Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 23 – verses 1 – 18

A prophecy against Tyre

The name “Tyre” is an appellation (“label” that describes the nature of a closely bonded or tightly-knit groupImage result for Mary Tyler Moore we need a kleenex gif of people).

Its Hebrew root is the verb Tzuwr -pronounced-Tzoor -meaning: to be bound-up; to-be-bundled-up; to rely on “Group-Think”).

Tyre describes the “ways” (methods; techniques) of   “Salt Lake’s “tightly organized-system of oppression.”


In the context of Isaiah’s indictment, Tyre represents:  tightly-knit (familially-bound)despicable me agnes GIF   network  (system of interconnected people) composed of Melchizedek High-priests. Each of these men has sworn a binding oath (solemn promise,  regarding one’s future action or behavior) to Salt Lake City headquarters dedicating (committing; pledging) his unwavering allegiance to:

(1) Salt Lake Headquarters

(2) Melchizedek authority figures, who run it

(3) one another, so that they cannot (“will not”)  break-loose (break their commitment)

Tyre also means “City” (Salt Lake City)…………a  “rock” (Salt Lake’s Rocky MountainRelated image stronghold) where, fortified (strengthened; reinforced) walls (social stratification; prejudices; social-divisions;  class-distinctions)……keep “the unwashed masses” (Israelite rank and file members who are deemed unqualified for inclusion ) “outside” (excluded; marginal; out of the way; unknown; excluded) where Salt Lake’s presiding priesthood authorities believe Israelites (rank and file “Mormons”) belong.

In a physical sense,  Lake’s presiding Authorities are inaccessible (unreachable; unapproachable) to the people they lead because of the rugged Rocky-Mountain range that surrounds them, but they have furthers set themselves apart by crafting  (skillfully creating) social-distinctions (social discrimination; class-identity; class-distinction) among its common (Israelite; rank and file) members.


The deal Mormon Family
“Heaven-on-Earth”-sweet Images of Mormonism’s “sugary”  Confections (a delicacies made with sweet ingredients; happiness; love and affection)  are attractively packaged (wrapped; enfolded; swathed in white tissue-paper and ribbons), then peddled (sold;  merchandized; promoted; advertised) throughout the world by Salt Lake headquarters, just like Madison Avenue would do for a new  Hemorrhoid Cream. 

 Salt Lake City sends its envoys (representatives; missionaries; messengers; ambassadors) the world over to promote (introduce; further the progress of ) its make-believe (phony; erroneous; fanciful; unlikely) claim of “Heaven-on-Earth”.

But remember…. “appearances”  are deceiving.

“So may the outward shows be least themselves. The world is still deceived with ornament. In law, what plea so tainted and corrupt, but, being seasoned with a gracious voice, obscures the show of evil? In religion,what damned error, but some sober brow will bless it and approve it with a text, hiding the grossness with fair ornament? There is no vice so simple but assumes some mark of virtue on his outward parts.” – William Shakespeare, “The Merchant of Venice”

According to Isaiah, contrary to the impression created by Salt Lake’s carefully staged and choreographedRelated image Show  (dissimulation; spectacle; mockery; pretense) of Mormon-righteousness, the author (playwright; dramatist; creator) of Mormonism isn’t Jehovah, the God of Israel.

The script-writer, the producer, and the director of Salt Lake’s “Big-Show” (pageantry; presentation; show-boat; grandstand-play;  false-front; sham) is none other than Lucifer, himself. Mormonism’s “Little Song, Little Dance,  and a little Seltzer Down Your Pants” is Lucifer’s Baby.



1. Isaiah’s indictment is an oracle  (prophecy; revelation) of doom (downfall; ruin; death; cataclysm) for Salt Lake’s leaders.  Lucifer (“Satan”) is putting onImage result for pee wee's big adventure gif“A-Big-Show” (pageant; presentation; spectacle) for the world to gaze at and marvel. The stars of their Big Show are Salt Lake’s General Authorities (prophets, seers, and revelators).

What you didn’t know is that, their “Big-Show” (devotional-spectacle; priestly-pageant; church-going-extravaganza) is actually “Lucifer’s-Religion” in disguise. 

cary elwes andr roussimoff GIFSalt Lake is peddling (selling door to door) “Lucifer’s Religion” because it requires (expects; mandates; instructs; commands) followers to look to (depend on; trust in) Men-In-High-Places”, instead of Jehovah, and seek spiritual-direction (spiritual-guidance; spiritual-instruction) from “liars” (con-artists; cheats; “grifters”)   

BUT…… it’s all made possible by “The-West” (Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City).  Each of Salt Lake’s presiding Authorities has been individually assured (promised; persuaded; guaranteed) by Lucifer’s representatives (Melchizedek priesthood leaders)  that Israel’s people will happily regard them as divine (God-like) leaders.  

Lucifer’s twisted (perverted) version (brand; model) of “Divine-Governance” has built-up andImage result for peacocking gif continues to sustain (maintain; bankroll) Mormonism’s  global (planetary; worldwide; all-encompassing) network (system of social and financial connections; organization ) of religious-frauds (“embezzlers”; imposters; fakes; “con-men”; phonies) who are peacocking (display themselves ostentatiously) around as high priests unto Jehovah, the God of Israel, and intimidating Mormonism’s “Little-Guy”.


.kindergarten cop shut up GIF

2. Silence! (hold-your-tongues; shut-your mouths; say-nothing; stifle-yourselves; be-quiet) all of you (Salt Lake Priesthood Leaders), reigning in luxurious comfort (contentment; security; relaxation) from behind the Walls (prejudices; class-distinctions) of Salt Lake headquarters.


 You (Salt Lake General Authorities) have become  experts (old-hacks; veterans; old-hands; old-timers) at “Putting-On” (feigning; pretending) and bringing  “The-Big-Show” (impressive spectacle; striking performance) “on the road” (throughout the world).

Salt Lake knows perfectly well how to bamboozle (fool ; captivate; enthrall) the world’s IsraeliteFriends friends season 8 episode 20 friends tv GIF people (rank and file Mormons),  so they can lead them away from Jehovah.

Its priesthood officers can confer (grant or bestow) upon one another and anyone else who will listen to them,  a counterfeit (exact imitation with the intention to defraud; bogus) Priesthood authority.

With this counterfeit (exact-imitation) authority, Salt Lake is  in the process of supplanting (displacing; overriding; replacing; unseating) Israel’s people.



3. Through the waters  (breeding-ground; society; community; practices; mindset; culture) of Mormonism, Salt Lake’s Nephilim (hybrid-offspring; fallen-ones) spread “spiritual-darkness” (ignorance; rumors; superstitions; opinions of men ). 

 Indeed (if truth be told),  Salt Lake has turned (transformed; morphed) religion (church; the worship of God) into a marketplace (flea market; fair; bazaar; garage-sale; merchandise-mart; supermarket; showroom) that’s “Open-For-Business” 24-7.

The commodities (merchandise; goods) that Salt Lake is peddling (fencing; dealing)  to customers (investigators; proselytes) who visit their marketplaces (shopping places; meetinghouses; local congregations; Related image) are “Stolen-Goods”  (ill-gotten-gains; loot; swag).

It has systematically (according to a fixed plan; methodically) embezzled; misappropriated)

(1) the name (authority; jurisdiction; dominion) of Israel’s people,   

(2) and the identity (recognition) of Israel’s people,

(3) and the birthright (inheritance) of Israel’s people and it wants to fence (push; hustle; hawk) those stolen stolen-goods (Israelite-reputation, Israelite-birthright; Israelite-identity) as fast and to as many people as possible.



4. You (Israel’s people;  rank and file Mormons) should (ought to) feel betrayed (deceived;chimpanzee GIF insulted; slandered maligned)  because of “The Big Mormon Show”  that Salt Lake’s seed is Putting-On  (performing; presenting).

They’re trying to dazzle  (bowl-over; gin-up; impress; awe; excite) Israel’e people (rank and file Mormons) and the world, alike. Excitement (enthusiasm; eagerness) is no substitute (match) for Spirituality (genuine piety; awareness of a heavenly influence)

Salt Lake’s Prophets and apostles are conducting criminal activities from inside their “impenetrable-fortress”  (inaccessible-headquarters )in Salt Lake City, because they are safely hidden (shielded; esconced) from view, behind Salt Lake’s wall (barricade; facade) of Pharisaic (sacrimonious; duplicitous; hypocritical) self-righteousness.secret stephen colbert GIF

Think for a moment…….. about gall (arrogance; spirit of bitterness; rancor) that these Salt Lake prophets must have in order to keep this “ugly-secret” from you (everyone) .

You see…….the truth is ……… They’re not working to help (bless) you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons).

They’ve found a way to exalt themselves.    They think to themselves…………..  

“We didn’t give-birth (produce; beget) you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) so,   we have no interest in promoting (sponsoring; developing; advocating) you as “The-Elect” (“the firstborn”; the -chosen-people).  

Indeed (if truth be told) They” want to be “The-Elect (the firstborn; “the-chosen-people”).   “They’ve appoint (consecrate), themselves and other like-minded high-priests, who are  made-in-their-image   (of their own quality; of our own character; of their ownImage result for the elect of god will be deceived nature; of their own disposition) to officiate in the highest offices.

In this way they fool every one into thinking that “they” (Salt Lake’s grizzly old white men are entitled to command you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons).

They wish to exalt men who they see (estimate; assume; believe; regard; view; think)  to be clean (wholesome ; virtuous)  and unspotted (uncontaminated; unsullied; unsoiled) from non-Mormon indoctrination and men who haven’t defiled (polluted;  blemished;  soiled) themselves by routine (regular daily; customary) intercourse  (association; dealings; conversation; communion) with  Commoners (Israelite-people; “rank and file” Mormons) and they are ready, willing and able to confer Mormon royalty  (“kingship”; imperial power and authority) and godhood (Deification; “The-Second-Anointing” *) only upon one another and upon Mormon leaders  just-like-themselves  (who think just like they do).Related image

*Second Anointing – Many LDS Church members are unaware that a secret LDS temple ordinance called the “Second Anointing” is regularly being administered by LDS Church apostles to elite friends, family, and leaders (mostly stake presidents, temple presidents, mission presidents, and LDS general authorities, along with their wives).  In this ordinance (according to reports) an apostle washes the feet of the couple in the temple, anoints them on the head with oil such that their “calling and election is made sure” (guaranteeing them a place in the Celestial Kingdom), and then invites the couple to retreat to a room in the temple, wherein the wife washes her husband’s feet, and then lays her hands on his head to give him a special priesthood blessing.






5. The Incriminating-evidence   (facts; horror-stories; reprehensible-accounts;angry GIF scandalous-reports) contained in Isaiah’s indictment (formal-charges or accusations of serious crimes) charges Egyptians  (Mormonism’s slave-masters; Mormonism’s taskmasters) and generates fear and trembling (terror; panic) among Salt Lake’s most prominent men. 

This (Isaiah’s) indictment (formal-charge-and-accusation-of-serious-crimes) will cause Tyre’s blood-to-boil (mouths-to-foam; collars to become hot; people to get pissed-off; minds-to-be infuriated).





6.  Salt Lake’s “Prophets-of-Subjugation” (“Canaanite-prophets”) are leading  (guiding) Israel’s people “en-Image result for LDS trademarkmass” (as a group; as a body; all at once)  to defect-from  (desert; abandon; “desert”; break-faith-with) Jehovah in preference for (in exchange for) Salt Lake’s trademark (characteristic) Luciferian (Satanic) religion (worship of God),  while Salt Lake’s  “Prophets-of-Darkness” serenely (placidly; calmly) lord (“reign”; prevail) over Israel’s people, from Salt Lake City.








7. Do you really (genuinely; seriously; honestly) think that all those Mormon prophets, seers and revelators in Salt Lake City are expressing  joy (delight; jubilation; triumph; glee) on account of you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) ?……..

……or maybe (perhaps) they are reminising over “By-Gone-Days?”  (fulfillment of Old-Testament-prophecy) .

Actually (if-truth-be-told), they’re rejoicing  because Salt Lake’s Prophets and Apostles, have successfully (triumphantly; victoriously)  stolen (taken without permission or legal right and without intending to return it) the “election” (ordination; selection; approval; empowering; installation) from Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons)seth meyers laugh GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

 They hope to benefit (advance; promote)  themselves, their own families (lineages; bloodlines; dynasties),  and their  “low-life” (wretched; miscreant; reprobate; lawless; criminal; hoodlum) confederates (accomplices; collaborators; colleagues).

They’ve left (marooned; abandoned; resigned; forsaken; deserted) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) to feel “out-of-place” (like foreigners; like strangers in a strange land; “like aliens”).



8. Just who orchestrated  (master-minded; choreographed; coordinated)  Tyre’s (Salt Lake’soverthrow (dethroning; ousting; toppling) of Israel’s people (rank and Image result for fencing stolen merchandisefile Mormons) (Salt Lake’s organized system of Oppression)?

You guessed it! …. Mormon General Authorities  (prophets seers and revelators), who bestow Second-Anointings (crowns of godhood) upon like-minded partners-in-crime (co-conspirators; collaborators; allies).

They’ve become proficient  “hucksters” (dealers; fencers) of “Stolen-Merchandise” (commodities; Israelite goods; Israel’s birthright; Israel’s reputation).   Salt Lake’s General Authorities consider Israel’s birthright to be their own personal property…….and they sell (fence; offer)  it to Gentiles as an asset (a commodity; a benefit; an advantage; a distinction) in exchange for 10% of a man’s annual income, for the rest of his life.

Salt Lake’s men covet (yearn-to-possess) Israel’s-royalty (birthright; crown; kingship;elaine benes seinfeld GIF supremacy; crown) and they’re eager to promote (advance; foster; further the progress of) a “latter-day” species  (seed) of Canaanites (people who put Israelites in subjection to themselves ), so that they and their houses (lineages; bloodlines; dynasties; families) will be glorified (deified; lionized; exalted ) and become renowned (recognized; popular; celebrated; famous) throughout the world.  

The only distinction among the family of man, that they can rightfully claim is their notoriety (infamy) as reprobates (degenerates; wretches; villains; “Good-For-Nothings”), more deserving (meriting) of mankind’s contempt and condemnation.


9. The Lord of Hosts has planned (prepared-in-advance; reckoned; decided) all along, to break (undo;magic-spell 1 interrupt; disrupt; stop; conclude; terminate) the magic-spell (curse; “abracadabra”; magic-charm; incantation; hocus-pocus; mumbo-jumbo; magic-charm; magic-formula)  Salt Lake’s men are using (employing; wielding; deploying) on Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons). thus,

the Lord of Hosts is calling attention to the disgrace (shame; dishonor; discredit; ignominy; degradation) of Salt Lake’s worldly (carnal; sensual; profane; greedy; materialistic) breed (species) of high-priests.

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