Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 17 – verses 1- 14

An Oracle Against Damascus

The name “Damascus” is an appellation (identifying words by which someone is publicly known, e.g. George Herman Ruth’s parents may have known him as George, but the rest of the world knew this famous slugger by his appellation, “Babe”.) Sometimes an appellation identifies a group of people who share a common mindset (established-set-of-attitudes). “Damascus” (“a network of Bloodshed” ) is actually a combination of two words, Dam, and Saq. We will examine each segment separately.

droplet of blood
Dam -pronounced- dawm is a noun meaning “blood”. Blood plays a prominent role in beliefs, myths, and magical cultic acts. Along with semen, mothers milk, spittle; urine and tears, blood is a fluid that originates within the human body. It is identified with a unique degree of “vitality”.   It is understood as the essence of the personal powers that are at work within a person or a creature and is considered the true “life-substance”, thus blood has power. Blood carries the inheritance of blessings and curses. The blood of an innocent man can atone for the crime of a guilty man. From this concept came Jesus Christ’s sacrifice of His own life for the sins of his people. The word “blood” also refers to “murder” or “slaughter”, i.e. Bloodshed.
Saq-pronounced-sak is also a noun. It means network (web; something-interwoven) . In a literal sense, it refers to the loosely woven cloth used to hold items for bagging and for Sackcloth (garments worn by mourners and slaves).  In a Figurative sense, saq means a group or system of interconnected people  (a network; a complex-organization; labyrinth;  a system; a mutual connection between people with a common bloodline, common- goals or common-objectives) . Geographically, “Damascus” is the headquarters of Syria.   Syria, in Hebrew,  is Aram-pronounce-Arawm and it means “Moral-high-ground” or  “Citadel” (fortress, typically on physical- high-ground, protecting or dominating a city). In a metaphoric sense, the name Aram (Syria)  symbolizes Salt Lake headquarters and its leader’s claims to some kind of superior “Religious/moral-High-Ground” in Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake’s presiding Priesthood leaders do believe that they are a cut above the rest of humanity…..they’re royalty…… but the “royalty” they’ve got is stolen from Israel’s people.



all dressed in white
White is symbolic of moral-purity and light  (enlightenment; illumination; brilliance and luminosity) and things that are good, innocent, honest and clean. So…let’s make sure that we all dress in white for “Photo-Ops!” 

The Melchizedek priesthood Organization is actively competing for superiority over Jehovah’s authority (jurisdiction; dominion). Its priesthood hierarchy reigns over every rank and file member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

It should come as no surprise that every  Salt Lake General Authority is connected (linked; related) thru blood or marriage,  to every other General Authority. It’s no coincidence that collectively (as a group; as a whole), these men refer to each other as  “The Brethren”.   They actually “ARE” brethren of the same reprehensible-family (house; bloodline; lineage; “line of hereditary rulers”)………..who share-this “big-ugly-secret” in common. Here’s something you probably didn’t know……..

Image result for black drawn transparent background arrow
 “Pharoah” is defined as: (residence of the king and his administration; personified power of Oppression”), but the noun Pharoah is based on the root-verb “Para” meaning: to be unbridled; to remove all self-restraint, inRelated image the sense of “being in full view” (being-blatant; being-brazen; being-boldfaced) “Out-in-the-Open” (without concealment) “flagrant; audacious). In other words,  Pharoah is a dynasty (openly oppressive hereditary rulers)  whose men are so “Cocksure” (presumptuously or arrogantly confident) of their absolute dominion and jurisdiction over the common people, that they believe they and members of their extended families are free to do whatever they please…… commit whatever crimes they wish,  with impunity (exemption from punishment; freedom from prosecution). Salt Lake’s governance of Mormons is modeled after Egypt’s-Pharonic government. It’s a kind of an “In-your-Face” governance…..“An Absolutely unaccountable hereditary-line of  “Crime-Bosses”.   Gee…… where have we heard of that before?





Chapter Seventeen Verses 1-14

1. An oracle (vision) against DAMASCUS (Salt Lake’s “Network of bloodshed”; an absolutely unaccountable organization of hereditary crime-bosses).heap of ruins

Behold (something surprising, but could have been predicted),  Jehovah’s chastisement (reproof; warning; correction; rebuke) of the men (priests; high-priests) of “Damascus” is causing “Network of bloodshed” to disolved into a “Heap-of-Ruins”.






2. The poor (unfortunate; disenfranchized; destitute) in no way benefit from Salt Lake’sImage result for lion lying in wait scheme (plan; plot; arrangement; program) to empower (entitle; authorize) the seed (offspring; children) of its own crime family.

The poor are not in the habit of lying-in-wait” to ambush people,  with impunity (exemption from punishment).





3. Mormonism’s top-leadership separates (sets-apart) itself  from Ephraim (rank and file high-

Image result for mawwiage princess bride gifpriests who wear the “mitre”, i.e. the “headdress of a bishop” or is an elder of the people) because Salt Lake’s Moabite-highpriests (illegitimate ruling highpriests) have crowned themselves kings (sovereigns; supreme rulers; monarchs) .

First and foremost,  each Moabite (illegitimate)  High-priest trained by Salt Lake represents the interests of  “Damascus” (Salt Lake’s “Network of bloodshed”; Salt Lake’s “Absolutely Unaccountable Dynasty of Hereditary “Crime-Bosses”).





4. Today (in our day; in the last days), the glory ( acclaim; prestige; dignity) of Jacob (Salt Lake’s frauds &  “bunko-artists”) is fast dwindling and will soon disappear (“vanish into thin air”), altogether.

Related image The perfume (“allure”; attraction; seduction) that permeates Salt Lake’s  “Breaking-News “ (Gospel-Message; Word from the battlefront) is quickly evaporating (fading; dissolving; vanishing).









5. It’s a lot like when reapers cut-down the standing-grain (conspicuous,  fully-matured; seasoned experienced-Image result for tarespriesthood-leadership) and their seed (children; devotees; followers) who are trail-after (follow) them.

They’ll all be cut-down (dispatched; slain)  as Jehovah culls (gleans; picks; chooses) the wheat (beneficial-seeds) out from among the tares (injurious-weeds that  mimic the appearance of wheat when young referred to in Matt. 13:24–30) that are cultivated in  “Death-Valley” (Salt Lake’s “spiritually-lifeless”-valley).




6. “For those stubborn enough to continue walking in accord with (following) Salt Lake’s prophets and apostles,

Image result for twisted old olive tree the future for them will resemble a virtual holocaust …….very much like the violent shaking of massive old (disease-ridden; sickly)  “Olive Tree”, that’s been twisted (perverted; corrupted)  with age, just to get a handful of olives to the very top.

However,  what you don’t know is that those “Olives”,  perched at the very top of Salt Lake’s diseased Olive Tree,  are ring-leaders (orchestrators; master-minds) over of four or five of the most prominent limbs (branches)  of Salt Lake’s dying (“disease-ridden; terminally-ill”) “Family-tree”(lineage; bloodline; dynasty; line of hereditary rulers) . 

“Those four or five “disease-ridden” branches bear (produce) all of  Salt Lake’s illegitimate prophets and apostles!”… declares Jehovah, the God of Israel.”




7. Today (now; in our era; in the latter days) Adam (the human race; mankind)Image result for nonplussed gif is nonplussed (bewildered; confused; perplexed) because they can’t tell the difference between the Word (instruction; revelation) coming from their “Maker” (God) vs.  the opinions (views; beliefs) of Salt Lake’s priesthood authorities.

They are totally confused about who the real Holy-Ones (saints; angels) of this generation are.

They are mixed-up about whether  Holy-Ones are “True Blue Mormons”, as Salt Lake insists, or could Holy-Ones (Saints; Angels) actually be the Israelite people about whom you are currently reading (learning; thinking).






8. Don’t waste another minute fantasizing (considering; contemplating; indulging-in-day-dreams; living-in-a-dream-world) about  Mormon-Temples (places where Israelites pledge themselves and their resources to Salt Lake)  and what the leadership (“Pharoah”; “Salt Lake’s regime of personified Oppression”) that this generation of Salt Lake imposters (con-artists; “grifters”; cheats;  swindlers) has produced to govern Israel.

They’re not interested in truth, (truthfulness; honesty) because the truth wouldno way do not want GIF liberate (free; release) Israel’s people from Mormon slavery.

Salt Lake Headquarters “Can’t-Tolerate-That”,  so they focus everyone’s attention on creating an phony “Image-of-Happiness” , after which Salt Lake wants Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) to model (represent) themselves.

Mormons are trained to be “Cocksure” (presumptuously and arrogantly confident)  that whatever garbage (rubbish; twaddle; hogwash; nonsense) comes from Salt Lake’s mouth (prophet; representative; spokeman) is  “truth”.

Salt Lake bombards (blitzes; pounds; assaults; besieges; harasses) Israel’s people  (rank and file Mormons) withImage result for I am so happy gif heartwarming (stirring; pleasant) images   (“illusions; fantasies) of “happiness”, even so far as to exchange the correct (accurate; true)  interpretation (understanding; definition) of the Hebrew term “Basar” (“Breaking News”* from the battle’s frontline) ,  for the “warm & fuzzy” (highly sentimental) but mystifying (misleading; deceptive)   Plan-of-Happiness”.

*  “Breaking-News” – The root verb בָּשׂןמפַר bâsar (Strong’s #1319, x26) is used for bringing or carrying fresh news generally from the battlefront. The messenger was usually “fresh-faced” or “flushed” from his arrival and the news was usually “good”, though its first use in 1 Samuel 4:17, using the participle of the verb מְבַךֵּר mebhassêr, is of a “messenger” bringing the bad news of family and national slaughter to Eli. Similarly, when David is about to hear of Absalom’s death in 2 Samuel 18:19-20 Joab tells Ahimaaz, who interprets the news as good because “the LORD has avenged him of his enemies”, to delay sending the news.
 From this idea of bringing “fresh breaking news”, good or bad, the pallor of the messenger himself lends the idea “being fresh, full of life, rosy-cheeked” giving rise to the derived noun, בָּשׂןמפָר bâsâr, which means “flesh” or “skin” as that which is carried on the bodily frame and that which is flushed with colour. Thus בָּשׂןמפַר bâsar speaks of the immediacy of fresh tidings which the hearers no doubt would hope were “good news” but which the word requires describing explicitly as “good” as the news-carrying itself only implies its freshness, not necessarily its content.


(Verse #8 continued)

According to the proverb (truism; axiom; adage) “Wickedness-Was-Never-Happiness” alleged to have been coined by Mormonism’s “BOOK-OF-MORMON” prophet, Alma.

Salt Lake’s presiding authorities, themselves, aren’t qualified (worthy; eligible; fit; deserving) to enjoy “happiness” (“a sense of well-being”).   To Salt Lake’s priesthood leaders, Truth (light; knowledge of eternal-reality; honesty), which creates an environment in which “happiness”  (“a sense of well-being”) grows  is nothing but a “gadfly” (pesky source of annoyance) .  They’ve “lied-to” (misled; deceived; deluded; fooled; duped) you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) for nearly 200 years…..hiding from you the fact that “happiness” (“a sense of well-being”) is a manifestation (by-product; proof;Related image sign) of “goodness”, i.e.

“Happiness” is utterly impossible without “goodness”.

So,  Salt Lake must bamboozle (trick) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) into believing that  they can “fake-it” ’til they “make-it”.   They cajole  (persuade  by sustained coaxing and  flattery)  Israel’s people into “Pretending”  (“mocking”; “faking”)   “Happiness” (a sense of well being) so everyone will see (observe) them and imitate their behavior.  But, “truth” has nothing to do with “Mockery” (sham; farce; travesty), but “Mockery” (a sham; a farce; a travesty) is precisely what  Salt Lake is peddling (selling).






9. During our era (during our generation) Salt Lake’s most powerful Crime Families (oligarchies) appear as a thicket   dark and God-forsaken thicket (dense-group of interconnected trees ) that scares the “Bejesus” (crap;  shit; “whits”; an exclamation traditionally attributed to the Irish, used to express surprise or for emphasis)  out of any one who enters their domain.…… direct proportion to the degree (extent; severity; measure) that the High-Priests of these Salt Lake Crime-families (oligarchies) have forsaken both, Jehovah and Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) .

But, because of the long awaited return (homecoming) of Israel’s descendants (successors; scions; seed; children; descendants), Salt Lake’s cult (“misplaced worship for the “Men’s-Authority”) is about to be devastated (“wiped off the map”).





10. But, you (Israel’s-people; rank and file Mormons) are not completely  “off theImage result for cornerstone hook” ( freed from an obligation), just yet, …… because you’ve allowed yourselves to forget (dismiss-from-your-mind; consign-to-oblivion) the God of your salvation and the cornerstone (foundation; linchpin) of your strength (advantage; stamina; backbone). 

You’ve rarely make-mention-of (remember) Jehovah’s word (commandment; instruction; Torah) anymore concerning “uprightness” and “honesty”.   You’ve allowed yourselves to be seduced (co-opted; beguiled) by a plantation (homestead) of charming (alluring; captivating) Salt Lake high-priests who are members of a foreign (strange; alien; non-Israelite) vine (lineage; bloodline; dynasty; line of hereditary rulers; lineage; bloodline) that is closely-affiliated-with (in cahoots with; working secretly with) “the-Adversary” (Satan; Lucifer). 





sorrowful 1
Salt lake’s promotion of Mormon preoccupation with genealogy (Family history) “only”serves to  extend (continue;  enlarge; reinforce) Salt Lake’s wall  (aristocracy; rule by the “best”; rule of the “elect”; snobbery; presumptuousness;  clique; rule by the “upper-crust”)

11. Since the day that you (Israel’s people) were planted (baptized; established) as a Mormon,  you’ve been repeatedly misled  (deceived; deluded; fooled; hoodwinked).  

A continual search for your family ancestry (family or ethnic descent) is an “abomination” to Me (Jehovah).

Do You really think I don’t know who your ancestors are?  I don’t need your genealogy, besides, the reason Salt Lake wants you to be preoccupied (busy; obsessed; engaged; absorbed) with genealogy is because it serves to justify (legitimize) Salt Lake’s wall (class-distinction; aristocracy; snobbery; presumptuousness) which wouldn’t be possible  unless Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) are ignorant (lacking in knowledge; unlearned)  about their “Royal Ancestry” and subjugated (enslaved; “subordinated”) to Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood Authorities.








12.  Oy, vey ! (alas!)……. the sound  of a multitude of people gathering together  to “make a big deal of themselves” (deify-themselves; celebrate themselves; exalt-themselves), while they lead (direct; guide)   Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) toward demise (extinction; downfall) by means of Sorcery (casting an evil spell upon them.

 They are pointing (directing) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) to to regard Salt Lake’s General Priesthood Authorities as the “nails” (“hooks”;”pegs”) upon which Israel’s people, i.e. rank and file Mormons and the rest of humanity, must depend. Balderdash! (rubbish; nonsense)!Image result for funny bug-eyed man in glasses gif

An chorus (simultaneous utterance)  of Salt Lake High-priests  is assailing (assaulting; bombarding) Israel’s people (rank and file Mormon men) by means of the chaotic waters (medium) of “Sorcery” (“Black-Magic”). They sound (appear; seem; look)  as if (as would be the case if) they are Israel’s only hope.





13. Salt Lake headquarters has Turned (transformed; whipped) itself into a fully-fledged Criminal Organization (crime syndicate; Mormon Mafia) with the use of raging (angry;fuck you the help GIF turbulent) waters (“incantations”; Dark-Arts; magic-spells; sorceries). 

Its time to stop Salt Lake’s sorcerers from beating up on Israel’s people.  They create a lot of make a lot of noise, but stand rebuked by Jehovah, because they are pretending to be descendants of Israel,   so they may raise (hoist; publish) their own “ENSIGN” (monthly-magazine; rallying-point) from a remote (unresponsive; unfriendly; detached) “High-Place”.  Their words are chaff (worthless-things; trash; garbage; rubbish; junk; crap), but they lift them up anyway they can,   only to be blown away (bowled-over; overcome; defeated; overthrown) by the wind (spirit of God) and like tumbleweed (a diaspore that, once it is mature and dry, detaches from its root or stem, and rolls around by the  force of whatever wind comes along)




14. ……..just long enough  to intermix (jumble; mix up) “good” with “evil”.Arrow Video anime reaction movie horror GIF

Lo and behold (what do we have?; something unexpected, but could have been predicted)…. trouble  (difficulties; problems) for Israel’s men,  because they think that the only input (advice; instruction) they need is from Salt Lake’s Priesthood Authorities, and the  only input (advice; instruction)  Salt Lake’s General Authorities provide to Israel’s people is to shut-up and listen to them,   instead of carefully-studying (digging-into; making-inquiry into; diligently searching) The “Words of Jehovah” and of His Old Testament prophets, on their ownThere is no one among Israel’s priests who is qualified to execute the “Death Sentence” prescribed by Jehovah and determined for Salt Lake’s “Regime of Perversion”.  It is guilty of “fraud” (criminal deception) and “embezzlement” (Larceny)  against Israel’s people.


End of Chapter Seventeen 



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