Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 19 – verses 1 – 25

A Prophecy About Egypt

restrictedThe term Egypt (Mitzrayim in Hebrew) is another “appellation”, i.e. a title by which the character (collective-trait) of a group of people or institution is identified.

Isaiah uses appellations a lot!

“Egypt” defines a group of people who share a common “Master/Slave” relationship.

The place-name Egypt is derived from the Hebrew root verb “Tsarar” –meaning: “to confine” (to cramp; to restrict; to distress) .  As a noun, it designates narrowness; tribulation; a tight-place; “a-restrictive-circumstance”; oppression; servitude; slavery) .

In the context of Isaiah’s indictment, the title  “Egypt” represents a bifurcated (separated; divided) society of “Masters & Slaves” A “Culture-of-Servitude”, typifies (exemplifies; characterizes; epitomizes) the ancient kingdom of Egypt and the Latter-day kingdom of Mormonism (The Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), as well. . Related image 

The great number of Mormons in our Western hemisphere are of Israelite descent, because of their predominantly West-European ancestry.

The Mormon concept of “service” (servitude) was introduced to the descendants of these Israelites during the Mormon church’s 19th-century beginnings.

It quickly became obvious to Salt Lake’s opportunistic (worldly; hardened; selfish) leaders,  that gaining control of this fast-growing population of “obedient and servile” Israelites (rank and file Mormons) guaranteed for them a continual “Source of Revenue” ($7 billion, annually) derived from Mormon tithes *(10% of member’s annual income)  and offerings, aside from top-leaders’s access to Salt Lake’s “cherry” (awesome; cool) investment opportunities. 

* Mormon tithes –  December 26th 2019

Samuel Brunson: Whistleblower Alleges $100 Billion Secret Stockpile By Mormon Church

Samuel D. Brunson, a law professor at Loyola University in Chicago and an expert on religion and tax law, discusses the concerns about his church.
Brunson filed a complaint at the Internal Revenue Service in November by a knowledgeable church member. the complaint alleges that a non-profit supporting organization controlled by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Oops… I mean The Corporation of the President of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day-Saints)  used member tithes to amass more than $100 billion in a set of investment funds and the Church misled members about uses of the money. The complaint may be the most important look at LDS finances in decades, a window into one of the wealthiest religious organizations in the United States and the world. Details of the IRS filing reveal financial assets largely hidden from the church’s membership (often known as “Mormons”)and the public view. The 74-page document filed with the IRS and obtained by Religion Unplugged shows that Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc. (EPA) owned assets under management grew to more than $100 billion from $10 billion in the past 22 years, fueled by a mix of investment strategy and tithe money from church members.
“Religion Unplugged”  (a non-profit news organization, funded by The MediaProject.Org. It serves as an online news magazine on the topic of religion).  Its lean staff of editors in New York City welcome pitches and stories from contributors around the world) .  Its staff in New York City reached EPA’s managing director Roger Clarke by phone on Monday, to gain an explanation of key parts of this story and to ask questions for Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc. to give a response. “We don’t really answer questions with the public press. So thanks,” he said, before hanging up the phone. Ensign Peak Advisors’ articles of incorporation confirm Ensign Peak it is an  arm (important unit) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As registered under section 509(a)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc. (EPA) is a “supporting organization” of the Church under article 3 in its registration document. Upon dissolution, all Ensign Peak assets go the Church or affiliated organizations according to article 5 and that article cannot be changed without “the written consent of The First Presidency” of the Church. Because Ensign Peak Advisers is a support organization to a church it is not subject to disclosure requirements that other non-profit organizations are required to make.
A former Church member in Minnesota named Lars Nielsen published a 74-page document filed with the IRS that makes several allegations. The filing also included several internal EPA documents including an EPA Policy book, an EPA master plan, an EPA New Staff Orientation Guide, statements of financial condition and data downloads and analysis of the firm’s investment portfolio. One presentation slide in the document from March of 2013 is labeled “New Staff Orientation Deck” and shows a Church investment governance structure including a “Council on Disposition of Tithes” that allocates funds from tithes to holding organizations in the church such as EPA.
Nielsen learned of the allegations from an LDS church member, who prefers to be unnamed. The whistleblower worked with Nielsen on a two-month research project to research and explain the inner workings of EPA. The complaint (Form 211) was filed with the IRS whistleblower office on Nov. 15, 2019 and received by the IRS on Nov. 22, 2019. Nielsen has chosen to go public with the allegations by releasingthe report on line and explaining the allegations in videos.
“I started to suspect that EPA was not compliant with its 501c3 or acting in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation around 2013,” the whistleblower writes on a notarized cover letter to the IRS obtained by Religion Unplugged. “I raised several flags and concerns over the years.”
A secret $100 billion stockpile
The document tallies assets in Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc. using downloaded spreadsheets of assets from across its portfolio from March 22, 2018. The document indicatesImage result for sitting on a huge stockpile of money that the firm receives billions each year from tithe revenue — the donations church members make to the church — and estimates Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc. (EPA) assets from tithes and investment growth is more than $100 billion at present. The organization’s IRS 990-t forms also show an opaque but growing organization. In 2007, the organization listed “investing” as its primary business activity, lists a $1 million book value of all assets at year end. In 2015, it listed a book value “over” $1 million. By 2017, EPA listed “investing in partnerships” as its primary business, did not disclose its book value, reported $17.6 million in capital gain net income and lists $1.25 million as tax overpayment. Meanwhile, a letter on EPA stationery from Jan. 9, 2017, signed by vice president Greg Tarbet offered credit information about the firm saying, “Ensign Peak does not distribute financial statements. Assets, however, are well in excess of $5 billion, and Ensign Peak is essentially without debt.”
An internal EPA slide presentation from 2013 states that during the financial crisis period of 2008 and 2009, the firm “experienced a temporary drawdown” of close to $13 billion, noting that amount was greater than 30 percent of its portfolio at the time.
The whistleblower complaint said EPA had 75 employees in 2019, up from 20 in 2010. They work in a building in Salt Lake City, Utah, (60 East South Temple, Suite 400) that does not have a sign on the building or in the downstairs lobby according to the complaint. The company does not have a public web site. A LinkedIn search of Ensign Peak Advisors lists 64 people who work there including people in typical finance roles such as compliance officer, investment manager, investment analyst, portfolio manager, equity trader, private equity associate and accountant.
“Supporting organizations raise funds. They invest funds. Depending on how the investment fund was set up, it could well be proper,” says Arthur Rieman, an attorney at The Law Firm for Non-Profits in Studio City, Calif. “If it’s set up as an investment fund and increased 1,000 percent in 20 years, that’s a pretty good return.”
The whistleblower document alleges that Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc. EPA has given away $0 (that’s Zero…zip…nada) to religious, educational or charitable purposes. Non-profit experts such as Rieman note that EPA’s registration as a 509(a)3 supporting organization to the LDS Church could protect it from having to make charitable distributions because churches are not required to disclose finances to the public.
“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pays all taxes that are required by law,” says an LDS Church statement about its tax status.
Nielsen says the Mormon “giga-church” needs “a place to park its cash” and has used Ensign Peak Advisors, Inc. (EPA) to do so. Nielsen alleges EPA grew from regular tithes by members of the LDS Church, most of whom had no idea of how their money was being spent or invested given the lack of public financial disclosure by the church since 1959.
Certainly, other religions and denominations — Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Catholicism, Episcopalians, Orthodox Christians and protestants — have property and wealth. Calculating that wealth is often difficult because of varied organization structures. For example, Catholic News Service reported in June that the Institute for the Works of Religion, often referred to the Vatican Bank, held assets worth $5.6 billion at the end of 2018. But that does not capture the vast real estate and financial profile of the Roman Catholic Church and its thousands of dioceses around the world, according to experts who spoke with in 2015.

The Church is not a Commercial Corporation?

Image result for funny emoji faces “It has no other objective than preaching the gospel and inviting all to come unto Christ”. The LDS Church stated that a small portion of funds comes from its businesses.


Ten percent of the annual-income of a worldwide Mormon membership (4.5 million) coupled with “free-labor” (slavery) that Israel’s
Image result for i really want it gif people (rank and file Mormons) eagerly provide is just too much for General Authorities of The Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints,  to resist.






Salt Lake’s “Lucky-Sperm-Club” of hereditary rulers and  Egypt’s Pharoah (“Great Dynasty”)  share yet another characteristic in common. Both are known (seen) as highly-stratified-Organizations  (corporate-pyramids).

Mormon pyramid

Image result for hierarchy of ancient egyptian society

Salt Lake’s Pharoah’s (prophets) are deified in much the same way as ancient Egypt’s “God-Kings”  and they reign unchallenged (undisputed; unquestioned) over scores of mid-level managers (nobles; priests; scribes soldiers; Area-presidents;  Bishops and local-presidencies) who, in turn,  preside over an ever-expanding base (foundation) of non-leadership (non-official)Israelite (rank and file) laborers (slaves) and proselytes (converts) forming a virtual army of “unpaid-workers” (slaves; serfs).

Neither Salt Lake’s House of Pharaohs (“Dynasty of prophet-kings”)  nor Egypt’s House of Pharaohs (Dynasty of Kings) ever call (refer to; identify) “unpaid-laborers” as slaves. They call them, “Servants of God” (“Devotees of Rah”), respectively. Isaiah is conscientious (thoughtful; careful) and intentional (deliberate)  when he uses the term “Egypt” toImage result for mormon temple ceremony describe Latter-Day Saint Culture (Mormonism).

The vision he received left no doubt in his mind. Latter-Day “Mormonism” is a “Culture (cult) of slavery (bondage; captivity; enslavement).

Chapter Nineteen Verses 1 -25



The power (punishment; retribution) of God, wrapped in a “Storm Of Controversy”, is already falling-upon Salt Lake City and its idols (prophets seers and revelators).

1. This part of Isaiah’s oracle (prophecy; revelation; indictment) concerns Egypt (Mormonism’s slave culture).

  Behold (if truth be told),  the power  (punishment; retribution) of Jehovah, is wrapped  (arriving; enveloped; surrounded) in a “Storm (cloud) of Controversy”,  that is beginning to fall upon  Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City and its idols (icons; general authorities; “Brethren”; heroes; models; symbols; graven images) are terrified (petrified; scared) by the presence of (in the face of; when confronted by ) this new generation of Israel’s people and the heart (courage; will; purpose; thinking) of Mormon leadership is becoming afflicted (troubled; burdened; distressed; beset; worried).



2. I (Jehovah) have begun to stir-up (pit; set) Mormonism’s  presiding priesthood Leaders (Ba’als;disagreement 1 “lords & ; masters”owners) against their own slaves  (servants; rank and file Mormon membership),  so that every Melchizedek high-priest will contend against every other Melchizedek high-priests among this generation of Mormons.  Mormons will contend against their closest-friends (spouses; companions). Mormon congregations will be “at-odds” (at variance; in conflict; in disagreement) with another Mormon congregations.  One General-Authority (presiding priesthood leader) will contend-with (challenge; argue with; oppose; refute) other General-Authorities (presiding priesthood leaders ) because of “Isaiah’s words.”




3. In consequence of this,  much of the current audacity  (impudence; presumptuousness; insolence) of Salt Lake’s Image result for bupkis gifGeneral Authorities will evaporate (vanish; fizzle-out; disappear), as they realize that their boastful arrogance has produced for themselves  “Bobkes”   (Yiddish for “trifling-things; little balls of dung; shit, i.e. “nothing”) 

because they have accustomed themselves and everyone else to seek

(a) consolation  (comfort)   from worthless-idols  (General Authorities) at Salt Lake Headquarters

(b) reinforcement (bolstering)   from Necromancers  (magicians; wizards) 

(c)  legitimacy (validity) from Mormon pioneer-ancestry (pioneer-forebearers; pioneer-forefathers)

(d)  “divine-guidance”  ( divine instruction; revelation) from Corporate CEO’s (Chief-Executive-Officers of “THE CORPORATION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS”)



.4.  I (Jehovah) have allowed (permitted expedited) the deliverance (handing-over; conveyance) of Mormonism  and its Image result for president of the mormon church Egyptian  (master/slave) culture (lifestyle; civilization; society; church) into the hands (control; power; possession) of cruel-masters (Melchizedek-overlords)  and ruthless (heartless; merciless; cut-throat) Salt Lake Kings, who dominate (tyrannize; oppress)  “Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons)”, declareth the Lord God of Hosts.


Ruthless – If you want to be feared by men and ensure loyalty, you need to adopt the traits of a ruthless man. Capisce (“understand” in Italian)?
Buona sera (Good Evening) , boys! There are many ways to get what you want. You can be Mr. Nice Guy and ask, “please, please, with a cherry on top.” You can be a whiner and complain until you get your way. Or, you can be the bad guy and take what you want or stop at nothing to achieve your goals. Basically, be ruthless.
Being ruthless in business accomplishes things. Especially when a guy is behind on his payments. But don’t mistake ruthlessness with being a tyrant. Being ruthless means you take no prisoners, you develop a killer instinct, but you are consistent in your fierceness. There’s nothing worse than a bad arse (“bad-ass”) who changes his mind every time the wind blows east. That’s not being ruthless, it’s being a lunatic.

 Leave emotions at the door

When you’re ruthless, you have to make decisions without feelings. Emotions cloud your judgment. They weaken you when it comes to the people you like. When you decide to be ruthless in business or in your personal life, emotions should go out the window. Don’t bend the rules for no one; be consistent in your actions.
If you get hired for a job and your first order is to fire half your staff, you have to be cold and calculating. Eliminate the useless employees. You wouldn’t keep a guy who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow in business but bakes you cookies every Friday, just because you think he’s a stand-up guy.
This emotional detachment applies to all aspects of business. If your enemy is weak, show no compassion and use the opportunity to destroy him. When you’re ruthless and aggressive, you have to make tough decisions. It’s going to take brass balls; you don’t have time to worry about feelings. Remorse exits your brain forever.
You never apologize. You don’t have pity. You don’t feel sorry for no one. Why should you? It’s business, not personal, and if the other guy doesn’t understand that, what the hell do you care? If you tolerate idiots or forgive anyone, you might as well just cut off your balls right now, little girl…

No tolerance for incompetence

Someone who’s ruthless wants to be surrounded by people that can execute his vision. A ruthless person needs to be surrounded by intelligent people if he wants to get things done. When you’re ruthless, you have no tolerance or patience for stupid people.
Get rid of waste immediately. If someone is too stupid to think before they act, they don’t deserve respect or dignity — so get rid of them. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, so don’t let stronzos get in the way of your ambition. Zero tolerance.

Never forgive

Forgiveness makes you weak. Ruthless people don’t understand the meaning of forgiveness. You can’t ever forgive idiocy, betrayal or disloyalty. Someone screws up, they’re gone, fired, out of your life. No excuses, no explanations. Forgiving someone always leaves the door open for others to betray you as well.

 Punish quickly & brutally

Beyond not forgiving someone for treachery or infidelity, you need to make an example of those responsible to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Your reaction to being betrayed has to be consistent, quick, and it has to be heartless enough that it sends a clear message to others: Don’t f*ck with me.
What’s important here is that you punish in a consistent manner. If you like putting guys in cement shoes when they screw you over, do it across the board. Don’t make an exception for the cafone you caught sleeping with your wife and give him the “extra treatment.” That’s letting emotions rule.
If you delay your punishment, like the Count of Monte Cristo, you defeat the purpose of punishing someone. If your dog eats the plate of cannoli you’ve been looking forward to all day, plotting revenge and hitting him out of the blue three weeks later isn’t going to send the message, “Don’t ever touch my freakin’ cannoli again, you stinking mutt.”
Learn to scare the crap out of people and stick to the plan…

Instill fear in others

Whether you do it by your actions, by your words, by hiring some muscle, or by carrying a Beretta, “instill fear in others”. They are more likely to surrender if they fear you. And when you want to take over the world, you want to get there as quickly as possible, and with as little bloodshed as possible. Blood is a big expense. Turn those around you into the French, and they’ll surrender like patsies.

 Stay focused & determined

When you aim to be ruthless, you have to stick to it all the way. And if you have a “master plan” to go along with your ruthlessness, make sure you never forget it.
If you want to build the largest garbage disposal company in the world, focus on destroying or buying out all those that stand in your way. Don’t get distracted by buying a cow farm in Tijuana.






5. The “Waters”  (chaos; sorceries; dark-arts) brought-forth (generated) in the wake of (as a result of)  Salt Lake’s rebellion (mutiny; sedition) provides Salt Lake’s presiding officers a financial windfall (“bonanza”), but…….

Mormonism’s hallmark (standard; distinguished; characteristic)  appearance (expression;Image result for nervous wreck gif aura; image) of happiness (“joy; well-being”) will soon evaporate (disappear; vanish) and Salt Lake’s remaining supporters will be left desolate (ravaged; devastated; forsaken by God). Anyway, Mormonism’s pursuit of “Happiness” has created a Church of nervour wrecks.





6 Salt Lake’s mockery (mimicry; imitation; impression; portrayal)  of God-like “power andskunk fart authority”  (formidableness; potency) gushes (pours-out effusively and enthusiastically) throughout the channels (quorums; organizations; corridors; hierarchy) of Salt Lake Leadership.

 But it “stinks-to-high-heavens” (“should be viewed with suspicion”).

Salt Lake’s misplaced veneration  (worship; deification; idolization) of  “Men’s Power and Authority”  (“Men’s domination”) is responsible for the divine disgrace (disapproval;  reproach) of Israel’s people.



7. The corrupt (filthy; contaminated) channels (pathways; conveyors; conduits; transmission-system)Image result for we're dead broke gif ; mediums) of Salt Lake’s power and Authority continue to decay and degenerate  (waste away;  become irrelevant ) in the same way that ancient Egypt’s  Cornucopia  (superabundance)  of  possessions (wealth and power) inevitably (eventually) shrunk and disappeared.







8.  Mormonism’s slave-culture (latter-day version of Egypt) has spawned (produced) the Empire (commercial organization) of Assyria (“Guaranteed Social and Financial Success”). 

Mormonism’s version of Assyria (“Guaranteed Social and Financial Success”) has beenwipe today show GIF metastasizing (spreading) like a Cancer,  all around Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons), while Salt Lake’s prophets are busy polishing (burnishing; glossing; brightening) the church’s “public-image” (false-front; mask; facade) of  happiness, success, and prosperity, local-priesthood leaders are preoccupied with shining (buffing; slicking) their own window-dressing.





9. Notice the growing number of Mormon missionaries fishing (hunting ) for Israel’s people, at front doors, andRelated image more recently  on the internet (Facebook; social media).

They’re baiting (beguiling; charming; seducing) people  online by feigning (faking; pretending) compassion  (fellow-feelings, support and sympathy) and promoting Mormonism as an appealing  (cool; “with-it”) church that’s concerned about the same things as you (Israel’s people).

But…keep in mind (don’t forget) …..Every Mormon messenger (missionary; ambassador) is “made-in-the-image-of”  (“a representation of“)  Salt Lake’s General Authorities…rather than Jehovah, Israel’s God,  and each messenger is sent out from Salt Lake Headquarters to fish  (trawl) for Israelites.

They are looking for promising (auspicious; hopeful) places (communities; neighborhoods) upon which canImage result for netting fish gif successfully cast (spring) Salt Lake’s Melchizedek priesthood net (trap; web; network) on-the-face (for the purposes and objectives) of “The-Waters”  (Black-Magic; Sorcery; dark-arts; Satanic-forces).


Salt Lake intends to net (catch; get-hold-of ; capture) as many Israelites as possible.




10.  Shame upon Melchizedek Priesthood leaders who are “hard-at-work” (obsessed with;Image result for shame on you gif preoccupied with ; fixated-on) making finely  (intricately; carefully) twined (twisted; tangled; corrupted; warped) linen (“Divine-truths”) to make themselves look like Israelite Royalty, while secretly  (behind closed doors) they harbor a harboring contempt (disdain) for Israel’s people!

They focus all their efforts on setting-up  (weaving; establishing; organizing; forming ) their personal-network (arrangement), with every like-minded high-priest,  whose connection (relationship) is advantageous (favorable; opportune; expedient; beneficial) for his own transactions, not Rank and file Mormons.

* linen carried much symbolism, anciently, which is also for usImage result for Egyptian linen today.  The white linen garments of the priesthood were exclusively for the High Priest. There are many common things associated with the making of linen and our calling.  Linen refers to a ( network; system)  It is mentioned over 90 times in the Bible and wool is only mentioned 14 times. The entire flax plant (roots and all) is used in the production of linen. The process is long and hard.  Wool comes from sheep who’ve been sheared (fleeced; has its fur cut off) and the fibers are processed and turned into fabric.   And he saith unto me, these are the true sayings of God. “Finely-Twined-Linen” refers to a “Carefully Twisted Divine-Truths”  used by Salt Lake highpriests to present (announce) themselves as Jehovah’s chosen servants.
Let’s break-it-down…….
(a) Finely means carefully;  precisely;  particularly 
(b) twinned means twisted; corrupted; confused; sick
(c) linen means “divine truths”; intruction; Torah




11.  Latter-day Saints are being manipulated (exploited;  managed; controlled) by Salt Lake’s priesthood hierarchy. Image result for I'm so tired of this gif But, a growing number of Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) are privately (inwardly; secretly) admitting to themselves that they feel  demoralized  (discouraged; dispirited; depressed).

They can see that their priesthood leaders are behaving like “hirelings”  (men who work for reward, particularly, recognition and social-approval).   Indeed (if truth be told), rank and file Mormons are “weary.”





12. The “Princes” (“royalty”; chief-priests; General-Authorities; presiding-Elders) of Salt Lake Headquarters are yoking  (bundling; teaming; harnessing; chaining; pairing; coupling)  Israel’s people together, so they can “load-up-their-backs”  (work them) like  “beasts-of-burden”.

The instruction  (Torah; education), originating from the General Authorities (apostles and prophets)  of  Salt Lake’s “House of Pharoah” (“Dynasty of Lawlessness”) amounts to “Nothing” (“Diddly-Squat”)Related image

Just who is giving these frauds permission to “reign” (sit on thrones)  over  Israel’s people?   Each of them  thinks (supposes; imagines) of himself as One of Israel’s Sages (“A Lawful heir of Israel’s Old Testament kingship.”






13. The administrators (middle-managers) of Zoan (“Salt Lake’s Wandering troubadours of Religion”; “The Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints”) have let themselves become Salt Lake’s fools (“suckers”; easy-marks; stooges). 

The Presiding officers of Salt Lake’s international Sieve (mesh; network; Melchizedek Priesthood Organization; tool that is lifted up and shaken) are leading even its own administarors (Bishops; local Presidencies) astray, having in mind,  “Slavery” which is the cornerstone (foundation; basis; linch-pin; main-ingredient) of Salt Lake’s scepter (imperial power and authority; sovereignty).




14. Jehovah has been allowing Salt Lake to pour the wine (spirit) of “bull-headedness” (obstinately opinionated, especially in refusing to consider alternatives) upon the souls (minds;  thinking) of Israel’s people  (rank and file Mormons)Image result for slip and fall gif while, at the same time, causing them to lose their “footing”  (foothold; foundation) and become increasingly unsteady  (uncertain; doubtful) about Jehovah,  while falling-for  (becoming infatuated with) every word of Salt Lake’s “empty-promises.”

Salt Lake hopes that that Israel’s people  will  slip (lose their footing) on Salt Lake’s vomitus (partially digested food from the belly of Salt Lake headquarters, that’s ejected from its mouth, i.e, “Prophet”)  … drunkards (inebriates; drunken-sots).




15. Nowadays (Today; Now: In our day), Mormonism’s EgyptianImage result for cowardlylike taskmasters (Melchizedek Priesthood Authorities) behave like a bunch of “women”  (Hebrew pejorative, i.e.”cowardly-men”; “timid-men”; “indecisive-men” ).  They are so so craven (spineless; lily-livered; faint-hearted; chicken-hearted; timid)  as they “run-for-cover” (go into hiding; dodge; deflect; hide; skip-town) when confronted by the terrifying  (alarming; frightening) hand  (spirit; retribution; force; power) of the God, the Lord of Hosts, that’s been  raised-up against them.




16. The name (title; appellation) “Judah”  (“I will Give Praise and Thanks unto Jehovah”) strikes terror in the heartsJudah of Egyptians (Melchizedek priesthood authorities; promoters of a Mormonism’s master/slave culture) throughout the entire Mormon Kingdom.

When any of these men recollect (recall; bringing-to-mind; remember) the name (authority; dominance; command; sovereignty; supremacy) “Judah” (“I will Give Praise and Thanksgiving unto Jehovah”) he is struck with terror because the name “Judah” in Hebrew, means “I will give Praise and Thanks unto Jehovah”.  The name (especially its Hebrew meaning)  signals (warns; indicates; communicates; means) the return of The Lord of Hosts, just as he promised and it sends a chilling “message” (warning; threat) to Salt Lake headquarters that Israel’s army is invincible under Jehovah’s command.




17. By now (by this time), Mormonism’s aristocracy (privileged-ruling-class) has become fat (rich; prosperous; affluent ) while surrounded  (encompassed; encircled) by  widespread (general; wholesale; sweeping) impoverishment  (hardship; starvationneediness; pauperism) among Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons).

Most Mormon leaders are, in fact, psychologically suited   (cognitively-cut-out) to play the role  (part) of Canaanites  (subjugators; taskmasters), in spite of the fact that, by blood  (Jacob’s-blood) , they are under (obligated by) the same covenant as their Old Testament Patriarch Jacob,  so they are covenantly obligated to defend and upholdImage result for its their fault God’s laws and Israel’s people. They’re not doing a very good job of that.

In the end, Top-General Priesthood Authorities will wind-up “Pointing the Finger of Judgment” toward others as though someone else is responsible (accountable; blameworthy; guilty) for the coup d’état  (overthrow; takeover; revolution) that was cooked-up” (concocted; contrived) by  Mormon Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City.





18. Today, our generation of Israel’s able-bodied soldiers  watches-out-for  (is alert to; is on the look-outImage result for able bodied soldiers for) mischief-makers (trouble-makers; ringleaders ) among the leadership  of Mormonism’s priesthood, because they know  (have been  exposed to; are familiar with; are acquainted with) the kind of slick-double-talk (deliberately euphemistic language; sweet-talk; “bullshit”; flim-flam;  bologna) that is so typical of Canaanite (abusive; controlling; dominating subjugating; suppressing; enslaving) men.  They know exactly how Salt Lake manipulates Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) into swearing an apostate “Oath Of Allegiance” to Salt Lake’s  Melchizedek Priesthood leadership to ignore Jehovah, so Israel’s people will end-up disqualifing (invalidating; disenfranchising) themselves “In The Eyes Of God” as servants and inlisted in the special forces of Jehovah’s enemy.




19. To demonstrate their bravery Mormon men, acting as highImage result for devil in a business suit-priests, take-it-upon-themselves (assume-the-responsibility; make-it-their-business) to  sacrifice (ruin; impair; destroy) the lives of Israelites (rank and file Mormons) in-the-midst-of (in clear view of) what once was  The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day-Saints.

 Nearly all of Mormons are unaware that in 1923, President Heber J. Grant secured “Corporate-Status” for the church.  Since then, the LDS Church has been recognised legally as a “Corporate sole”.

A Corporate sole is a legal entity consisting of a single (“sole”) incorporated office, occupied by a single (“sole”) living person (the current Mormon President/Prophet, Russel M. Nelson) and The Corporate leadership of the  Mormon church is subject to the State of Utah rather than to Jesus Christ.

When a church incorporates itself, it fully intends to operate as a business (“do business”; buy and sell goods; make a “profit”).  And……boy…..does the Mormon Church ever “Do-Business” (engage in commercial trade; “make a profit”). Here are just a few commercial enterprises that Salt Lake headquarters has its fingers in:


Deseret Management Corporation –
Beneficial Financial Group
Bonneville International –
Bonneville Communications –
Bonneville Interactive Services
Bonneville Satellite
35 Radio Stations
1 Television Station (KSL)
Deseret Book
Excel Entertainment
Deseret Morning News
Hawaii Reserves
Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC)
La’ie Shopping Center
La’ie Park
La’ie Cemetary
Hukilau Beach Park
La’ie Water Company
La’ie Treatment Works (sewer)
Temple Square Hospitality
Weddings (JSMB and Lion House)
The Inn at Temple Square
Lion House Pantry
The Roof Restaurant
The Garden Restaurant
Passages Restaurant
Zions Securities Corporation

Farm Management Corporation (commercial farms and agricultural properties)
Deseret Land and Livestock
200,000 acres of land in Rich, Morgan, and Weber counties (Utah)
Sun Ranch (Martin’s Cove)
Deseret Ranches of Florida (Orlando – the largest ranch in Florida)
Deseret Farms of California
Rolling Hills (Idaho)
West Hills Orchards (Elberta, Utah)
Cactus Lane Ranch (Arizona)

Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (CPB)

Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Deseret Trust Company
LDS Family Services
Property Reserves Inc. (PRI)
Ensign Peak Advisors

Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA)

Brigham Young University (BYU)
BYU – Idaho
BYU – Hawaii
LDS Business College

You might find interesting the following transcript of the US Senate Committee case regarding Mormon Senator Reed Smoot. (1904 thru 1907)  Where did the Mormon Church President Joseph F. Smith find time for meditation, let alone revelation? It’s lengthy but it’s also worth the time it takes to read……….. 
Mr. Tayler (Senate Attorney)
What is your business?
Mr. Smith (Mormon Prophet and President): My
principle business is that of the president of the church.
Mr. Tayler: In what other business are you engaged?
Mr. Smith: I am engaged in NUMEROUS other businesses.
Mr. Tayler: What?
Mr. Smith: I am President of Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution.
Mr. Tayler: Of what other corporations are you an officer?
Mr. Smith: I am president of the State Bank of Utah, another institution.
Mr. Tayler: What else?
Mr. Smith: President of Zion’s Savings Bank and Trust Company.
Mr. Tayler: What else?
Mr. Smith: I am President of the Utah Sugar Company.
Mr. Tayler: What else?
Mr. Smith: I am President of the Consolidated Wagon and Machine Company.
Mr. Tayler: What else?
Mr. Smith: There are several other small institutions with which I am associated.
Mr. Tayler: Are you associated with the Utah Light and Power Company?
Mr. Smith: I am.
Mr. Tayler: In what capacity?
Mr. Smith: I am a director and President of the company.
Mr. Tayler: A director and the president?
Mr. Smith: Yes, sir.
Mr. Tayler: Had you “that” in mind when you classified the others as “small concerns”?
Mr. Smith: No sir, I had not that in mind.
Mr. Tayler: That is a ‘large concern’?
Mr. Smith: That is a large concern.
Mr. Tayler: Are you an officer of the Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railroad Company?
Mr. Smith: I am.
Mr. Tayler: What?
Mr. Smith: President and director.
Mr. Tayler: Of what else are you President?
Mr. Smith: I am President of the Salt Air Beach Company.
Mr. Tayler: What else, if you can recall.
Mr. Tayler: What relation do you sustain to the Idaho Sugar Company?
Mr. Smith: I am a director of that company and also the President of it.
Mr. Tayler: Of the Inland Crystal Salt Company?
Mr. Smith: Also, the same position there.
Mr. Tayler: The Salt Lake Dramatic Association?
Mr. Smith: I am President of that and also a DIRECTOR.
Mr. Tayler: Are you president of any other corporation there?
Mr. Tayler: It would seem that the number has grown so large that it would be an undue tax upon your memory to charge you with naming them all.
Mr.  Taylor: Mr. Smith, What relation do you sustain to the Salt Lake Knitting Company? Did I already ask you about it?
Mr. Smith: No sir, you did not.
Mr. Tayler: The Salt Lake Knitting Company?
Mr. Smith: I am PRESIDENT of it, and also a director.
Mr. Tayler: The Union Pacific Railway Company?
Mr. Smith: I am a DIRECTOR.
Mr. Tayler: Are you an official of any mining companies?
Mr. Smith: Yes, sir.
Mr. Tayler: What?
Mr. Smith: I am the vice-president of the Bullion, Beck, and Champion Mining Company.
Mr. Tayler: The Deseret News?
Mr. Smith: No, sir.
Mr. Tayler: You have no business-relations with that?
Mr. Smith: NO SIR.
Mr. Tayler: Is the Deseret News the ‘organ of the Church’?
Mr. Smith: Well, I suppose it is in some sense the ‘organ of the church’. It is not opposed to the church, at least.
Mr. Tayler: It has for years published, has it not, at the head of its columns, that it is “the organ of the church”, or the “official organ of the church”?
Mr. Smith: Not that I know of.
Mr. Tayler: Do you know who owns it?
Mr. Smith: How is that?
Mr. Tayler: Do you know who owns it?
Mr. Smith: I know who owns the building that it is in.
Mr. Tayler: Who owns the building in which it is published?
Mr. Smith: The church.
Mr. Tayler: The church?
Mr. Smith: Yes, sir.
Mr. Tayler: Tell us what you know about the owners of that newspaper.
Mr. Smith: It has been for a number of years past owned by a company — AN INCORPORATED COMPANY.
Mr. Tayler: What is the name of the company?
Mr. Smith: The Deseret News Publishing Company.
Mr. Tayler: Do you know who its officers are?
Mr. Smith: No, it is not owned by that company.
Mr. Tayler: Oh, it is not?
Mr. Smith: No; it is not.
Mr. Tayler: What do you know —-
Mr. Smith: But I say for years it was owned by a company of that kind.
Mr. Tayler: What do you know about its present ownership?
Mr. Smith: I presume that the present ownership is IN THE CHURCH.
Mr. Tayler: You suppose the present owner is ‘the church’?
Mr. Smith: Yes, sir; the church.
Mr. Tayler: I do not want to have any misconstruction put upon your use of the word ‘presume’ because you do not know that it is so owned?
Mr. Smith: I really do not know so that I could tell you positively.
Mr. Tayler: Who would know?
Mr. Smith: I presume I could find out.
Mr. Tayler: Could you find out before you leave Washington?
Mr. Smith: Perhaps so.
Reed Smoot Case transcript, Vol. 1, pp. 81, 82, 83, 86, 87, and 88)
A day later, because of the ownership of the Deseret News and its articles were keys to the case, in which Joseph F. Smith testified:
Mr. Tayler: In what form does your church have title to the Deseret News property?
Mr. Smith: It owns the deed.
Mr. Tayler: I am speaking of the newspaper, not the building.
Mr. Smith: The press; yes. I would like to state that when I was asked that question before, Mr. Tayler, I was not aware of the fact that I have since learned from my counsel here that during the trusteeship of Lorenzo Snow the Deseret News plant was transferred from the Deseret News Company to Lorenzo Snow, trustee, in trust. I was not aware of the fact, Mr. Chairman, when that question was asked me yesterday, I believe it was. I have since learned that that is the fact and that my counsel who is here made out the papers for the transfer. …..
Mr. Tayler: So that it is now in you as trustee in trust?
Mr. Smith: NOW I OWN IT AS TRUSTEE IN TRUST. Furthermore, I will say that I have discovered since yesterday that there is published on the second or third page of the Deseret News the statement that it is the “organ of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” (Reed Smoot case, Vol. 1, page 158).
As you can see, since this exchange took place sometime between 1904-1907 the Mormon Church has been “all-about-business” for a very long time.

(Verse #19 continued) Salt Lake’s illegitimate Melchizedek Priesthood regime is “made-in-the-image-of” Egypt’s Pharaoh (“Personified Power Of Oppression”) and the entire Melchizedek Priesthood Organization is chipping-away  at,  with the hopes of ultimately removing altogether,  Israel’s boundaries * (legal-property; borderlines; dividing-lines; set of distinctions; birthright) which were Image result for moving boundary stone in ancient Israel determined (settled; fixed) by Jehovah, a long time ago.  

*Boundaries – “In a country where a piece (parcel) of property (land)  was defined by landmarks – stones or some such objects – nothing was easier than to remove these altogether, or to alter their position. That this was a common form of fraud, we gather from the stringency of the laws against the offense (see Deut. 19: 14; Deut. 27:14). In the Babylonian and Assyrian inscriptions which have been preserved, there are many stones which invoke curses,  against the disturbers of boundaries. Such marks were considered sacred and inviolable by the Greeks and Romans (see Plato, ‘De Leg.,’ 8:842, 843; Ovid, ‘Fast.,’ 2:639, etc.).”     (Proverbs 22:28) Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”
 God assigned the land to the tribes and families, and it was fundamentally His. Therefore, changing a boundary was an affront to Him. “The land is not to be sold with any finality, because the land belongs to me. You are sojourners and travelers with me.” (Leviticus 25:23). The meaning is direct and clear. Boundary stones in Babylon had curses written right on them. The poor would have been especially vulnerable to land theft by the change of boundary stones since they would have lacked the means to defend themselves (see the case of the Naboth Vineyard Incident in 1 Kings 21). Apparently, it was a particular temptation of the nation’s leaders (Hos 5:10) see also (Proverbs 22;28; 23:10).





20. Thus, this thing (matter; affair; business)  will serve as a sign (an indication of the presence of God) and as “a-witness” (testimony) for the prosecution of Salt Lake’s General Authorities. 

When these desperate circumstances come to pass, Salt Lake’s First Presidency will call-for (publicly ask for; demand) a “Solemn-Assembly” * with regard to Isaiah’s indictment,  because of the distress (panic; “holy terror”) Salt Lake’s General Authorities are feeling.

Subsequently, a lawyer (legal-counsel; defence-attorney) will be assigned to represent (act as attorney for; speak on behalf of) Salt Lake’s General Authorities and counsel  (give advice to ) them by pointing (directing their attention) to Salt Lake’s Vanity-Show (empty-ordinance; worthless-ritual; pompous ceremony; haughty-sacrament) of idolatry.Image result for "Solemn-Assembly"

* “Solemn Assembly”  – a formal and sacred procedure in the LDS Church conducted for the purpose of giving added emphasis to an urgent purpose or occasion.  In 1831, a year after Joseph Smith established the Church of Christ, he was instructed as a result of revelation, to “Call your solemn assembly, that your fastings and your mourning might come up into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.” Historically, solemn assemblies were held on special occasions of major religious importance in ancient Israel.
 In these meetings, Latter-day Saints around the world gather to show support for the Church president and others included in the Church’s worldwide governing body including general membership from age 8 and older.



ten commandments

21. Then, this generation of Melchizedek Priesthood leaders will seek to become-intimately-acquainted-with) Jehovah because of their personal-distress,  and they’ll finally acknowledge (recognize; admit; confess; concede) “things” (“Words”; Ten-Commandments) which were meant (designed; written)  to limit (govern; control; curb; check) them,  having Jehovah in mind.

In our day (during our generation), you (Israel’s people) will witness (see; watch-as)  Melchizedek Priesthood Authorities offer genuine (heartfelt) sacrifices and tribute to Jehovah and vow (pledge; undertake; swear; solemnly promise) a vow (oath; bond; commitment; covenant) to Him and make-amends  (apologize; compensate) for their past-wrong-doings. 




22.  Then Jehovah will strike (smite; afflict), having in mind (particularly), those who doggedly (obstinately; relentlessly) remainImage result for bette Davis hold on to your seat gif His rivals (adversaries; opponents; challengers; competitors; contenders).

 This,  Jehovah will do,  in order to heal (treat; doctor; care-for; minister to ; handle) them until such time that a testimony (attestation; evidence) of Jehovah’s presence drives (motivates; urges) them. So……….


“Fasten your seatbelts….it’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

(Betty Davis in “All About Eve”, an academy award winning drama, premiering in New York City on October 13, 1950) . 




23. In our day (today; nowadays)  Salt Lake depends-upon its  fast-track (“affluent-life-style”; “high-living”; luxuriousness) to move (advance; promote) Israel’s (rank and file Mormon) men from Egypt (slavery and oppression) into Assyria (“Guaranteed social and financial Success”)

 The “Success” (prosperity; affluence) of Assyria (“Guaranteed popularity and financial success”) begets Egyptians (promoters of servitude and oppression) and Egyptians  (promoters of servitude and oppression) beget Assyrians (promoters of social popularity and financial success”). 

This cycle continues until every Israelite (rank and file Mormon) becomes an  Egyptian  (supporter and promoter of servitude and oppression) and all the while, having-in-mind (cherishing the thought of; wishing for;Image result for who came first the chicken or the egg coveting) Assyria (“Guaranteed social popularity and financial security thru advancement in the Melchizedek Priesthood Organization). Which comes first…the chicken or the egg?







24. In our day (era; period of time) “The Triad” (The First Presidency; “the Trifecta”; TheRelated image Triple-Crown) of  Salt Lakes presiding Priesthood leadership  is  pointing (directing) everyone to Egypt (Mormonism’s culture of slavery servitude) but within the bowels (“inner circles”; inner sanctums) of the Mormonism’s top-leadership is a wholesale (mass; wide-spread) embrace (affection; love fondness for; desire) for Assyria (“Guaranteed social and financial success”).




25. Salt Lake’s Presiding priesthood Leadership  wants every Mormon to “Praise the Mormon Church” byImage result for its mine mine mine gif declaring, “The Lord of Hosts is blessing  Mormonism (Salt Lake’s modern version of Egypt’s Master/Slave culture”) as well as Assyria (Salt lake’s brand of “Guaranteed Social and Financial success”), that’s run (operated; controlled) by men who’ve stolen (unlawfully appropriated; hijacked) my (Jehovah’s) hand  (spirit; influence; power; dominion; force; authority)  which is the exclusive inheritance (birthright) of Israel’s people.


 End Of Chapter Nineteen

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