Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 11 – verses 1-15

root stock
“A family is like a tree” with its vital-force residing in the root system.

The root verb Natzar is pronounced-naw-tzar and means: to protect; to guard; to act as sentry; to be a sentinel). The noun Netzer refers to a protector (sentry; sentinel).  In the context of Isaiah’s book, it means “Guardianship”.  Guardianship is the legacy (inheritance; endowment; birthright) of Israel’s dynasty (line of hereditary rulers). 

To put a fine point on it,  a Netzer is a descendant (scion; shoot from of the rootstock) of Israel’s ancient Dynasty (line of hereditary rulers). Each of Israel’s ancient rulers (kings or judges) inherited Israel’s birthright.

The famous oracle of Isaiah’s Chapter Eleven declares that a Netzer (guardian; descendant; new-shoot; branch; “daughter”) has sprung (emerged) from the stump (root-system) of the felled (gradually gone away or disappeared) family tree of belonging to King David’s father, Jesse. The premise that “The Tree Is Like A Family” metaphor,  is found among many Semitic (Shemite) people.  It declares that “A-Family-Has-Features In Common With-A-Tree”,  with its vital-force  (spirit; soul; deepest-desires; “life-principle”) supported (reinforced; sustained) by its “root system”. The descendants of Jesse’s lineage (family) are considered to be the most precious scions (descendants of “the” most-notable family) in Jehovah’s vineyard (Israelite-plantation). For them, a glorious destiny awaits.

In our day (generation; era; time), we will all see (witness) when the latter-day branch (daughter)  of Israel’s family tree who, having sprouted (grown; emerged) from the rootstock (ancestry) of Jesse (the biological father of Israel’s famous King David),  “arrives-on-the-scene” (Arrives to change the existing situation).  She (Yes…its a woman!) has (possesses) the very same patrilineal-genetic qualifications as King David,  of the Old Testament, because she will have to fulfill a latter-day commission among Israel’s people similar to that of King David.

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A Netzer is a descendant (new sprout; shoot) who protects (keeps; guards; maintains; protects) the legacy (birthright) of an OLD (ancient)  family-tree (lineage) that has been cut-down (felled; massacred; slaughtered)   

1. A new shoot has emerged from the root system (ancestry;  rootstock) of Jesse (King David’s Father’s)  and directly from Jesse’s royal bloodline.  As a new branch (daughter) of Jesse She has brought-forth good * (authentic; real )  fruit (effects; results).


* good-is here,  used as an adjective that describes something or someone who fulfills the purpose for which it was created.

.Image result for good boy gif





2. Jehovah, the God of Israel,  has girded  (encircle; equipped; surrounded) this new shoot (Branch) with…..

(1) the spirit of wisdom (piety toward God),

Image result for praying woman silhouette(2) the spirit of understanding (intelligence; insight)coupled with and

(3) a crystal-clear sense of purpose (meaning)  because of her personalknowledge-of (own-familiarity with; intimate-acquaintance with ; communion-with)  Israel’s God.





3.  Because she is Jesse’s latter-day descendant (scion; heiress; successor), sheRelated image reveres (cherishes; treasures; worships) the Lord, God of Israel, just as Jesse did.    She doesn’t make judgments about people or things based on what her eyes see (appearances are often deceiving), nor does she  decide (judge) in a dispute based on “the second-hand testimony of Salt Lake’s “Especial-Witnesses” men” (“hearsay”).  

She doesn’t relay upon “Rumors (gossip; currently circulating stories or reports that are never verified or corroberated) or the opinions (personal views; attitudes; appraisals) of Salt Lake’s presiding Authorities.



4. And she will “litigate” (bring charges of fraud and embezzlement) against Salt Lake Headquarters in behalf of (to help; the benefit of) the poor (disenfranchised; labor-pool; forgotten) among the Mormon community) while she reveals  (exposses; teaches) all these the facts (things that are known or proved to be true) in righteousness on behalf of the afflicted in the Kingdom Of Mormonism, then,  she will strike (deal a blow to; affecxt; devastate; attack) the head (First Presidency)  of “The Corporation of the president of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day-Saints”) that is reigning (occupying the throne; ruling) Mormonism,with her rod (writing-implement;  pen; “word-press” program) and in the breath (character) of her lips (language; jargon; vocabulary) she will slay (destroy; slaughter)  Salt Lake’s wicked high priests.



5. liberation (welfare; felicity) “girds (prepares; equips) the loins (originally alluded toImage result for loins definition bible tucking up the traditional long robe into a girdle (belt) so it will not hamper one’s ablility to fight) of this generation of Israel’s people and faithfulness (firmness; dtermination) is the sash (“belt”; liturgical attire; ceremonial attire)  around their waists.






6. The wolf (corrupt high-priest who frighten Israel’s people) will sojourn (temporarilyVintage Art Print Lion and Lamb Wall Decor 8 x image 0 live with) lambs (the progeny of Israel’s sheep) and leopards (mega-predators; men who attack in search of loot; assailants;  attackers;  piranhas;  vultures;  assaulters;  aggressors;  marauders),  who are spotted (singled-out; identified) with (near; in fellowship with) Israel’s kids,  will allow (let; permit) Israel’s kids to live securely and tranquilly (rest) and the calf, the lion,  and the “yearling” (calf; sheep or foal between one and two years old; comparable in development to a very early adolescent and are not fully mature physically) will unite with each other (joined together) while a “damsel” *, who has been previously (hitherto; until now) considered of little worth, urges them along their course.


* damsel –The precise Hebrew word used here is: na’ar pronounced nah-ar’ It means:  (a servant; , a young-one; a “damsel”)    





7. As well, the milk-cow and the grizzly-bear will feed together. They will lie-themselves-downImage result for ox eating straw gif (relax on their breasts with their legs folded up under them). Just like the ox, they will eat straw (dry stalks of cereal plants after the grain and chaff have been removed). 






8. An infant will fearlessly (calmly; joyfully)  play right-next to the hole (pit; nest) of the cobraImage result for king cobra gif (highly venomous snake that spreads the skin of its neck into a hood when disturbed) and a young child will casually reach his hand into the nest of vipers (venomous snakes; vipers have relatively long, hinged fangs that permit deep penetration and injection of snake venom).








9. They will not harm or destroy throughout all of my holy mountain (administration), because theImage result for water covers the earth kingdom will be filled with knowledge, namely, about Jehovah in the same way that sea-water covers the  Earth.








10. In that day (era ; generation), it will come to pass that Jesse’s root (shoot; cause;  “basis forImage result for flag at iwo jima controversy”),  that stands (serves; ministers) as a banner (emblem; ensign bearing a  motto, or slogan, carried in religious processions, political demonstrations) will become “the” place around which the nations (gentiles) will rally (reunite; reassemble; come together again) in order to continue “the-fight”, on behalf of Israel’s people after they’ve been dispersed (scattered). It will become  “the” resting-place  (footing; “legal-ground”; basis) for Israel’s glory (splendor; majesty).







11. During that (our) day (era; generation) it will come to pass (occur; happen; be) that “the hand (spirit) of the Lord” will once,  again (for the second time), reclaim (retrieve or recover; obtain the return of) his people who are the-remnant (“the survivors”) of Israel’s people coming from Assyria (Mormonism; “materialism”) and from Egypt (a culture of servitude and slavery) and from Pathros (the community and association of Egypt’s (Mormonism’s) taskmasters) and from Cush (the tribe of Ham’s descendants; the “cult” of Salt Lake’s GeneralComida Confusion GIF Authorities) and from Elan (Persia: meaning; proliferation and take-over) and from Shinar (the neighborhoods of Babylon). Babylon, here, meaning “confusion” (disorientation; little-hope and no-expectation) and from Hamath (Salt Lake’S Citadel and fortress) and from the islands (carefree but isolated-lifestyle) of The-West (Salt Lake Valley).






12. Then a banner (ensign; flag) will be raised for “The-nations” (Gentiles; non-Israelites)Image result for do ya feel lucky punk gif throughout the world and the exiles (driven-out; expelled; “drummed-out”; out-casts; excommunicated; disfellowshipped) of Israel’s people and those of Judah who are scattered. They will be gathered by her from the four (opportune; advantageous; lucky”) quarters (favors; mercies; clemencies)  of the Earth.




13. Then the envy (anger; resentment)  of Ephraim (Israel’s lawful priests & bishops who have the lawfulImage result for Bishop's Mitre right to wear a mitre *) as well as Israel’s legitimate priests will vanish along with those who are enemies-of (competitors-of; rivals-of; Salt Lake’s high-priests who offer merely an imitation of) of Judah (“praise and thanksgiving”) and Judah willno longer be hostile toward Ephraim (Israel’s lawful priests & Ephraim’s bishops who have the lawful right to wear a mitre).   


* mitre- The mitre (English & British) Greek: μίτρα, “headband” or “turban”) is a type of headgear now known as the traditional, ceremonial head-dress of bishops and certain abbots (head of an abbey of monks) in traditional Christianity. μίτρα, mítra (Ionic μίτρη, mítrē) is Greek and means a piece of armor, usually a metal guard worn around the waist and under a cuirass, as mentioned in Homer’s Iliad.  It also refers to a kind of hairband, such as the victor’s chapter at the games; a headband and a badge of rank at the Ptolemaic court; an oriental headdress, perhaps a kind of turban, etc. a diadem; headdress of the priest of Heracles; headdress of the Jewish high priest.





14. Salt Lake’s fraudulent (illegitimate) high priests flourish (thrive; prosper) upon the shoulders of (benefitting from the previous experiences of)  Philistines (boors; boobs; barbarians; buffoons) in the “West” (Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City).

Together,  they (Salt Lake’s illegitimate high priests & Philistines (strangers; aliens; foreigners, looking to make a fortune ) and Moabites (illagitimate heirs; bastards, who control the purse-strings) are plundering (pillaging; robbing; looting) Israel’s people by the use of force (coercion; oppression; forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner) thru (by means of) laying-hands (conveying Mormonism’s spirit of “materialism”)  upon them, then the sons (lawful heirs) of Ammonites (distinguished by “incest” ; victims of “incest”; the crime of having sexual intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, or grandchild; off-spring of Lot by his youngest daughter) who  are subject to them (Salt Lake’s illegitimate presiding high priests).




15. Jehovah will destroy, namely (having in mind) ,  the malignant-tongues (the third tongue; crafty speeches; enchantments; perjured-testimony) of Salt Lake’s administration of Mitzraim (sons; lawful heirs  & and those distinguished by creating an atmosphereImage result for prostrating oneself gif of)  distress (tribulation; torment; misery; affliction; anguish). So…… Jehovah will sweep (pass; glide) his hand (spirit) over Salt Lake’s river (continuous-flow of “sparkling-luminaries”) and “pour-out”  upon them an inexplicable (unfathomable) “spirit of terror” (dread) when they contemplate the wrath of God, so they’ll be broken (divided) by seven (sworn) torrents (deluges; cascades; inundations) of “holy-terror” (fear and trembling; panic) sent from Jehovah, so that men everywhere will show their honor (high-regard) for you (Israel’s people)  by prostrating themselves at your feet.



16. And there will be a highway (great road; way embanked; public-road) for the remnant ofRelated image His (Jehovah’s) people that are left-over from Assyria just like it was for Israel’s people on the day when they were delivered from the land of Egypt (cultural servitude and slavery).




   End of Chapter Eleven







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