Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 18 – verses 1 – 7

 A Prophecy Against Cush

Black give-off (emanate) no color whatsoever, but to emit a bottomless (endless; unfathomable) hue of darkness (evil; wickedness; villainry and moral-bankruptcy). Black is the opposite of white, which symbolizes light; intelligence clarity; moral-innocence and purity.  In the context of Isiah’s message, black has nothing,  whatsoever, to do with the color of a man’s skin, but everything to do with the complexion (nature; character) of a man’s soul. A man of “Cush” is a black-hearted soul who notoriously lacks a functioning conscience.

The term Cush is a descriptive adjective meaning: “black” or “shrouded-in-darkness”.

“Cushites” are men who manifest (display; demonstrate) an absolutely frightening “lack of moral-conscience” (disregard for what’s right and what’s wrong).

In the context of Isaiah’s indictment, “black” has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of a man’s skin, but everything to do with the complexion (nature; character) of a man’s soul (appetite; cravings; inclinations; propensities; spiritual-being).

“Black” indicates an inability to radiate (emit; bring-about; generate; transmit) “light” (“truth”) as well as an incapacity to reflect (show; reveal; express; communicate) it.

The worst of Salt Lake’s officials are Cushites” (“black-hearted-men”; “devils”; diabilical-monsters) who radiate (produce) nothing but darkness (ignorance;  disaster; death; curses; punishment).

In connection with the “Complexion of the Human Soul”, Cushites (“black-hearted-men”; “devils”; diabilical-monsters) display a total-absence of “light” (truth; integrity; virtue).

Isaiah uses the name “Cush” to identify a “breed” (species) of beings who are instinctively (inherently; naturally)  unprincipled dumb and dumber vomit GIF(unconscionable).

They are “Nephilim” (disgraceful-beings; despicable-beings) who find satisfaction (pleasure;  gratification) in what humans regard as repulsive (nauseating; sickening; disgusting).

Old Testament  “Cushites” (“Nephilim; unprincipled-men; unconscionable-men “) were the originators (authors; creators) of “Nimrod” (“rebellion”) and as if that’s not enough to alarm (terrify; scare; upset) you, “Cushites” (“unprincipled-men “) are the firstborn sons (hereditary-successors; hereditary-heirs; scions) of Ham  (“excitement”). 





1. Woe (disaster; cataclysm; damnation),  to the land (kingdom) of whirring-wings  (flies;the walking dead GIF a species that helps to break-down and consume garbage, feces, dead and decaying things).

Flies are naturally attracted to Salt Lake’s dead (lifeless; wasted; decaying; dead) carcass (“Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints”). 

In fact, that dying carcass  (“Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints”) is controlled  (presided-over) by “Cushite” (“unconscionable”; Nephilite; black-hearted) beings.




.2. Salt Lake sends (deputizes; commissions) innocuous (harmless) looking teenage boys to be its envoys (representatives;Image result for Satan missionaries)  in an effort to spread (further; promote;  advance) the “Dark” (evil; sinister) objectives of “Satan” (meaning in Hebrew-“The-Adversary”).









3. All of you (Salt Lake’s General Authorities; Salt Lake’s prophets and apostles) who are reigning (occupying a throne; ruling) on  “Thrones-of Blaspheme” along with those of you who support (sustain) Salt Lake’s kingdom are witnessing the banner (sign; token; standard) of Jehovah being lifted-up against the Salt Lake’s Citadel (fortress) in the Rocky-Mountains. What you are reading is the sound (blast) of Jehovah’s trumpet” *


* The trumpet, like the shofar, was not so much an instrument of music as it is an instrument of “teru’ah” (sound;Image result for shophar noise), that is, an alarm and a signal. Its primary use was to give signals to the people and their chiefs to assemble and generally to announce an important event or to aid in the joyous shouting of the people on festive occasions (II Kings 11:14; Hos. 5: 8). But its chief use, at least in later times, was religious; and it was therefore almost exclusively a priestly instrument (Num. 10:8, 31: 6; II Chron. 13:12, 14). Before the invention of the brass trumpet,  the traditionally sacred horn of the ancient Hebrews was the “Shophar” made from a Ram’s horn. It has been used since Moses’ day (Exodus 19:13) as a means to “get Israel’s attention” or as a “signal”, or as the prelude (introduction) to an announcement and/or warning from Jehovah”. For instance,  Joshua had 7 priests carry 7 horns for 7 days and circle Jericho 7 times, then the priests sounded the horns, the people shouted and the walls came down.





4  Thus saith the Lord, “Until now, I have kept my mouth shut but at this point (now) I (Jehovah) am complaining-loudly and vehemently because of the slaughter of my own seed (offspring; family; children; progeny),  while Ham (“excitement”) dazzles (temporarily blinds) them from the  light (truth) concerning the existential-threat posed by Salt Lake’s leadership (“Personified Rule of  Oppression”).

The reason why Israel’s people will not pay attention is because:   Salt Lake’s plan is working!  Indeed (if truthhappy press your luck GIF by ABC Network be told),  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) in a very literal sense,  are “under the influence”  (“captivated; carried-away; enthralled”) because of Salt Lake’s “Whammy”  (spell; abracadabra).









5. Indeed (if truth be told),  even before the harvest,  the best (purest) lights (young frankenstein burn GIFrevelations; news; epiphanies; disclosures; truths) to emerge  are immediately suppressed (silenced; crushed; censored)  and any offshoot (thing that develops from them) is blown out (snuffed-out; stamped-out) by Salt Lake’s snuffers (extinguishers)

You see (after all) … what Salt Lake has in mind is nothing less than a total annihilation (extinction; liquidation) of Israel’s people and the absolute (total; complete) removal (elimination) of any tendrils (threadlike, leafless organs which attach themselves to other plants for support) proceeding from of Israel’s vine (lineage; bloodline; (family; dynasty; line of hereditary rulers).






6. As Israel’s people lose-their-grip-on (forget about; become careless about) “tribal-unity”,  Saltpun GIF by Cheezburger Lake’s presiding priesthood authorities hasten to train (accustom; coach;  discipline; teach)  Israel’s men to become  oxen (emasculated laborers), just like themselves,  so they’ll move (influence;  exert-force upon)  Israel’s people.

Emasculation (castration; neutering; removal of virility; removal of manliness; removal of “courage” and “assertiveness”) makes it easy for Salt Lake Headquarters to control Israel’s men. 

Thus (therefore)  Salt Lake can preempt (forestall; “nick in the bud”) any rise (recovery; recapture; restoration)  of Israel’s authority (legal-power; lawful-jurisdiction; royal-dominion; justified-sovereignty), before it gets started.




.7.  During this (our) era (day; age; generation), you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) are  witnessing   (observing; seeing with your own eyes) the disingenuous (insincere; false) tribute (phony-testimonials; false-praise) regarding The Lord of Hosts spoken by presiding authorities who are exploiting (taking advantage of; abusing) you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons).  

Until now (heretofore), they’ve consumed (drained the life out of; fed-upon; devoured) Israel’s people………because of false prophets with dazzling (blinding) public-images that’ve been polished (buffed; brightened) so that Mormons will revere (idolize’ lionize; deify) them.

This generation of Israel’s people has allowed themselves to become willing-accomplises by aiding and abetting (helping) Salt Lake in the commission of  “A Capital-Crime” (“Idolatry”,make cant refuse GIF which carries a “death penalty”).

Israel’s people are collectively guilty of accepting Salt Lake’s proposal to exalt (deify; “put on pedestals”) the king-pins (CEO’s; directors; “Godfathers”) of its Criminal Organization (“underworld”; Racket; syndicate; Organized crime family; “Black-hand”; mob).



 End of Chapter Eighteen











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