Reading Isaiah's Mind

Chapter 10 – verses 1-34

“The Trouble with Tribbles”……Oops!…..I mean Assyria * 

Image result for Trouble with Tribbles gifPrecisely (in exact terms; without vagueness),  Assyria means: “a-strategy” (a tactic; a scheme; maneuver or ruse devised to gain advantage). The name “Assyria” is Isaiah’s code (secret language) for “a trick” that functions as a  “Means-To-An-End.”  Anciently, (2nd century B.C.E.) The “Empire of Assyria” flourished as a kingdom of northern  Mesopotamia that became the center of one of the great empires of the ancient Middle East. Assyria was located in what is now northern-Iraq and southeastern Turkey.

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* Isaiah also uses the name (term) “Assyria” as a kind of “Identification-badge” to label a mindset” (established set of attitudes, prejudices, and strategies to perpetuate them). A complete, including its most important aspects, interpretation of “Assyria” goes something like what is written below:



“Widespread enslavement of people is achieved through teaching  “a-lie” that blinds them to “the-truth”, while keeping them in subservience and punishing them for their submission”


The Empire of Assyria can’t be defined by its location (space), or by its era  (generation; time) of existence.  Space/time (our universe; our earthly-realm; our mortal-existence) is a structure (complex-system; order; configuration) which fuses four dimensions: (1)  height, (2) length, (3) width, and  (4) time into one seamless four-dimensional continuum. Isaiah uses the name Assyria to identify a systematic (methodical; well-organized) force (dominance; power) that ruins (destroys; neutralizes) its opponents (enemies; rivals) by sucking them “lock, stock, and barrel” * into its “Materialistic” (profane;  secular) “Perception-of-Reality” (way of thinking), which is circumscribed (delineated-by; confined-to) the five-physical senses, i.e.
Image result for Indiana Jones shots his opponent gif
(1) The way something sounds
(2) the way something looks
(3) the way to somethings handles or feels to the touch
(4) the way something tastes
(5) the way something smells


*lock, stock, and barrel” -refers to the parts of a gun.   There are three major parts of a gun, the lock (firing mechanism), the stock (wooden handle), and the barrel (through which the bullet travels). If one has a lock, stock, and barrel, then one has everything that makes up a gun. If one can fire a gun at his opponent……….. he wins!


An Empire, by definition, is an extensive (far-reaching) group of people; community; nation; or race that is dominated by a single supreme authority.   In this context, the “supreme-authority” is: “Materialism” (desire for possessions; preoccupation with materialImage result for Materialism considerations and temporal-acquisitions). “Materialism”is the polar opposite of “spirituality” (concern for the human spirit or soul). The essence (spirit) of Assyria asserts (states confidently and forcefully) that material-wealth and temporal-comforts always trump (outmaneuver; surpass; supersede) spiritual values.
The danger presented by  “Mormonism” is that “Materialism” (a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values) permeates and drives this latter-day religion, but it is cleverly disguised (covered; hidden; cloaked; concealed) beneath a professionally-crafted public-image (window-dressing; facade; veneer; showmanship) of   “spirituality” 
The same Empire of Assyria (materialism; disdain for spiritual matters) that once flourished in northern-Mesopotamia in the 2nd century B.C.E.  has “reared its ugly head” (appeared in all its hideousness after sleeping for over two millennia) in the form of Mormonism.  As Assyria’a latter-day incarnation (manifestation; embodiment)Mormonism” (The Corporation Of the President Of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints) virtually swallows  (eats; incorporates;assimilates; absorbs;  ingests)  its competition (opposition) into its  “Strategically-Organized-Hypocrisy”.
Thus,….. fraud (knowingly-misrepresenting truth and/or concealing material facts to induce others to act to their detriment)  tops the list of criminal offenses committed by the Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Priesthood Leadership (First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles). 
 If truth be told,  “The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints” is a “misnomer” (wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term) because contrary to what the name implies (promises), Jesus Christ is not  “The-head” of this church.


The following segment is borrowed from the (Blog) PURE MORMONISM  authored by Rock Waterman –  October 31, 2010.

In 1923 the  The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints was chartered as a corporation by its then President,  Heber. J. Grant.  “Corporate existence”, according to Roberson’s Business Law, “is a privilege granted by a sovereign upon compliance with specified conditions.”
So that’s a problem for any church that gets a hankering to incorporate, because in “The Church”, Jesus Christ is supposed (presumed; reputed) to be the sovereign (supreme ruler; Monarch) .. When application is made to incorporate a church, the will of Jesus Christ becomes subordinate to the will of the state. As the maxim goes…..
                                “A church that charters itself as a corporation, in effect,  divorces itself from Christ.
All of this incorporating of churches is unnecessary in America anyway, because churches automatically operate in a sphere separate from the state. Governments have no jurisdiction in the church, whatsoever. There is no tax advantage for a church to incorporate, as some mistakenly believe. But there is an advantage …….if………… that “Church” actually “intends to operate as a business”. Then it can exchange (sell; trade) its sovereignty for “special-privileges” granted by the state-government,  which is just what Heber J. Grant, President of the church that used to be “The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day-Saints” in 1923.
What people think of as “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, operates today as a mere trademark of the real Image result for corporate Jesuscorporation  that owns that name. The church that used to go by that name, and which claimed Jesus Christ as its head (sovereign; king), does not exist today in any legally-recognized form. Choosing the right “member-friendly” name for the church may not have posed a problem in 1923. But, even still a name like  “The Corporation of Jesus Christ Of-Latter-Day-Saints” sounds really creepy and, of course, that name would have created a “public relations nightmare”  for Church Headquarters.  This incorporation maneuver happened in 1923 (nearly a century ago), so information about it never reached the public’s ear. There was only a nascent (budding;  embryonic) Public Affairs Department for Church Headquarters, so until recently it was just as hidden and obscure to church members as it was to the general public.
A corporation is an organization chartered by the state and given legal rights that are “separate from its owner’s”. Think of a robot that you and your friends control. It has no brain and no soul, but it can walk around and pick things up; it can do stuff for you. That’s a corporation. It can do stuff for you. Except unlike a robot, a corporation has no actual form. No body! No robot hands or robot feet. So if you can visualize a robot that has no mechanical parts, you’re close to mastering the concept. A corporation is an entity. What is an entity? It’s a thing. What is a thing? It’s an entity. So now, the legal (official as of 1923) name (designation)  of what used to be “The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day-Saints” is now …….




Also written into the charter of the “Corporation of the President”,  as amended,  was exactly how the line of succession was to operate within the Church. In order for there to be no question as to who held the “purse-strings” following the death of the church’s president/prophet (the “Sole” in a ”Sole Corporation”), the Senior Apostle automatically becomes the next president of the Corporation.
 Welcome to the world of law
 Because a corporation is a robot-like entity that you cannot touch, it is neither inherently good nor inherently evil, but it has a life of its own, and if the batteries are good, that robot can live on after you and your friends are dead and gone. Sometimes that can be a problem. Originally corporations in America were not meant to outlive their creators. Today they do. One of the biggest problems with a corporation is that under the law, a corporation is actually considered a “person.” That’s why it is often defined as a “legal-fiction”. That is, this “person” is legal, but he isn’t real. It’s a fictional person. It isn’t flesh and blood. It has no soul!
And that’s the rub. Although it is treated like one, a corporation is not a human being, and usually, no real live person within a corporation can be legallyRelated image held responsible for the harm a corporation might do. The corporation can be fined, but that fine is usually absorbed by the stockholders. The board member’s salaries remain sacrosanct. Indeed, the directors of a corporation can, in a way, transfer their sins to the corporation, which will absorb them without much consequence. In the words of the British Baron Edward Thurlow, the problem with corporations is “they have no soul to save, nor body to incarcerate.” Most tellingly, a corporation is not something that can stand accountable before God. So if you believe in the doctrine of personal accountability, you can see the “Crack in the Plan” right there. – Thank you- Rock Waterman-Pure Mormonism (Blog)  –  October 31, 2010.




Entity Number: 555534-0145
Company Type: Corporation – Sole
Address: 50 EAST NORTH TEMPLE Salt Lake City, UT 84150
State of Origin: UT
Registered Agent: Corporate Agent Services, LLC

Registered Agent Address:
36 S STATE ST STE 1900
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Status: Active


Status: Active  as of 11/26/1923
Renew By: N/A
Status Description: Current
The “Current” status represents that a renewal has been filed, within the most recent renewal period, with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code.
Employment Verification: Not Registered with Verify Utah


Registration Date: 11/26/1923
Last Renewed: N/A

Additional Information

NAICS Code: 9999 NAICS Title: 9999-Nonclassifiable Establishment

Doing Business As


Even though Mormonism’s “Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (“I want it, but I don’t want to look like I want it”; bi-polar; mercurial; yo-yo; bubble-headed)  approach to (embrace of)  “Materialism” is  unanimously denied (repudiated) byImage result for Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Salt Lake’s prosperous (wealthy; “well-heeled”; fortunate; happy; moneyed ) prophets, seers, and revelators, the truth of the matter is that… “Materialism” is what animates (excites and arouses) these General Authorities and “Materialism”  is what is leading  (mentally-guiding; calling the shots among) Mormonism’s rank and file (Israelite; ordinary)  membersas well.
 In point of fact, Salt Lake’s assurance of Assyrian “social/material-success” is “the”  “Golden-Thread”  that is woven (mixed; intertwined)  throughout the entire fabric (web; network) of Mormonism’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization. The following sentence summarizes Salt Lake’s tacit (understood or implied without being stated) promise of social popularity and financial success to zealous Mormon High-Priests.
“Ardently loyal high-priests in Mormonism’s Melchizedek Priesthood Organization can expect a 
 guarantee of unparalleled social-popularity coupled with financial-success” 
This is the essence (heart; spirit; real nature; lifeblood; character; principle) of Salt Lake’s stratagem (scheme used to outwit or achieve an end).  It prospers (guides; directs) “Mormonism’s-Empire-of-Materialism”.   In fact…… Assyria has become the de facto (in practice; in fact, or in effect, whether by right or not)  God (supreme authority) of “Salt Lake’s CEO’s (Chief-Executive-Officers) since their pioneer ancestors arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.   The financial success and social celebrity enjoyed by Mormonism’s most successful and celebrated Priesthood Authorities is derived, almost exclusively, from a multiplicity of lucrative business (profit-making; money-making) opportunities made available to them through marriage ties and partnerships with other like-minded Melchizedek-high-priests, who’ve cultivated (established; built-up) their own network of business connections.
 “Doing-Business” (“making-deals”; “profit-making”) has  replaced (eclipsed; trumped) the “Word” (order; promise; Related imagecommand)  of God” as well as His (God’s) “shining-example” (ideal; son) Jesus Christto become  “the”  #1  priority,  among ambitious Mormon high-priests who are aggressively climbing (ascending) the church’s corporate ladder (pecking-order; hierarchy). 
 The Melchizedek Priesthood Organization is Mormonism’s “Good Ol’ Boy’s Club” (“Old-Boys-Network”). *  Because of the Melchizedek Priesthood Organization,  all top-church leaders, become multi-millionaires thru personal/business connections the virtual-labyrinth of church networks (webs; bonds; ties) and, of course, investments made as “insiders” (men peripherally involved in illegal activities).
 Presiding General Authorities (prophets and apostles) frequently occupy lavishly-paid seats (appointments; positions) as directors on the corporate-boards of a host of church-owned businesses. All this is supplementary to revenues of  10% tithing (offerings) from every employed Mormon,  coupled with “guaranteed-lucrative” book sales to a captive reading-audience of approximately 14 million Mormons, worldwide.  Sweet-deal Heh!   So much for Mormonism’s ” “Unpaid-Clergy” *.


* Unpaid clergy-Mormons and others who wonder about the salaries of top LDS leaders got a possible peek at those numbers Monday, whenImage result for mormon general authorities paid purported pay stubs for a high-ranking church official emerged online. Copies of the biweekly stubs for Henry B. Eyring — then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles — report that he earned $83,132.75 from the start of 2000 until the first week of December. Two more pay periods at $3,096.15 each would have put Eyring’s salary at $89,325.05 for the year. The 16-year-old records wereposted by “MormonLeaks” and show Eyring’s biweekly salary broken down into a living allowance ($2,192.31), parsonage or clergy housing, ($826.92) and a child allowance ($76.92).A second newly leaked document, from a more recent year, is a 2014 memo from the church’s Presiding Bishopric (which handles all financial issues for the faith), noting that the “base living allowance” for all Mormon general authorities was being raised from $116,400 to $120,000.


** “Old Boy Network”-An old boy network (society) or  (“Old-Boys’ Club”), refers to social and business connections among former pupils ofImage result for Brett Kavanaugh “male-only” private schools. The term originated from much of the British elite having attended certain public schools as boys, thus former pupils are “old boys”.  This is what “White-Male Privilege” looks like!
“Georgetown Preparatory School” in North Bethesda, Maryland is the alma-mater of recently confirmed, Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. But, Georgetown Prep school is more like a “well-heeled”* (moneyed; elite; wealthy) liberal arts college than a high-school.


well-heeled-From a literal use in cockfighting: a “well-heeled” cock was provided with sharp spurs and could inflict maximum damage. From this developed the American frontier slang sense of being well-equipped. From this came the modern sense of being well-equipped in terms of money.



.      Isaiah Chapter Ten 


1. Woe (great sorrow and distress) to Salt Lake’s presiding-chief-priests who are ordaining  (enacting by law)  directives (injunctions;Image result for define narcissism orders) that encourage (embolden; inspire) the proliferation of of “Narcissism” (self-absorption; conceit; snootiness)  among Israel’s (rank and file Mormon) men.

Woe to  Salt Lake’s presiding-high-priests (chief-religious-functionaries) who prescribe (enjoin) wearisome (exhausting; strenuous)  toil (hard, menial, and dull work; drudgery) for rank and file Mormons (Israel’s people) as a means to sentence (punish;  condemn; penalize) them…….



2. ……so that they can advance (move-forward, quickly; promote) Salt Lake’s Melchizedek priesthood network (complex-system; arrangement). The network is specifically designed for aggressive (ambitious) men, who are eager to get hold of (gain-access-to) Salt Lake’s “Midianite” (idolatrous; pagan; heathen)  authority (dominion; jurisdiction). Salt Lake, then,  uses its Midianite (idolatrous; pagan; heathen) authority (jurisdiction; dominion)  to execute (defeat; put an end to) Israel’s-people.Image result for choking someone

In an effort to throttle (strangle; choke; hang; suffocate; asphyxiate) Israel’s people, Salt Lake (1) puts a stranglehold; (death-grip; chokehold) on Israel’s “neck” (“connection to God”; “relationship to God”), then  (2) strips (divests; dispossesses; deprives) Israel’s people, entirely,  of any rule (dominion; leadership; exercise of authority; sovereignty) over themselves.


Salt Lake’s Top-Melchizedek Priesthood leadership is “doing-its damnedest” (trying its utmost;Image result for Bandwagon using all of its resources; giving its “best-shot”) to hang (asphyxiate; suffocate; kill) Israel’s people while “hi-jacking” (seizing; “taking-the-wheel” of ) Israel’s “Bandwagon” (popular cause that attracts growing support; “cause-célèbre”).


Salt Lake’s goal (objective) is to eclipse (obscure; darken; block-out) the “Work Of Redemption” that is performed by Image result for desolate palaces Jehovah’s (Israelite) people.

As a result, Israel’s palaces (royal-houses; royal-lineages; royal-bloodlines; royal-dynasties; royal-lines of hereditary rulers) are

(1) left desolate (forsaken; empty; vacant; abandoned) then….

(2) “taken-into-custody” (arrested; captured; seized) by Salt Lake Headquarters as booty (something that is taken by craft;  “spoils-of-war”). 





3. So……the BIG-QUESTION is…….     What are you (Israel’s people) doing to prepare for the “Day-Image result for barrelling toward you gifof-Reckoning” (“Judgment Day”) and…the inevitable (unavoidable; inescapable) calamity (disaster) that’s “barrelling toward you” from afar (Church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah), even as we speak.

To whom,  will you (Israel’s people) run for help? And more importantly, whither (for whose cause) will all of you (Israel’s people) commit (pledge) your honor (integrity)?



4. You may have no alternative (possible-choice; option) but to cower (crouch down in fear)Related image   under the frightening authority of Salt Lake’s relentless (never-ending; oppressively-constant; incessant) thorns (deceptions; duplicities; frauds) or fall (collapse)  subject-to  (susceptible to; at the mercy of; under the yoke of;  vulnerable to) covetous Salt Lake General Authorities,  who are engaged in the slaughter (extermination; annihilation) of Israel’s people by “Acts-Of-War” 

Because of all this,  Jehovah’s anger can’t be  turned-away (dismissed; forgotten; avoided),  but his hand (“Holy Spirit”) is still extended (offered; conciliatory). 


“God’s Judgment Of Assyria”.

5. Woe (great sorrow and distress) to the rod (“billy-club”; hichory-stick;Related image “priesthood-authority”; device to beat people senseless) of Assyria (Mormon-Money-grubbers; Mormon-gold-diggers; Mormonism’s greedy-leadership) that Jehovah is making use of to express (articulate; demonstrate) His anger (annoyance;  displeasure; hostility).


Yes……Salt Lake’s Assyrian (“materialistic”; carnal; worldly-minded; money-oriented) Authority is being employed by  “Jehovah” as a Billy-Club” (“hichory-stick”) on the fannies (buttocks; backsides; kiesters; bottoms) of Israel’s forgetful (careless; inattentive; distracted) peoplenevertheless His hand (“holy-spirit”) remains outstretched (extended; offered; conciliatory).




6. I (Jehovah) have sent (commissioned; appointed) Salt Lake’s Assyrian (“materialistic”; carnal;Image result for it serves you right gif worldly-minded; money-oriented; money-grubbing) mind-set (mentality; psychology) to captivate (charm; fascinate; enthrall) a forgetful (careless; inattentive; distracted) Israelite people with whom I am angry.

The strength and power that I (Jehovah) possess,  as Israel’s God,  has forced (driven) Salt Lake’s  Assyrian (worldly; materialistic; money-grubbing; money-oriented) Authority (dominion; jurisdiction) against this (our) generation and upon Israelite people scattered throughout the world,  with whom I (Jehovah) am angry.


I (Jehovah) have caused Salt Lake’s thorns (falsities; deception; dishonesty; duplicity) to hurt (wound; injure; disable) Israel’s people.   I (Jehovah) have deliberately dispatched (hastened) Salt Lake’s “thorns” (falsities; deception;Related image dishonesty; duplicity) so that they would seize Israel’s loot (“birthright”; goods, especially private property, taken from an enemy in war) and snatch Israel’s plunder (prized-possessions; “cool-stuff”). 

So……“for the time being” (temporarily; in the interim) Israel’s people are trampled underfoot like “mud” (trash; filth; sludge; mire; muck)  that’s “in-the-streets” (not allowed in Salt Lake’s line of hereditary rulers).  





7. But this is not what HE (Jehovah) has ultimately (eternally) appointed for Israel’s people norImage result for God-fearing has he changed his mind about what he’s already reckoned (evaluated; judged; surmised).  

Rather, (preferably; instead) Jehovah has in mind to lay-waste-to (destroy) Salt Lake’s goy (non-Israelite; gentile ) leadership, while at the same time, he wants to jog (nudge; prod)  the memories (recollections) of many (not-a-few) “God-fearing” (earnestly religious) Gentiles,  who still have honest hearts, concerning His (Jehovah’s) Old Testament covenant with Israel’s eponymous-ancestors,  Abraham and Isaac.


8.  Indeed (if truth be told), saith the Lord,  don’t My (Jehovah’s) commanders (princes;Related image leaders; soldiers) behave just like Judah’s kings (Judah’s-Old Testament kings)?









9. Isn’t Calno (“Calanè, where the Tower of Babylon was built”) an awful lot like Carchemish (Salt Lake’s fortress of subjugators, conquerers, and vanquishers)? 

 And doesn’t Arped (Salt Lake’s loyal-fans; Salt Lake’s cheerleaders; Salt lake’s champions) think and act just like the men who run “The Salt Lake Citadel” (church-headquarters”), itself ? Image result for silk worm nest in tree 

And isn’t  Samaria (Salt Lake’s Melchizedek guardianship of Israel’s people) strangely comparable  to Damascus (a shiny network of “polished” high-priests that is constituted and maintained by maggots & worms)? 





10. Just as my hand (holy spirit) is reaching-out  (interacting with; touching)Related image to those (Israelites) who’ve been ruled (governed) by worms and maggots that have  gotten hold of Israel’s authority so they can point (direct everyone’s attention) to Salt Lake’s idols (stars; icons; celebrities) and their images (general impression that an organization presents to the public) more so than (to a greater extent than) Jerusalem (“Teachers of Peace and Salvation”) and those who try to preserve the security (place; position; honor; freedom; dignity; assurance) of this (our) generation of Israel’s people.




11. Shouldn’t I (Jehovah) deal with Samaria (Salt Lake’s Melchizedek Guardianship  of Israel’s people) andImage result for thinking emoji gif its graven (deeply-impressed; firmly-fixed) images (general impressions that an organization presents to the public) in the same way that I’ve dealt with Jerusalem and with her graven images?





12. And it will be (happen; occur; come to pass),  when I (Jehovah) finish allRelated image of my work (labors) with regard to Mount (the administration of) Zion and on behalf of Jerusalem (“teachers of Peace and Salvation”), My power,  as Israel’s God,  will punish the fruit (results; fans; disciples; followers) of the prideful-hearts of Assyria’s kings (Mormon Royalty, i.e.  Stake Presidents; regional representatives; general authorities) who are glorying (taking great pride and pleasure; reveling) in the pride (arrogance; cockiness; conceit) in/of their own eyes (estimation; sight). 




13. For,  you see…..Salt Lake’s cocky (self-assured; presumptuous) “crowned-heads” *(monarchs; royalty; stake Presidents; regional representatives; general authorities) are thinking to themselves……

 “We’ve done all of this by ourselves, by means of our own power and influence and thru our own craftiness and cunning because we’ve understood exactly what’s needed to remove anything that restricts access to the common, Israelite people, to their kinsmen, and especially, to their treasures. And ….., we’ve plundered  and subjugated them all unto us,  as if we’re some kind of Gods”.        


*Crowned heads-In the Mormon Church, the second anointing, also known historically and in Latter Day Saint scripture euphemistically (mildly or indirectly  worded or expressed instead of spoken or written bluntly  or in an uncompromisingly forthright way)  as “the fullness of the priesthood”, is an obscure and rarely mentioned (secret) ordinance conducted in the basements of LDS temples, after-hours (on days when the temple is otherwise not in use), as extension of the Nauvoo Endowment ceremony. Founder Joseph Smith, Jr. cited the “fullness of the priesthood” (crowning high-priests as kings and their wives as queens) as the most important reason for building the Nauvoo Temple (D&C 124:28).


Here’s how Mormonism lures its High-piests into allegiance to a lucrative contract (covenant; deal; business-arrangement) that offers them  the ultimate in “Conspicuous Materialism”……a throne of their very own!

(I’m a poet and didn’t know it!)

This is Mormonism’s pièce de résistance (crowning-achievement; “Masterpiece”; “Magnum opus”). In the ordinance, a Mormon couple (husband and wife) are anointed as a “king” and “queen”, then, they are sealed-to (ratified for; confirmed to; assured of; guaranteed) the highest degree of salvation available in Mormon theology. Couples who participate in this ordinance are said to have their “calling and election made sure”, and their celestial marriage “sealed by the holy spirit of promise”. They are said to have received the “more sure word of prophecy”. They are also admonished to never speak of the ordinance to anyone. Couples who are participants in this ordinance are recommended by other such couples. They are encouraged to recommend couples who are “just like themselves”. So…… the “by-invitation-only” ordinance is available exclusively to a participant’s relatives, close-friends, and associates. What part does Jehovah play in this “Frenzy-of-Favoritism” and preferential treatment?       Likely, none at all.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Oops!…. I forgot….…”The Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints”),  the largest Latter Day Saint denomination, has performed the ceremony for nominated (fair-haired; popular; recommended; favored) couples from the 1840s to the present day. Current information about the practice by that denomination, or whether the ordinance is still in use, has not been made officially public by the LDS Church.


Don’t you just hate it when that happens?



14. Just as royalty’s hand reaches into any nest of birds which is pleasing, so does our hand (power; evil-spell;Image result for hand reaching in to a nest black-magic; sorcery) reach into the wealth (youth; riches; resources) of the nations (“goyim”; gentiles).

In the same way a man gathers abandoned eggs, throughout the kingdom, we (Salt Lake’s crowned-heads) are gathering, Israel’s people without the slightest “flapping of wings” to propect them and without so much as a peep (chirp; cry) of protest from anyone.


15. Does an ax (a Tool) elevate (glorify; exalt; magnify) itself above the one who employs it?  Or is aImage result for I am the chosen one cartoon “saw” * (“tool”; agent; chump; person who allows himself to be used) to be  “Celebrated With Praise” more-than (above and beyond) the one who is handling it, as if it (“the saw”) was in control of its handler (user), having in mind, those who are being lifted (exalted; promoted) as Israel’s conceivers (creators; masterminds; originators) so it (“the saw”) can cut-off (sever; disavow; dispossess; disinherit) “The-Branch” * (a righteous-offspring (descendant)  of Jesse)

* tool” – A guy with a hugely over-inflated ego, who in an attempt to get un-due attention for himself, will act like a jackass, because, in his deluded state, he will think it’s going to make him look cool, or make others want to be like him. The person may even insincerely apologize later on, but only in an attempt to get more attention, or to excuse his blatantly intentional, and unrepentantly tool-ish behavior Also, someone who is willing to do anything he’s told as long as it involves money or leisurely conveniences, to solely benefit this own craving withImage result for I am the chosen one cartoon utter disregard to principles and moral beliefs. This person will do things that are inconvenient when no other option is available and relies on the opinions and beliefs of others, because he is personally unprincipled.


**The-Branch” – (a new and surprising (stunning; unexpected; extraordinary) growth originating from the lineage (bloodline; dynasty;  family; line of hereditary rulers) of Jesse, who was King David’s father. 
 A shoot (“branch”; descendant of Jesse; sprout; bud) has come-forth (emerged) from the stump (what remains of the family-tree possessing the root-system and genetic code; DNA) of Jesse.  She is still firmly-rooted in the “ground”  (legal-claim or legal-argument; validity) of Jesse. 
    From Jesse’s roots (genetic code; ancestral heritage) ,  the Branch has born fruit.
   The Spirit of the Lord rests on her—including….
    the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
    the Spirit of counsel and of might,
    the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord— (Isaiah 11:1-2) 


16. Therefore, The Lord, God of Hosts (Heaven’s-Armies) is sending upon those who’ve been Image result for inferno nourished  (fed; sustained) for so long by Salt Lake’s wasted (misdirected; famished; useless) princes (high-priests standing in line to be crowned as kings).

Their “Hellish” (infernal; devilish) pomp (ceremony; ritual; display; pageantry) has kindled (caused; triggered; ignited; aroused) an intense (burning; deep-seated) passion (strong and barely controllable emotion) within the hearts of rank and file (Israelite) Mormons just like a blazing-fire (an-inferno; “hellfire”; the bottomless pit). 



17.  Whereas (when, in fact; in contrast with that fact),  the light (teachings; doctrines; brightness; brilliance; intelligence) coming from  Israel’s people generates (produces ; creates) universal-enlightenment (broad-insight; comprehensive-understanding; sweeping-intuitiveness) andRelated image Israel’s Holy-Ones (angels; saints) wield (control; use; employ; possess) “the”  flaming sword”  (the white-hot-radiance of the   “Word-Of-God”) and it will burn (exterminate;  remove) and eat-up  (devour; make short work of; elliminate) Salt Lake’s thorns (duplicities; falsities; deceptions) along with Salt Lake’s watchmen (men employed to look after an vacant-building, especially at night; guardians; custodians) within a single day (era; generation).




18. But,  the splendor (glory and honor) attributed (imputed) to their forest (plantation ofImage result for corporation sole leadership-family-trees) and their cultivated “Garden of Eden” (“heaven-on-Earth”; paradice; “Mormon-utopia”; promised-land) will be-consumed (be-finished; come to its end) because of Salt Lake’s “corporation-sole” *(A corporation-sole” is a legal entity (“personality”) consisting of a single (“sole”) incorporated office, occupied by a single (“sole”) natural person) and Salt Lake’s witness (testimony) of “flesh” (“beasts”; swine; demons; serpents; seducers) who are wasted (rotten; bad) and sick (ghoulish; sadistic) men.         

* “Corporation-sole” – a series of successive persons holding an office; a continuous legal personality or entitythatis attributed to successive holdersof certain monarchical and/or ecclesiastical positions, such as kings, bishops, rectors, vicars, and the like. This continuous personality (entity) is viewed as “legal-fiction” but it has the qualities of a corporation.



19. The family-trees (lineages; bloodlines; dynasties; lines of hereditary rulers) left-overKid Calculating GIF by TLC will be so few,  that even a child will be able to count (list; inventory) them.







20. And during that (our) day (generation; era) it will come to pass (happen; occur) that the remnant (remains) of Israel’s people and those who’ve survived (escaped; avoided-capture-by; disavowed) the House (family; lineage; bloodline; dynasty; line of hereditary rulers) of Jacob (deceivers; swindlers; liars; frauds). They will no longer place their confidence with (rely-upon) men who strike them down (overrule-them; invalidate-them; quash-them; negate-them; assault-them; attack-them), but they will rely upon Jehovah, the Holy One Of Israel, because of “Truth”.



21. A remnant * of Jacob will also return to God Almighty.Related image

* Remnant- The concrete meaning of :Remnant” is ised in connection with disasters for example floods, famines, and war, which force a family or a laregewr group of people (tribe) to the very edge of their existence. A clear theological meaning attaches to this notion of  “that which remains or is left behind”  when it refers to a groupof people in a biblical context, since such contexts also involve questions of continuity of tradition (transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way) or, even more importantly, of legitimate authority and identity in reference to membership in a community .
 Rescue of a faithful remnant can also be viewed as a principle of “divine-action” toward human communities, somwething clearly emerging from the Flood narrative (Gen. 6-9) with its ancient Near-Eastern  background. Here, the saurvival of Noah’s family during a global catastrophe demonstrates the principle of “Rescue From Divine Judgmwent”. Once the political and sociological weight of the claim to the status of “Remnant” acquired central significance in the religious lifew of the Jews, earlier narrative traditions could be re-interpreted in light of this development.



22. Yo! (hey!) Israel….Though your people used to be as numerous as the sands of the sea, only aImage result for destruction remnant of them will return but a righteous and overwhelming destruction will be decreed (mandated; legally ordered) by them……..





23. ……although the Lord,  God of Hosts (Heaven’s armies) carries-it-out (executes; performsRelated image; finalizes; discharges; completes) that overwhelming-destruction in the midst (intimate-circles; families; neighborhoods; congregations; social-circles) of members in the Mormon Church.





24. Therefore, Thus saith the Lord, God Of Hosts (Heaven’s armies), “Oh my people,  who live inRelated image Zion (a bright and clear administration),……”Don’t be afraid of the dreadful-Assyrian men who are running Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City.  They are beating (overcoming; surpassing; defeating) you with their  scepter of authority. They are lifting it up against you (Israel’s people) just like Pharoah did long ago, in Egypt”.






25. Even now, my anger against you (Israel’s people) is coming to an end, and my wrath isRelated image being redirected toward their (Salt Lake’s) destruction. 





26. The Lord Almighty will lash (beat; batter) them violently with a whip (scourge) like HeImage result for plagues of egypt gif struck down Midian’s army at the “Rock” (refuge) of Oreb (“a blind series of hereditary rulers”) and raise (lift-up) his staff (scepter of divine authority; rod of punishment) against Salt Lake’s Magicians (sorcerers; wizards; warlocks, corrupt-prophets, seers, and revelators) and rise-up against them (Salt Lake’s General Authorities)  the same way He (Jehovah) did long ago, in Egypt. 



27.  During that (our-own) day (generation; era) it will come to pass that the heavy burden ofImage result for neck weariness (drudgery; exhaustion) will be removed (lifted) from your (Israel’s) shoulders (responsibility; accountability) then,  Salt Lake’s yoke (collar; coupling; harness) of slavery (servitude) to them will be removed from your “neck” (‘relationship to God”; “connection to God”) then the yoke (thralldom; enslavement; servitude; subjection) that Salt Lake has foisted (imposed; forced) upon you will be broken (undone; destroyed) because  you (Israel’s people) are the ones who’ve been anointed (ordained; consecrated) as Royalty. 



28. They (Mormonism’s ambassadors; missionaries; representatives) enter (penetrate;Related image gain-access to; infiltrate; sneak into) Israel’s house (family’ lineage; bloodline; dynasty; line of hereditary rulers) thru (by means of it; via) the “Aith” (remnants, clueless-descendants; ruins; what’s left) of  Israel’s  ancient (once magnificent) dynasty (line of hereditary rulers),  then they  impregnate (permeate and modify and  transform; leaven) the women of Israel’s House (dynasty; line of hereditary rulers) until they can get their trembling hands (sorcerous powers; “powers of darkness”; magical-spells and enchantments) on/around the “necks” (“relationships to God”; conversations with God”) of Israel’s people, in anticipation of (waiting for; in expectation of) Salt Lake’s “talking heads” (General Authorities whose talks are  empty and pretentious) , who will then subjugate (overpower; subdue; enslave) them.

Salt Lake’s presiding authorities know exactly (precisely) what they are doing when they strike Image result for attack(attack rush; assault) Jehovah’s chosen vessels (Israelites into whom God’s spirit is infused) from among this (our)  latter-day-generation of Israelite people.






29. Salt Lake’s men  pass-by (neglect; disregard; ignore; abandon) Israel’s people,  because of Related imageprominent personal grudges  (resentments) that they have, so they’ve camped themselves against us.  They are terrified (extremely fearful; frightened; scared) of any revelation (disclosure; telling) of their putred (stinkin’; corrupt; rotten) administration of authority as a means to “give “hell” (the place of the codemned; sheol; hades; Salt Lake’s hidden place filled with darkness) a “try” (fling; attempt; shot).  






30. Cry-out with your loudest voice…O’ Daughter-of (one who depends upon) divine-revelations,Related image  They (Israel’s people) are “pricking up their ears” (“happy as can be”; paying-close-attention) in anticipation (expectation) of the “Good-Shepherd’s Staff (Jesus, the Christ’s real-authority).

Testify of Salt Lake’s corrupt (dishonorable; unscrupulous; disgraceful duplicitous) scheme so they may lift-up their own voice of authority in order to fix (secure; guarantee) priesthood authority for themselves and their own house (family; lineage; bloodline). offspring.





31. Those who are disenfranchising  (depriving; coercing; subjugating) Israel’s people liveImage result for twin towers hit by plane gif like kings (remain; reign; sit on thrones) because Salt Lake Headquarters “has a predilection for” (“is really into”) the “Exaltation” (aggrandizement; idolization; deification; worship) of sick (sadistic; ghoulish)  Men” to prove (convince everyone) that they are “Towers-Of-Security”. 



32. Yet,  during this (our) generation, because they stand (minister) in “high-places” (stunninglyImage result for homer shaking his fist gif beautiful Temple-complexes), Salt Lake’s leading priesthood Authorities continue to “shake their fists” at Mount (the administration of”) the house (dynasty; line of hereditary rulers) of Zion (“the brilliant administration of David” ; The “sunny” administration of Jehovah’s beloved-one, i.e. “His-Darling”)…..the administration of divine authority that belongs to Jerusalem (“Teachers of Peace and Salvation”). 


33.  See…the Lord God, Almighty is lopping-off (indelicately, cutting away) the foliage (plant leaves collectively; current generation) of Salt Lake’s violent (savage; uncontrollable;Image result for you're fired gif murderous; cruel; destructive)  House (family; lineage; bloodline; dynasty; line if hereditary rulers). Their lofty heights (high-places)  of their family-trees (pedigrees; family ancestry) are being cut-down (felled) and those of them who’ve been elevated to very-high positions of honor and glory will be brought-low (“fired”; “canned”; expelled;  dismissed; brought down; depressed; cast down). 



34. Jehovah will strike (cut-away; cut-down; abolish; eliminate) the thickets (intertwined lineages; intermarried families; inter-connected bloodlines) of their forest (massive-Related imageplantation of family-trees) by employing a caustic (burning; “Not-so-Delicate”) means (process; way; method) to expose (manifest; “bring-to-light”) Salt Lake’s whitewash (cover-up; camouflage) of the truth about its unrighteous conduct (behavior),  so its men may secure (fix; enjoy; guarantee) a seamless continuity (progression) of personal-authority by being illustrious (acclaimed; distinguished). They live in a delusional “Bubble” (a fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last.) 

End of Chapter Ten








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