Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 9 – verses 1-20

……”For Unto Us a Child is Born”……

1. People who’ve hitherto (before now; previously) been walking (going along with; fumbling around in ; groping in; accustomed to; supporting) darkness (ignorance; corruption; iniquity) have suddenly seen a great light (been illuminated; “been shown what is really going on”).

The Light of Day (“truth”) is showing (revealing; exposing) that Mormonism’s chief-religious-Image result for mormon general authorities paidfunctionaries  are frauds (grifters; con-artists) ruling (reigning; sitting on thrones) over a  “Kingdom of Darkness”.  

Behold, the Gentile (non-Israelite) “Elders” (prominent men; General Authorities) of the Mormon Church are thwarting (stopping; prohibiting; precluding) Jehovah’s joy (great-happiness; bliss) as far as you (Israel’s people) are concerned, but  instead are promoting (encouraging the acceptance of) what Salt Lake refers to,  by way of euphemizm (an innocuous expression), as  “God’s Plan of Happiness”. They use rhetorical-strategy to sugar-coat (disguise) a shameful “Bait and Switch”  razzle-dazzle.

2. The “Elders” (prominent men;General Authorities) at the head of Salt Lake’s leadership-society gain a sick (morbid; sadistic; ghoulish) kind of amusement; (pleasure; enjoyment) as youImage result for group of businessmen laughing gif" (rank and file Mormons; Israel’s people) to turn-away (apostatize; fall-away) from Jehovah and His established Old-Testament principles in favor of Salt Lake’s false (counterfeit; substitute) doctrines and worship-customs.

Their laughter and amusement look (appear; seem) like the euphoric-excitement of “thieves” (cat-burglers),  when they are about to divide-up the plunder (stolen-goods; loot) and distribute portions (shares) of it among themselves.

3. Salt lake’s presiding Authorities have the utmost of confidence in their own wishful-Image result for alfred hitchcock making a mobile gifthinking (self-delusion; fantasy; self-deception) that Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) will forever cherish (cling-to; hold-dear) Salt Lake’s yoke (collar; noose)  on their “Neck” (“Communion-with-God”) as well as Salt Lake’s bogus-authority resting-upon (built-on ) Israel’s shoulder (“inherent sense of responsibility and urgency”) .

Salt Lake’s men epitomize (are a perfect examples of) “A-Failure-Of-Imagination” (Inabliity to anticipate incidents with significant negative impact”). Salt Lake’s men don’t believe that You (Jehovah) have the power to  break (destroy; crush)  their rod (authority; staff; scepter) of oppression,  as you did for Israel in the “Day-of-Midian”.

* “Day of Midian”-the Midian War was intended for Israel’s people to exterminate the Midianites, who, with help from Moabites (‘men who’ve departed from their Eternal-Father’) deliberately set out to destroy Israel’s people thru beguiling them into participating in Midian’s idolatrous religious practices.  Midianites had a chequered past in the history of Israel, originally being descendants of Abraham, and the ancestors of Moses’ wife,  Zipporah (meaning in Hebrew: “Little Chirping-Bird”). However, Midians turned out to be hostile enemies to Israel. This “Day of Midian” reference harkens us back to the miracles found in (Judges 6-7) when God worked a great miracle through Gideon and his pitifully outnumbered band of warriors. The “Day of Midian” was the day that God vanquished Israel’s foes through a mighty defeat that depended solely on a group of men armed with nothing but clay jars, torches and trumpets. God saved the day and made it quite plain that this was no ordinary military victory: this was the arm of the Lord at work, to save Israel’s people. .

A day of supernatural salvation

You might remember the story from Judges 6-7; an exasperated Gideon asked, “Please, Lord, how can I save Israel? Behold, my clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.”Gideon and his men blow horns, smash jars, wave torches, and shout And the Lord said to him, “Don’t worry… I’ll be with you, but you shall strike the Midianites in-unison (“as if you are one person”).
 On the Lord’s instruction, Gideon whittled his Israelite-army down to just 300 select-men , but equiped each of them with (1) a torch, (2) a clay-jar and (3) a trumpet. They encircled the Midianite army and at just the right moment,“They blew the trumpets, then let go of (dropped; dumped) the clay-jars, so they could wave the torches with their left hands.
Then they cried out simultaneously, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!” Every Israelite soldier remained standing in his strategic-position around the camp, but the Midian army bolted (ran suddenly out of control).  The Midianites were so terrified that they ran wildly in all directions. In the chaos, they began to attack one another. When Israel’s 300 men blew the trumpets, the Lord was actually setting (inciting)  every Midianite soldier’s man’s sword against his own comrades and against the rest of the Midianite army.”


What a resounding and supernatural victory!
This is the “Day of Midian” – a day of trumpets, broken-jars and torches shining in the darkness. Victory for the Lord and his people, while their  enemies are confounded by broken jars and brightly shining lights. These themes might bring to mind some New Testament verses:
“For God said, “Let light (truth) shine out of darkness” to provide Israel’s people with a knowledge (an undersatanding ; a comprehension) of the glory (importance)  of God in (thru) the face (purposes; intentions; objectives) of Jesus Christ.  So, now (in the latter-days) we, too, have treasures (prized-possessions; valient-spirits) housed in jars (mortal-bodies) of clay, to demonstrate that the surpassing (supernatural-power belongs to God and not to us.” (2 Corinthians 4:6)
 “Light shines in the darkness, but darkness hasn’t a clue about how to shut it off (get rid if it; turn it off!)Pure-light (the light of Jesus Christ; intelligence; truth) , which enlightens everyone who accepts it,  has come into the world… and to everyone who receives it, i.e. believes in his name, Jesus Christ gives the right (privilege; entitlement) to become a Son (an offspring; a successor; a Scion) of God, who is born (brought-forth; sired; delivered) not of blood ( DNA; human-genetic-make-up) nor of the will of the flesh (the-body)  nor of the will of man (mortal-beings) , but of God, himself.” (John 1:5, 9, 12-13)
Yes, Yeshua came into this fallen (degenerate) world, as a weak and vulnerable little baby. He brought “The-Light-of-God(“divine-intelligence”) and salvation (rescue; deliverance) to all who call upon (ask of) him. The wonderful incarnation, (embodiment; personification) that a “Son of God” receives, should be compared to the “Day of Midian”, in that God is telling us we cannot do it ourselves. He delights to save us in our weakness. We must learn to trust and lean upon him for salvation.
“The Lord said to Gideon, “The people with you are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hand, lest Israel boast (brag) to me…..”, saying, “Look at me….my own hand (power) has saved me!.” (Judges 7:2)
God is insulted when we think we can do things all by ourselves. A reference to the “Day-of-Midian” in a passage about the incarnation (epitome; perfect-example) of Yeshua (“A deliverer from oppression”), our Messiah (“Anointed-One”) is entirely fitting. No word in the Bible is out of place. As we rejoice in the miracle of Yeshua (“A Deliverer from oppression”).
The true-light (what we need to know; truth) is coming into the world today (in the latter-days) to save us. So……let’s remember that the “Day of Midian” reveals that God wants Israel’s people to know (understand; grasp the idea) that they cannot save themselves. We (Israel’s people) desperately need a savior. Praise (thank) God for providing Yeshua (“A deliverer from oppression”).



4. Every Mormon boot (act of abuse; act of cruelty) that’s involved in SaltImage result for symbolism of military boot crushing" Lake’s  battle (tenacious-struggle)  to achieve  and maintain oppressive-control over Israel’s people,

and Every pair of Mormon “Under-garments”,  (“holy-underwear”) worn by priesthood leaders as they roll-along (proceed-smoothly; advance without problems or difficulties) at the cost (expence; sacrifice) of Israel’s blood (lives; indwelling-power; “manna”; personal power; life-substance) will end-up serving as fuel for the fire (holocaust; conflagration).



5. For….. you see (you know; after all) ……a “Scion” (bud; shoot; descendant; brand new growth) has been brought-forthImage result for It's a woman!" (born) unto us (Israel’s people). A lawful-heir (statutory “Next-Of-Kin”) has been given (provided; presented; supplied; furnished; granted) to our generation of Israel’s people and Jehovah’s government (administration) will rest (depend)  upon her Israelite shoulders (sense of responsibility and urgency). Yes….it’s a woman!

Jehovah will proclaim her “honorific” (title that conveys respect and rank)

(1)  “Wonderful” (“marvelous”)

(2) “Counsellor” (Justice”)

(3)“El-Gibbor” (“Mighty-Heroine”)  

(4) “Mistress of Eternity” 

(5) Teacher (vizier; interpreter) on behalf of The Eternal (everlasting) “King” (overlord; sovereign) of Peace” (security, health and welfare), i.e. “Yehweh” (Israel’s God). 



6. There is nothing that can stop (interfere with; bring an end to; stay; hold in abeyance)  the throne of David (“Jehovah’s Loved-one”; “Jehovah’s Darling”) and nothing in this world can threaten (intimidate; menace) David’s royal dominionImage result for harmony" (administration; jurisdiction), so  Jehovah’s “Darling” (beloved; “dear-one”) has all the time she needs to balance (bring to or hold in equilibrium; poise) Israel’s people for “harmony” (“conformity”; agreement) with Jehovah’s judgment and in support (loyalty; approval) of Jehovah’s acumen (ability to understand and reason) thru their customs (habits; practices) as well as their beneficence (alms; donations; philanthropy),  from this day forward and throughout eternity. An ardent zeal (determination; enthusiasm) for the cause (ground of legal action) of the “Lord-of-Hosts” will accomplish this.

7. The Lord is sending (is directing)  this message (criminal-Image result for there's somebody here to talk to you gif"indictment)  against (charging; prosecuting; accusing) Jacob (a lineage of frauds). They’re all in big trouble!

They’ve been committing terrible crimes against humanity,  but first, the indictment will “unyoke” (unharness; liberate; emancipate) Israel’s people.                                                                                                                                                                        👍





8. All of Mormonism’s Israelite people know (have been taught) little about Ephraim *(Israel’s clan of rightful priests and bishops), and so much time has passed since Ephraim’sGolden Age” (idyllic time of peace, prosperity, and happiness) that today’s Mormons (rank and file Israelites)  have become blase’ (indifferent; casual) about Ephraim’s People,  but they can see (view; witness),  with their own eyes, the moral-bankruptcy of the presiding officers at Salt Lake Headquarters, who reign (sit-upon)  thrones of Samaria (“guardianship”; custodianship) over Israel’s people  while boasting ( bragging)  about their achievements, possessions, and abilities. They are working hard to justify (legitimize) their actions, by boasting…….

Ephraim-one of the 12 tribes of Israel that,  in biblical times,  comprised the people of Israel who later became the Jewish people. The tribe (Ephraim) was named after the youngest son of Joseph, himself a son of Jacob.
After the death of Moses, Joshua (an Ephraimite), led the Israelites into the Promised Land and assigned territory to each of the 12 tribes. Members of Ephraim’s tribe settled in the fertile, hilly region of central Palestine. They gradually gained great power, because the Ephraimites acted as hosts to the tribal assemblies and had within their borders such religiously important centers as Shiloh and Bethel.Image result for Ephraim"
In 930 BC the tribe of Ephraim led the 10 northern tribes in a successful revolt against the south and established the Kingdom of Israel, with Jeroboam I, an Ephraimite, as king. The seventh king of Israel, Ahab (reigned c. 874–c. 853 BC), was also an Ephraimite. His generally peaceful reign was marred (blighted; hurt; damaged) by the worship of the Canaanite god Baal by his wife, Jezebel. From about 745 BC, the northern kingdom was often referred to as the Kingdom of Ephraim, a reflection of the tribe’s importance. Assyrian conquerors overran the kingdom in 721 BC, dispersing some of the inhabitants and gradually assimilating others, occurrences that account for the eventual disappearance of the tribe of Ephraim along with the nine other northern tribes. They have become known in legend as the “Ten-Lost Tribes-of-Israel”.






9. “Sure (so what if) ……some “bricks” (mudbricks; clay-bricks; bricks that we’ve formed andImage result for mud bricks making" molded) get hardened (descensitized; callous; cruel) in the  kiln (oven; furnace) of affliction and have “fallen-from-grace” (lost status, respect, or prestige in the eyes of God),  but we can simply replace them with another one of our endless supply of stones (hard-hearted men; pitiless-high-priests; cruel-high-priests; cold hearted high-priests).

We’ve dressed (carefully-prepared; carefully-groomed) them to rebuild (restore; repair; build-up) the Church again,  after it’s been damaged . “So what if” (we don’t care if)  …..some Fig-Trees * (Judah’s bloodlines) have been felled (cut-down; hacked-down), because we can replace them, too, with our trees (lineages; bloodlines.)  

* fig-trees- Historically, the fig tree was a symbol of the nation (lineage bloodline; dynasty;line of herefditary rulers) of Judah, whichImage result for fig-tree" often seemed (appeared) to be thriving because its abundance of foliage (leaves), but in a spiritual sense,  Judah wasn’t producing any fruit. The Messiah often rebuked the Jewish scribes (high-priests who copied documents, especially before printing was invented) and in particular, The-Pharisees (members of the Jewish social sect distinguished by strict observance of the traditional and written law, and commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity; self-righteous men; hypocrites) for their lack of spiritual fruit.
In Matthew’s parable of the vineyard, he concluded by saying, “Therefore I say unto you, that the kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation (people) who will bring forth the fruits thereof.”(verse #43). Verse #45 continues, “And when the chief priests and Pharisees heard Matthew’s parable, they perceived that it was speaking (referring) to themselves (Pharisees and Chief-Priests). Thus,  the cursing of the fig tree represented a curse upon the nation (people) of Judea (Judah). In verse #20 Jeshua’s (Jesus’s) disciples marveled when they saw the fig tree wither away, asking, “How soon will  the fig tree wither away?” This was nothing less than a prophecy of the coming destruction of the Judean nation (Judah’s kingdom) by the army under Titus in 70 A.D. (just thirteen years later). Indeed,  the Judean fig tree was to wither very soon!


10.  Jehovah is strengthening the victims (casualties; prey) of Rezin (runners of Salt LakeImage result for climbing tendrils gif" headquarters; tendrils of Salt Lake Headquarters; threadlike climbing-organs, which attach themselves to other plants, for support). 

Jehovah is spurring-on (urging; inciting; stirring-up; fomenting) Israelites who are against (opposed to; facing) Rezin (Salt Lake’s tendrils or messengers).






11.  Indeed, Israel’s people have been devoured (preyed-upon),  first by Aram (Syria’selites; Syria’saristocracyImage result for wide-open mouth") in “The-East” (the ancient past; by gone days). But,  now…Salt Lake’s Philistines (boobs; buffoons) in “The West” (our era; the last days) are doing the same thing, today.  They both use their  wide-open (licentious; wild; lying; lawless) mouth (prophet) to “pull-the-wool over the eyes-of” (deceive; swindle) Israel’s people.

Because of this (the situation just mentioned), Jehovah’s anger is concentrated (focused; pinpointed) on Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Organization, yet He (Jehovah) continues to extend (offer; extend) His hand (“holy spirit”) to them.


12.  Salt Lake’s leaders and their people won’t (can’t; refuse to; fail-to) repent (return) to Jehovah unless (except under the circumstances that) HeImage result for knockout punch gif funny" (Jehovah) virtually  “punches their lights out” (sucker-punches them; beats them up so badly that they’re knocked-out).

Then, and only then, will they decide to keep-in-mind (consider; acknowledge; remember) the Lord of Hosts, who they’ve habitually loathed (repudiated; spurned).




13. So, in one single day (era; generation), Jehovah is cutting-off (stopping; terminating;Image result for embezzlement" removing; severing) Salt Lake’s “head”, its “tail”, and  its bastion (refuge; hiding-place; headquarters; sanctuary; church) for frauds (pretenders; fakes; imposters)  and embezzlers (crooks;on-artists; Trust Bandits).    




14. The “Elders”  and prominent men (leaders) officiating at Salt Lake headquarters constitute the head. Prophets, who teach Israel’s men how to tell-lies (speak falsely and utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive) and get away with it (never be caught), are the tail.Image result for First presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles"



15. The men who guide (shepherd; direct) this-people (Mormons) are

Image result for primrose path" misleading (beguiling; betraying; deceiving; duping) them and those who tolerate (allow; indulge) Salt Lake’s leaders are being led-astray (led down a “Primrose Path *).
* Primrose path refers to a way of life that is easy and pleasant, but in fact, leads to one’s destruction or some other bad consequence. It is often expressed as leading someone down the primrose path. The idiom “primrose path” was first used by William Shakespeare, in his 1602 play, Hamlet: “Do not, as some ungracious pastors do, Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven; Whiles, like a puff’d and reckless libertine, Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads, And recks not his own rede.”


16. Notwithstanding (regardless of)  the charismatic charm (power of pleasing and attracting; magic; enchantment; magic-spell) projected by Salt Lake’s “golden-boys” (General Authorities; presiding officersprophets, seers and revelators), Jehovah isn’t impressed (snowed; fooled; bamboozled) one bit, by any of it.

On account of this, therefore, the Lord is just plain “torqued-off” (pissed-off; cheesed-off; mad; irritated) at the  “golden” (chosen) boys of Salt Lake headquarters and has in mind (has decided; has determined) to choose Israelites who Salt Lake has mercilessly rendered “fatherless” (orphaned; deprived of their Eternal Father)  and “widows” (Israelites who’ve been exiled, banned, ostracized, snubbed, andImage result for "fancy-pants""  “black-balled”) from their own leadership.

Jehovah has no pity,  whatsoever, for Salt Lake’s “fancy-pants” (pretentious; “highfalutin”; egomaniacal) prophets or for their haughty (disdainful; snobbish; stuck-up; conceited) extended families.

All of ’em are profaned (polluted; defiled)  and all of ’em are teachers (promoters) of evil (wrong-doing and sin) and every one of their mouths (prophets; spokesmen) speak vile (morally debased, depraved, or despicable) words (things).


17. You gotta know that, these men’s personal wickedness (sinfulness) is consuming (eating-away) their souls,  just as fire eats-up (devours; consumes) briers and thorns as well as settingImage result for Country-Club-Society" people ablaze (on-fire) for the church,  among the thickets (dense-underbrush) of low-ranking (trivial) Mormon vines (lineages; bloodlines; families) so that they, too,  might become intertwined (entangled; intermarried) with prominent (well-known) Mormon families and be lifted-up (thought of as admirable) in the minds (estimation; judgment) of Mormonism’s “elite” (upper-class; Country-Club-Society; upper-crust). 


18. Because of the Lord of Host’s outpouring of anger (outrage; wrath), Salt Lake’sImage result for deforest by burning" world (society; life; priesthood-organization; realm; “system-of-things”; domain; sphere) will be  cauterized (sterilized; carbonized; disinfected by burning; closed-off)  ) and Salt Lake’s race (species; breed) of people will be fuel for the fire. 

And you can betyour bottom dollar that their Confederates (families; brethren; accomplices; abettors; friends and associates who encourage them in committing crimes) won’t be spared (forgiven; excused; exempt)


19. On (based on; taking advantage of) their fraudulent privilege  (advantage; immunity; prerogative), these sorry (despicable; pathetic)  “Sons-O’-Bitches” swallow-up (devour; take possession of) the minds of Israel’s people, until Israel’s  natural faculty (capacity) for “critical-thinking” (objective-analysis; inquiry; reasoning; examination and determination) begins to atrophy (dwindle) and finally disappears, altogether.   But the stomachs * (lives; souls; appetites) of Salt Lake’s Priesthood Authorities are never satisfied (contented; pleased).  So, they turn-themselves-to (begin to use) their “left-side” (“power of darkness; power to obstruct; Image result for power of the dark side gif"power to curse; power to damn) Israel’s people, but this move doesn’t satisfy (fill) their poor “busted” (bankrupt) souls (lives; stomachs), either.  

It must be remembered that Salt Lake’s “Pupenda-Viri” (Latin for: “shameful-men”; “disgraceful-men”; contemptible-men”; “dishonorable-men”) actually “feed-on” (thrive-on; get their greatest nourishment from ) the “chokehold” (stranglehold; control) they have on Israel’s “Eternal-Life” (spiritual-growth; “development-of holiness”) and that chokehold (stranglehold) is occasioned (achieved; brought-about) and maintained (retained; preserved) by leading Israel’s people to commit idolatry (“Idol-worship; Hero-worship).   

 * “stomach”-is normally translated as chai”, a  (life) – a western abstract meaning, but the original Hebrew concrete meaning of this word is the “stomach”. In the Ancient Hebrew mind, a full stomach is a sign of a full “life”.


20. Manasseh (men who forget about Jehovah; men who don’t give a “tinker’s damn”Image result for penguins... this really sucks" about Jehovah) want to be part of Ephraim (Israel’s legitimate bishops and priests) while Ephraim (Israel’s legitimate bishops and priests) carries-on (manage operations) like Manasseh (men who don’t give a tinker’s damn about Jehovah; men who forget about Jehovah). 

Because of all this, Jehovah’s anger is focused on Salt Lake’s Headquarters, but his hand (“holy-spirit”) is still extended (offered; available) to them.




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