Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 13 – verses 1-22

                                                                    “A Prophecy against Babylon”



The name “Babylon” is derived from the  Hebrew root verb: “babel”pronounced-baw-bel. It means:  to confuse; to bewilder; to misinterpret; to misconceive; to misunderstand).

The general concept expressed by babel is: to be “incapable” of distinguishing between vaguely differing, even vaguely opposing things. The word balel, itself,  is intimately associated with the famous “Confusion-Of-Tongues” narrative found in (Genesis 11:1-9)

The meaning of the name Babylon, in fact, is: “paralyze people’s ability to distinguish  between vaguely differing, even vaguely opposing words (things), i.e. “Paralyze People With Confusion of Tongues, in order to gain possession of an entire generation”.

The “Tower (pulpit) of Babel (confusion) is described as a towering (imposing) church (religious institution; denomination) , the head (CEO’s; leadership; principal-command; top-ranking authority) of which reaches “into-the-heavens”.

It is plain to see that all this is metaphoric language for a towering (imposing) Corporate Entity organized and maintained  by Melchizedek High-priests, the head (CEO’s; top-leadership; officialdom; First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles) of which, reaches (amounts to; realizes) “God-like-status”.

The “Tower-of-Babel” was said to have been made of artificial  (synthetic; mass-produced; manufactured) “mudbricks” (air-dried mixture of loam, mud, sand and water mixed with a binding material such as rice husks or straw).  Babylon’s tower was not built out of natural-stones (pieces of solid-rock formed by nature, quarried and worked into aImage result for assembly-line cartoon specific size and shape for a particular purpose) like Jerusalem’s Temple.

The building-blocks” (basic units from which something is built) that  constitute the “Tower” (pulpit) of Babel” (confusion; misrepresentation) were “slapped-together” (created in a quick and careless way) in a systematic “assembly-line” (production-line) fashion.

 Discernment” (acumen; perceptiveness; insight; clearsightedness) is a gift (natural ability or talent) to distinguish between “vaguely-different” and sometimes “ambiguously-opposite” things. It is an inherent (hereditary; genetic; inborn; natural) characteristic (attribute) of Israel’s people, much like their naturally-curly “jet-black” hair, but Israel’s discernent has diminished (ebbed; declined; weakened; abated) because they’ve spent so much time under the influence of Babylon (confusion; misinterpretation).

Israel’s tarriance (temporary stay) in  Babylon (confusion; misinterpretation), has exacted from them aImage result for I'm all mixed up giphy high price (cost).   Currently,  Israel’s people have,  for the most part, lost their gift of “discernment” (acumen; perceptiveness; insight; clearsightedness), so they’ve been led astray by Salt Lake’s misinterpretations (mix-ups; false-impressions; confusions; delusions; errors).

The loss of discernment doesn’t mean that Israel’s people are “dazed” all the time,  as some have concluded, but rather, because they can no longer discern (differentiate;  discriminate between “vaguely-different” and sometimes “ambiguously-opposite” things), they are disoriented (off-course; without a reliable sense of direction) prone (vulnerable) to “accept the leadership of cunning and unscrupulous religious leaders”……a very dangerous thing!

Israel’s people have been beguiled (hoodwinked; gulled) by Mormonism’s unprincipled (cutthroat; Machiavelian; duplicitous; cunning) General Authorities who are  “lying-in-wait” (hiding and waiting for Israel’s people with an intent) to defraud (cheat; dupe) them. Israel’s people are at a huge-disadvantage because they can no longer tell the difference between men/women who are telling the truth and unscrupulous High-Priests who are skillfully (ingeniously; authortatively; cunningly; expertly) lying to them.

Chapter Thirteen Verses 1-22


pay attention
The Hebrew verb Amotz means: to pay attention; to be watchful; to be vigilant.

1. This Oracle (vision; revelation) concerns Babylon (“confuse words (things) in order to get-hold-of Israel’s seed”) which The Old Testament Prophet, Isaiah, who was a lawful heir of “Amotz” saw (perceived) in a “vision” (revelation) which was given to him by Jehovah (a. 8th century B.C.E.). Isaiah was gifted from birth with alertness; focused-attention; sharpness; vigilance.

The vision (oracle) explained (clarified; spelled-out) to Isaiah’s mind,  a crucial (decisive; pivotal; critical; crossroads) controversy double double toil and trouble GIF,  regarding Israel’s people,  by describing the situation  in detail or revealing relevant facts about the “God-Given” (divine) roles that Judah (“praise and giving thanks) and Jerusalem (“teachers of Peace and Salvation”) play in God’s plan for the human race.






.2. You (Israel’s people; rank and file Mormons) must raise a banner (headline; flag with this message; emblem) against Salt Lake’s bare (destitute; worthless; useless; “nogood”; contemptible)   Image result for waving their arms all around gifadministration (regime; rule) leading this (our)  generation of Israel’s people. Salt Lake headquarters is trying to purge (exile; remove)  Israel’s people whi they consider to be undesirable) from  leadership in their priesthood-organization.

You (Israel’s people) must provide everyone with “a sign” (evidence) by/thru which everyone will be warned (informed; told) of Salt Lake’s habitual practice of criminal-embezzlement. Raise your voices to everyone!  Go ahead.…..make a “Federal Case” out of this!

The General Authorities at Salt Lake Headquarters are continuously waving their arms and hands  up and down and all around, beckoning Israel’s people to “Enter-the-Gates” (“become the citizenry”; join the ranks) of “The-Nobles” (“Mormonism’s Aristocracy”; faithful members who enthusiastically volunteer their whole lives and all their resources in support of Salt Lake headquarters and its Melchizedek priesthood Organization).




3. I  (Jehovah) am commanding my “holy-ones” (saints; angels) and I am summoning myImage result for joyful gif warriors (Israelites who have shown great valor and courage), who are the administrators (executors; representatives; agents)  of my anger,  to be joyful in my (Jehovah’s) triumph.






4. Hear the sound of a multitude of men produced (bred; engendered) by  Salt Lake’s AdministrationRelated image of “Immorality” (wickedness; iniquity; depravity; corruption). Their appearance (outwardshow; pretense) is always that of  “Greatness” (dignity; eminence; distinction), but they are, infact, naked (helpless;  divested; dispossessed; stripped) 

Listen to the sound of the devastation (destruction) within Salt Lake’s “Kingdom Of Illegitimacy, “ as the nations (gentiles; non-Israelites) mass (gather) themselves together against it (a Kingdom of Bastards).

The Lord of Hosts is mustering His army (forces) in order to wage war (battle) against Salt Lake’s corrupt (putrid; tainted; unprincipled; unscrupulous) leadership.





5. Jehovah and the “Weapons (instruments) of His wrath” are coming (approaching; advancing; arriving) from remote (unlikely; improbable) circumstances and fromRelated image the “ends” (farthest reaches) of Heaven (God’s dwelling place; “those with whom God feels perfectly at home”) to destroy the entire misogynistic *  (sexist; male-chauvinist; prejudice;  woman-hating) “Kingdom Of Mormonism”.

* misogynistic- Misogyny /mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/ is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women. Misogyny has been characterised as a prominent feature of the mythologies of the ancient world as well as of various religions, such as Moromism, Islam, etc.  In addition, many influential Western philosophers have been described as misogynistic. The counterpart of misogyny is misandry, the hatred or dislike of men; the antonym of misogyny is philogyny, the love or fondness of women. 






4. The sounds (voices) of Babylon (“confusion”; misrepresentation; exaggeration; falsification; distortion) reverberate throughout the Rocky Mountains,  as the dynasty (family; blodline; lineage) of Melchizedek Priesthood leaders (CEO’s; commanders)  proudly brags (bloviates; swaggers; blusters; gloats; crows), about mobilizing   its  conversion (transformation) of the world’s Gentile (non-Israelite) populations.  

Salt Lake’s priesthood leadership is desperately working (laboring; seeking) to mobilize (marshal; muster; rally; mass; organize) the nations (gentile-populations; non-Israelite populations) of the world before (faster than) Jehovah can muster  (gather; assemble) His Israelite army (host; phalanx) for war.



5. After they’ve been “Plucked-out-of-obscurity” (suddenly made well-known), Israel’s people will be leading the assault to cut-Image result for utterly-defeat gifoff (interrupt; intercept) the authority of Salt Lake’s so-called prophet’s, seers and revelators because Jehovah and His wrath are accompanying them.

Israel’s people are emerging (“coming to everyones attention; surfacing” ) from obscurity (insignificance; unimportance) at this time,  in order to guarantee the “utterly-defeat” (conquer in a military manner; win a victory over) Salt Lake’s prophets, seers, and revelators.




6. Salt Lake’s leaders will, of course, Wail (lament; bewail; grieve) and carry on like a bunch of babies ……because the “Day-of-the-Related imageLord” is finally at-hand (within reach; imminent), even though Salt Lake never believed it “would” or “could” ever happen.  

The “Day-of-the-Lord” is characterized by devastation (desolation;  destruction) of Jehovah’s enemies.

Jehovah keeps (is faithful to) His word!  He doesn’t string people along (toy with people’s emotions). 




7. Because of this, all of Salt Lake’s hands (powers of sorcery; work’s of darkness; magicImage result for heart melting gif spells; enchantments) will become limp (feeble; weak) as the heart (soul; sense of affection; seat of will and purpose; mode of thinking and acting) of  every Salt Lake high-priests melts (disolves; softens; gives-in; yields).  







8. Terror will sieze them. They’ll be gripped by their own pain and anguish just like a bunch of womenRelated image who are in the “throes” (severe pangs; spasms of pain; intense struggle, especially accompanying great changes) incident to labor and delivery.

They will writhe (squirm; thrash; contort) and look aghast (horrified)  at each other as they witness their faces (purposes and intentions) all-“aflame” (consumed by fire; destroyed). 




9. See (behold; look!; get a load of this!) “The Day Of The Lord” is really coming (in fact, itsRelated image already here!)

It’s a cruel (visious; pitiless) and punishing (tough; punitive; grueling; brutal) day (period of time) for Mormonism’s leadership because the “Kingdom of Mormonism” will be completely desolated  (“leftinruins”).

Jehovah requires the absolute-destruction of Salt Lake’s “good-for-nothing General Authorities”; (reprobates) who’ve been unlawfully reigning (occupying the throne; ruling) over the Kingdom of Mormonism.




10. The stars in heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising sun will be darkenedImage result for are you afraid of the dark gif and the moon will not give its light.







11. I (Jehovah)  will punish the  “Evil “ (criminality; depravity; immorality; corruption) that actually governs the  “World of Mormonism”.

I (Jehovah) will “bring an end to” (get rid of)  Mormonism’s arrogant (self-important;Related image conceited; haughty) high-priests and humble (deflate; disgrace; humiliate)  pride (cockiness; egotism; hubris) of Mormonism’s ruthless (cruel; hard-hearted; pitiless; merciless) high-priests.





12. I (Jehovah) will make (see to it that) wicked-men as scarce (in-short-supply; rare) as “Hens-Teeth”,  while Adam (the “Family-of-Man”; the descendants of Adam) will become worth more than the Gold of Ophir (“India”;  a very celebrated region abounding in Gold). old robin williams GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment






13. Upon this (therefore), I (Jehovah) using my power,  as Israel’s God, to  cause “The-double double toil and trouble GIFheavens” (those with whom God feels perfectly “at-home”) to tremble  (shakeinvoluntarily) with excitement.

But,  in response,  the Top-Leadership (First Presidency)  of Mormonism will authorize (enable; entitle) presiding high-priests of stature (reputation; prestige; high-positions; prominence; importance) to “make-a-commotion” (“cause-a-disturbance”; “create a crisis”; “maketrouble”) in response (in answer) to the wrath (fury; outrage)  of “The Lord Of Hosts” during the day (occasion; time;  period; era) of His burning anger.




14. But ultimately, Salt Lake’s General Authorities will behave  just like Gazelles,  who are hunted (stalked;i am a god animation GIF by Animals pursued) and like sheep who have no shepherd, whatsoever,  to protect them.

At the end of the day (in the final analysis; after all is said and done) each and every one of Salt Lake’s General Authorities will turn (shift his attention) in desperation to his own people (kindred; race; relatives thru ties of blood and marriage) and finally each high-priest will fearfully (hopelessly)  beseech (implore) any Mormon,  who he thinks (hopes; imagines; supposes) is still subject to him.






15. Every Salt Lake high priest who is captured will be thrust-through (“pierced”; penetrated; stabbed; speared)Image result for man pierced by a sword by the Sword (“Word-of-God”) and every Salt Lake high priest who is caught will fall (stumble; collapse; topple) upon (as a result of) the Sword (“Word-of-God”).








16.  And their gleaners (hired-hands; cultivators; laborers) will be “dashed-to-pieces” beforesurprise looting GIF their very eyes. Their houses (families; lineages; bloodlines; dynasties; lines of hereditary rulers) will be looted (robbed; raided; pillaged) and their partners (companions) will be ravished (seized and carried-away) by Israel’s unexpected (startling; amazing; surprising) force (authority; capacity; dominance)






17. Watch Me (Jehovah),  as I stir-up”  things, namely, the “Media” (“Medes”),  against them ( Salt Lake Headquarters) . By and large (on the whole; everything considered) the media of today,  doesn’t give a Image result for shiny gold coins giftinker’s damn” (“care so much) about money, i.e. these days they can’t be “bought-off”(bribed; paid-off; businesspartners with Salt Lake) neither do they have no interest in  becoming “sparkly” (twinkly; glittery; effervescent; scintilating) like gold, in the same way that Salt Lake’s leaders do.




18. Even though the bows (forces) of Israel’s servants are dashing  Salt Lake’s Top-Church leadership toImage result for the eyes of christ pieces, the seed bearing fruit (children; next generation; offspring) of Salt Lake’s vanity will seek to negate (nullify; make ineffective) any show of mercy, neither will they show (demonstrate) a compassionate “eye” (opinion; attitude) toward Israel’s people.







19.  “Babylon” (confusion; bewilderment; disorientation) has become theImage result for sparkly jewel gif glorious jewel (precious-stone; “crown-jewel”; “adornment”; gem-stone) of Salt Lake’s  non-Israel kingdom.  

Babylon (confusion; bewilderment; disorientation) constitutes the magesty (sublimityawe-inspiring characteristic) of the Chaldeans, i.e. Salt Lake’s Magicians (sorcerers; warlocks; wizards) as if these reprobate (shameless; wicked) men were to chosen by God to overturn (set-aside; nullify; invalidate) Him, having Sodom (the-degeneration-of-people; the-corruption-of-people)  and Gomorrah (the binding of people tightly together; the bundling of people; the sujugation of people) in mind.







20.  For perpetuity (eternity)  Salt Lake City will remain uninhabited. From generation to generationRelated image the salt Lake Valley  will be unappealing to people as a dwelling-placet and Arabi  (my pledge; my promise; my covenant) made available thru  my shepherds  (friends; close-companions) will never “lie-down to rest” there………







21. ……because “dwellers-of-desolation” (swindlers;  frauds; con-men; con artists;baby seal GIF scammers; renegades) lie-in-wait (conceal themselves, waiting to catch someone) there.

Their houses (families; lineages; dynasties; lines of hereditary rulers) are filled (jam-packed; overflowing; loaded) with men who behave just like jackals (opportunisticpredators; wild dogs that feed on decaying flesh of men who are spiritualliy-dead,  often hunting cooperatively, i.e. in packs) and Daughters (pupils)  of owls (greediness and gluttony) and bounty-hunters (reward-seekers) who’ve “set a price on Israelite heads” and are contemplating the financial value of this (our) generation of Israel’s people, there.




22. Hyenas (men who are noted for their scavenging habits) . They have life-long bad habits   and a powerful neck (relationship to their leaders)  and shoulders (responsiblity; eagerness) for dismembering and carrying-off prey. They howl (cry out in pain) about widowhood (being discarded by ; bereavement caused by) the authority of this generation of Israel’s people in order to secure (protect; safeguard; shield; preserve) Salt Lake’s demons (evil or devilish influences) in all of Mormonism’s temples dedicated to “luxury” (soft and delicateImage result for time's up giphy living; derision of “genuine-spirituality”)

Salt Lake’s time is “at-hand” (up; immediate; approaching) so her days (life; life-span) will not be prolonged (are numbered; will not last much longer). 



    End of Chapter 13


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