Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 22 – verses 1 – 25

A Prophecy Against Jerusalem *

1. An Oracle (prophecy) concerning Salt Lake’s “Valley” (“nadir”; lowest-pointpenguin oops GIF) Of “Vision” (understanding awareness; perception)

Why (for what purpose; in whose interest) do all of you (Salt Lake General Authorities) resort-to (turn to and adopt, seek) the roof (“highest-point”; celestial-realm) of your house (lineage; family; bloodline; dynasty; line of hereditary rulers).    

.Jerusalem-the name, Jerusalem, is composed of two root verbs  (a)  Yara (to teach; to lay the foundation of) and (b) shalam (to be “safe” and “at-peace”). Indeed, the teachings of Jerusalem actually do lay the foundation of Safety and Peace for Israel’s people and the entire world because the teachings of Jerusalem constitute the Word of God (truth). Jerusalem , in this particular instance, refers to the headquarters for Mormonism which misrepresents Jehovah, falsely claims His authority, and promotes their “so-called” …… “Restored-Gospel”  


.2. Salt Lake Headquarters is full of commotion (a confused and noisy disturbance). It’sSuspicious Season 2 GIF by CBS All Access a Corporate headquarters that’s reveling (getting great pleasure) over you (Israelites who’ve prostituted themselves).

By “You” (Isaelites who’ve been pursuaded to prostitute themselves and what they have inherited) , Isaiah means hard-hearted (unfeeling; uncaring) Israelites who haven’t been pierced (affected; touched; “moved”)  by the Sword (“Truth”)  and it means Israelites who are inclined to deny (disbelieve; repudiate; not care about) their previous engagement (betrothal;  marriage-contract) to me (Jehovah).






3. All of your (Israel’s) magistrates (decision-makers; leaders; captains; guides) havelook down london GIF by Les Miserables Musical  been collectively (simultaneously; as a whole) led away into captivity by Salt Lake’s lieutenants (henchmen; unscrupulous subordinates).  

They’ve been captured without the use of “a-bow” (force). The Israelite magistrates (decision-makers; leaders; captains; guides) of this (our) generation have been put in bondage  (service) to them (Salt Lake General Authorities). 

And……as one might expect…….Salt Lake General Authorities are too remote (self-righteous; indifferent; detached; aloof; cold) to “reach-out-to” (make an effort to do something for; help) Israel’s people.   




4. Therefore I (Jehovah) have reluctantly supposed within myself…..

They (Israel’s sad doctor who GIFmagistrates; decision-makers; leaders; captains; guides) are Dead to Me! (they’ve gone too far and are no longer counted as a part of my family).

“Allow me to be (excuse me if I’m)   vexed (moved by choler; angry; sorrowful; grieved) because of my weeping (tears!) 

 *Think about this for a moment………Jehovah is so broken-up about this that he’s weeping!


Don’t try to console me (Jehovah) over the robbery (theft; loss; destruction) of the daughters (branches; “apples of the eye” cherished-ones) of my people (family-tree; dynasty; lineage) .



5. The Lord, God of Hosts has appointed a day (era; episode; time) of destruction (discomfiture; uneasiness; tumult; vexation) and trampling (contemptuous-infliction of injury) and perplexity (inability to deal with or understand what is going-on) in Salt Lake’s “Valley” (“low-point”; nadir; counterfeiting faking; pretense; doppelganger) of “Vision” (“revelation”).jsot animation all walls tear down GIF

This (our) Era (generation; day; episode; time) will bring-about (cause; initiate)battering-down  (smashing-down; breaking-down) of the foundation (infrastructure; Melchizedek Priesthood Organization) that constitutes Salt Lake’s wall (social prejudice; class consciousness), then, utter a cry for “Help” (relief; guidance; assistance; instruction) unto the Administration of Israel.



6. Then, Elam (Semites who are “hidden” and “obscure”) will take-up (champion; carry; bring forward; presentdefend season 1 GIF by The White Princess) the quiver (legal-case; lawsuit) containing God’s arrows (“accusations; charges) on behalf of Israel’s People because chariots (Mormonisam’s 3-man-assault teams; Bishoprics) of disgraceful -men are swiftly advancing (furthering; promoting; introducing; inaugurating) works of darkness (sorcery; Black Magic) in an offensive (assault; attack) to remove (invalidate; get rid of) Israel’s divine protective shield (hedge). 






7. For Elam  (a huge population of Semites who, until now, have been kept “hidden” and “obscure”) will be quickened (galvanized; startled into sudden activity ) to prove (demonstrate the truth by evidence ) the depths (degree; extent) of depravity; corruption; immorality) to which Salt Lake’s presiding authorities will stoop (lower-themselves)  in order to fulfill (achieve or realize) the four (4) promises made to each of them them by Salt Lake’s Presiding Priesthood Authorities:


(1) a Bishopric (the office or rank of a bishop)

(2)  “Distinction” (significance; importance; excellence that sets a man apart from others)……

(3) an enviable appointment (installation) to a conspicuous post (position) by right of Image result for what goes on behind closed doors giftheir “citizenship” (business dealings; friendly-associations; family-ties) with top-leaders of the Mormon Church. But they are acting as substitutes (replacements; surrogates; proxies) for Israel’s people, so that Melchizedek Priesthood leaders will forever be the only-ones in a position to behold (witness, see,  or observe) the remarkable and impressive things,  that go on “behind closed doors” at Salt Lake Headquarters.





8. Then, Salt Lake can successfuly lead into exile (banish) most,  if not (perhaps even) all of Judah’s people, so that bored GIFSalt Lake’s priesthood authority may successfully organize one collosal, worldwide trap (snare; net; a Melchizedek Priesthood “network”) during this (our) generation…

The “Network” is engineered specifically to fire-up (expedite; grease the wheels for) dynasty ; (ancestral-line of hereditary rulers) who are,  (if it’s even possible), more tedious (monotonous; boring) in their ways (methods; techniques) than the generation that preceded them.







9. Indeed (if truth be told), Salt lake Headquarters has in mind (is determined; intends), to the joker GIFcreate a “Breach” (disturbance; violation) of “Peace” (security of mind, body & estate) in the midst of the City (domain) of David (“Jehovah’s Beloved-Ones”). 

Indeed (if truth be told), Salt Lake’s men consider themselves to be Israel’s official-captains (“Elders”) and they falsely claim to be fully-authorized to gather (grasp; bring-together; collect) Israel’s people.

They have in mind (intend to employ)  the “Powers-of-Darkness” (sorcery; Black Magic;as if neon GIF by Cristóbal casting of evil spells; enchantments; charms) as a means to “light-up” (project; illuminate; project)  their own names  in NEONand promote Salt Lake’s “Pool” (culture; sect; denomination; pattern; template) of “Prosperity” (affluence; good-fortune) as an alternative or substitute for Jehovah’s blessing (favor and protection).




10.….what they have in mind (desire) is to be reckoned (looked-upon;james corden GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden recognized; assumed; thought of) as the “Daughters” (“Apples of the Eye”;  ones who are cherished above all others) of Jerusalem (“instruction in safety and peace”).

All the while, they can repeatedly authorize mortal precepts (man-made rules to regulate people’s behavior and thoughts) as a means to present (feature) their Salt Lake society ( community; branch) as a “Golden” (exceptionally valuable & fine; “royal”) wall (social distinction) to protect their own status and lifestyle.





11. But, you (Salt Lake’s Presiding Priesthood Authorities) have turned your Rockyneve campbell GIF Mountain Citadel (stronghold) into a reservoir (repository; depot; archive; storehouse; vault) of long-established” (age-old; ancient; antediluvian; belonging to the time before the biblical Flood.) Sorcery (Black Magic; Dark Arts; evil-spells; incantations & charms).

Of course, they (Salt Lake’s General Authorities) seldom if ever speak (testify) of their “Maker” (Creator), in fact, they have no regard whatsoever for Jehovah, the “God” who long ago determined the purpose of this mortal life,  including the villainous-role of Salt Lake General Authorities as Ring-Related imageMasters (MC’s; marshals; Masters of Ceremonies) in support of Salt Lake’s “Fallen-ones” (Nephilim).

*.“Fallen Ones” (Nephilim) the name is derived from the Hebrew root verb: naphal – “to fall”; to fail;  to descend; to be disgraced”; to be inferior)  are the biologicaloffspring of angelic beings,  sired (fathered; produced) by “God, The Father”.
These  corrupt supernatural beings (angels) have been mingling their DNA (mating; procreating) with the daughters (“Apples of the Eye”; most cherished women)   of Adam (unregenerated humans) since before the “Great Flood” and have fathered (begotten;  sired)  the fiercest-tyrants spoken of in the Old Testament , e.g. Nephilim (“Ones who are fallen, corrupt; inferior),” and the Rephaim, (“ones who are spiritually-dead”) —these descriptions are all applied to one group of fiendish rulers and tyrants in the Hebrew Bible.  Who are the Nephilim? From where do the “heroes (champions)  of old, the men of renown(celebrity; preeminence)  come?
Related image
(Genesis 6:1–4) tells readers that the Nephilim, (which means “Fallen Ones” when translated into English), were the result of  copulation between the “Angelic-beings” (lit. “Sons of God”) and human women (lit. “Daughters of Adam”).
The Nephilim are known as invincible (unyielding; indominable) warriors and tyrants (see Ezekiel 32:27 and Numbers 13:33) of the Old Testament.


The unlawful (illicit) mating of the Angelic-beings (immortal beings) and the daughters of Adam (mortal beings) resulted in the Nephilim (a hybrid race of beings referred to as the “Fallen Ones”.
Their proliferation of worldwide tyranny is what actually precipitated the Great Flood of Noah’s Era.
Nephilim are hybrid-beings, so (consequently) none of them has the moral sensibilty (conscience) of a human being. They have inherited the Fallen ( mortal; unregenerated) characteristics of their mortal mothers along with the superhuman genetic characteristics of their angelic-forefathers, (some angelic beings are evil). 
The characteristics include a practical (experienced; proficient; sophisticated)  knowledge of the “occult” (supernatural; secret; hidden; mysterious; magical) powers  coupled with extraordinary mental and physical prowess, which enabled them to swiftly conquer (supersede) any human opponent. Nephilim are not a race of  “Giants” (extraordinaryly large beings) per se (as such; by nature), as it is mistakenly thought, but rather they are a race of supernaturally schrewd and cunning beings who astonishingly acheive big things, like competing against and triumphing-over the God Of Israel and to being worshipped as Israel’s idols.
It must be understood that although the race of Nephilim of Noah’s era,  who were scattered throughout the earth ruling over their own territory and creating universal (worldwide) chaos (havoc) among the human race, were entirely wiped-out by flood waters, their genetic blue-print (genome)  continued, in a few lineages, being passed down for many-generations thru the familial-bloodlines of Noah’s “daughters-in-law” (Shem’s wife; Ham’s wife; Japeth’s wife).
The bloodlines (lines of descent; stock; strain; pedigrees) of these three women were most-certainly  contaminated (corrupted; poisoned; adulterated)  by the gene-pool of the Old Testament Nephilim, unlike the perfect (uncontaminated; sound; upright; blameless)  bloodlines of their  “husbands” (Noah’s sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth). Read it for yourselves in Genesis 6:9

“This is the genealogy of Noah. Noah was a just man, perfect (uncontaminated; sound; upright; blameless; unmixed; pure) in his generations (production of offspring;  genetic-blueprint; a gene map; a genome map.) . Noah walked with God.” (Genesis 6:9) 

It is reasonable to assume that the many if not most of the latter day tyrants of the modern world are genetically related to that same pre- flood geneticbad christmas in connecticut GIF by Warner Archive pool of Nephilim (“Fallen Ones”) , through (via; by means of; thanks to) the bloodlines (extended families; relatives; lineages) of Noah’s “daughters on law” . If so….its likely (probable) that they  know (are acquainted with; aware of ) each other and and are cooperatively provoking  (giving rise to) the same  catastrophic (destructive; ruinous; fatal) consequenses as their Old Testament Nephilim ancestors did, just so they can subjugate (subordinate;  enslave)  the human race to their commands and ultimately supersede (supplant) Jehovah as Idols (icons; celebrities; heroes; superstars)  of the “Human-Race” and overrule (revoke; overturn; override; invalidate; countermand) Jehovah’s divine-plan for the Human-Race.




12. sad jon stewart GIFDuring this (our) Day & Age (generation) The Lord,  God of Hosts is calling for (demanding) an overflowing-of (continual) tears (weeping; sorrow; lamentation),  quickly followed by an enumeration (reckoning; inventory; accounting; settlement).

Jehovah says to Salt Lake’s presiding Priesthood Authorities,  “Its time to “shave off your hair” * (castrate you; cut you off; neutralize your strength; emasculate you; remove the your power; putImage result for cartoon haha I get to be tutored you to shame!) 

* shave-off  the hair” Hair symbolizes integrity, strength and power; the virtues and properties of a person are said to be concentrated in his hair and nails. It is a symbol of instinct, of female seduction and physical attraction. Baldness may suggest sterility. Hair flowing depicts freedom and looseness.The forced (unwilling)  removal of hair is symbolic of castration.
 It carries the context of magical power; witches had their hair shaven off, as well as in the Bible, in which Samson loses all his power when his locks are stripped. Heavy relations to fertility and even love (the quantity is related to love-potential). It can be thought of as the external soul. The hair on different parts of the body infers different meanings as well: hair of the head – spiritual powers, hair of the body – irrational powers. (illogical; senseless powers) .  In addition, different forms of hair also carry differing connotations: loose hair – usually kept by a woman suspected of adultery, disheveled hair – a conventional sign of bereavement, long hair – is usually associated with a woman, but can mean penitence in a man, curly hair – an artist, speaker of many languages. Hair color carries symbols too: golden – related to SUN symbolism, white – eternity, red – demoniacal, Satanic, violet – associated with goddesses, brown/black – chthonic forces, green – having to do with the sea, water.




13. But Behold (something unexpected, that could have been predicted) There’s lots of merrymaking and revelry in Salt Lake City these days, over the capture (arrest; seizure; imprisonment) of Israelite chattel (property; slaves; belongings) quickly followed by the sacrifice (slaughter) of Jehovah’s sheep (flock).   Salt Lake’s priesthood leaders are celebrating (knocking back a few brewski’s) over their “Good-News” (glad-tidings; Gospel message), which  is served to Israelites (rank and fileMormons) with a cocktail (tasty-mixture) of intoxicating spirits. One says to his buddies……..

Drunken men


“What’s  say….hiccup!!.………”Let’s force Israel’s people to swallow this shit and they’ll get……hiccup!!… drunk (intoxicated) as we are, and let’s do it…..hiccup!!….. “right now” (right-away; ASAP),  ’cause if we wait ’til tomorrow, “our guys” (our boys; our team) will be washed-up (“kicked to the curb”; “out-of-business”) Buuuuurp!!





14. The Lord Almighty has given to me (Isaiah) insight (discernment; perception; sharpness or keenness of thought) because I’m willing to meditate” (ponder; think; concentrate) upon  the words of GodThink Dragons' Den GIF by CBC:

Here’s The Thing!”

“Unless this entire generation (breed; species; spawn) of Salt Lake prophets is sacrificed (immolated; offered-up as a sacrifice, especially by burning)  there will be no atonement (redress; “fence-mending”; reconciliation: amends; restitution) whatsoever, for the evil (perversness; malevolence; immorality; iniquity) that Salt Lake’s illegitimate (bastard) heirs have inaugurated (initiated; instituted; set into motion; launched) and that devilish forces they have resurrected (revived;  brought back to life; restored; dug-up; recovered)! .” saith the Lord, God Almighty.






15. Thus saith the Lord, God of Hosts………… Go-ahead (do whatever you want!). Let yourselves be fooled (duped; beguiled; deceived) by Mormon Headquarters in Salt Lake City.   

Believe  (embrace; trust; dream-of; accept)Image result for castle in the clouds gif  every one of the “Castles-in-the-Sky” (delusions; “Cock and Bull stories”; pipe-dreams; false-hopes; “Pie-In-The-Sky-Fantasies”) promoted (advocated; popularized) by Salt Lake’s money-grubbing (freeloading; sponging; mooching scrounging) CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers), while they mismanage  (misdirect; corrupt)  Salt Lake’s citadel (stronghold; fortress; bastion; headquarters).

* promotion- In marketing, promotion refers to any type of communication used to persuade target audiences (Israelites) of the relative merits of Mormonism as an acceptable form of worship as well as a lifestyle. The aim of promotion is to increase awareness, create interest, generate acceptance or create member loyalty. It is one of the basic elements of the “Market Mix” which includes “The four P’s”,make it rain monopoly money GIF
(1) product – a third grade (childish)  “Story-Book” comprehension of weighty eternal matters,
(2) price -what do I have to do to acquire it? (pledge allegiance to Salt Lake Headquarters and donate 10% of your entire income and most of your spare time to The Mormon Church,  for the rest of your life.)
(3) place – where do I acquire this third-grade (childish)  “Story-Book” comprehension of weighty Eternal matters. (at Church……..”silly”) 
(4) promotion – publicity and marketing. Promotion is also one of the elements in the promotional mix or promotional plan.
These are……
(a) personal selling (friendshipping and testifying)
(b) advertizing (television ads; social media saturation) 
(c)  “Event Marketing” (Open Houses;  Mormonism’s annual  “Family of the Year” presentation awarded to a local non-Mormon family in recognition of outstanding family values and exemplary conduct). It’s a “Nothing-Burger” (cheap stunt)  designed to make The Mormon Church look good in the eyes of its local community; generate a lot of publicity and create the impression that the Mormon church id accepting of all others)
A promotional plan specifies how much attention to pay to each of the elements in the promotional mix, and what proportion of the budget should be allocated to each element.  Promotion covers the methods of communication that a marketer uses to provide good propaganda about the church. Information can be both verbal (talks; sermons)  and visual (pageantry; pomp) .





16. Have you ever wondered what what they expect to be doing with their Mormon heaven (“Castle-in-the-sky”)?   Who gave Salt Lake’s presiding priesthood officers the authority (jurisdiction; sovereignty; dominion) to make (transform;  turn) the heavens (people with whom God and his spirit feel perfectly at home) into “Human-Mausoleums” (“human monuments to men who are lifeless”; “living-testaments” to spiritually-dead prophets and apostles) among Salt Lake’s dynasty   (line of hereditary rulers) throughout eternity?

They (rank and file Mormons) think (suppose; imagine) that they are crafting (preparing) sepulchers (“cities for thetop secret lol GIF by Justin Gammon dead”) “on-high” (“among the heavens”) as a means to beget (spawn; bring-forth; generate) their own “Golem” (clay-figures-brought-to-life-by-magic) who, like themselves,  are manufactured (mass-produced)…… on some kind of infernal-assembly-line.








17. Keep your eyes open…… the Lord is about to “kick to the curb” (dismiss; reject)                   

The Corporation Of The President Of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints 

…….along with its Melchizedek Priesthood hierarchy.Image result for kick 'em to the curb cartoon He’s invalidating (debunking; discrediting)  the words (commands; counsel; prophecies; initiatives) of Mormonism’s  priesthood authorities in leadership positions who’ve turned-aside  (blotted- out; erased; cut-out-of-the-picture) the name (authority; jurisdiction; dominion) of “Judah”  (“Praise and Thanksgiving unto Jehovah”), so they can array  (exibit; organize; marshal; parade; systematize) themselves.





18. Salt Lake’s presiding Priesthood leaders are installing  (inaugurating) themselves as Israel’s  kings,  then they’re doning (investing themselves with;  wearing; putting-on) the crowns (headdresses worn by monarchs), that they’ve stolen (embezzled) from the people of Judah (the royal Israelite clan that traditionally Praises and gives thanks unto Jehovah) .

They’ve turned (re-organized) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints into aStop Saying Words Shut Up GIF by Leroy Patterson Corporate monster (beast) run by a pantheon (a particularly aggressive group ) of corporate CEO’s who want nothing less than to be God/kings while extending (expanding) their authority,  in order to force Israel’s prophets to “shut-up” (remain silent; keep-their-traps-shut; fall-silent; stop-talking). 

Then, they can motivate (push; urge; prod) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) into lionizing (celebrating; glorifying; exalting; venerating; praising) Salt Lake’s royal-carriage (royal- bearing and behavior; royal-posture; royal-presence; royal-demeanor) as well as idolizing its General Authorities.

Those General Authorities function (serve) as  “the” (“primary; predominate; prevailing”) source (cause; fountainhead) of the disgrace (dishonor; reproach; shame) upon the house  (bloodline;lineage;  dynasty; line of hereditary-rulers) of Israel.




19. Salt Lake’s prophets are “getting the axe” (being-expelled;sign language get the axe GIF by Sign with Robert being-kicked-out; being-thrown out)  so from now on, it will be Salt Lake’s leadership that is “exiled”(banished; deported; outlawed).







20. In this (our) day (generation; era), I (Jehovah) am summoning (urgently demand (help).ordaining; heralding; introducing; instituting; establishing; inaugurating; announcing) my servant, Eliakim *(“One who is raised up by God”) to be the lawful heir of Jehovah’s birthright (inheritance) because of being  “Upright in the eyes of God” (“the literal definition of Israel”).

* Eliakim(“One whom God has raised-up”) is replacing (assuming the position of; taking the place of ) Shebna (men who are spiritually-immature; Salt Lakes self-centered little boys) as Israel’s  “Finance Minister”  (“vizier”;  Chamberlain). Eliakim is governed by  Hezekiah (“The Embrace of God”)Eliakim’s role (duty; function) is that of Chamberlain (Prime-minister; vizier) over the household (estate; inheritance) of the tribe (dynasty; line of hereditary rulers)  of Judah (Israelites who consistently praise and give thanks to Jehovah) .


Upon (at the time of; simultaneously with ) the installation (induction; reinstatement; inauguration; investment) of Eliakim (“One whom God has raised up”), she  will be clothed  (endowed) with Judah’s kuttoneth (“Mantle”; “responsibility”; duty) to act (function) as Israel’s parent (guardian; keeper; defender; protector)  and Judah’s “Ephod” (an elaborate garment worn by the high priest, and upon which the Hoshen, or breastplate containing Urim and Thummim, rested) so that she may successfully act (function; serve; perform; operate; comport-herself)  as a steward (protector; defender; caretaker) of the “House-of-Judah”.  Judah’s ministry (spiritual leadership) is now committed unto the hand (direction; charge) of Eliakim  (“One whom God Has Raised-Up”).

The key (explanation; interpretation; translation) that unlocks  (enfranchises; empowersRelated image; authorizes)  the House (lineage; bloodline; dynasty) of David (“Jehovah’s-Beloved 0nes”), rests (resides) in the hand  (strength; power; force) of Eliakim (“One whom God Has Raised-Up”).   

Eliakim, and Eliakim, alone, functioning (working; performing) as Jehovah’s representative,  has the power to  “open” (unlock; rescue; redeem) Judah (Israelites who’ve consistently praised and given thanks unto Jehovah). 

In ancient Israelite history, one holding (occupying) the office (position; appointment) of “Chamberlain” *(“vizier”; “Prime-Minister”) managed (ran; handled) the estate (endowments; wealth; inheritance; assets)  of the House (lineage; bloodline dynasty; line of hereditary rulers) of Judah (“Israelites who praise and give thanks unto Jehovah”).

That office (appointment; commission) is now being conferred (bestowed) upon Eliakim (“One whom God Has Raised-Up”). The office (mantle; responsibility; duty) of Judah’s  Chamberlain (vizier; prime minister) has never, at any time, been abolished (formally “put-to-an-end”; taken-away; revoked; canceled; annulled; closed; negated; eliminated) since it was first instituted (established) by Jehovah.


* chamberlain  –Medieval Latin: cambellanus or cambrerius, has jurisdiction over the treasury. Camerarius is a senior royal official in charge of managing a royal household. Historically, the chamberlain superintends the arrangement of domestic affairs and was often also charged with receiving and paying out money kept in the royal chamber. The position was usually honoured upon a high-ranking member of the nobility (a social class normally ranked immediately under royalty and found in some societies that have a formal aristocracy. Nobility possesses more acknowledged privileges and higher social status than most other classes in society) or the clergy, often a royal favorite. Roman emperors appointed this officer under the title of Cubicularius.
The Chamberlain of the Pope enjoys very extensive powers, having the revenues of the papal household under his charge. As a sign of their dignity, they bore a key, which in the seventeenth century was often silvered, and actually fitted the door-locks of chamber rooms, since the eighteenth century it had turned into a merely symbolic, albeit splendid, rank-insignia of gilded bronze. In many countries there are ceremonial posts associated with the household of the sovereign. Historically, many institutions and governments – monasteries, cathedrals and cities – also had the post of chamberlain, who usually had charge of finances. The Finance Director of the City of London is still called the Chamberlain, while New York City had such a chamberlain, who managed city accounts, until the early 20th century. Today the title of Chamberlain is commonlyknown as CFO (Chief Financial Officer).
(Right) Gaspar de Guzman, Count of Olivaries, portrayed here with the Chamberlain’s key,  which is in the covenant (legal contract) of the royal Family.





21. And, I (Jehovah) will clothe (endow) my servant, Eliakim (“One whom God Has Raised-Image result for EphodUp”) with Judah’s  kuttoneth (mantle; “responsibility”; duty; burden; role)   then I (Jehovah) will gird (embrace; prepare; reinforce; surround; anchor) Eliakim with Judah’s Ephod * (girdle of a Jewish priest or officer) then I (Jehovah) will fasten Judah’s sash (girdle) around Eliakim  then I (Jehovah) will place (put)  Judah’s dominion (sovereignty; supremacy; command; jurisdiction) into  Eliakim’s hands (possession; guardianship; ownership; ) to enable Eliakim to function (act)  as a “parent  (“loving-caregiver”) to those who love  (adore; treasur; cherish; long for) Jerusalem (“the foundation of Pease and Salvation)  and those who regard (appreciate; respect; admire;  think highly of) the house (lineage; bloodline; dynasty)  of Judah (“Israelites” who consistently Praise and Give-Thanks unto Jehovah”).Image result for mothe helping a child to walk

* Ephod-The ephod is frequently mentioned in close connection with the sacred oracle. When Saul or David wished to question Yhwh through the oracle, they commanded the priest, “Bring hither the ephod” (I Sam. xiv. 18 [A. V. “ark of God”], xxiii. 9, xxx. 7). This connection between the ephod and the oracle may also be seen very clearly in the combination of Urim and Thummim with the ephod in the official robes of the high priest. It is the prerogative of the priests to carry and to question this ephod with the oracle. The sentence “Ahiah was at that time carrying the ephod before Israel” actually means that Ahiah was then the chief among the priests of Shiloh (I Sam. xiv. 3, xiv. 18 [LXX.]; compare xxiii. 6). On the oracle compare Urim and Thumim.Related image
This juxtaposition of “ephod” and “oracle” has led to the assumption that in the last-mentioned passages “ephod” originally meant a kind of receptacle for the sacred lots, similar to the oracle pocket in the robe of the high priest (comp. Cheyne and Black, “Encyc. Bibl.” and Foote in Johns Hopkins University Circulars). This assumption would harmonize all the early passages of the historical books, for if the word “bad” be omitted, the above-mentioned passages (I Sam. ii. 18, xxii. 18) may also be taken to mean that the priests “girded” this pocket about them. But this interpretation is impossible in II Sam. vi. 14, and is not very suitable in the stories concerning the ephods of Gideon and Micah. It might be adopted, however, where “ephod” is mentioned in connection with the oracle, for the image called “teraphim” is associated with the oracle in the same way (comp. Ezek. xxi. 26 [21]; Zech. x. 2). “Ephod” would then refer to a portable image, before which the lots were cast.








22.  I (Jehovah) am providing (making available; furnishing; supplying) the right (valid; correct; accurate; precise)  key * (information;  explanation; translation; interpretation) that’s required to liberate (unlock; release; emancipate) the “House of David”.  

Their release (deliverance; liberation)  rests (depends; relies) upon  the shoulders (inclination to assume the burden; sense of urgency) of Eliakim (“One whom God Has Raised-Image result for EphodUp”)

Eliakim will liberate  (rescue; emancipate; redeem) the House of David (Dynasty of Jehovah’s loved Ones) and not a soul on earth will be able to “stop-it” (“thwart it; interfere with it; deny it; prevent it).keys of the house of Judah

* Key – History suggests that in the time of Isaiah, locks and keys were very-large in size and made of wood. Keys were carried visibly around the neck and shoulders of the “Royal-Chamberlain” (Visier; chief steward; Prime minister of a king; the officer who manages the household of a monarch).  The keys symbolized the badge (distinctive emblem worn as a mark of the chamberlain’s office and authority).




23. Then, I (Jehovah) will drive (thrust; hammer; strike; pound; force) a “Peg” (nail; hook; anchor; an Israelite upon whom others can depend) into the hearts (central or innermost parts)  of those whom  I (Jehovah) have ordained to be engaged (occupied;  involved) in the work on behalf of Israel’s seed (offspring; descendants). waterfall iceland dynjandi GIF

With their support (help),  Israel’s people will be-transformed (undergo a transformation) into a source (fountain; waterfall) of pride (deep pleasure and satisfaction derived from the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated) for the house (family-members; kindred; relatives) of the ancestors (forebearers; progenitors) of Eliakim (“One whom God has raised-up”).

The Old Testament ancestors (predecessors in the family of) Eliakim (“One whom God has raised-up”) are, of course, Jacob  (“One who is upright in the eyes of men”; defrauder”; deceiver; trickster), who was overnight transformed into Israel (“One who is upright in the sight of God);  Jacob’s father, Isaac (mockery; laughing-stock) ,  and his wife, Rebeccah * (Rivka,or a “team of cattle”)  and Isaac’s father, Abraham,  and his wife, Sarah. 

* Rebeccah-Rebecca, or Rivka in Hebrew, was the second matriarch of the Jewish nation. Although she grew up in Padan Aram, amongst pagans, she remained righteous and pure. Our sages applied to her the verse (Song of Songs 2:2): “As a rose among the thorns, so is my beloved among the daughters.” She married our patriarch Isaac, and gave birth to Esau and Jacob. Most importantly, as one of our matriarchs, her character is part of the spiritual genes that make us who we are. It was she who orchestrated Jacob’s obtaining Isaac’s blessings (as described in Genesis  27).Although the meaning of her name is not explained in the Written Torah, the Mishnah in tractate Eruvin uses the word revakot, the plural of rivkah, to describe “teams of cattle.”The chassidic masters explain that becoming a “team of cattle” is a very Jewish aspiration, one that we can accomplish only because of the special soul-powers with which Rebecca endowed us all. We all have two distinct souls and consciousnesses animating our bodies (see below)  – an “animal soul” and a “Godly soul.” The animal soul is driven by self-centeredness; the God soul, by the selfless quest to serve the Almighty. Each of these souls has its own intellectual and emotional faculties, from creative wisdom to focused concentration, from discipline to loving and generous kindness. The difference is that all the emotional faculties of the Godly soul are dominated by the mind. As such, notwithstanding their extreme differences, the emotional faculties work together in harmony; they complement each other. Wisdom engenders compromise and cohesion. The animal soul, by contrast, due to its self-centered nature, is dominated by its emotions and impulses. Each one of these emotions operates independently of the others; they do not complement each other to work as a cohesive whole.


Isaac and Rebekah had been married for 20 years, yet they had no children. Remember, after Abraham and Sarah had waited for their child for 10 years, Abraham wrongly took matters into his own hands by marrying a second wife. After 20 years of waiting for a child, listen to what Isaac did:
Rebekah couldn’t have childrenSo Isaac prayed to the Lord for her. And the Lord answered his prayer. His wife Rebekah became pregnant. – (Genesis 25:21).
Isaac did not do as his father had done. Isaac had faith that God would send him a child. Perhaps he learned from the sins of his parents. Surely IsaacImage result for twin boys saw how much trouble the sin of Abraham and Sarah had caused their family. This time, Isaac kept his eyes focused on God and His promises.
Rebekah felt a lot of movement going on inside of her belly. She didn’t know what was happening. So she, also, went to the Lord with her concerns. The Lord had an interesting explanation for her. She was going to have twin boys! God told Rebekah about the future of her two sons:
The Lord said to her, “Two nations are in your body. Two tribes that are now inside you will be separated. One nation will be stronger than the other. The older son will serve the younger one.” – (Genesis 25:23) 
Each son’s descendants would become a nation of people, one nation would be stronger than the other, and the younger son would rule over the older son. This was a very interesting prophecy. Rebekah must have thought about this over and over while her belly was getting bigger and bigger. Soon, it was time for the babies to be born.
The first one to come out was red. His whole body was covered with hair. So they named him “Esau” (“hairy One; a people who are difficult to deal with or understand)  . Then his brother came out. His hand was holding onto Esau’s heel as if he was trying to supplant Easu so that he (Jacob) would emerge as Isaac and Rebeccah’s “Firstborn” *(principle-heir). So,  he was named Jacob (defrauder; supplanter; cheat;  deceiver)(Genesis 25:25).
Esau means “hairy, (“difficult to deal with and impossible to understand”) and Jacob means (“defrauder; supplanter  or one who takes the place of another) .” It is very unusual to have a baby that is hairy all over. The Bible doesn’t tell us exactly how hairy he was, but it was certainly more than the average baby because they named him “hairy.” Esau was the elder brother because he was born just moments before Jacob.Related image
The boys grew up. They were very different from each other, as brothers and sisters often are. Esau became a skillful hunter (“Baba”;  a man’s man; “Someone who is special”; pursuer; stalker; trapper; sportsman huntsman) . He loved being outside in the countryside. But Jacob was a quiet man. He liked staying near his tent. He was what we would call a “Mama’s Boy” (milquetoast; gutless-wonder; teachers pet; flatterer; bootlicker;  deceiver;  phony) and “Apple of his mothers eye”  (Mom’s little darling). 


* Firstborn-The laws and customs of all nations show that to be “firstborn” means, not only priority in time, but a certain superiority in privilege and authority. Israel is Yahweh’s firstborn among the nations (Ex 4:22; compare Jer. 31:9). 








24. However, the credit (recognition; commendation; honor) enjoyed by Eliakim’s ancestral House (family; Dynasty; line of hereditary rulers) hangs (rests; hinges; depends) upon one thing.

Eliakim (“One whom God has raised-up”) must point-to (expose; reveal;  cite facts and situations as evidence concerning) the venomous (poisonous; deadly) serpents (sly and treacherous religious leaders, who exploit a position of trust in order to betray it), who currently control Salt Lake Headquarters.

Salt Lake’s “gang of thugs” (organized group of professional robbers and murderers) areImage result for gang of corporate thugs gif coordinating (orchestrating) the capture (apprehension;  arrest; seizure) of every Israelite vessel (one into whom God’s grace, is infused),  who has inherited (received as an heir) authority (dominion; jurisdiction) from Jehovah.

……..and breaking-the-will” (taming; subduing; preparing for Salt Lake’s a yoke) every vessel who might point-to (accuse; testify against; single-out; finger; inform on) Salt Lake’s small (narrow-minded; “nasty”) General Authorities.

These devilish men are possessed by ( completely controlled) by a dark (malevolent; satanic; demonic) powers (spirits) that are commanding them  to hold-on (keep possession of ; hang-on) to the Authority that they’ve embezzled from Israel’s people, firmly-enough so that it cannot be removed or taken away.

If truth be told, what they are really doing when they bear-witness (testify) is  “shucking and jiving” * when accused of subjugating (dominating; controlling ) Israelites who are easily fooled (deceived; duped; misled) among Israel’s people in preparation for Salt Lake’s “yoke” (slavery; harness ofeyebrows flirt GIF by Wimbledon servitude).  


* “Shucking and Jiving”.-To shuck and jive” originally referred to the intentionally misleading words and actions that African-Americans would employ in order to deceive racist Euro-Americans in power, both during the period of slavery and afterwards.
The expression was documented as being in wide usage in the 1920s, but may have originated much earlier. “Shucking and Jiving” is a tactic (ploy)  used to both survive and resist. A slave, for instance, could say eagerly, “Oh, yes, Master,” and have no real intention to obey. Or an African-American man could pretend to be working hard at a task he was ordered to do, but might put up this pretense only when under observation. Both would be instances of “doin’ the old shuck ‘n jive.”
It has been adopted into non-Afro-american speech, with a reference to behavior adopted in order to avoid criticism.






25. The Lord of Hosts is declaring during in this (our) day (generation; era) that Salt Lake’s “Peg” (prophet, upon whom so much is hanging)  has been driven (pounded; forced) into the minds (cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory) of a soft (over-indulged; pampered; out-of-shape; weak; untrained; flabby) generation.

“Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization is collapsing (falling aprt; disintegrating; toppling) before our eyes.  

As Saltthe lord of the rings falling GIF Lake’s “Peg” (hook; nail; prophet & President of the Mormon Church) falls (fails; breaks-down;  slips), so will the generation of Mormons  leadership that is dependant  (reliant; counting) on him”…… saith the Lord, God of Israel.

What do you suppose happens when a lot of weighty (important) people and things are all hanging-on (depending-on) a single corrupt (rusty; deteriorated; corroded) peg (nail; hook) that is driven into a very soft (squishy; mushy; weak) anchoring place (hold; grip; mainstay)?



End Of Chapter Twenty-Two

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