishments) are training Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) to “gloat” (dwell on their own success, or another’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure) then,  “Dig-a-Pit” (trapImage result for death-grip) for other (Israelite-people) with whom they are competing (striving-against) for a favor (approval; support; help; backing). 

Cult Authorities envision (imagine; anticipate) “Heaven” (paradise; happiness) for themselves and their kindred (relatives descendants; offspring), while their Cult maintain a death-grip (life-threatening-hold) upon the“ill-gotten” (illegally obtained) gains (inheritances; birthrights) that they’ve misappropriated (stolen, embezzled) from Israel’s people




30. A Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology) family (congregation; flock) is like a dried-out potted-plant……

Image result for withering leaves gifIts leaves (current-generation of children) are withering (drooping;  shrinking). They are desolate from the moment they emerge.  

A Cult plantation (society; community) is like a GARDEN (field) of “DEATH” (victims; fatalities casualties) because My (Jehovah’s) “Living Water” (“Holy-Spirit”) never “rains” (reigns; prevails) there.  






31. The most successful members of Cult Fat cat (term) - Wikipedia (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s)  hierarchy (“pecking order”)  have become filthy-rich (well-heeled; prosperous; moneyed; fat; bloated) Men of Means,  so they’re eager to turn-out (mass-produce; process; manufacture) as many authorities (officialdom; establishment-men), like themselves, as they possibly can.

By doing this, they improve (embellish; enhance) the public’s general perception (opinion) of all Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s) hierarchies (“Pecking Orders”; Social-Pyramids; Chains of Command; Corporate-Ladders).

They happy napoleon dynamite GIFcobble (prepare; roughly assemble; throw-together) their presiding Authorities in such a way as to make their personalities seem effervescent (sparking; twinkling; bubbly)…..




 But …they tie-upBundle | Marketing Christian Books (bind) Israel’s people into tight and “Easy-to-Manage” (“happy-go-lucky”) bundles……….

And there’s “not one soul” who dares to interfere-with (impede; obstruct; stop; prohibit) Cult (Mormon; Roman-Catholic; Protestant; Muslim; so-called BORN AGAIN Christian; Scientology’s  “bundling” (fastening; binding; packaging) efforts.



 End of Chapter One



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