Can you spell Poetic Justice?

We may never know what this little guy did to deserve a knock out blow with a ham shank, but we do know it came swiftly and unexpectedly.

Holy Smoke is a Blog preparing the reader for a fascinating crime story ! I will introduce the cast of characters in this historic "Who Dun It" by, then as Isaiah's words begin to unfold in the complimentary book "Reading Isiah's Mind" we'll come to know the who, what, where, when and how of what can easily be titled "The Greatest Crime Story Ever Told."

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Navin R. Johnson

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Unlike “Navin R. Johnson”, Steve Martin’s moronic characterization in the 1979 comedy film “The Jerk” , I was not born a “poor black child”. I arrived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on the 18th of October in 1946 - the firstborn of European immigrant offspring. My father’s parents were Irish and my mother’s parents were Sicilian. Although I was born in New England and could characterize myself as “a Yankee”, the Lion’s share of my cultural identity rests in background of the people who had a hand in raising me. What I know about the warmth and affection among extended family members, I learned from my mother’s Sicilian people. My incisive wit is… brought to you by the makers of …my father’s Irish people.

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Reading Isaiah’s Mind Chapter Sixty-Six verses 1 – 24**

Judgment and Hope 1. Thus saith the Lord. The-Heavens (persons with whom Jehovah and his spirit feel perfectly “comfortable” ) are my throne and the Earth (a temporary sphere where mankind has sufficient time and opportunity to turn his natural inclinations  into permanent,  unbreakable instinctive patterns of behavior) is the footstool *(total-domination; regal control; sovereign control) for my […]

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Reading Isaiah’s Mind Chapter Sixty-Five verses 1 – 25**

Judgment and Salvation 1. I’m revealing myself to a generation of people who ‘ve never asked (inquired) about me…….a generation of Israel’s people which has found (discovered by chance; started the ball rolling of stumbled-upon) the ways (“roads”; pathways) to my authority,  even though they haven’t formally   sought (attempted to find) my authority.   . . . . . . . . . […]

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Reading Isaiah’s Mind Chapter Sixty-Four verses 1 – 11**

1. Oh, that you would rend (tear into pieces) the Heavens and come down, Salt Lake’s mountains  (administrations) would tremble before you (Jehovah) as when (in the same way as when) fire inflames ( burns; kindles) dry twigs  (brushwood) and causes water to boil. Come down to make your name (dominion; jurisdiction) known to your enemies […]

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