Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 14 – verses 1 – 32



The Hebrew root-verb racham, -pronounced-raw-kham,  means: to have compassion; to have

Related image pity; to be devoted; to be attached; to be loyal; to love.

  As a noun, racham often means “womb”.   But, it can sometimes, mean a female-servant. It can mean:   “a-tender-heart”. It frequently refers to someone who is “bound-by-affection”.

The subject of racham is frequently Jehovah. Lack of compassion reaches its extreme when an enemy shows no mercy (quarter), even to widows and orphans.

Because compassion is inherent to Jehovah’s nature, its disappearance is thinkable only if the order of human nature and the universe is overthrown. Only an interruption of the natural sequence of day and night could explain how Jehovah could reject his covenant with His people and withdraw His compassion. (Jeremiah 33:26)

Chapter Fourteen Verses 1 – 16


1. Jehovah does have compassion for  Jacob  (Salt Lake’s frauds and deceivers), so he is taking Image result for phony compassion gifmeasures to check (probe) their performance and reliability ,  as well as Israel’s, but its obvious that He will ultimately choose Israel’s people.

Salt Lake prophets are compassionate toward Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) “ONLY” (solely;  merely)  to achieve (attain; reach) their own ill-fated (damned; doomed) objectives (purposes).

This entire generation of Mormon priesthood leadership is firmly committed to preparing”, promoting, and preserving aliens (non-Israelites; foreigners; strangers) who have a hankering to rule over Israel…..while  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) are unwittingly (being unaware of the full facts) committing (pledging; promising; mortgaging) themselves to a house (dynasty; line of hereditary rulers) headed by Jacob (deceivers; tricksters; frauds).

Mormons throughout the world are willingly (eagerly)  pledging their whole lives, their present and future resourcesRelated image and, of couse,  their unwavering-obedience to Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization, instead of Jehovah. So much for Commandment #1 “Thou shall have no other gods before Me”.






2. So,  this is how Salt Lake’s Gentiles (non-Israelites) have acquired (gotten-hold-of; gained-power-over) Israel’s-people (rank and file Mormons).

It didn’t take long before Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) began to aspire  (direct their hopes or ambitions) to achieving  status” (stature; standing; rank) just like Salt Lake’s Melchizedek priesthood authorities.

Israel’s people make the best (most believable;  most persuasive) champions (promoters;  “pitchmen”; “hucksters”) , of Salt Lake’s purloined (“ripped-off”; removed from Israel’s people for its use) “birthright” (inheritance). Salt lake headquarters has “turned the tables on” (reversed their relative position by turning their disadvantage into advantage over) Israel’s people so that its corrupt high priests will reign as Israel’s Kings.

The pretext (guise; ploy; justification; ostensible-Image result for The Helpreason) for this brazen strategy is the doctrine of “Foreordination” (determination in advance; especially the doctrine (usually associated with Calvin) that God has foreordained every event throughout eternity (including the final salvation of mankind).


The doctrine asserts that during man’s pre-mortal existence, God chose (“foreordained”) certain Salt Lake individuals and families to fulfill important assignments in this mortal life.

Salt Lake’s prophets, seers, and revelators claim (declare; profess; maintain) that God has chosen them as His servants (stewards)  so, in this way, whether Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons) know it or not, they’ve consented (agreed; covenanted;  promised) to become  “servants of servants”, i.e.  “The Help” whose privilage it is to serve and support Salt Lake’s depraved administration.



3. During this time, it is Jehovah who wipes away Israel’s tears and soothes the pain (suffering), and quiets the turmoilImage result for wipes away the tears gif (unrest), and eases the anxiety (tension) of Israel’s people.

He forgives their unwitting (unsuspecting) participation in the promotion (encouragement; expansion; advancement) of a culture of slavery (servitude) that Salt Lake has imposed (foisted; forced; inflicted; urged) upon them.





4. So…….you (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) may take-up (join-in) the “taunt” (a battle cry, sarcastic remark, gesture, or insult intended to demoralize the recipient) Image result for man wondering gifthat will give rise to a re-evaluation (different assessment) of the supreme-rule (authority; sovereignty) of  Salt Lake’s version (form; type….of something differing in certain respects from an earlier form or other forms of the same type of thing) of “Babylon”  (confusion; misrepresentation) and you will wonder to yourselves……




 “By whose authority can Salt Lake’s taskmasters be stopped?” With whose “help” can the “golden-image” of Mormonism’s be ruined? 




5. There is no answer except “Jehovah’s authorty”,  because He is about to break Salt Lake’s scepter (rod; staff; stick; magic-wand; royal mace).  Related image

Historically, a scepter represents  “AUTHORITY,” which is explained (interpreted)  as supreme-rule (dominion; jurisdiction; absolute control).

Salt Lake’s high priests will soon be broken (dispirited;  beaten; demoralized; despairing), as well. Broken men can’t lead with a broken  scepter”*………..can they?

.* Broken Scepter – Babylonian King,  “Belshazzar” (meaning:“Corrupted by Outstanding-Fortune “), was the  last of Babylon’s Chaldean, i.e. “Sorcerous” kings.   He conducted (administered) a great feast (abundance; profusion) of  ceremonies (ordinances)  for his nobles (loyal volunteers) and their wives. During the ordinances, his nobles and their wives pledged their allegiance to the commands of Belshazzar  (“Corrupted by Outstanding-Fortune”)  to use (avail themselves of) the vessels (Israelites into whom light, i.e. “Truth” is infused) who his father Nebuchadnezzar (“Bragging about myself will protect my firstborn heir”) purloined from theJewish Temple in Jerusalem .  Suddenly the hand of the Lord appeared and wrote a message about the disparity (inequality) in Belshazzar’s Kingdom and described a totally future for Belshazzar.  Belshazzar asks the sages of Babylon to explain what the hand of God had written, but none of them could decode the “Hand-writing on the wall”. Then Daniel “(“God’s Judge”) was summoned, a prisoner from Judea, who decoded the text as Mene,  Mene, Tekel,  Upharsin, which interpreted means: You’ve been counted (reckoned twice, and you’ve been weighed (judged) and divided (split-up)!
Daniel explains these words as follows:


  • Mene – God has counted the days of your Babylonian administration, twice.
  • Tekel – You’ve been weighed in the balance (judged; evaluated) and found light. (unsubstantial; inadequate; insufficient; superficial)
  • Upharsin Your kingdom is divided (split-up; disbanded; destroyed) so,  the whole thing is given to the Medes (“media”) and the Persians (“those who will clearly explain to the public, exactly (precisely;  point by point, what you’ve been doing).
It appears as a warning (threat) from God because of Belshazzar’s sacrilege (desecration blaspheme; impiety). That same night the Persians attacked Babylon and Belshazzar (Nebuchadnezzar’s firstborn heir) was murdered.   OUCH!



6. Every Top-General Authority (prophet; apostle) belongs, through birth or marriage, to One (“the-same”)  sociopathic (psychotic; mentally-ill; deranged) House  (family; lineage; bloodline; dynasty; a line of hereditary rulers).Related image   

Every male member of their  “Worldwide Brotherhood of Reprobates” is virtually rabid (“foaming at the mouth”) to strike-down (invalidate; negate) Israel’s people thru neverending (perpetual; ceaseless; continual) “blows-of-anger” (aggressions; violations; onslaughts; offensives; encroachments) against them.

Behind-the-scenes  (privately; behind closed doors), these Salt Lake General Authorities are absolutely furious (incensed; extremely angry; very mad), even though they publicly exude a saccharin (sugary;Related image sickeningly-sweet) image of compassion and circumspection.  They harbor a long-standing, deep-seated hatred (loathing) toward Israel’s people that borders on maniacal (unhinged; psychotic). Consequently, they’re laboring to subdue (subjugate; enslave)  Israel’s people (rank and file Mormons), along with the world’s Gentile (non-Israelite) populations.





7. Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood leadership is  “at-rest” (“taking a nap”; enjoying a “Sabbath”). They see (like to think of; view; regard) themselves as  “valiant” (courageous; brave) “warriors” (fighters; champions; heroes) on behalf of Salt Lake Headquarters and they think to themselves (imagine;  suppose; believe)Image result for berlusconi saluting, “We deserve a peaceful “Day-of-Rest” (Sabbath)“. Every loyal member of their Kingdom breaks into  song………..

Related image





8. Salt Lake’s relatively insignificant Cypress-tree (depressing line of hereditary rulers ) exults (feels andImage result for Cedars-of-Lebanon shows triump,  elation, and jubilation) about its subjugation of Israel’s Cedars-of-Lebanon (huge-plantation of purged and defilement-free lines of hereditary rulers) because at a crucial time in history, you (Salt Lake Headquarters) laid-low (began to embezzle; began to appropriate) Israel’s authority for your own use, then you said (thought amongst yourselves), “Now… will come to cut us down!” 





 9. “Sheol” (“hell”; the place of darkness to which all who are “dead” go) whichRelated image is supporting (propping; encouraging; shielding) Salt Lake’s Priesthood leadership, is all-astir (all-fired-up; “on-alert:) on account of you (Salt lake headquarters corporate CEO’s). They decry (denounce; condemn) your (Salt lake headquarters corporate CEO’s) arrival.

The departed-spirits (ghosts) of all the world’s former leaders (presidents; kings; potentates, etc.) are very worried (distressed; “worked-up”; troubled; anxious) because of you. They are watching and beholding your insurrection (rebellion) designed to obtain the thrones (offices and dignity) they once had over all the world’s Gentile (non-Israelite) populations.




10. All of them are uttering doleful (upsetting; depressing) cries and complaining about you (Mormons; Salt Lake’s Melchizedek high-priests)…….. 

“All of you haveImage result for you sons of bitches gif  become just as profane (irreverent; contemptuous of God) as our generation.   As far as we can see, you’ve let yourselves become possessed (completely controlled by a evil spirits) just like we were.”





11. Sheol (the underworld; the unseen realm of the dead), itself,  has brought-down (overturned; overthrown) the noise (nonsense) of Salt lake’s pomp (ostentatious display : vainglory) associated withRelated image its foolish (“half-wit”; stupid; nincompoop; silly; rediculous) prophets, seers, and revelators.

They’ve been  supported (sustained; promoted; backed) by Sheol (“the underworld”; the unseen realm of the dead).

But even the “Underworld” is uncomfortable (uneasy; nervous)  about Salt Lake’s offer of a bed (base; foundation) of “maggots bred by putrefaction” to Israel’ people,  then offering (suggesting-to; proposing-to) them the cover (blanket; protection) of worms.     






12. Oh, man! …..Look how far you (Lucifer; “The Bright Star”; “The Morning Star”)  haveRelated image fallen (plummeted;  descended) from heaven.

As a result, You (Lucifer; “the Son of Dawn”) have been cast-down (sentenced) to the Earth so that you can lay-low (wreck; ruin) The-Nations (non-Israelites; Gentiles), down here.





13. You’ve  boasted (bragged) of things to come……..”I (Lucifer) will ascend (soar) to an even higher degree of heavenRelated image than  Jehovah’s stars (leaders) and I will exalt my throne and sit (reign) amidst the mount (administration; management) of the utmost heights of Zaphon (“darkness; Sorcery “).







14. I (Lucifer) will ascend because of (on account of; thanks to) the tops (highest levels) of Salt Lake’s clouds (“cover of darkness”) and I will make myself seemRelated image to be like The Most High God (the supreme God; “El Elyon”).  







15. While you (Israel’s people)  will be sucked into and trapped by  Sheol (the underworld; the unseen realm of theRelated image dead)….drawn downward into the depths (dark and murky entanglements) of Salt Lake’s “Pit” (Melchizedek Priesthood Organization). 








16. Everyone who looks at you (Lucifer) will stare. They will ponder and ask,  “Are you sure that this kindly and distinguishedRelated image looking guy is the one who has shaken the earth and made kingdoms tremble?”









17. Is he really the devil who has…

(1) turned the whole world into a desert (wasteland; swamp; wilderness; Image result for man in a dungeonbadland) and

(2) overthrown the communities of Israel’s seed and

(3) won’t let this generation of Israel’s people go home?









18. All the kings of gentile (non-Israelite) nations “lay at rest” (are interred; are buried) with glory, each one inRelated image his own family tomb (mausoleum; burial-chamber; vault).  






19.  But you (Lucifer; Salt Lake’s Presiding priesthood officers) are cast-out of your family’s private tomb as a rejected (objectionable;Image result for trampled corpses gif. dishonorable) branch (member) of their family tree.

You’re covered in the blood of those you’ve slain….Israelites who you’ve pierced (penetrated; converted) with your sharp swords (“lies”)…..and Israelites who’ve stumbled and fallen deep into your  stony (ice-cold; unfeeling; merciless) “Pit” (Melchizedek Priesthood Organization) like trampled corpses.




20. You’ll not join your ancestors in burial because you’ve destroyed your own land and you’ve killed (slain; destroyed)Image result for Oh no....He's forgotten us gif  your own people. The offspring of the wicked will, forever,  not-be-mentioned (be forgotten; not be spoken of).







21. Prepare a place of “slaughter” (destruction; indicriminate massacre; decimation) for  the sons (heirs; subjects; loyal followers) of the wicked, because of the sins of their forfathers, “Nothingness” (oblivion; lack of being. non-existence) will “gather-them-up” (take them; collect them; capture them) and they will occupy (seize; take-over) in order to fulfill (consumate; bring to completion; realize)  the purposes and intentions of a destitute (bankrupt) family-tree (descendants; lineage; bloodline) of “Watchers”  *(Fallen Angels; disgraced angelic beings) 

*.“Watchers” -(1)_ According to Biblical apocrypha, a group of 200  rebellious angelic beings, obtained peremission from Jehovah to come down to earth to “Watch” (observe; monitor) the human family. they were peemitted to do so on condition that they would merely watch and not interfere with humanity. They were a rebellious group of angelic beings and revolted in mass. From the very begiining of their assignment, they sought to mate with mortal women creating a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim (fallenImage result for watchers in genesis,,,hybrid race of human beings Ones) . In the Bible book of Genesis (Chapter 6) are described as “”principalities” (spiritual hosts of wickedness in High Places”; they were actually angelic beings with supernatural knowledge and powers) known as “Nephilim”. They also appear in the books of Enoch and Jubilees. According the book of Enoch there were 200 hundred in all who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon.


(2) In the Book of Enoch, the “watchers” are rebellious angels who were allowed to go down to Earth to simply to watch (observe; monitor) the human race. They were commanded to NOT interfere with the human race, but simply to watch (observe; monitor and report the conditions of humanity)  At the prodding of their leader, Samyaza, they began to lust after human woman and chose to defect and live among men. They produced children (offspring) with these women who were known as the “Nephilim” (Fallen-Ones) . The Nephilim were a hybrid race of humans who possessed the genetic make up of both human and angelic  beings. They had no human consciences so they becane extrordinarily powerful. They pillaged the earth and endangered humanity. Along with their leader, they became horribly corrupt, teaching humans to make metal weapons, cosmetics, and other necessities of civilization that had been kept secret from  mankind by God, because humans were spiritually very-immature. They are responsible for contaminating human bloodlines  God sends Archangel Uriel to warn Noah (whose bloodline was not contaminated) of a great flood to rid the earth of the Nephilim. Nephilim stille roam the earth today because even thoughtr Noah’s bloodline was not contaninateed, the bloodlines of his daughters-in-law were were, thus from the time following the flood even until today Nephilm still thrive and are just as wicke as their ancestors. They are powerful and known as men of renown throughout the world. They, like trheir forfathers, have no human consciences and will do what ever it takes to destroy the works of God and control the human race.




22. Now the Lord of Hosts is declaring, “I will rise-up against wicked men who’ve descended from the contaminated seed oImage result for mormon first presidencyf Noah’s daughters-in-law . I will cut-off (stop; block) the descendants of Nephilm,  who’ve become powerful leaders in  Salt Lake’s Babylon. I will cut-off their name (authority), as well as their offspring (progeny) .







23. I will turn the Salt Lake Valley into a place of destruction and swamp (corrupt; contaminated) waters. I willRelated image sweep her with the broom of demolition (overwhelming defeat), declareth the Lord of Hosts.









A Prophesy Against Assyria

24. The Lord Almighty has sworn……“Surely, just as I have planned, it will be (occur; come to pass) and justImage result for yippee gif as I have proposed, it will stand (be in force; prevail). 



25. I will break Assyria (men who are obsessed with “Materialism” and their Salt Lake’s phony measure ofseason 1 GIF success) into pieces (limited quantities) within my kingdom and remove them altogether from my administration. I will trample their seed (offspring; progeny) then stop their burdensome sort (kind; “ilk”; class) from possessing Israel’s people just so they can put a yoke (harness) on them, then the burdens placed upon Israel’s shoulders (sense of responsibility) will be removed. 






26. This is the plan that Jehovah has determined for the whole world and “this plan” is (equals; adds up to) big hand GIFthe virtual “Hand of God” (“Spirit of God”) stretching over all the nations (gentiles).








27.  For the Lord of Hosts has proposed-this (offered this for consideration) and who can thwart (stop; hinder)men chair GIF by South Park  it and who can prevent it from happening?







A propecy Against The Philistines

28. This Oracle comes because Ahaz (“unlawful seisure”) changed  (exchanged ; swapped-out) Jehovah’swill smith ashley GIF authority, then died (perished; “croaked”; was destoyed), as a result of it.  

29. Hey…all you Philistines (strangers; non-Israelites; intruders; “wanna-be’s” ) at Salt Lake’s excited jurassic park GIF by SpotifyHeadquarters……Don’t rejoice just yet, because you think (suppose imagine) that Jehovah’s rod (authority; staff) was cast-down (demoralized) before Pharoah (“The Great House”; “unbridled lawlessness”; Egypt’s  Personified power of Oppression) then much later a-viper (a false and treacherous man; someone named Joseph Smith) who was chosen out from among Pharoah’s rootstock  (genetic-pool; ancestry; fountainhead) to spring-up (arrive on the scene) in the last days, and his “bullshit” (stupid-talk; nonsense) would suck-in (deceive; swindle) anyone who’s given to (predisposed to; prone to)  “Flights-of-Fancy”  (flights of fantasy; ideas that are very imaginative but nonsensical).   


30. The first-fruits (first born heirs) of those who are spiritually poor (“down and out”)  and those who arethis sucks no good GIF  emotionally “needy” (disadvantaged) enjoy safe pasturing (feeding; grazing) in Joseph Smith’s new (restored; Mormon) religion, but the disquieting effect of my “holy-spirit” is starving-out  (shun; persistently avoid, ignore, or reject) Salt Lake’s root-system (core; base of support; membership base)  and what’s left of salt Lake’s Melchizedek priesthood authorities will be slain (put to death) by it.

31.  Behold the gate (entry-way; entrance) to Salt Lake Headquarters “Works-of-Darkness” (“Effective operations of Sorcery”). Cry-out about (because of; over) that Salt Lake Headquarter’s Nephilim  (“fallen Ones; leaders who’ve fallen from God’s favor) continue to flow (circulate; put into circulation) Philistines (“strangers; non-Israelites”) as spiritual-leaders of Israel’s people .Image result for Nephilim

 * Nephilm-The traditional definition of Nephilim is “giants”, but this is a mistranslation of “gigantes”, which actually means “Earth-born”. They are a hybrid race of beings produced by sexual intercourse between “Watchers” (Fallen-angels) and mortal women. The word Nephilim comes from the root verb “Naphal” which means “to fall (to fall from God’s favor) . This definition has put the Nephilim into the role of “fallen-humans” . There are also ties in this word to the concept of ones who’ve failed, one who’ve fallen-short, or ones who’ve been cast down. Because they are a hybrid( cross bred) race of beings between Angelic being anf human beings, they possess super-human abilities but they have no mortal consciences, so  no matter where they settle and mingle with mortals, they quickly ascend to the top positions of leadership, using their hereditary supernatural stratagems (tricks; schemes), even if those strategems are illegal or immoral,  in order to rise to power and keep that power once they’ve acquired it. Aainst human (mortal)  powers, they are virtually insurmountable. Now take a moment and condider what kind of men today are wielding  restricted power over threir people. Behold Nephilm are alive and well in the world today. And remember that it was because they Nephilim have a total-monopoly  (exclusive ownership; a cartel; a syndicate; a corner) on power and authority among men.






32. What is the response of Gentiles (“the nations; non-Israelites) to Salt Lake’s Nephilim?  The Lord is establishing  Zion (“A latter-day Jerusalem”) and in (thru; because of;  thanks to)  Zion,  His  (Jehovah’s) afflicted people will enjoy a refuge.


End of Chapter Fourteen

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