Can you spell Poetic Justice?

We may never know what this little guy did to deserve a knock out blow with a ham shank, but we do know it came swiftly and unexpectedly.

Holy Smoke is a Blog preparing the reader for a fascinating crime story ! I will introduce the cast of characters in this historic "Who Dun It" by, then as Isaiah's words begin to unfold in the complimentary book "Reading Isiah's Mind" we'll come to know the who, what, where, when and how of what can easily be titled "The Greatest Crime Story Ever Told."

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Unlike “Navin R. Johnson”, Steve Martin’s moronic characterization in the 1979 comedy film “The Jerk” , I was not born a “poor black child”. I arrived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on the 18th of October in 1946 - the firstborn of European immigrant offspring. My father’s parents were Irish and my mother’s parents were Sicilian. Although I was born in New England and could characterize myself as “a Yankee”, the Lion’s share of my cultural identity rests in background of the people who had a hand in raising me. What I know about the warmth and affection among extended family members, I learned from my mother’s Sicilian people. My incisive wit is… brought to you by the makers of …my father’s Irish people.

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Reading Isaiah’s Mind Chapter Thirty Six verses 12 – 22**

12. So,  all the Chief-Field Commanders (Mormon Stake Presidents; Mormon Bishops) replied, “Isaiah’s indictment (formal list of criminal charges) is surely being  brought against Israel’s basis  (justification; legal-grounds; foundation) and Israel’s people themselves because Our-Master (The president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints) sent us (Mormon missionaries) to tell all of you the very same things Isaiah is saying,  except for that part about “lying, cheating and swindling” Melchizedek Priesthood […]

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Reading Isaiah’s Mind Chapter Thirty-Six verses 1 – 11**

Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem  1. Now (today; ths moment in time; nowadays; these latter-days) offers them the Arabu : (Hebrew: meaning four, (“door”; door of opportunity; occasion; possibility; invitation;  chance) Yod (to overthrow; unseat; displace; oust; depose; topple; dethrone) the reign (prevailing-mindset: supreme rule) of  Hezekiah   (“a close-bond with Jehovah”).     ***************** Sennacherib (“Sweep-everyone-away to get rid of enemies”) reigns supreme among those who love (support; […]

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Reading Isaiah’s Mind Chapter Thirty-Five verses 1 – 10**

1. Deserted Israelites will become glad and those who are parched (extremely-thirsty; longing for a drink of “Living Water”) will rejoice,  then those who are deserted (barren; forsaken; neglected; desolate; abandoned) will blossom (bud, bloom flower) like the meadow saffron *(autumn crocus; “Naked-Ladies”). * meadow saffron-Meadow saffron contains the poison colchicine (note the scientific name Colchicum) and reports of people dying after […]

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